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August 2008

Neston Village Fair - more pictures inside

Riverside Gold Ltd

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4,6 & 8 seaters 336 1555 ‘Dont drink and drive
- ring 1555’

FREE community magazine delivered to 5,000 homes and businesses

in Neston, Little Neston, Parkgate, Burton and Ness
T 357 1919 E
Winning Ga
on your do
Ness is a ‘double’ winner of Large Visitor Attraction of the Year fo
Cheshire as well as a local Garden of Distinction and Garden Gatew

A Stunning Award
European Capital of Culture.

With the rising cost of fuel and the environment an important issue,
Green Day Out?
Winning Garden
6"//&/"/&)4 "//&)"41/&+$-1)& 0.+/-,.00("0%"0.&+0,

A Stunning on yourAward
A Stunning doorstep
hop on the Neston Rider 272/273 service to Ness. For an econom
free travel after 9.30?
Winning Garden
Ness is a ‘double’ winner of Large Visitor Attraction of the Year for Liverpool and
6"!1 as well as.,+#,,0-.&+04 4 )&+$0,"//
a local Garden of Distinction and Garden Gateway to Liverpool

on your doorstep
European Capital of Culture.
With the rising cost of fuel and the environment an important issue, why not have a
Green Day Out?

on your doorstep
Ness is a ‘double’ winner of Large Visitor Attraction of the Year for Liverpool and
2" 4,1 ,+/&!"."! ',&+&+$ 0%" .&"+!/ ,# "//
Cheshire as well"//&)"41/&+$-1)&
6"//&/"/&)4 as a local Garden of Distinction and Garden Gateway to Liverpool
Gardens? Benefits include an entry pass for the
European Capital of Culture.
hop on the Neston Rider 272/273 service to Ness. For an economical as well as
3%,)" 4". /, 4,1 +and*(" 0%" *,/0 ,# "//
With the rising cost of fuel the environment an important issue, why not have a
free 
Day 9.30?
a double winner of the Large Visitor Attraction of
through the seasons.
6"!1 Year for
"4,1. Liverpool
6"//&/"/&)4 and Cheshire
.,+#,,0-.&+04 as well as Local Garden
4 )&+$0,"//
hop on the Neston Rider 272/273 service to Ness. For an economical as well as
Go of"+2&.,+*"+0)',1.+"43%4+,0*("0%"*,/0,#+"31/-//."$1)0&,+/0%0*"+
Green Distinction
with Ness and Gardens,
Garden Gateway to LiverpoolYear
and Cheshire's
.!"+/),+$0%"&..)4,.#.,*,,0,+0.&+ Capital of
Gardens 2008.
free travel after 9.30?

2" Ness "4,1.
4,1 winner .,+#,,0-.&+04
of coveted 4 )&+$0,"//
0%" .&"+!/
Gold ,# "//at RHS Tatton Flower
Gardens? Benefits include an entry pass for the
3%,)" 4". /, 4,1 + *(" 0%" *,/0 ,# "//
through the4,1
2" seasons.
Illyria 2008 Outdoor
,+/&!"."! ',&+&+$Theatre
0%" .&"+!/Productions
,# "// presents
Gardens? Benefits include an entry pass for the
Go Green 4".
with Ness Saturday
/, 4,1 23rd
+ *("
Gardens, and August,
0%" 6.30pm
*,/0 ,# "//
Cheshire's Year (gates open
through the seasons.
of Gardens Adult £12, Child £7. Box Office: 0151 353 0123
Go Green with Ness Gardens, and Cheshire's Year
Gardens bring
2008. your own low-backed seating or rug, sorry
no gazebos or BBQs permitted. Picnic hampers available

Ness Botanic Tel: 0151Gardens, Ness,

353 0123 | Email: Neston CH64 4AY
Ness Botanic Gardens, Ness, Neston, Cheshire CH64 4AY
Tel 0151Botanic
353 Gardens,
0123 Gardens,
 E-mail Ness,
Ness, Neston,
Neston, Cheshire
Cheshire CH64 4AY CH64 4AY
Tel: 0151 0151
353 3530123
0123 || Email:

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elcome to the August

edition of Neston Local
- the new name for
Keep it Local. It’s still got all the
popular features and news - but
wrapped up in a title that better
reflects the area!

Every month we get so many

calls from people asking for a
copy of the magazine, so we’ve
responded by increasing the
print run to 5,000 copies to
cover even more of the CH64
This month we’ve got your

14 views on the Sainsbury’s store
plans and a new column by
market gardener Jon Barton.
Hope you enjoy the magazine.

Jon White


16 This is YOUR magazine and we
welcome any comments you may

For advertisement
please call Lynne on
0151 357 1919
or e-mail
Unit C5 Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre
22 Dover Drive, Ellesmere Port CH65 9BF
0151 357 1919

Queen Sophie reigns at village fair

The Neston Village Fair was a
big success with many hundreds
turning up to Comrades Field last
month for an afternoon of fun.
The Rose Queen Sophie Irvin, is
pictured with her attendants Anna
Fitzpatrick and Libby Ratcliffe.
All three, who are 11-years-old,
attend Parkgate Primary School.

