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Why should we Invest In Agriculture?

The variety and diversity in the agriculture sector in India has made it an attractive option to a lot
of entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to get into the framing industry, now is the time.

Investing in land in India can be profitable. But land comes in different shapes, sizes and forms.
Farmland or agricultural land is one type that is regularly overlooked.

Agriculture is all the processes involved in the production of food, fiber, feed and other needed
products by the growing of different crops and the raising of livestock, i.e. the domesticated
In order to practice agriculture suitable land is needed. Without this, animals cannot be raised
and plants/crops cannot be grown in enough quantities.

Since life is so dependent on agriculture, as the global population increases so too will the
demand for good agricultural land.

Farmland investment offers three key benefits — income generation, land price appreciation,
and diversification due to its low correlation with other assets.

Benefits of buying agricultural land:

High Level of Capital Security and A Low Level of Risk:

An investment in farmland is backed by a rock-solid asset which is unlikely to depreciate. Also,
past data shows that farmland has exhibited strong capital protection characteristics over long
periods of time. Well managed farmland is a fully renewable resource which remains productive
till its sale.

2. Farmland is an Effective Inflation Counter:

Historically, farmland values generally increase faster than inflation, making farmland an
effective inflation counter tool and capital preservation medium. This may particularly attract
investors who are concerned about government policies regarding inflation.

3. Farmland is A Stable Income-producing Asset:

In contrast to other mainstream option such as commodity & precious metals, farmland also
provides a regular income to the investor, making it a useful replacement for lost ‘risk-free’
income on cash deposits and bonds due to low-interest rates. Although not necessarily the
highest return available in the real estate sector, this income is being earned on an asset that is
unlikely to reduce in value.

4. Farmland Investment Delivers Lower-income Fluctuation:

When it comes to agricultural commodity prices the long-term upward trends are captured in the
form of capital growth of the asset. Whereas, fixed rentals have the effect of smoothing short-
term recurring instability because the risks of pricing are borne by the tenant farmer rather than
the landowner.

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