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Parameters Lohia-Pelican Soloprint JP Industries - JPFlex Starlinger BSW (Servotex 850/6c)

(DynaFLEX 6C)

Speed Max 150 mpm Upto 150 mpm 180 mpm 200 mpm

Unwinder Roll Yes, without M/c Yes, without M/c Yes Yes (80 mpm), Auto
Change Stoppage – 60 mpm Stoppage Change over

Unwinder Semi Auto / Dual Station Semi Auto / Turret Semi Auto / Dual Automatic
Unwind Station

Unwind Tension Load Cell with Load Cell with Provided Provided
Control pneumatic Caliper brake pneumatic Caliper

Drive of Electrical Motor & power Each Printing station Individual Drive Individual Drive through
Impression Roller distribution are driven by through Servo Servo reducer Motors
individual AC Servo reducer Motors
through shaft and gears

Corona Yes Yes Yes Yes

Web Width(mm) 850 NS 850 850

Print width (mm) 800 760 840 820

Print Length (mm) 500-1300 508-1250 450-1450 450-1250

Fabric Weight max Tube – 110 GSM NS 110 GSM 100 GSM-Tube 180
GSM Flat

Roll dia- Unwinder Max 1500 NS Max 1500 NS

8” Shaft

Web Guide At Electro- Provided Provided Provided

Unwinder Electrical System (E+L /

Control System Direct web tension Provided Web Tension Provided

control – using multi Control provided
drive control system –
Load cell based closed
loop - AC servo drives for
In-feed, Main drive, Out-
feed and Rewind station