Left: Steve Byrne, Jayne

Moulding, Mike Byrne and Chris
Byrne outside the Sherwood
Forest refreshment tent.

Right: Burton resident Neil


Johnstone, with his 1934 vintage

Austin 7

Front picture: ‘Clowns’ from Neston

United Reformed Church Jenny
Davies, Jenny Cash, Su Vale, Mary
4 Ann Fewtrell and Moira Woolsey
outside the bottle stall.

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0151 357 1919

Specialist in Funeral Tributes

16 The Cross
0151 336 8477

and gifts
for all



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0151 357 1919

Vet’s view Summer start for

with Tim Mainland,
from Churchview Vets, Neston park improvements
LAST summer many of you will know that WORK is expected to begin later this
the “Bunnies of Neston” were subjected to summer on improvements to Westvale
a lethal epidemic of Myxomatosis. Despite Park, in Little Neston.
this, we still see far to many rabbits which It currently consists of a narrow
have not been vaccinated. Myxomatosis is pathway, a grassed area and limited play
invariably fatal in unvaccinated rabbits. It equipment but funding has been secured
is a virus spread by fleas and mosquitoes, to make significant improvements to this
and all rabbits in back gardens are at risk. community green space.
Vaccination lasts only six months so it does Representatives from Ellesmere Port and
need frequent Neston Borough Council, Groundwork
repeat injections. Merseyside and HAGs (the council’s
But it is a approved play equipment provider) were
lifesaver. on-hand to give people information and
Too many find out how they’d like to see their park
owners still think improve at a meeting last month.
of rabbits as an Mary Lavery, the borough council’s parks
“Easypet”. Easy to keep they are not! They development officer, said: “We have
need a very outdoor lifestyle, a specific some initial ideas about creating a wider
grass based diet, and several preventative path, installing new play equipment, soft
Neston_local_vets_advert_July 7/22/08 9:32
health care medication regimes, over and landscaping, new signage and railings.”
above Myxo vaccination:-
Preventative summertime treatments to *Available only with this voucher; applies to a single purchase
invoice only. Valid until 31st August 2008. May not be used in
avoid the horrendous maggots of “Fly strike” conjunction with any other offer.

Three monthly treatments to avoid a

horrible little central nervous system
Churchview Vets
parasite called Encephalitozoon Cuniculi. August Special Offer!

Long name….nasty piece of work.

your next purchase*
A further annual vaccination to prevent
Call Today
Haemorrhagic Viral Disease – another fatal for an appointment
virus infection, this time spread by birds.
And finally regular dental checks. With off Churchview
constantly growing teeth, in many ways Neston Veterinary
this is the most important one of all. No 0151 353 0118
exaggeration – dental problems are the
single commonest reason for us seeing sick Heswall
rabbits in this practice! 0151 342 6820

Give us a ring and ask for one of our free

Preventative Healthcare Sheets for rabbits

Tim Mainland MA,VetMB,MRCVS

Churchview Vets,

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0151 357 1919

Support for plans

l WE are very pleased with the much many people enjoy a market, so I
needed development of a broad, well cannot see any adverse affect with
known quality supermarket in Neston a supermarket, especially if other
town centre. local individual shopkeepers could be
As a disabled person, who moved up accommodated within the proposed new
here three years ago from southern development.
Hampshire, I have been disappointed by I don’t know of any “amenity space”
the lack of resources and infrastructure in Neston that would be spoilt by this
in this area and will be delighted to have development so do not agree with the
Sainsbury’s on our doorstep, not have to Wirral Society at all.
drive 20 minutes! Go ahead with this and bring some fresh
I hope that the sorely inadequate parking inspiration here-it is much needed!
for disabled people will then be taken Ruth Spedding-Jones
into serious consideration, to include the
civic centre. Where we lived, there were l ONLY 110 objections to the new
several blue badge bays around all public supermarket, only 500 signatures
places but in this area, their apparent submitted by opponents to the scheme,
absence has severely reduced the leaving an awful lot of Neston residents in
scope of activities I was accustommed favour. It can only be good for the town.
to previously-libraries, public halls, For too long people have moaned about
civic centres, (not including Ellesmere Ellesmere Port getting all the attention.
Port) - Neston needs bringing into the Now it’s our turn so let’s back the scheme
21st century but there is no reason why all the way.
current small shop keepers should miss As for 22 supermarkets 20 minutes from
out.Could their premises not be relocated Neston, that has to be by car. What is
alongside the supermarket, a sort of green about that ?
“mall-style” layout, giving shoppers choice Mrs Patricia Thompson
very close by? 17 West Drive
The market wouldn’t lose out as too Neston

Balducci Jewellers

12 The Cross, Neston

Tel 0151 336 5235
12 The Cross,Tanzanite
Neston and Tel 0151Pendant
Diamond 336 5235 7

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Delight as Stanney Fields goes green again

STANNEY Fields Park in public, have received a team effort. We will soon
Neston has impressed Green Flag Award - the be starting preparations
national judges and national standard for to submit our second
retained its Green Flag quality parks and green application for Whitby Park
Park status. spaces. Winners are in 2009.”
This prestigious award is judged to be welcoming Paul Todd, Green Flag
the national benchmark for Award scheme Application
parks and public spaces. Manager, said: “The
The park has fulfilled the increasing number of
judging criteria and is a Green Flag Award winning
safe, welcoming and well parks and green spaces
maintained park. highlight the important
The park has its own on role they play in bringing
site gardener, an active and well maintained people together and
‘Friends’ group and a with the support and improving their quality
regular programme of involvement of the local of life. Congratulations
events including sports community. to all the management,
coaching sessions, annual Mary Lavery, Parks staff, and in particular,
fun day and dog show. Development Officer thousands of volunteers
A record 742 green said: “We are absolutely whose hard work and
spaces across the country, delighted to have retained dedication has brought this
all freely accessible to the this award it’s been a great award of excellence.”

