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2018 Alliance Enhancements

Quick Reference Guide

What is it? What are the main benefits? Value Statement

Maximized system up-time/enhanced sensitivity.

Carryover Performance
Less unscheduled downtime, greater serviceability,
and less carryover.

New wash protocols: ‘Normal’ wash is unchanged but uses

≤2.0 mL wash solvent vs. the current 2.5 mL wash solvent
per injection. New ‘Double’ wash: No extra pause, takes 15
seconds to move into vial (while washing); new ‘Extended’ By enhancing your Alliance™ System, you can help
New Specification: ≤ 0.0025% Caffeine
wash starts with ‘Double’ (above) and adds a second wash to minimize OOS and analysis repeat due to past
UV: Requires hardware change and
after sample aspiration, while moving from vial to seal (also complications from compound characteristics. The
firmware 3.04
takes 15 seconds). Wash times are noticeably faster. Seal enhanced wash system ensures less carryover with
wash consumed is reduced through better timing of the minimal impact to injection cycle time. By minimizing
priming, resulting in less wasted seal wash solvent and failures due to carryover, your QA department will have
faster system startup. less data to review and invalidate. Minimizing carryover
ensures the peak you see is only from the current
Much more efficient use of wash solvent (new path injection, so you can more easily and accurately
for wash solvent washes more of the needle.); new characterize your compound.
Seal Pack
Carryover Specification: ≤0.0025% Caffeine UV.;
Lower cost; no maintenance on the bottom of the body.

The green line is replaced with ETFE line with a SS sinker

on the bottom. The new line does not kink due to the greater
Needle wash inlet line change
diameter and does not pull out of the wash solvent because
the SS sinker keeps it in the wash solvent bottle.

Degasser Design Improved robustness. Faster switching between normal and

Enhancements* reversed-phase solvent systems saves time and solvent.

Overall improved robustness. Removes possibility

of chemical shock and enables faster switch over By having concise error messages, your laboratory can
SS Stented Degasser Chamber
when changing between normal and reversed-phase better determine where the fault lies within the system
solvent systems. to ease troubleshooting burdens. Improved customer
workflow and experience.
Clearer error messages and diagnostics
Requires firmware 3.04
will assist in troubleshooting.

Rerouting waste tubing Better drainage; fewer exposed waste lines.

Firmware 3.04 By having the option to disable run samples, you ensure
all testing runs through the software. Analysts can not
use the front panel in an attempt to pre-test their samples
Option to disable Run Samples function from front to verify they will pass. Minimizing seal wash volume can
panel. Seal wash solvent volume reduction. reduce the overall amount of solvent consumed, which
Updated Alliance Firmware
minimizes waste disposal costs. Improved needle wash
protocols result in a significantly lower chance of cross
contamination for a wide variety of analytes.

100 µL Syringe*
Improves assay robustness when working with The 100 µL syringe addresses the critical issue of area %
Includes Syringe, Firmware, injection volumes <20 µL. Fewer OOS instances. reproducibility for injection volumes less than 20 µL.
and Release Notes

*Available Independent of the Enhancement Kit

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