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WFRP Equipment Prices (Imperial currency)

1 gold mark (gm) = 21 silver shillings (s)

1 gold crown (gc) = 20 silver shillings (s)
1 silver shilling (s) = 12 brass pennies (p)
1 brass penny (p) = 12 tin bits (b)

Melee Weapons Empire Gunpowder Weapons Empire

Buckler 3s 4p Blunderbuss 3gc
Dagger 20p Bomb 3gc 5s
Demilance 25s Duck-Foot 21gc
Flail 25s Arquebus 12gc 10s
Foil 30s Hochland Long Rifle 19gc
Gauntlet 15s Incendiary 8s 4p
Great Weapon 33s 4p Pistol 8gc
Hand Weapon 16s 8p Repeater Rifle 25gc
Improvised 2p Repeater Pistol 17gc
Knuckle-duster 20p Blunderbuss 3gc
Lance 33s 4p
Longspear/Halfpike 1gc Ammunition Empire
Main Gauche 6s 8p Arrow 2b
Morning Star 25s 20 Best Arrows 30p
Natural ― Crossbow Bolt 4b
Pike 25s 20 Best Bolts 5s
Polearm 25s Firearm Shot 7b
Quarterstaff 3p 10 Best Shot 4s 4p
Rapier 30s Gunpowder (per shot) 3p