Dee Glass
Double Glazing
If you’re considering New windows, doors or a
conservatory then you need to speak with us. Our
local fitters have over 40 years combined
experience so you can rely on a professional, no
hassle service. We can help you choose the best
products for your home, and with a huge choice
of products you can trust us to tailor a range to
suit your needs.
Call us on 0845 302 3050
and speak with Andy Spindler or John Price.

We look forward to receiving your call.

Dee Glass Double Glazing Limited.

Unit 4 Stanlaw
Abbey Business Centre. Ellesmere Port.
Cheshire. CH65 9BF FAX. 0845 302 3051

8 Dee Glass. Making life brighter.

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It’s so important to make a will

A report by the National Consumer Council makes no matter how long they have lived together.
worrying reading for a lot of families. The report The above situations can be avoided with a
stated that around 27 million of us have not yet simple Will. However, the “Right Will” for your own
made a Will, and as a result, of those left behind, individual circumstances will enable you to make
millions will suffer financial and personal hardship. sure that your estate goes where you want it to go,
The reason most people give for not to your loved ones. This includes helping to
having a Will is that it is something that protect your assets against third parties
“they keep meaning to do”. such as Care Fees and Inheritance
Unfortunately, not having got round Tax.
to making a Will can cause untold Jim Howard of In Home Legal
complications after the death of Services will be pleased to guide
a loved one. If a person dies you on how to make the Right Will
without making a Will, then their for your family, so that you can leave
estate is dealt with under the rules love rather than potential misery,
of Intestacy. Most people assume hardship and confusion. For an
that their spouse “will get everything information pack or to arrange a Free
anyway so why bother”. Under home visit Call 08450 563 770 or 0151
Intestacy rules that is not necessarily the 336 1176. You can also visit our website
case. For non married partners it is even worse, As a special
there is no such thing as common law wives or introduction to readers we are offering basic wills
husbands, therefore they have no rights to inherit, for just £29.95 + vat.
NOT Made Your Will Yet?
Not made your Will yet? Does this Worry You?
“Your Children may NOT inherit Your Home or
Your children may NOT inherityour yourhardhome or your
earned hard earnedthe
Government or others could!!”
savings but the government or others could!
Care Fees, Inheritance Tax, Huge Legal Fees etc.
CareNOT fees,Made Your Will
Inheritance Tax andYet? huge legal
devastate thousands fees ofdevastate
families unnecessarily.
Does this Worry You?
thousands of families unnecessarily. With “Right” Will and advice you can help ensure the
“Your Children may NOT inherit Your Home
Doesyour this worry
hard earned you?
Savings……but the
Government or others could!!”
maximum possible goes to those you love!!

Care the
Fees, right Will
Inheritance Tax,and advice
Huge Legal youIt can
Fees etc. help
all starts with aensure
Will from £29.95* +vat

devastate thousands of families unnecessarily.
maximum possible goes to those you love. It all starts *standard basic Will

With the “Right” Will and advice you can help ensure the We Come to You
We can help make the right Will for you in the
maximum possible goes to those you love!! with a Will
We can help make the Right Will for you in the comfort
comfort and privacy £29.95 of your own home.
It all starts with a Will from
and privacy of your ownfrom
* +vat
*standard basic Will home. £29.95*
We come toWeyou! Come to You
For a Brochure or to arrange a Home Visit+call; VAT
* standard basic Will
For a brochure and privacyor to arrange a home563
We can help make the Right Will for you in the comfort
of your own home.
08450 visit,770call or 0151 336 1176

08450 563 563
770 or 770 or1176
336 1176
For a Brochure or to arrange a Home Visit call;
0151 336
In Home Legal Services, Wirral.
In Home Legal Services, Wirral
in Wills, Probate, Spanish Wills & Estate
In Home Legal Services, Wirral.
Specialists in Wills,
Specialists in Wills, Probate,
Probate, Spanish
Wills &Spanish
Estate Wills and Estate Planning
We have our own specialist Will Solicitor.
We have
We have our own
our own specialist
specialist Will Solicitor
Will Solicitor.
Professional Association of
Legal Services Professional Association of
Legal Services

