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Prose & Universal Fire Out All Can P-Noy be publisher’s notes

Poetry Access via Commissioners Worse than

Convergence – Lualhati GMA? Noynoy to lose people’s
trust in one year
TOMORROW By LINGGOY ALCUAZ After the wang-wang fury
that made headlines and

Aquino Doing an Obama Noynoy should not depend too much on popularity
promises to make life better
for the ordinary Filipino,
many do not believe things
which evaporates as quickly as promises are not realized. EDITORIAL PAGE 4 will get better under P-Noy.

How can life be better

between 2010 and 2016? At
P15.00 one end, prices continue to
DIGITEK rise like the floods of Ondoy.
PUBLISHING At the other end, the buying
HOUSE capacity is being eroded by
declining dollar value. It’s like
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NOVEMBER 8 - 14, 2010 • Vol. I, No. 12 Have No Fear, OpinYon is Here
ISSN 2094-7372

Consumers Abandoned

By Karlo Gomez
“This is treachery,” said Dave Diwa, president of the National Labor Union and executive director of
Forum for Consumer’s Interest. Diwa is loudly echoing the growing consumer unrest and distrust
over the Energy Regulatory Commission’s (ERC) reckless handling of energy rate hikes, prompting
the public to challenge the agency with this eloquent question: Who is the ERC serving? “ turn to PAGE 3

NEWS The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand

Reyes petitions causing delay in transport group’s proclamation

By David Ricardo had already been disowned a petition before Comelec ng Supreme Court based on seeks to stop through a TRO
by the very party-list group to allow its third nominee a technicality. Ayaw niya na from the Supreme Court.
1-UTAK party-list group’s that he seeks to represent in Homero Mercado to be pro- sabihin sa kanyang petisyon San Mateo said PISTON
erstwhile first nominee An- Congress. claimed as its representative na na-disown na siya ng will continue to oppose
gelo Reyes is trying to pull a PISTON secretary general in Congress. 1-UTAK dahil magiging moot Reyes’s moves to foist himself
fast one on the Supreme Court George San Mateo, who filed The Comelec, however, had and academic yung petition as representative of 1-UTAK
in his petition for a temporary a disqualification case against reportedly ruled that it would niya for TRO dahil hindi na in Congress, despite having
restraining order (TRO) Reyes before the Comelec, said not decide on 1-UTAK’s peti- siya miyembro ng 1-UTAK,” been disowned by 1-UTAK.
against the Commission on that Reyes’s petition for TRO tion until the Supreme Court San Mateo told OpinYon. “Mayroon nga kaming
Elections (Comelec) en banc’s before the Supreme Court did had resolved the petition for San Mateo said PISTON kampanya laban sa mga
decision to disqualify him as a not refer to the fact that he TRO filed by Reyes, which is expects the Supreme Court to colorum pagkatapos hahayaan
nominee of winning party-list had already been disowned by resulting in the delay in the invite their group to send their naming maupo si Reyes na
group 1-UTAK. 1-UTAK. representation of the 1-UTAK comments on Reyes’s petition magiging biggest colorum
In his petition for TRO be- 1-UTAK, which won a party-list in Congress. for TRO because it is their transport leader dahil hindi
fore the Supreme Court, Reyes seat in Congress during the “Parang umaasa si Angelo group’s petition which the siya maituturing na kasapi sa
is silent over the fact that he May 2010 elections, had filed Reyes na mapagbibigyan siya Comelec granted that Reyes transport sector,” he said.