Ranged Weapons Empire Leather Armour (1 AP) Empire

Bola 7p Leather Skullcap (Head) 5s
Bow 16s 8p Leather Jerkin (Body) 10s
Crossbow, Heavy 2gc 1s Leather Jack (Arms, Body) 1gc
Crossbow, Light 1gc 14s Leather Bracers (Arms) 10s
Crossbow Pistol 2gc 18s Leather Leggings (Legs) 15s
Elfbow 5gc 16s
Improvised 3p Studded L. Armour (2 AP) Empire
Javelin 25p Studded L. Skullcap (Head) 18s
Lasso 20p Studded L. Jerkin (Body) 1gc 16s
Longbow 25s Studded L. Jack (Arms, Body) 3gc 12s
Net 5s Studded L. Leggings (Legs) 2gc 14s
Repeater Crossbow* 8gc 6s
Shortbow 11s 8p
Hide Armour (2 AP) Empire
Sling 6s 8p
Hide Hat (Head) 6s
Spear 16s 8p
Hide Jerkin (Body) 12s
Staff Sling 10s
Hide Jack (Arms, Body) 24s
Throwing Axe/Hammer 8s 4p
Hide Coat (Body, Legs) 30s
Throwing Dagger/Star 5s
Hide Sleeved Coat (Arms, Body, Legs) 2gc 2s
Chain Armour (2 AP) Empire Food & Drink Empire
Mail Coif (Head) 33s Ale 2b
Mail Shirt (Body) 5gc Beer 1b
Sleeved Mail Shirt (Arms, Body) 8gc Keg of Ale 3p
Mail Coat (Body, Legs) 7gc 10s Keg of Beer 1p 6b
Sleeved Mail Coat (Arms, Body, Legs) 10gc 10s Fodder, per day 6b
Mail Bracers (Arms) 3gc Food (poor), per day 3b
Mail Leggings (Legs) 2gc 10s Food (average), per day 1p
Food (good), per day 1p 6b
Scale Armour (3 AP) Empire Feast meal (best), per person 3p
Scale Coif (Head) 2gc 10s Field Rations, per week 10b
Scale Coat (Body, Legs) 18gc Cheap Pie 2b
Scale Mail Coat (Arms, Body, Legs) 25gc 4s Bread, Loaf 2b
Scale Bracers (Arms) 7gc 4s Side of Meat 1p
Scale Leggings (Legs) 6gc Delicacy 3p
Spirits, Bottle 1p
Plate Armour (2 AP) Empire Wine (average) 1p
Helmet (Head) 2gc 10s Wine (quality) 10p
Breastplate (Body) 5gc 16s
Plate Bracers (Arms) 5gc Carrying Equipment Empire
Plate Leggings (Legs) 5gc 16s Backpack 30p
Case for Maps or Scrolls 10p
Basic Armour Suits Empire Case, waterproof, reinforced 4s 2p
Full Leather Armour (1 AP) 2gc Chest 8s 4p
Full Studded L. Armour (2 AP) 7gc 4s Flask, leather 15p
Full Hide Armour (2 AP) 2gc 8s Flask, metal 3s 4p
Full Mail Armour (3 AP) 14gc 3s Jug 4p
Full Scale Armour (4 AP) 29gc 14s Pouch 5p
Full Plate Armour (5 AP) 33gc 5s Purse 2p
Sack 5p
Saddlebag 3s 4p
Clothing Empire
Slingbag 3s 4p
Rags 1b
Waterskin 8p
Poor 10p
Common 20p
Lighting Empire
Good 5s
Best 16s 8p Candle, tallow 3p
Robes 25s Candle, wax 6p
Costume/Entertainer 8s 4p Firewood 2p
Uniform 25s Oil, lamp 5p
Noble’s Garb 4gm Lamp 5p
Royal Garb 8gm Lantern 8s 4p
Cloak 8s 4p Storm Lantern 1gc
Overcoat 16s 8p Match, half dozen 5b
Hat, simple 10p Torch 5b
Hat, wide-brimmed 20p
Hood/Mask, simple 10p
Mask, elaborate 8s 4p
Miscellanea Empire Vehicles Empire
Blanket 25p Boat, River 50gc
Cooking Pot 1gc Boat, Rowing 7gc 10s
Cutlery, wooden 5p Cart 4gc
Cutlery, metal 5s Coach (average) 40gc
Cutlery, silver 25s Coach (quality) 100gc
Deck of cards 20p Ship 1200gc
Dice, bone 6p Wagon 7gc 10s
Healing Poultice 5b
Instrument 8s 4p Mounts Empire
Kettle 30p Destrier 42gm
Ladder 10p Light Warhorse 22gm
Lock (average) 20p Pony 4gc 4s
Lock (quality) 16s 8p Riding Horse 6gc 15s
Mirror 16s 8p Saddle 9s
Paper 5p Harness 20p
Parchment 1p
Perfume or Cologne 20p Livestock Empire
Religious Symbol 20p Cat 1p
Rope, 20 yards 20p Chicken 5b
Tankard, pewter 20p Cow 16s 8p
Tankard, wood 10p Dog (pedigree) 5s
Telescope 8gc Dog, War 2gc 10s
Tent, 2 pers 15p Goat 3s 4p
Tent, 6 pers 3s 4p Hawk 6gc 12s
Tinderbox 30p Horse, nag, draft or Mule 2gc 2s
Horse, pack 3gc 6s
Tools Empire Ox 2gc 10s
Abacus 16s 8p Pig 5s
Gin Trap 3s 4p Pigeon, Homing 20p
Snare 1p Sheep 3s
Book, Illuminated 30gc
Book, Printed 8gc 6s Travel Empire
Chain, per yard 30p Cart or Wagon (M 3), per day 6p
Crowbar 10p Cart, Two-horsed (M 4), per day 1s
Disguise Kit 8s 4p Wagon, Three-horsed (M 5), per day 20p
Fish Hook and Line 3p Coach (M 6), per day 30p
Grappling Hook 6s 8p Express Coach (M 8), per day 4s
Lock Picks 16s 8p River Boat, per day 15p
Manacles 8s 4p Ship’s Passage, per day 3s
Metal Ingot, Base 25p
Pick 25p
Lodgings/Amenities Empire
Pole, Yard 1p
Bath 1p
Sledge Hammer 20p
Inn, Common Room, per night 6b
Spade 25p
Inn, Private Room, per night 10p
Spike 5p
Stabling, per horse, per night 1p
Trade Tools 4gc 4s
Wooden Wedge 8b
Writing Kit 16s 8p
Services, Common Empire Replacements & Appendages Empire
Artisan, per week 17p Earring (average) 1p
Entertainer, per week 14p Eye Patch (average) 6p
Labourer, per week 5p False Eye (average) 1p
Servant, per week 6p False Leg (average) 6p
Physician, per day 5p Gilded Nose (average) 6p
Skull Plate (average) 1p
Services, Skilled Empire Tattoo (small) 3p
400 xp Hireling, per day (or ¼ share) 10p Veteran’s Hand (average) 5gc
800 xp Hireling, per day (or ½ share) 18p Wooden Tooth (average) 3p
1200 xp Hireling, per day (or ¾ share) 26p
1600 xp Hireling, per day (or full share) 34p Income (weekly) Empire
2000 xp Hireling, per day (or full share) 3s 6p Servant 1p 4b
Hired Help 2p 8b
Draughts Empire Peasant 4p 6b
Bugman's Ale 4gc Rich Farmer 7p
Greta’s Boon 2gc 8s City Shopkeeper 11p
Healing Draught 8s Skilled Craftsman 18p
Physician 3s
Poison Empire Artisan 9s 6p
Black Lotus 1gc 16s Lesser Noble 1gm
Chimera Spittle 12gc Greater Noble 15gm
Crimson Shade 3gc
Dark Venom 2gc 10s Income (yearly) Empire
Heartkill 66gc Servant 6s
Mad Cap Mushroom 2gc 10s Hired Help 12s
Mandrake Root 2gc Peasant 1gc
Manticore Spoor 5gc 8s Rich Farmer 32s
City Shopkeeper 2gc 10s
Oddities Empire Skilled Craftsman 4gc 4s
Antitoxin Kit 5s Physician 8gc 8s
Blessed Water 16s 8p Artisan 25gc
Grimoire 40gc Lesser Noble 50gm
Lucky Charm 25s Greater Noble 800gm
Religious Relic 8s 4p

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