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Fresh Local Vegetables

at Dovecote Nurseries
Station Road, Burton
Tel 07504760952
Available every Sunday from 11am
Available this month:
A selection of fresh vegetables
and herbs grown on site.
Local produce is best Free from chemicals and
IT’S only six short months ago I started out picked the same day
to grow vegetables and herbs at Dovecote Starting September
‘Veg Boxes’ Delivery service
After 15 years of landscaping and
gardening I was almost convinced it would
be a success especially as I wasn’t giving
up the day job.
Even so it hasn’t been easy from the start GARDENS RESCUED
and steadily got harder but I had that rush
of enthusiasm to keep me going back then.
That slowly burnt out as the mice ate
my seeds, then the pigeons pulled up
the seedlings and eventually the rabbits
tunneled under and up through the
compost heap to beat the rabbit fence
once more.
Even now the baby bunnies are still
Jon Barton Nat Diploma Horticulture
squeezing into the polytunnel and getting Experienced Highly Qualified
the freshest food in Burton. Gardener and Landscaper
But last month I finally reached a stage
that I had enough vegetables to make a
Seeks both regular Garden
stall. Maintenance and Renovation Work
Despite some terrible weather customers Hedge Cutting, Weeding,
have called every Sunday to get fresh
vegetables picked that morning. The
Mowing, Tree and Shrub Pruning,
support and encouragement has made it Landscaping, Fencing, Lawns from
all worthwhile I know now that I’m on track Turf or Seed, Planting Plans

to building a business that has the local

area at heart and offers an answer to some Gardens rescued across
of the problems of global warming and Cheshire and the Wirral
food miles. Thank you for your support.
Jon Barton
10 Neston

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0151 357 1919

Home grown greens

Getting married?
on the school menu For fabulous wedding flowers and
Woodfall School pupils with their first crop ideas to compliment
of vegetables this year from the school
your special day,
allotment. They harvested salad leaves
and radishes which they prepared and ate contact Kate at
with their school lunch. Orchard Rose for
a free consultation.
Counting the cost
of school meals Going to a wedding?
Don`t forget your
THE cost of school meals goes up by 10p
£1.90 in September. corsage or buttonhole!
Pupils eating a two course meal with
larger portions and a wide range of menus

in high schools will be charged £2.05.

The first course is a home cooked meal
accompanied by unlimited vegetables
and salad and for a second course either
a traditional pudding or fruit and yoghurt.
34 Town Lane, Little Neston
All meals come with a choice of fresh fruit
juice or semi-skimmed milk. 0151 336 4000 11

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0151 357 1919

Staff award for high school Learn new tricks

NESTON High School has just been awarded on the pitch
Investors In People status, recognising its
FRIDAY night is football
commitment to staff development.
night at Stanney Fields
The assessors noted that “Neston High School has
a strong reputation as an inclusive school and the
During the
school has a clear vision, which is well shared with
staff, students and parents.”
Leadership and management were ‘outstanding’
there are free
football skills
and tricks
Better job prospects in the borough? sessions
ELLESMERE Port and Neston is one of the country’s for children in the
top areas for improving employment levels over the past skatepark area.
two years according to a government website. Qualified coaches from
The borough has been listed as 16th out of 238 Streetcage Soccer will
local authority areas for the percentage increase in be there from 7-8pm
employment levels, according to the Communities and for 8-12-year-olds and
Local Government data on employment rate change*. 8-9pm for 12 & above.
Between April 2006 and the end of March 2008 the For further information
percentage of residents in employment in the borough please contact: Carol
rose from 70.2 per cent to 76.3. Stott on 336 1312.

Marsh Cat
Good quality food from
around the world
Inclusive Lunch Menu (Served Mon - Sat 12 - 2.30pm)
2 Courses £9.50
Inclusive Dinner Menu
(Served Sun-Thurs 6 - 10pm, Fri 6 - 10.30pm, Sat 5.30 - 10.30pm)
2 Courses £12.50
Inclusive Sunday Lunch (Served 12 - 3pm)
2 Courses £12.50

1 Mostyn Sq, Parkgate

12 Tel 0151 336 1963 email:

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0151 357 1919



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0151 357 1919

Make new friends and break out

of your comfort zone
A NEW social club for adults has ar-
rived in Neston.
Social Mix offers a wide variety of
activities and a relaxed environment
where you can meet new people face
to face.
Run by Neston resident Karen Moore,
Social Mix is not a dating club. It gives
the opportunity for people to meet
through interactive adventures and So break out! Comfort zones, like so
activities. many of life’s rules are meant to be, if
If you are looking for lots of interesting
not broken least stretched. So, do
and exciting things to do with some great
yourself a favour. Try something new,
new people, you have come to the right something that you have always wanted
place! to try before, but never got around
to doing. Pick a challenge you
have been putting off and just do
it. Ride a horse, canoe down a
river, learn Latin dancing or just
get out for the evening for a meal
and some entertainment will
Why pay High Street Prices? meet some new people and chal-
Buy direct from professional lenge yourself.
carpet / vinyl fitter Forthcoming events include: Aug
3..Chester Races; Aug 9..Grey-
with 30 years experience hound Racing; Aug 17...Summer
and save up to 50% BBQ; Sept 6...Sheepdog trials;
Sept 7..Bird of Prey Demo; Sept
19-21...Weekend away.
HOME SELECTION SERVICE For more info go to
Or visit our showroom at or call Karen on 07816
Burton Nurseries Unit 18 Chester High Road, 536046.
Burton (by appointment only, 7 days)
General Enquiries / Appointments

