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BuSiness Insght
Wednesday, November 6, 2OLg

Solons should SOLONS

make budget should do away with the practice of iust listing down thek amend-
ments in a pieci of paper and handing these to the resPectrve hnaoce
amendments .r. .ooropri"tio^. .hairpersons of rlre House of Reptesentatives and
the 'Slnaie witho"t hat ing these undergo floor deliberations'
public: Ping Lacson said the public needs to know whete theu taxes are gotng'
esoeciallv amid thi growinq national debt drat now stands at more
BY RAYMOND AFRICA J'* pil Septlmber this year from last year! P6 uillion'
". "'r moncy ftom foreign
Hc said"ui"n
borrowing iovestors
if all of ir is ,rtilized'ln basii public services, such an
SEN. Panlilo "Ping" Lacson les-
oroiecrs- but lamented ir is otherwise if they are not spent propeny'
rerdav said lasrnakers should make ' ie ,rot.d that in 2001, the national budget stood only at PE00
public thcir indiridual amend
ments to the proposed P4.1 trillion billion but has increased through the years Last year the nauonal
national budget for the sakc of budget was P3.7 trillion, and fot th'is year the proposed nauonal
budeet is P4.l Eillion.
Lacson, a hau'li eyc against 'Cng t"nong doon. gumala tayo sa buong Pilipinas, nakiu ba natin
ane ex"Donend"al increaie ng adng national budget na commensurate
"potk" in the annual government
,"i"ti',, n".i"g a*.lopm!nt? PiLrang hindi eh (fhe' if
appropriation, said senatots and
rve go around the country, can we se€ an exPonenual lncrease ot
congressmen should post thcir we see/ I ttunk
nad-onal budget commensutate to the development
amendments in their respective
q'ebsites, similar to rvhat he did not)," he said.
/".ron -"de the suggestion after he noted P20 billion wonh of
last year.
"Tutal mal: websites kami, para
"p."Ui"-^,i. items" ji"the proposed General Appropriations Bill
IGAB) transmined bv tbe House.
open sa mamamahavag na ito mga ' A-'orrn were two items involving infrastmcture prolects
amendment ni conqressman so ancl
intended"for Kennon Road in Baguio City' of which one amounted
sq senator so and so, para malirva- to P507 million and the other PiO miltion. Both toad projects did
nag, at bahala ang pubJiko suriin not contain details in the GAB.
liung itong mga zrmendment a1'para He said anotl.rer pt\oblematic item in the proposed budget was aP4
sa kapakanan ng ba1'an o kapakanan
billion "assistance io LGUs (ocal government units) budget which
ng n-rambabatas (Anyrvay all of us the Department of Ioterior and T ocal Government does not know
have rvebsites. It'.s betterif theypost how to spend."
theL amendments so it s'ill be open Latsoi has earlier said thar while reviewing the House's CAB, he
to all - these are the amendments noticed "uncleal' allocations worth P20 billion "parked" in different
of congressman so antl so, senator eovernmenr agencies such as the DPWH and the DILG'
so aod so - and v"c will be given a ' He said theiump sum allocadons did not have details on how they
chance to explain chem. Nowitis will be disbursed, the reason why they caught his amendon'
up to the pubJic ro scrutinize if that Lacson said he will clatify thise allocations when the Senate de-
amendment l'ill benelit the public liberates on the budget,
or the larvmakers)," Lacson said. "Hindi pa natin ki"no-conclude na pork bauel 'yan, pero sa defini-
The senator said larvmakers tion ne Si nung naglabas ng decision dito' kapag lump sum at parang
tt torio,rtt, o.'op.i sa abuse of distretion' sabi ng SC, pork din !'an
See SOLONS > Page 85 kasi ma-abuse ang discretion ng paggamit. ftVc ate not concluding
rhar these are pork barrel, but accordingto the Supreme Cor'rrt wtuch
came out wi*ia decision on this' if it is lump sum and it is tantamount
ot ooen to abuse of discretion, the SC ruled *rat that is pork because
discietion for its use can be abused)," he added'
Based on their schedule, the Senate {inance committee will spon-
,o, tt . C,tg on t'1o., 11 and deliberations will follow for the rest of
ii. session davs of November. The Senate is expected to approve its
version of the narional budger by the 6rst week of December' The
bicameral conference committee is expected to convenc soon atter
the Senate aPProval.
Congress'ii talgeting to finish the budgetary approval before it
adiouris for its Holidav break on December 18'
J. Ui."."tA panel cannot tati$' the budget before rhe break'
l-acson said they might be fcrrced to call for a special session "or worse
baka mag-reenact (we will have a reenacted budget) "

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