“The Forum for Consumer’s Interest is
determined to bring pledges to the Office of
the Ombudsman to hold people in the ERC
accountable for these unjust increases,” Diwa
From page 1 “The ERC is just a tool for greedy corporate
vampires raring to suck the life out of consum-
ers by imposing these diabolic excessive rates
The nagging question is pegged on whether
that is against the mandate of Electric Power
ERC remains a trustworthy agency that protects
Industry Reform Act (EPIRA),” he adds.
public interest or another graft-ridden agency
Lualhati likewise supported Diwa’s stance,
serving the interest of the rich and powerful.
saying “Congress has to be jolted into the real-
Looking at the plethora of unjust increases
ization that ERC has fallen short of its mandate
by the Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) that has
under EPIRA. As a result, profits of utilities have
enslaved its captive customers in the last four
soared, rates are sky-high, and captive customers
years with a total of 51.9 billion overcharge, it

Passengers to shoulder
are bereft of any hope and all legal recourse.”
appears there is hardly any credibility left in
This reality stays: Whether abolishing the
the regulating body. This growing clamor of
ERC or sacking its commissioners an option

Customs employees’ OT
the consumer groups who have been relent-
to make fundamental changes and end this
lessly fighting the giants of monopoly in the
vicious cycle of greed in both the government
power sector has been their battle for the ages
and the private sector.
but without complete success.
It is not surprising that energy consumer By Vic Bert Sia not containing “adequate
advocates like Pete Ilagan, president of the Na- guidelines or limitations”.
tional Association of Electricity Consumers for
Reforms (Nasecore) and Narco Lualhati have Bracing for another Filipinos who want to seek
gold outside the country
Section 3506 states that
“custom officials may be
called for an ERC revamp and sacking of all its
four commissioners. round of endless must have gold first – this is
what the Bureau of Customs
assigned by a collector to
do overtime work at rates

