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Cassidy Cushman


Due: September 12 2019

30 August 2019

Goal Essay

Working at the “Happiest Place on Earth” is the chance of a lifetime almost everyone

dreams of working at there favorite place but with so many fields and pathways its hard to decide

which path is right for you. But I have found my way and decided on the Travel Industry and

more specifically how to become a travel agent. To succeed in this field you fundamentally need

to accomplish three things: obtain a degree in Hospitality and Tourism, get an internship at your

desired company(example:Walt Disney World) and get a job by using your internship experience

and the degree you earned.

Getting your degree is not a simple task-it requires tons of hard work and dedication. For

a Hospitality and Tourism Degree, you don't need a lot of math or science courses like you

would with a medical degree. But you do need a lot of business courses and electives centered

around helping others plan vacations or information about how hotels work. For example, UCF

has a course called Managing guest experiences in the theme park and attraction industry. You’d

need this class if you want to become a Travel Agent. Another thing that goes into getting this

degree as well as others are to study hard and show up to class. Attendance and participation are

key to being successful in any degree program or job.

After or while earning your degree I would need to get an internship with Walt Disney

World because that is the company I want to work for in order to get my foot in the door with

Disney and there Vacation Planning Staff. A good place to start is with the Disney College

Program. This allows college students to roll up their sleeves per se and work up close and

personal with their career path all while working towards your degree. With this program, you

can work with Travel Agents, Disney Imagineers, and Hotel Management. To truly see how the

rest of your career pathway is going to look. You need to apply for your internship through the

Disney College Program webpage.

When I finish getting my degree and complete an internship with the Disney College

Program hopefully i will be starting the rest of my successful career with Disney. By getting my

schooling and experience under my belt I can build a resume that shows all of my skills and

experience and education. Then I start applying to every job that Disney has in the Vacation

Planning Office and find a position that offers good benefits like insurance and a 401k and pays

fairly decent to start out. Which will eventually lead me to obtain a job and starting my new life

as a Travel Agent.

Becoming a Travel Agent is not an easy task but by putting the effort in and going the

distance it can be done in three steps. By reaching this goal I can live the dream and work at the

place I love while doing the things I have loved to do since i was little and spreading joy by

helping people obtain a stress-free fun vacation with their families and create memories that will

live on for years to come. Just by doing three things getting my degree and an internship which

ultimately ends in a successful career and a happy future along with tons of happy memorable


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