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Eight Noble Truths and the Noble Twofold Path

All that we see and touch is an illusion.

The only meaningful reality is in our hearts.
Our spirits grow when we give love or respect.
Our spirits shrivel when we subjugate or fixate on physical gratification.
Before we are born, our spirits cloak themselves in flesh.
When our bodies die, our spirits shed these cloaks.
Our spirits are eternal.
The reason our universe is dual physical-spiritual is because this is the best way for our spirits to

Bow respectfully from your heart. Smile from your heart. Kiss from your heart. Touch from your
heart. Make love from your heart .. If you are not in love, hold respect in your heart: respect for
the land, respect for plants and animals, respect for others, respect for the dust beneath your
sandals, respect for the stars far above,.. Hold respect in your heart and you will find enduring
peace. Other than love, the only other worthy thing that should be in your heart is respect.

When you make love, try to tell them with your touches and kisses how incredible they make
you feel. Wish with all your might and heart that they can understand how magical they make
you feel. Keep that desire, to please them, in your heart. Give yourself completely .. When you
guide others, do not subjugate conquer or subdue; rather, lovingly show them the better way.
Demonstrate the respectful or loving way. Show them there is always a more respectful way than
subjugation or domination.

Siddhartha was on the right track with his path and truths but.. i see his path as overly
complicated and truths distracting.. The better Path can be simplified to: love and respect from
your heart. The clearer Truths can be found above. They both need to be understandable by a
child. This is a religion for all ages and ethnicities.

Should we call it New Buddhism? Or simply the Better Way? i leave it up to you dear readers to
decide .. i cannot claim i founded this 'new' religion because the truths have always been there
waiting to be discovered and gathered together meaningfully. An old friend criticized me once
saying: Sam, you think you're so special! i replied: NO, only my perspectives may be special.

Spend half a lifetime attempting to Look from the Creator's perspective, you may arrive at a
similar set of Truths and Path. But i cannot imagine they'd be that much different.. Watching a
professional mother strategically and intuitively guide four distinctly different children is
humbling. Attempting to guide my own son at three is humbling. So when i write/speak, please
understand it's not just all the books i've read which have contributed to my perspectives - but all
the wonderful and almost indescribable experiences i've had among human beings.

One of my previous essays i stated: if there was only one paper that survived 'the end of the
world' (it was about basic human rights and true civilization) .. sigh .. i suppose i must recant that
statement in that essay .. Perhaps this is the essay that should endure .. Again, it is up to you dear
readers to decide..

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