Tel: 0151 550 4505 Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm

Fitting enquiries:
Tel Eric on 0800 5118 448 (7 days)
Find us on the trusted workers website

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Neighbourhood walkabout
John Knight
HOUSING officers will be taking to the
John Knight
streets next month during a series of
neighbourhood walkabouts. Glazing
The idea is for residents with any

concerns about their estates to meet their
area housing officer and walk with him or
her identifying local problems or issues.
Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough REDUCTION ON
Council’s Housing Management Unit’s
new approach to estate inspections is
designed to give officers and residents the
opportunity to visit and discuss areas of ALL PVC ADVERT
in their ONas litter,
communities such
trees, anti-social
vandalism. HANDLES, HINGES,
Local councillors and other public LOCKS, WHEELS Call Steve for
servants such as the police will also be & SEALS
Call Steve for a free quote
invited to attend the walkabouts. a free quote
0151 342 2266
Lynne Georgeson will be in the Neston 342 2266
Road area on Tuesday 9th September at
07764 778573
2pm and in Romney Close, Little Neston 07764 778573
on 29th October at 10am.

Rejuvenate tired driveways and patios

PDP Cleaning Services will bring your drives, patios, paths and walls back to life
Our industrial strength Jet Washers will remove almost anything

 Block paving cleaned, re-sanded and weather sealed

 Moss removal from sandstone walls, gutters and roofs
 Repairs and pointing if required.
Call now for a free quote - no obligation
0151 513 1726 or 07725 668358
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0151 357 1919

Going wild about the meadow

FOR the first time in its full glory, Ness sowing 1m deep with specially formulated
Gardens has recreated a ‘ Wildflower wildflower mixes.
Meadow’, reminding us all what nature is The result has been a return to the
really about and taking many of us back display of simpler agricultural times,
in time to our childhood memories. when cornfields were often scattered
Over two hectares of grassland have with annual flowers such as corn cockle,
been converted into a wildflower meadow, marigold and poppies.
the stunning transformation has taken The long term aim is to manage the
place over the last few months, mown areas for meadow flowers to encourage
grass has been replaced by shimmering wildlife. Ness already conducts surveys
fields of blue cornflowers. on its moths, butterflies and damselflies
Thanks to a grant from the Friends of and this year we will be working with the
Ness Gardens, and working with Dr Phil Liverpool Museum to look at natural Bee
Putwain from the University of Liverpool populations.

a project was developed to introduce Ness Gardens created a special display

meadow flowers back to the gardens at garden to mark the 10th anniversary
Ness. The hardest task is to reduce the of the RHS Tatton Show “Garden for
fertility of the soil to allow the flowers to Bees” highlights the importance of Bee
compete with the grass. Landlife, the pollination and to demonstrate how we
16 Liverpool based charity, were employed to can attract them into our gardens.
deep inversion plough the areas, before

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0151 357 1919

Timber & Building

are now available in
at Town Building Materials
Buildwas Road
Clayhill Industrial Estate
- behind ATS Tyre Depot

0151 353 0689 COMMUNITY


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0151 357 1919

go out
with a
BANG Mugsy - Callum Cartledge THE year 6 children of
Neston Primary School
presented their end of
year production: ‘Mugsy
Balone’. The story was
loosely based on the
musical Bugsy Malone
and tells of two rival
New York gangs battling
to take control of the
‘lucrative sarsaparilla and
ice-cream market’. The
audience were treated
to a spectacular show
involving singing, dancing
and pyrotechnics.
Stars of the show - Jodie Webber, Callum Cartledge and The lead role was played
Jamie Collins by Callum Cartledge, who
said: “We wanted to put
on a superb show and
go out with a bang. We
worked really hard and
the show did end with a
Year 6 teacher, Rob
Golding added - “Each
year we try to make our
end of year production

bigger and better than

the last. This year we
put on a fantastic show
thanks to the hard work
of the cast and the great
18 support from parents and
Cast members - Abbie Frain and Sheri Bridges members of staff.”

Please mention Neston Local when responding to advertisements

0151 357 1919

Dancer - Steven A scene from the play - ‘shock,

Bennett horror!’

Dancers and singers - Gabby Byron, ‘Dandy Dan’ - Kyle Cast member -
Gabby Wallis & Elisha Owen Mcleod David Gould


Fat Sam - Joe 19

Windsor Explosion at the end - finale

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What they say about

response, it’s a
I had a terrific p
magazine, kee
really well read
up the good wor
Dave Roberts,
WOW Signs,

The adverti
sing is ver
effective a y
nd it work cost
definitely s, w
use it for m ill
appliance y new
centre open
Modern Blinds KHQ, Elle ing soon
smere Port
I have a great response to the
advert and would definitely
recommend it.
James’s Blinds,
Ellesmere Port
sed with ad an
Really impres
ok fab.
feature, they lo
PDP Cleaning Services ht,
Helen Cartwrig
D ay Nursery
The advert easily pays for Berwick Road
itself, the response has been
fantastic. Most of us choose to shop near to
PDP Cleaning Services, home and because our magazine

Neston carries adverts from local businesses

there is no need to trawl through thick
Call Keep it Local on
directories and newspapers for the
357 1919 for more info
20 service you require close to home

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0151 357 1919

Art on show at Ness

A GROUP of local artists are holding a
major exhibition this month.
A diverse and dynamic show will be
staged at Ness Gardens from 7th-19th
It is the second exhibition of the work
the Spectrum Art Group, who were
previously known as The St. Paul’s
Admission to the exhibition is free.

