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Focus Using of wide range of advertising like social media and TV to keep the hype going all
through out the country:
It is said that NBB has been making a wave only by “word of mouth” and it has been very
successful, effective and the whole performance of the company is quite good. I think it’s about
time to use wide range advertising like the social media and TV to reach much more market. Not
only locals but other high class drinkers.
Consistency measures with the sustainability and longevity of the company:
It is given that NBB has able to be consistent with their performances in the past years and has
hold its missions for the society. But the question is that, if can they really keep doing it in the fast
changing environment nowadays. They should adapt trends and other more effective ways to keep
doing what they’re doing like for example they should use technology that is relevant and can be
used only from the same environmentally good resources that they use. Meaning they should
research on new and innovative machines that can produce more but still sustainable and eco
Consistency measures with the sustainability and longevity of the company I think is the best
course of action for it covers the over all possibilities. In a hectic workplace, creating consistency
can present a challenge. Working to establish a workplace in which policies, procedures and
practices are consistent, however, has its benefits. There are a number of reasons why consistency
is a goal toward which you should work. Take these reasons into consideration when determining
how much effort you want to dedicate to establishing this principle within your business space.
Workplaces in which consistency is present appear better organized than those in which things are
constantly changing. For example, if you have one consistent method for your employees to use
to log their work completion or request time off, it will appear to these workers that you are more
in control of the business. This appearance of organization can make employees think better of the
company and allow them to feel that the company is a more stable one. Although some individuals
don’t mind constant changes, most prefer consistency. When your practices and procedures are
consistent, your workplace will likely seem less chaotic and more under control. By creating an
environment that is consistent, you can help both your workers and your customers feel
comfortable in the workplace. When things are constantly changing, employees must take time out
of the completion of their job duties to learn these new policies and procedures. By making things
consistent, you can allow employees to dedicate more of their time to the completion of their actual
job duties, likely leading to an increase in productivity. Keeping up with constantly changing
policies and procedures can be mentally taxing. If you create a consistent plan for your workplace
and deviate from that plan very little, you make it easier for your employees to understand the
duties associated with their jobs as well as your expectations for them.