power rate hikes

(BOC) seems to evangelize. fixed by the Commissioner
Mass actions With the towering amount of Customs when the ser-
Lualhati has appealed for mass action to of money to spend by the vice rendered is to be paid
dramatize the growing concern to bring justice OFWs like placement fees, for by importers, shippers,
to the captive customers of the monopolies. He Consumers should be wary about the plan of necessary (and unnecessary) or other persons served.”
said, “consumers are against excesses by utili- the well-heeled Pangilinan Group to jack up
its controlling stake in publicly listed Meralco, medical exams, bribes for the The court also nullified
ties, and indignant at the failure and inability the power industry’s crown jewel, from 41 to a recruitment agency, among two administrative orders
of the ERC to discharge its mandate and duty whopping 46 percent. others, an average Pinoy from BOC, pursuant to Sec-
as a fair and even-handed regulator.” That would mean another round of unpopu- will do anything just to pay tion 3506, due to its exces-
ERC has sworn to promote and protect lar rate hikes since the group would certainly for it and fly to a desert king- sive delegation of legislative
consumer interests pass on to the hapless consumers the costs of dom or an aging nation to power. CAO 7-92, which
The nagging question in terms of quality,
reliability, and rea-
its equity investments in Meralco. Unless the
Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) steps in,
provide food on their tables. defined how much the
Unfortunately, the OFWs’ Customs employees will re-
is pegged on whether sonable pricing of a the group’s intent is as good as already a done financial woes won’t seem to ceive for their overtime pay,
ERC remains a sustainable supply
of electricity. It also
But then the threshold question is: Isn’t it
end and have to add another travel allowance and meal
item on their to-pay list. allowance; and CAO 1-2005,
trustworthy agency commits itself to that ERC, supposed to protect the interests of
consumers under its legal mandate, is a rubber In an interview with which increased the amount
that protects public such values as fair-
ness, transparency,
stamp of big power companies? ERC has always Customs
Alvarez, pas-
of allowances they will re-
ceive for their overtime.
been quick in approving power rate increases,
interest or another integrity, excellence, but miserably slow in giving due course to sengers going out of the With the CA’s decision,
innovativeness, and
graft-ridden agency accountability. In
consumer complaints.
Just imagine the cost implications of the
country may possibly pay
the overtime salaries of Cus-
100 customs agents assigned
at different international
serving the interest of stark contrast, the
escalating power
Pangilinan group’s fresh round of share purchase toms employees assigned in airports were left in limbo as
from the power retailer. The additional stake
the rich and powerful. hikes are pushing could be worth as much as P11.46 billion based
the international airports.
Alvarez said they are pre-
their hard work and sleepless
nights will not be paid. It’s
people to poverty. on Meralco’s prevailing share price on the
Philippine bourse. That astronomical amount paring a memorandum of no surprise BOC employees
This downward spiral has exacerbated with
alone, excluding interest rates, would translate understanding between the will resort to other ways of
the ERC’s introduction of Performance Based
into skyrocketing of power rates. Ninoy Aquino International earning – as shown in the
Regulation (PBR), which gave leeway for Mer-
There was a time when the Philippines used Airport (NAIA), BOC and 2009 SWS and Asia Founda-
alco to increase its rates in epic proportions.
to have Asia’s second most expensive power Bureau of Immigration (BI) tion’s Survey on Corruption
In a published commentary, Dr. Prospero
supply next to that of Japan. Now, according wherein an additional $1.00 which ranked them among
De Vera of the National College of Public Ad- to consumer advocate Butch Junia, we have
ministration and Governance in the University or $2.00 will be collected the most corrupt.
already surpassed Japan, the reason why foreign from passengers going out However, in an earlier in-
of the Philippines said the adoption of the PBR investors continue to shy away from Manila.
by the ERC is beneficial to consumers because of the country. It will be terview with Teresita Roque,
Worth checking is whether the Pangilinan added to the terminal fee of Customs Head of Arrivals,
it compels power distributors and utilities to group has breached the 40 percent foreign
become customer-driven. He said the Guaran- equity ceiling in public utilities such as Meralco P750.00 on top of a travel tax the airlines, through the
teed Service Level system in the PBR will help as stipulated in the Philippine constitution. of P1,650.00 or it will be a Board of Airline Representa-
utilities reduce complaints and keep customers Filipinos must account for the remaining major- separate fee. tives, have committed to pay
satisfied. ity 60 percent. The BOC employees’ five months worth of unpaid
Manuel V. Pangilinan, also known in business overtime were unpaid since overtime pay. This is to make
PBR: A hated scheme circuit as “MVP,” has been widely known as July 2009 which led to refusal the BOC employees render
Today, none of the electricity consumers are the “point man” of the Jakarta-based Salim to work for more than eight overtime especially that the
Group, one of the Indonesian conglomerates. He hours. The unpaid overtime holiday season is just around
satisfied with the PBR scheme, especially with
wears so many hats in Salim-linked companies, pay was a result of a ruling the corner.
the increases becoming more frequent and including that of a chief executive officer and
exorbitant. Adding to their mounting disap- last year in which the Court If promulgated, this addi-
managing director of Hong Kong-listed First
pointment is the agency’s lack of independence Pacific Co. Ltd., Salim group’s flagship. of Appeals (CA) allowed the tional cost will affect 1,422,586
and political will to impose refunds and curtail Whether or not investment banker MVP, airlines not to pay the over- OFWs who may have paid an
overcharges. whose massive expansion forays range from time of the BOC personnels. average of P20,000 to P30,000
telecoms and tollways to ports, media and other In the decision, it nul- just to fly out of the country.
cost-intensive projects, is a dummy of foreign lified Section 3506 of the Aspiring OFWs may have to
interests is a nagging corporate issue that raises Tariff and Customs Code of sell more carabaos or worse
more questions than answers. the Philippines (TCCP) for their pet goats.

