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A head nurse is the one who assumes responsibility for managing the Human and
material resources of a nursing unit and takes lead in developing to provide quality
patient care and an environment conductive to staff growth and satisfaction.


Student nurse will be able to develop their potentials of being efficient and
productive Leaders by nurturing and enhancing their leadership skills by providing
training in management in team handling. And be able to familiarize with the different
nurse responsibility.



Apply principles on head nursing and provide nursing standards and policies, and
procedures regarding patients care to guide the subordinates.

Ôromotes and utilize quality assurance of the program standards.

ëotivate the nursing staff to provide quality nursing care and improvement in
nursing care.

ëanage the flow of activities by implementation of the nursing plan based on the
nursing care.

Êevelop a skill in decision-making and other qualities of an efficient head nurse.

oordinate and communicate with the other members of the health team in
providing patient care.

Êocument accurately the observation of the services rendered to the patient.

Supervises and evaluate the quality of patient care provided by the staff by
observing them through frequent rounds guided by the evaluation check list.


Student staff nurses



Assumes the responsibility for the delivery of quality patient care to patients
within the unit.
1. Ôrovide nursing standards and policies regarding patient care to guide the staff
2. They have the responsibility of orienting and updating the staff of the systems and
standard of patient care.
3. Responsible for the implementation of the health care programs, and standards of
patient care.
4. Assumes the role of patient advocate.
5. Assumes the role of staff members advocate.
6. Acts as liaison with the medical staff to coordinate medical and nursing
management of patient care.
7. Serves as resource person to nursing personnel under him in assessing, planning,
implementation and evaluating nursing care provided.
8. oordinates the patient care with the other members of the health care team.
9. Keeps superior informed regarding problems or issues in patient care.
10. Evaluates the quality of patient care through frequent rounds.
11. Evaluates the nursing standard cyclically to provide development of the new
standards of patient care.


The staff nurse is to the one responsible for rendering holistic nursing care to
patient in assigned areas, the specific function and responsibilities of which depend upon
the organizational structure of the Nursing service.


Student nurses will be able to develop their knowledge, attitudes and skills
through working on this training, and be able to appreciate the importance of team work
and working under a directory.



Dollow the nursing standards and policies imposed by the nursing administration.

Êevelop a sense of responsibilities and accountabilities on their action they make.

Ôrovide a quality nursing care and services.

Êevelop a good attitude towards the work.

[e able to work harmoniously with the fellow students and members of the health
care team.

Êevelop good nursing skills, attitude and gain knowledge for the future use.

 !"#"$""  c   

The staff nurse initiate and perform nursing care and services to meet the needs patient in
assigned areas utilizing the nursing process.

1. Assesses the individual needs for nursing care based on patient¶s history, results
of physical, diagnostic, and laboratory examinations.
2. Infers correct nursing diagnosis.
3. Ôlans and prioritizes nursing care activities considering overall health needs of the
4. Institute nursing intervention consistent with the overall plan of care with special
consideration of the patient¶s safety and comfort.
5. Ôrovides health teaching to patient, his family and significant others so that they
may understand this illness and participate actively in his care.
6. oordinates patient care services with members of the health team.
7. Evaluates or modifies of nursing care by means of:

Effectiveness and efficiency of nursing measures rendered.

Deedback from patient/family and significant others.
8. Êocuments accurately the observation and services rendered to the patient.

Area:____________________Clinical Instructor:__________________________

 $         Y       

% Y   Y   Y  Y &


Outstanding Carries out expected tasks in a very consistent manner with
minimal guidance and supervision
Very Carries out expected tasks in a consistent manner with
Satisfactory minimal guidance and supervision
Satisfactory Carries out expected tasks in a moderately consistent
manner with frequent guidance and supervision
Needs Carries out expected tasks in a rarely consistent manner
Improvement with close guidance and supervision
Unsatisfactory Does not carry out expected tasks even with close guidance
and supervision