Make friends at Mini meeting

NORTH Cheshire Mini Club is looking for
new members. Come along if you own a
classic or BMW Mini.
They meet once a month on the second
Monday of each month at The Hooton,
Hooton Road, Hooton, at 7.30pm.
If you would like to know more please
contact Dave France on 0151 336 5410 or
Mark Douglas on 01244 821767.

on Saturday 16th August, from 9am-1pm



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The rebirth of St Thomas’s

FTER 14 years struggle, the village St Thomas’s Church.
church in the centre of Parkgate Now, after major structural work, includ-
is to reopen and will be available ing a new roof, tie bars and repairs to
for use by community organisations. The stonework, work on the interior has begun
group that fought to keep it would like to to make it possible for services take place
hear from you about future use. and make it available for community
The church was closed, for structural activities hopefully by early 2009. The
reasons, in 1994 and, after proposals for generosity of supporters, far and near,
sale and demolition were overcome, to and a Heritage Fund grant, has brought it
secure its future as a centre of village life to this point and fund-raising continues for
in perpetuity, members of the congrega- new heating, lighting, plumbing, furnish-
tion joined with the Parkgate Preservation ings and redecoration.
Trust and the Parkgate Society to create Planning for church and community use
the Bishop’s Trust for the Restoration of and St Thomas’s reopening has begun.



0151 355 5550
22 Professional Advice  Free Quotations

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0151 357 1919

If you would like to know more,

whether as a church member or an
interested local organisation, or if
you would like to make a donation
you can contact the Trust by e-
mail, letter or telephone. The Trust
will be pleased to show you round
and discuss your interests. Open
days are planned when refurbish-
ment work permits and will be
You can also view our website at

The Bishops’ Trust for the Restora-

tion of St Thomas’s Church Park-
gate, PO Box 80, Parkgate, Neston
CH64 6WE. Registered Charity No
1090232. 0151-336 3675.
e-mail stthomasparkgate@hotmail.
Opposite page: The church as it
is today
Above: A low point when the
building was put up for sale
Left: Reconstruction work



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Entertainment guide
Essential what’s on info for the next month
Sat 2nd
Willaston and District Horitcultural Society 61st
Annual Show of Vegetables, Flowers and Produce,
1.30pm, at Willaston Church Hall. Contact Mr M
Ring on 327 4200
Tues 5th
Neston Library - Team Read, 2.15-3.15pm. Tom
Hughes from the Salt Museum will be telling Old
English and Viking Myths and Legends. For ages
5 and above. No charge but please book. Contact
Susannah Hill on 336 5486
Wed 13th
Do You Know Your Herbs? Junior Chefs session at
Neston Recreation Centre, 9.30am-12.30pm, for
children aged five-11.
Fri 15th
Jesse goes solo
Neston Library - Team Read Poetry Workshop, TOP young pianist Jesse
2.30-4pm. Cost: £2 per child. Join Cheshire Poet Beaumont is the soloist at the
Laureate W.Terry Fox for a fun filled afternoon Neston Music Festival on 30th
of poetry. Terry will also help you write your own and 31st August.
poem. To book a place call Susannah Hill on 336 There will be an orchestral
5486. concert on the Saturday
Sat 16th evening and a concert by
Neston Farmer’s Market, 9am-1pm, at the Town Bactiguard Wire Brass on the
Hall Car Park, Neston Sunday.
Stanney Fields Park Friends Family Fun Day, 1pm. This year’s orchestral
Free. programme will include
Tues 19th Humperdinck’s Overture
Neston Library - Team Challenge Family Quiz, to Hansel and Gretel,
3-4pm, All ages welcome but most suitable for ages Grieg’s Piano Concerto and
seven and above. No charge but please book. Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony.
The concert will be conducted
Sat 23rd by Eric Jennings and the

FRESH from staging ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ soloist will be the young
last month, Ness Gardens is once again the venue pianist, Jesse Beaumont.
for some outdoor theatre in August. The Orchestral Concert will
Multiple international award –winning ILLYRIA take place at 7.30 on Saturday
perform Pinocchio on Saturday 23rd August and the 30th of August in Neston
The Hound of the Baskervilles’ on Saturday 6th Parish Church and the concert
September. is at the same time and venue
24 Tickets available from 0151 353 0123 the following night.