2 N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 OpinYon
The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand
Obama’s loss Fire out all
and pinoy woes commissioners – Lualhati
The US midterm elections may seem such Mang Naro Lualhati minced no words in his rate base (RORB) to enable the
utility to operate viably XXX The
a foreign event to many Filipinos but, in angry call for a top-to-bottom revamp of the rate-setting methodology so ad-
reality, what has just transpired will impact Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). opted and applied must ensure a
reasonable price of electricity.”
Guesting in Herman T.
very negatively on the Philippines. Laurel’s Politics Today on
“If ERC only did its duty,
we will not have these high
The pro-Big Business Global News Network (GNN), rates,” Mang Naro lamented in
Republicans are going to domi- Mang Naro, the 89 year-old Mentong Laurel’s program.
nate Congress, with Democrats consumer crusader, said ERC is Inexplicably, he said, ERC
in the Senate whittled down to the most graft-ridden agency in even ordered Meralco to increase
a minimal lead. government, worse even than its rates by 25%, which is not
The first repercussions are the Bureau of Customs and the
on the American people them- CONSUMERS Bureau of Internal Revenue, CROSSINGS only a violation of its mandate,
but a crime against the people.
selves, with health care reforms
aimed at reducing Big Business DEMAND! considered by many as the true
cradle of corruption. Butch L. Junia For a production cost of P0.50
pkwh, Meralco charges P1.50
control and profiteering, and In Mang Naro’s view, the
broadening coverage for the
Mentong Laurel “evil” coming out of both Bu- establish a strong and purely
pkwh, for a profit of P1.00 pkwh,
Mang Naro complained.
hitherto alienated citizens (and reaus is transactional, or in his independent regulatory body The problem, it is now clear
immigrants), taking a severe expensive. This, as the US words:”Not constant”. In the and system to ensure consumer to Mang Naro, is in the Com-
hit. In aspects such as financial increasingly pressures both case of what he describes as the protection XXX “. missioners, not necessarily the
and economic restructuring, as China to revalue its yuan and collusion of ERC and Meralco In Mang Naro’s book, none Commission itself, and the
well as foreign misadventures, Philippines to import more of that he says resulted in unjust, of these state policies avowed in solution is to fire all of them.
we will see greater aggressive- its products. Moreover, any excessive and illegal rates, the EPIRA has been kept by ERC. To that we give our whole-
ness as the US exerts greater compensatory benefits from public suffers every minute, Under Sec. 23 of EPIRA, “A hearted endorsement, as we had
currency and trade pressure the strengthening peso, such every day, whether awake or distribution utility shall have in fact asked for the abolition of
on all countries. We will see as cheaper oil imports, will be sleeping. the obligation to supply elec- ERC itself in a previous column.
Republicans even accelerate the negated by the price-gouging “If ERC only did its duty, we tricity in the least cost manner Will it be the Joint Congres-
collusion of the ERC, will not have high rates, or irra- to the captive market, subject sional Power Commission to
The US has now Meralco, and power
oligarchs, as well as the
tional price hikes,” Mang Naro
protested, as he also insisted
to the collection of a retail rate
duly approved by the ERC.”
do this?
Will it be Malacañang?
been on a multi- predatory oil deregula-
tion law.
that ERC should respect and
implement the Electric Power
Sec. 25 mandates ERC to
regulate rates “based on the
Or will it be the consumer
revolt Mentong Laurel has
year campaign to I hate to be pessi-
mistic, but haven’t gone
Industry Reform Act (EPIRA),
particularly ERC’s mandate to
principle of full recovery of pru-
dent and reasonable economic
called for?
Regardless of how it hap-
weaken its dollar in wrong with any of my
morose assessments of
enforce the obligation of utili-
ties like Meralco to supply elec-
costs incurred XXX”, further pens, it has to happen, for the
amplified in Sec. 43, Functions
hopes of reviving its RP’s socio-economic tricity in a least cost manner at of ERC, thus: “In the public
captive customers of Meralco
and other utilities and for Mang
manufacturing and conditions turning from
bad to worse after Edsa
non-discriminatory prices.
Republic Act 9136 or EPIRA
interest, establish and enforce
a methodology for setting
Naro, who has ignited the fire
in the consumers’ belly.
export sectors. II, and now with Aquino
III at the helm. There
is full of good intentions, es-
pecially for consumers. But the
transmission and distribution
wheeling rates and retail rates
For Mang Naro, it’s fire
them all!
will be no upturn in the road to hell, as they say, is paved for the captive market XXX The
US ’ foreign wars just to fuel its outlook without real change with good intentions, just more rates must be such as to allow the l Email
economic recovery. in the political-economic so in the case of EPIRA. recovery of just and reasonable for comments, suggestions and
The US has now been on a leadership of this country. The EPIRA’s declaration of policy costs and a reasonable return on concerns.
multi-year campaign to weaken age-old, traditional aristocrat- overflows with consumer con-
its dollar in hopes of reviving its
manufacturing and export sec-
oligarchic elite and its political
stooges in “civil society” NGOs
cern: “to ensure affordability of
the supply of electricity XXX to Republic Act 9136 or EPIRA is full
tors. Thus, its currency depre-
ciation moves are expected to
and think tanks must give
way to a new development
ensure transparent and reason-
able prices of electricity XXX to
of good intentions, especially for
peak even more rapidly under a
Republican-led Congress.
vanguard of lifelong advocates
in all sectors of society for a
ensure fair and non-discrimi-
natory treatment of public and
consumers. But the road to hell, as
As Aquino III’s financial revival of nationalist develop-
ment ideology and programs,
private sector entities XXX to they say, is paved with good intentions,
authorities, such as NEDA
and the BSP, alternate play enlightened by the social-
protect the public interest as it
is affected by the rates XXX to just more so in the case of EPIRA.
“dedma” or “patay malisya” to market system of such 21st

