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Discipline: Electrical Engineer) Sub

Station Project)

Permanent Address: 16-Kanair Gali, Taj Bagh, Lahore Pakistan.

Mobile No. 00923454958123 Res: 0092426634647
Personnel Information:

Religion ISLAM
Date/Place Of Birth 18-06-1965/Lahore
NIC 35201-1221469-3
Nationality Pakistani
Martial Status Married (4 kids)
Email Address
Valid Saudi Driving License

Academic Record:

 3 Years Diploma of Associate Engineering (Electrical) in 1987 from Board of

Technical Education Lahore.
 Bachelor of Technology (Honors in Electrical Power) in 1998 from UET Lahore.

Practical Project:

 Complete Design of 600KVA, 6600/415 Volts Distribution Transformer.

Drafting Skills:

 Capable of performing all sorts of technical drafting and preparing shut down

On Job Training:

On Job Training from Jan. 2002 to June 2002.

Substation Maintenance Crew Training (26 weeks).

 Thirteen weeks Practical /Theoretical Training at GSO (WAPDA)

Training Center Tarbela.
 Thirteen weeks Field Training at TSG(WAPDA) Training Center New Kot
Lakhpat Lahore.
Practical Experince :(Almost 20 years)
 Worked as Sub Engineer under GSO Circle WAPDA Lahore from JAN.1989 to
AUGUST 2001.
Responsible for Operations & Maintenance of all kinds of 132& 66KV Grid
Stations during routine and emergencies.
 Worked as Assistant Engineer (Sub Station) SS&T Division (North) GSO,
LESCO Lahore from AUGUST 2001 to NOVEMBER 2006.
Responsible for Maintenance, Testing & Commissioning of all kinds of Sub
Station Equipment.
 Working as Assistant Engineer (Sub Station) SS&T Division North GSO
LESCO (WAPDA) Lahore, Pakistan from July 2008 to date.
Responsible for Maintenance, Testing and Commissioning of Sub Station

The major Responsibilities of ASSISTANT ENGINEER (SUB STATION) are

as under.

Power Transformers:

Capable of performing:

i) All types of Transformers Commissioning activities.

ii) Rectification of Transformers faults.
iii) Routine maintenance activities/testing.
The summary of these activities is as under
 Power Transformer annual maintenance.
 ULTC annual maintenance.
 Power Transformer 5 year’s maintenance.
 GAS/BUCHLOZ Relay maintenance/tests.
 Trouble shooting in control circuits of cooling fans and motor drive units of Tap
 Oil sampling/DES tests.
 Dehydration of Transformer oil.
 Temperature indicating devices calibration.
 Megger Tests of Transformer and Bushings.
 C&DT test of Transformer & Bushings.
 Ratio testing.
 DC Winding Resistance test.
High & Low Voltage Circuit Breakers:

Capable of performing:
i) All types of Circuit Breaker’s commissioning activities.
ii) Rectification of Circuit Breaker’s faults.
iii) Routine maintenance activities/testing.
 HV/LV circuit breakers annual maintenance
 Minimum Trip test.
 Contact Resistance test
 Breaker Timing test
 SF6 Gas Leakage Detection and Purity test.
 Insulation withstand test.
 Major Overhauling of OCBs.
 Trouble shooting in various types of mechanisms.
 Vidar test.

HV/LV Instrument Transformers (CT’s/PT’s)

Capable of performing:
i) All types of commissioning activities.
ii) Rectification of faults.
iii) Routine maintenance activities/testing.
The summaries of these activities are as under.

 Installation of CTs/PTs.
 C&DF test.
 Insulation withstand/Hi-Pot test.
 Insulation Resistance test.

Maintenance Of Power Cables:

Capable of performing:
 Commissioning /laying of all types of Power cables.
 Fault location test.
 Insulation resistance test.
 Hi-pot test.
 Polarity and continuity test.

Maintenance of station batteries:

Capable of performing:
 Installation of new batteries.
 Station batteries inspection.
 Station batteries maintenance.

Capable of performing:
 Installation and maintenance of Isolators.
 Installation and maintenance of Lightning Arrestors.
 Station Ground Maintenance.