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Summer fun at Waterways Museum

THE National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port
has launched a great schedule of events for all the
family during the summer holidays, with lots of fun
and attractions for visitors for all ages.
Traditional Games Week takes place from Monday
28th to Friday 1st August. Have fun down memory
lane with Hop-Scotch, The Big Skip, Snakes &
Ladders and Marbles.
Monday 4th to Friday 8th August sees the return of
the Vikings as the Wirhalh Skip Felag re-enactment
society leads a week-long invasion of the Museum.
Lots of fun and excitement and excellent themed
workshops for the children.
Whether you’re a kid or just want to re-live the
pleasures of your
childhood, Meccano &
Science Madness at
the National Waterways
Museum on Monday 11th
to Friday 15th August, is
a must for everyone. The Special Events Throughout August
North West Meccano Guild
presents a week of exciting 4th - 8th Vikings Week
children’s workshops and 11th - 15th Meccano & Science Madness
science themed attractions. 16th - 17th Steam Weekend
The weekend of 16th and 18th - 22nd Pirate Week
17th August sees the return 24th - 25th Pirate Weekend
of the Age of Steam to 26th - 29th Build a Boat
Ellesmere Port. Enthusiasts
Check website for details at
and museum visitors alike
can enjoy the spectacle Waterside Café – Gift Shop – Boat Trips
of traction engines large Free Car Parking
and small alongside other Find us Just off Junction 9 on the M53
vehicles of the past as they Follow the brown signs to The Boat Museum
National Waterways Museum
steam their way around the South Pier Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire CH65 4FW
historic docks site. Tel: 0151 355 5017
During Pirates Week at
the National Waterways

Museum Ellesmere Port

from 18th to Friday 22nd
August, for lots of themed
10 wi
% th
of th

fun and children’s activities

f a is
ll ad
ad ve

and workshops.
m rt
iss ise

Call 355 5017 for details.

io m
n e
pr nt



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‘Charity was the real winner’

Year 6 pupils at Neston Primary
School challenged members of
staff to a charity football match
to raise money for Marie Curie
Cancer Care.
The staff spoilt the party by
winning the game 5-3 but year six
pupil David Gould said: “It was
raising the money, not the result,
that really mattered.”

Top: Staff and

year 6 pupils
from Neston CP
Earn a little extra cash!
Due to expansion
Above: The Year deliverers are
6 C team wanted for
Neston Local

Above: The
Year 6 D
team If you could spare a few hours a

Right: The month to deliver the magazine

Year 6 C in Neston town centre
team & Hinderton Road area
26 please call 357 1919

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Kitchens HQ
Visit our showroom
with a full range of granite
and quartz worktops

Unit 12
Canal Bridge Enterprise Centre
Meadow Lane
Ellesmere Port
(Behind B&Q, Junc 9 M53)

Tel 0151 355 9693


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To advertise in this section
for as little as £7.50 a month
call 357 1919

Aerials Drainage Hairdressing

APEX Aerial Services
All types supplied,
erected and repaired.
Tel 336 2661 Friendly & Professional Salon
Drainage Consultants
Mob: 07866 073583
Anytime, 7 days EST 1965 Late nights
Established over 25 Blocked Drains Cleared Wed & Fri
years CCTV Drain Surveys
Drains Relayed 25% off colour Tue & Fri
Drains Relined 14 The High Street, Neston
Septic Tanks
0151 336 2287 Tel 0151 336 8818


Soft Furnishings

Fully qualified and insured
 Hand finished curtains therapists - clearing
phobias - helping weight
 Roman Blinds loss - smoking cessation
All types of domestic and
 Loose covers commercial work carried Trained by Paul McKenna
 Alterations out by Part P registered and Richard Bandler
electricians. (founder of NLP)
Tel 0151 336 4624 Tel Paul Ring 0151 353 8063
0151 632 1550
Dog Training 07969 598336

Meadow Dog Training
Puppy training classes Ray’s Garden Services Our professional and
Complete garden friendly laundry/dry
 Head start puppy consultations maintenance, paving, cleaning service is
offered to you at very
from 8 weeks of age fencing, patios cleaned. reasonable rates, and
 Home visits, one to one Tel 0151 353 1574 / is delivered back to you

 Kennel Club Good Citizen Award clean folded/hung and

07968649667 smelling fresh.
 Reward-based kind methods only
 Experienced instructor/dog trainer Glazing
John Knight Glazing Tel 0151 355 1177
Tel 0151 339 7779 UPVC replacement and
Unit 14 Telford Road,
Thornton Ind Est, Ellesmere Port
repair. Tel 342 2266

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for as little as £7.50 a month
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Photography Rubbish Removals Social


All types of rubbish
Large or small give me
a call.
Tel 07929 907 854
or 0151 336 7645
Free estimates
Online activity club for
(licenced waste
carrier) Online activity club for
adults offering great events adults offering great events
3 Chester Races
Local signs Aug 3 Chester Races
9 Greyhound Racing
and business Aug 9 Greyhound Racing
Plumbing/Heating Aug 17 Summer BBQ6831
cards. Tel 336
Aug 17 Summer BBQ
6 Sheepdog Trials Sept 6 Sheepdog Trials
 Plumbing SeptRiverside
7 Bird of Prey
24 hrs, Sept 7 Bird of Prey Demo
Sept 19-21 Weekend8 seaters.
7days. 4, 6 & away Sept 19-21 Weekend away
 Bathrooms Tel 336- Red
1555Wharf Bay - Red Wharf Bay
 Tiling 07816
Vets 536046 07816 536046
No job too small, call Ray
Churchview Vets
Clayhill Industrial Estate,
0151 336 1508 Cheshire’s
Neston. Best Tel
to have0118
FUN! Cheshire’s Best Place to have FUN!
Mob 07789 817652
Wrought Iron
Outside taps supplied Wrought in the Port
and fitted from £49
Gates, Railings and Furniture
Handmade to Order
Call today for a free estimate...