PPA to expand Port of Manila facilities

the currency woes by sucking Century models as Singapore,
up to the IMF-WB, together Malaysia, and even China.
with the global financial It is up to the Filipino
mafia, on keeping the “free people to learn from these
great world wisdoms that have By Rea Ann Santos The reclamation and port development project
float” of the peso, we can see will be executed under a Build-Operate-Transfer
disaster for our domestic in- gained genuine development
The goal of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) (BOT) scheme and that PPA had already formed
dustries, including the export, in the past decades and apply
to attract more investments and make way for a committee to create a strategic framework for
BPO, and OFW sectors. it to their political dialogues
bulk cargo by drawing up a plan to expand Ma- the Manila Harbor Development project.
All told, this will gravely and action.
nila’s port area raised questions whether this is While the said committee seeks to establish
shrink the domestic buying good for the economy in general and consumer guidelines and create additional space for host-
power of Filipino consumers, l Tune in to Sulo ng Pilipino,
in particular. ing facilities, PPA has not given figures on how
not to mention, depress the Monday, Wednesday, and Fri-
A reclaimed area of 200 hectares in the Port much the government or the private sector would
economy in general and make day, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on 1098AM;
Zone Delineation – an area under the PPA juris- spend for the project.
imported commodities (such watch Politics Today, Tuesday, 8
diction – is aimed at handling a range of dry and According to the PPA, the committee’s report
as rice) for this import-depen- p.m. to 9 p.m., with replay at 11
liquid bulk cargoes such as grains, minerals, and is expected to be completed before the end of the
dent economy of ours more p.m., on Global News Network
petroleum products. Turn to page 8

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OpinYon N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 3
EDITORIAL The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand

lines and promises to make life better for the

publisher’s notes ordinary Filipino, many do not believe things
By Ray Junia will get better under Pnoy. Neal Cruz, highly
respected opinion writer, aptly describes our
president as penoy, a rotten egg.

