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Dictum of Misunderstandings

They abound everywhere. Some feel as though that certain

people, groups, affiliations and even organizations and their
connection to them places them in a better position to be in
possession of the truth. But truths are everywhere intermingled
with half-truths, lies, and so many opinions in every arena that
can be thought of from politics to philosophy to religion;
especially in religion, whether it be orthodox or abstract.
There are many, even here, who are intelligent enough to
have come to the conclusion that no one is in possession of what
is considered to be in the absolute truth. This is a given, and yet
and still they have set out to try their best to gather as much
political and philosophical truth as can be amassed by the so it
can be presented to others who have chosen to do likewise.
Regardless of what may be found, if it is in accord with other
truths, facts, absolutes, mathematics (whatever you want to call
them) if they are negated or looked over because it doesn’t sit
well with someone or their opinions or institutionalized dogmas,
well then, they might as well join the ranks of the deaf, dumb
and blind because according to some as my memory forever
rewinds and plays back, when the truth is presented as sunlight
being shown, it doesn’t take long for an eclipse to manifest itself
to temporarily stop the bombarding rays, rays of righteousness,
rays of wisdom, rays of divinity.
Now if the agenda is to eclipse the light as is evident in
some because, again, my memory forever rewinds and plays back
there have forever been instances…one in particular in which
truth was manifested and a patriot tried to hide it uner a basket
about 336 hours ago.
A while back an individual said to me that they couldn’t feel
other philosophies because they seemed incomplete, in a spiritual
sense to his own. He then compared these other philosophies to
his own by comparing a child to a man in saying that the child
was incapable of perceiving truth as a man was. The puzzling
thing to me was how he would continually refer to these child-
related concoctions to validate his own manhood when proving a
point. A point which had existed somewhere along his inexact
cipher of 360° which comprised about a portion of said truth
diagnosed in his own 120° circle and treated it as if was
complete. Which was more like 40°+40°+40° (Culture cipher x
This search for truth is not an easy one. For a long this path
lay many pitfalls and distractions. And pupils, regardless of who
their tutor is (then again maybe not), if they never come to a
realization of seeing outside the box, truth in its purest essence
will escape them as it has equally done their tutor. This
syndrome (because it is a sickness) that all or most of the
political and philosophical ideologies that exist that being
multifaceted manifestations of the truth, but that only particular
groups of people are in possession of them, sounds so much like
official Jewry (things of re relating to the Jews) that if I weren’t
careful, even I would have went for the banana in the tailpipe
The origin of it is simple to understand or overstand for
that matter. You see, in beginning a course of instruction where
the tutor or teacher has no means of knowing at first
appearance to what extent a pupil is informed upon a particular
subject of study, what some teachers have done is they have
assumed that the pupil knows nothing of the subject being
taught. This is true because as memory forever rewinds and plays
back instances in which pupils were not taught the truth, it is
deploring to hear pupils often misteaching what their teachers
have mistaught them. By assuming that these pupils are in a
state of ignorance already those same teachers omit instructions
dealing with rudimentary or elementary matters which they
think is common knowledge only to find out later that they
assumption of the pupil being in a know-nothing state, may have
come from neglect that was shown to the teacher by one before
him who hadn’t fully contemplated just exactly how deep it was,
and still is, that the rabbit hole of truth actually flowed.
By omitting and negating what is necessary, the
tutor/teacher may as well not even equip the young soldier for
battle, not to mention warriorhood. Because there is a difference
between being a soldier and soldiering and being a warrior and
warring, it’s a difference. Soldiers have ranks and a hierarchy
where as though warriors have none. And soldiering for soldiers…
well, in a sense, makes them look as though they’re working or
putting in work when in actuality, they’re not doing anything at
all. But warring for warriors…this is where battle scars come
from. The soldier has none where the warrior is covered with
them. And I don’t mean just physical ones, but mental ones too.
Prisons aren’t always made out of brick and stone, for it is
the mind of some that gets imprisoned while soldiering. As I look
around I see soldiers and warriors too, some willing to stick to a
rigid and concretized version of what reality is perceived to be,
and some who aren’t willing to just accept the traditions of the
tutors/teachers as truth without any investigation. By not
challenging the teacher some pupils will forever remain in a
subjective state, never being able to master themselves. I don’t
mean challenging the teacher in a disrespectful way, but by
conglomerating pieces of this vast puzzle and slowly trying and
putting together truth first and opinions second. When that’s
done, then questions need to be asked such as, “Why didn’t you
teach me thus and so, why didn’t you teach him thus and so,
why wasn’t she taught thus and so?” if answers like, “Because
you wouldn’t have understood,” are given, then most likely, it’s
because the truth was meant to be hidden and pupil was never
intended to know it in the first place!
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with not
knowing something, unless you don’t want to know. But if you
don’t know or have never known because you have not even
attempted to know… then your position as a teacher is suspect
and so is that of your pupil. And I’m not talking about knowing
from experiencing, because everyone doesn’t get to experience
things in life, but one can know the ledge of understanding if
they’ve been introduced to those in possession of wise domes. Not
all are in possession of these, for you know the tree by the fruit
that it bears.
However, yet and still, there are still with all of the
information that is available, misunderstandings still abound,
and why? Because there are individuals who possess opinions and
distortions of what the truth is. There are many here who fit the
description and some who do not. If you feel as though I’m
speaking to you, then you need to ask yourself to which party is
it that you belong to. In some circumstances, as is evident, people
misunderstand a sphere of intelligence that contains the same if
not higher degrees of wisdom than what their own foundation
consists of. Foundations. That’s deep, because a foundation,
regardless of what mixtures have been used to create what the
superstructure is to stand on, if it should come in contact with
water…especially a significant amount of it…it can be destroyed.
I say that to say this; my fluidity is maintained because of my
ability to exact truth, extract it if necessary, utilize it to the best
of my fullest potential, and move on if I need to. We all have this
ability, but do we use it?
In my years of learning, I’ve had many teachers from the
ancient and past times to the present. They’ve all been
scrutinized and some even expelled. Any lessons that were taught
to me have gotten its direct recognition from that particular
teacher and no other, although many borrow. With that in
mind, all I ask is that credit be given where credit is due because
plagiarism is in full effect, and has been since time immemorial.
The presence of the affiliations that I see here now doesn’t
find us all saying the same things, though the unity is in certain
respects both striking and impressive, it would be more toward
achieving the 12 Degree if all hands could be put to the same
plow for the same benefit.
And with that said, I want to ask you all something that a
Queen Mother asked me, “What is your spiritual philosophy?
Your life philosophy? Is it leading you to the places you want to
go? Is moving you through the challenges and obstacles you face?
Or is it one that was passed on to you? Is your philosophy
cresting the optimum conditions in your life? Your spiritual
philosophy is the way you approach life. It is the foundation upon
which you can stand at any time, without fear of falling or
failing (unless of course you should come across those how possess
that fluidity that I spoke of earlier). If your spiritual philosophy
leaves any room for fear, hate, pain or shame, it may be time
for a change.
And with that I say Peace…