0151 356 3223
£15 A MONTH 07733 22 35 22
WITH A BOX ADVERT or visit our new website

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Useful numbers and info
BURTON MANOR COLLEGE Cheshire County Council: MP
Burton village. Tel 336 5172 Inquiries for education, trading Andrew Miller (Labour).
CEMETERY standards, libraries, highways Constituency office, tel 357
Raby Park Road, Neston. and social services. Tel; 0845 3019. Web www.andrew-miller-
Phone: 0151 356 6789 113311
Community forum for Neston, Neston Community Family activities and new
Little Neston, Ness, Burton, Cybercentre, Methodist Church, visitor centre. Now doing kids’
Willaston and Parkgate. Park Street, Neston. Open Mon- birthday parties. Tel 353 0123 or tel: Thurs. Tel: 336 7784 NESTON RECREATION CENTRE
0151 336 3758. DENTISTS Raby Park Road, Neston
CHEMISTS Redcliffe Dental Practice Tel 336 5741
Deeside Pharmacy, Mellock 25 Parkgate Road, Neston. Tel PARKGATE SOCIETY
Lane, Little Neston. Tel: 336 336 3012 The Society is closely involved
1837 David Jones, John Willasey with the local authorities
Galen Pharmacy, 17 High 5 Park Street, Neston. Tel 336 with particular interest in the
Street, Neston. Tel: 336 2350 5555 history, conservation and
D.M. Kaye, Neston Road, Raby Road Dental Centre,30 enhancement of the unique
Willaston,. Tel: 327 5110 Raby Road, Neston. Tel 0151 quality of Parkgate and its
CHURCHES 336 6844 amenities. We issue members
St Mary & St Helen Parish Buckle & McGrath, cosmetic with a Newsletter twice a year
Church, Neston. The Vicarage, dentists, Thornton Hough. Tel and hold regular talks which
High St, Neston. Tel: 353 1000 353 8943 are free and open to all. We
Parkgate & Neston United DOCTORS welcome new members. email
Reformed Church, Moorside The Neston Medical Centre, parkgatesociety@merseymail.
Lane,Parkgate. Tel 336 4966 14-20 Liverpool Road, Neston. com. phone 0151 336 1069.
Little Neston Methodist Tel 336 4121 POLICE
Church. Tel: 336 4510. Neston Surgery, Mellock Lane, Neston Police office, Neston
Neston Christian Fellowship, Little Neston. Tel: 336 3951 Town Hall (manned part time).
Burton Road. Tel: 336 1688 The Willaston Surgery, Neston Tel: 336 3991
Neston Methodist Church, Park Road, Willaston. Tel 327 4593 SCHOOLS
Road, Neston. Tel: 334 1772 OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCIES Neston High School 336 3902
St Winifride’s RC Church, Arrowe Park Hospital. Tel: 678 Bishop Wilson Primary, Burton,
Burton Rd, Little Neston. Tel: 8496 336 3396
336 4189 JUNIOR FOOTBALL Neston Primary 338 2500
St Nicholas Parish Church, Neston Nomads. Ages 5-17 Parkgate Primary 336 1609
Burton. Tel: 336 4070 also includes a girls’ section. Tel St Winefride’s RC Primary 336
St Michael & All Angels, Alison Jones on 336 4062 2468
Marshlands Rd, Little Neston. LEISURE CENTRE Woodfall Primary 338 2288
Tel: 353 1000 Neston Recreation Centre, TAXI
CITIZENS’ ADVICE BUREAU sports hall, swimming pool, Riverside Gold
Town Hall, High Street, Neston squash courts, gymnasium, Tel 336 1555

0151 336 5848 floodlit synthetic pitch, grass TOWN HALL

CIVIC HALL football pitches, tennis courts, Neston Town Hall, contains
Neston Civic Hall, Hinderton cricket square, bar and a revamped post office and
Road. Tel 336 3991 cafeteria. Tel 336 5741. town centre police office, and
COUNCIL MARKET is available for many diferent
EPN Borough Council:Inquiries Neston Market, Fridays activities. Tel 336 3991
regarding planning, the Civic 8.30am-3pm. Farmers’ Market, VETERINARY SURGEONS
Hall, street cleansing, refuse 3rd Saturday in the month, Churchview Veterinary
disposal, local highways, car park at the rear of Neston Surgery, Clayhill Ind Est,
environmental health and Town Hall, 9am -1pm.Tel: 336 Neston. Tel: 353 0118
housing. Tel 356 6789. 3991/0151 356 6431

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0151 357 1919

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The North West’s Premier Radiator Cabinet Company

Transform your home with our beautiful

made to measure radiator cabinets.
Choice of styles, finishes and
decorative grilles to complement
your existing decor.
Traditional and contemporary designs.
Complete service from design to installation

Burton Nurseries
Chester High Road, Burton CH64 8TF
Tel Roger 0151 348 0010
Mob 07815 894363