Noynoy to lose
How can life be better between 2010 and
2016? At one end, prices continue to rise like
the floods of Ondoy. At the other end, the

people’s trust
buying capacity is being eroded by declin-
ing dollar value. It’s like the Filipino being
squeezed between two rocks.

in one year Exports losing steam means lower dollar

revenues even as dollars flood the market with
multi-billion PPP investments and increasing
The palace by the Pasig river promises P-Noy remittances. The simple result is stronger
will not go the way of Barack Obama. I agree peso against the dollar and weakening of the
with Malacañang spin masters’ prognosis on purchasing power of the OFW families.
the future support of Filipinos for their presi- The students are shouting protest over
dent. diversion of budget to dole outs. The advocacy
The American president lost the American groups believing that funds of the government
trust after two years. That will not happen to will be put to better use are shouting treachery
P-Noy. The Philippine president will lose the over the increase in pork barrel funds.
trust of his countrymen in one year if he has Power rates are increasing like nobody is
not lost it already. in control to protect the consumers. Prices
Surveys even by groups known to be pro- are increasing like money is going out of style
yellow say the popularity of the President has tomorrow.
slipped several notches and continue to go What do you think will come next? As my
down after three months in office. favorite gossip would always say: abangan ang

Aquino doing an Obama? After the wang-wang fury that made head- susunod na kabanata.

Universal access via

The political debacle suffered by US President Barack
Obama’s Democratic Party in their just-concluded
elections proved one thing – that popularity, no mat-
ter how high and mighty, is bound to taper off.
That exactly is the bitter lesson Obama now ago-
nizes over his tragic loss of face to American voters
who, only two years ago, catapulted him to the high-
complete convergence the youth.
Universal access is the buzz word in the Unavoidably, it is also a
est public office on his much-adulated promise of
hope and change. international development circles today. show about corporate social
In the language of the United Nations, responsibility (CSR), about
But, along a not-so-straight path, he fumbled, how corporations are getting
mumbled and tumbled, not much really of his own everything is measured in terms of access. involved in nation build-
undoing, but more on over-relying on his phalanx of Access to public services ing through their own CSR
advisers, certainly not God’s gifts to American poli- could of course be delivered programs. Along with that,
tics. without computers, but the it is also a show about public
advent of E-commerce has private partnership (PPP),
Here in the domestic front, one can’t resist but about how corporations are
draw focus on the faltering leadership of our own now made it possible to expand
access and to deliver ser- partnering with the govern-
home-brewed President Aquino who, like Obama, ment to build infrastructure
rode on unprecedented popularity ratings in the last
vices in faster and better ways.
Likewise, convergence is also BANTAY and to improve governance.
elections, unexpectedly thrusting him to the exalted another buzz word in the inter- GOBYERNO The government is sup-
posed to have a Medium Term
position of the presidency. national development circles.
This one has a double meaning, Ike Señeres Philippine Development Plan
However, a reality check shows otherwise. While (MTPDP) wherein all universal
referring to the convergence of
Malacañang, for some reasons of its own, abhors development inputs on one to Governance (Mondays), access issues are supposed to