1.1 Establishes rapport with subordinates
1.2 Able to involve patients in plan of care
1.3 Punctual and prompt in all activities
1.4 Able to maintain stability under pressure
1.5 Gathers data using interview, observation, records review
and reports
1.6 Formulates appropriate nursing care plan
1.7 Wears complete prescribed RLE uniform
a. Carries out assigned tasks based on the criteria of distribution
of assignments
b. Follows principles of time management
c. Equipped with required paraphernalia for RLE
d. Observes proper channels of communication
e. Carries out plan of care, including:
A. Bedside Care
B. Administration of medications
C. Administration of treatments (nebulization, IVF)
f. Shows initiative in performing tasks
g. Accomplishes delegated tasks within prescribed time frame
h. Provides psychological and spiritual support to patients
i. Accepts supervision and criticisms
j. Conducts appropriate health teachings
1. Notifies immediate superior about untoward situations or
conditions related to patient care in the area
2. Make revisions in the plan of care as necessary
3. Evaluates Nursing Care rendered
1. Demonstrates honesty at all times
2. Conducts self in a tactful manner
3. Keeps confidential patient information
4. Observes the PNA Code of Ethics
5. Guided by RA 9173
6. Observes the 11 Core Competency Guidelines

  ) * 








1. Supervises and evaluates the quality of patient care through frequent rounds
2. Oversees the action of assigned staff nurse, medication nurse and chart nurse.
3. Damiliarized and take care of the emergency cart.
4. Takes note of the special procedures for the patients within the unit.
5. Keep superiors informed regarding the problems and issues in patient care with
the nursing unit.
6. Ôarticipates in the selection of nursing staff for the unit.
7. Ôresents changes or innovations to staff in a positive manner.
8. Ôrovides conducive climate for work and maintains effective communication
within the unit department.
9. ëakes the 24 hrs. Nursing report of the unit.
10. hecks daily time record of the staff.


1. Should know the patient very well.

2. Should always establish rapport with the patient.
3. Assess the patient¶s needs for care based on the patient¶s history, results of
physical examinations, diagnosis, and laboratory exams.
4. filling up the request admissions
5. Oversees the activities of the nursing students.
6. ëake part of the endorsement for the shift.
7. Ôroper endorsement (detailed, clear, and updated) of the patient¶s incoming shift.
8. demonstrate good nursing in caring of patients
9. Acts as a role model to fellow students.
10. ëakes a nursing care plan for the patient he/she handled.

% "&" 

1. ëust know the 10 rights in giving the medication.

2. ëust know the drug action, side effects and nursing consideration of each
3. ëust know the color coding of the medication cards followed by the institution.
4. Always bring medication tray with you in giving medication.
5. Should always establish rapport with the patient.
6. ëay give medication only with the supervision of clinical instructor or staff nurse
on duty.
7. always double check with the doctors order
8. ëake a drug study as a student¶s clinical assignment.
9. ëust know the computation concisely and table of equivalents
10. Êocument all medications given legibly as countersigned by respective clinical
instructor or staff nurse on duty


1. Record all the vital signs taken on the TÔR sheet on the patients chart.
2. ëust know the normal values of [Ô, ÔR, RR and Temperature.
3. Reports intake and output
4. ëakes a narrative report of the vital signs recording system for the shift then
submit to the assigned student head nurse.



Yr/Sec: ______________Group:___________ Rating: __________________
Area: ____________________ Clinical

 )+ !,! - . / 0 1
1. Applies as appropriate theory as a basis for
decision making in nursing practice.
2. Assesses staffs presenting symptoms to
determine a nursing diagnosis and plan of
action based on a medical expertise and
3. Knowledge in communication, clarification and
interpretation of existing problems with staff
and nursing responsibilities.
4. Inform the staff of the likely causes of errors
defects and waste.
5. Suggest in which risk, errors, quality of
problems maybe reduce.
1. Neat and well groomed. Adheres to dress
2. Punctual in reporting for duty
3. Complies with the code of ethics of the nursing
profession and upholds and implements school
4. Assist in training staff in particular by setting a
good example.
5. Promotion of professional responsibility,
accountability and behavior.
  2 #
1. Provide leadership in the assessment,
planning, implementation, and evaluation of
comprehensive school health program.
2. Respond to the student/ staff medical
3. Instruct subordinates in appropriate method
and procedure in providing care.
4. Initiate and facilitate any steps necessary to
improve methods, equipments, materials and
condition in the work area for which they are
Equivalent: ______________ Rating: _______________

,! 45 !
#3 !
5 85 Excellent Carries out expected behavior in a very
consistent and independent manner with less
supervision and guidance.
4 82-84 Very Carries out expected behavior in a consistent
Satisfactory and independent manner that requires minimal
supervision and guidance.
3 79-81 Satisfactory Carries out expected behavior in rarely
independent manner requiring more supervision
and guidance.
2 75-78 Fair Carries out expected behavior in rarely
independent manner requiring close supervision
and guidance.
1 74 and Needs Carries out expected behavior under close
below improvement supervision and guidance.