comparing Aquino and Obama, yet unmistakeable hand, and the convergence of Learning (Tuesdays), Health be addressed. On top of that,
signs are highly palpable, pointing to a looming di- communications technologies (Wednesdays), Justice (Thurs- the government is committed
on the other hand. All told, the days), Business (Fridays), to the Millennium Develop-
saster in the cutthroat politics of governance. ment Goals (MDGs) which are
Typical of his devil-may-care cavalier attitude, objective is to bring together Banking (Saturdays) and
and join together the elements Services (Sundays) by way of also about universal access.
Aquino has until now been found wanting in exercis- that are now going their own complete convergence. The All told, the achievements
ing leadership over monetary policies, leaving them separate ways. show airs Mondays to Sundays of the MTPDP and the MDGs
instead to the free market advocates in the Central The ideal situation is to from 2PM to 3PM. plus the contributions of CSR
have a cause and effect rela- Universal Access to Services and PPP programs are sup-
Bank. As president, he’s expected to be hands-on in posed to increase universal
resolving the crucial issues hounding the economy. tionship. The achievement of on Sundays includes discus-
complete convergence should sions about community (shel- access on the overall, but that
Where before only the exporters and overseas be the cause of having uni- ter), mobility (transportation), could only happen if we as a
Filipinos aired gripes against the peso’s unabated versal access, the latter being connectivity (communication), nation could achieve complete
uptick vis-à-vis the US dollar, now the concerns had the effect. Needless to say, energy (electricity) and ecology convergence as a whole. We
there could never be universal (environment). The discus- are doing our part in C3 and
spread to other critical sectors of the economy such UNAX, we invite you to do
as the employment and US dollar-generating busi- access not unless there is com- sions about ecology include
plete convergence. access to water, a big issue your part in convergence with
ness process outsourcing companies. Complete convergence is in the United Nations. Up us.
How Aquino’s Liberal Party loyalists are treat- the purpose of the Corinthian to today, many homes in the Go for Complete Conver-
ing the P1.6 trillion national budget as if it were a Coffee Club (C3), a mixed Philippines do not even have gence! Tune in to Universal
group of Filipinos and foreign- sanitary toilets, and water is Access 2pm to 3pm Monday
largesse to reward themselves with the spoils of to Sunday in DZRJ 810 khz or
political war is another disturbing source of embar- ers who meet every Friday at more expensive in poor areas
the Dodge Room of the Elks where the supply is scarce. log on to
rassment. Club, located at the seventh One way or the other, the rj-radio/
Prudence dictates that Aquino should avoid floor of the Corinthian Plaza show is about nation building
Obama’s mistakes and he can’t depend for long on along Paseo de Roxas in or national development as it is l Watch KA IKING LIVE!
popularity as the centerpiece of his administration. Makati City. alternatively called. For practi- Saturdays 8 pm to 9 pm in
Universal Access (UNAX) cal reasons however, the show Global News Network (GNN),
Sooner than later, it will evaporate just like a bubble
is the name of the radio pro- is also about E-commerce, Channel 21 in Destiny Cable.
and his lofty dreams of a better life for his country- gram that is co-produced by about how universal access Email
men will inevitably go down the drain. C3 and DZRJ. The purpose could be achieved using any or text +639293605140 for
of the radio program is to electronic means, a subject local cable listings. Visit www.
advocate for universal access that is close to the hearts of


Publisher Managing Editor News Editor
Published and printed by Digitek Publishing
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4 N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 OpinYon
The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand
Time flies, Public and private
remember death partnership in health
Last November 1 and 2, many of us Thank God, the move from the old PCSO and private corporations) would
then be encouraged to provide
trooped to the cemeteries, columbaria and office in the Quezon Institute Compound support for the administrative
memorial parks, or just stayed in chapels to costs of running these centers
to our new office in PICC is almost done. as their program for corporate
remember our departed loved ones. Now I can be at peace with social responsibility.
the thought that all of us, officers Truth to tell, governance is re-
The All Saint’s Day and ally a process that should involve
All Soul’s Day are days for and staff of PCSO, are no longer
in danger of being caught in a the participation of both the
family members to reunite government and the governed.
building collapse while at work.
as some of their family There have been issues raised This is a theory that President
members still come from
far away places just to visit
about the welfare of employees, Care Aquino is now making real in his

the tomb of their beloved VIS-MIN particularly the concerns about

having to commute to a farther
to share new administration. After all,
the problems of the nation are
ones. CONNECTION location, cost of meals, etc.
Margie P. Juico
so enormous, and it would need
the cooperation of everyone to
Weighing all options, it was ob-
•••••• Nestor L. Abrematea vious that the safety of everyone achieve the solutions.
The Church reminds us was more important, including medicines, no medical equip- By the way, NADESCOM will
that we celebrate November their names were already the hundreds of people who ment, and no personnel at all. also help in fixing the facilities
1 as the feast of All Saints, in heaven as he had blessed come to PCSO every day, seek- It did not take me a flash of a of the Ospital ng Maynila where
or all Christians that have the envelopes. ing help. For my part, it was a second to realize that the “prob- PCSO’s Satellite Charity Clinic
died, but they are already in hard decision too, because I now lem” of NADESCOM is actually will be. It is a convenient loca-
heaven. Some of our saints •••••• have to commute for more than an opportunity for PCSO to add tion that is accessible to every-
In one parish, one Monsi- an hour from where I live. more external locations or satellite one. They will likewise help in
are not popular as they
It is providential, and a good clinics for the purpose of reaching providing water wells in places
have no specific date to gnor asked if I believed in
sign that a blessing came to out to more people in need on one where there are none.
celebrate, so we celebrate souls. And I replied that Next time, I will talk about
and honor them only on yes because  personally I PCSO on the first day that we hand, and in order to decongest
moved to our new office. One the work load of the Charity Clinic the milk feeding program that I
November 1. had my own experience am planning for PCSO, as a way
when my father died in our of my first visitors was Maj. Gen. and the Fund Allocation Depart-
Carlos Holganza, Commander of ment (FAD) at the main office on of helping solve the child malnu-
•••••• hometown, I was shocked trition problem on one hand, and
the National Development Sup- the other hand.
November 2 is the day to that I saw him on that hour also as a way of helping revive
port Command (NADESCOM), As agreed with the NA-
remember the souls of our inside our residence which who came with his Deputy Com- the local dairy industry on the
DESCOM officers, PCSO will take
departed ones, or those in was 25 kilometers far from mander, Col. Rodolfo Santiago. the lead in calling upon the private other hand.
purgatory. According to a his death place. I don’t NADESCOM is now known as sector organizations to support the
priest, we need to pray for know what it meant, but for the “non-military” arm of the operations and maintenance of the l Margie Juico is Chairman of the
our departed ones as their me it was a mystery. AFP, being the command tasked health centers after they are built. PCSO. She was formerly the Ap-
souls are not yet cleansed. with nation building by way of This is a very good idea, because pointments Secretary of President
So we have to pray for them •••••• civic action projects. it is an actual implementation of Corazon C. Aquino
every November 2 so that A whole family of my Maj. Gen. Holganza presented the public and private
they may enter the doors of
relatives in Manila had to
go home to Leyte after
to me a simple proposition, but
its simplicity almost floored me,
strategy as espoused
(PPP) Truth to tell, governance
Many of our passenger
their grandfather person-
ally appeared to his favorite
because it was exactly what I
have been looking for, or should
by President Noynoy
is really a process that
buses, airlines and fast
crafts were loaded with
grandson on the time of
his grandfather’s death.
I say what I was wishing for since
I took over as PCSO Chairman.
has built the health
should involve the
passengers as they have to Their grandfather died in He said that NADESCOM will
be building health centers in re-
centers and
PCSO has brought in
after participation of both
go home to their hometown
just to be with their
Leyte but on that day and
hour he appeared to his mote and depressed areas of the
country, but they have nothing
the medical equipment the government and the
relatives or family members
on these days.
family members in Manila.
His family members were to put inside these centers, no
and medicines, the
private sector (NGO’s governed.
astonished to know of what

Judicial logjam stalls anti-illegal

•••••• had happened.
During these two days,
these activities make us ••••••

recruitment program
a very religious people, In a local radio station,
as we have to pray for my colleagues featured
the eternal repose of our some stories about what
departed ones, or we hire they called “kababalaghan”
others “para pamatbat after they interviewed some Perhaps, the arrest of an illegal recruiter be dismissed. And knowing that
the the usual concern of com-
(prayer leader in Waray) or persons who encountered by operatives of the Task Force Against plainants are only to get their
manalabtan (in Cebuano some mysterious incidents money back, few cases for illegal
dialect), to offer prayers for related to their dead loved Illegal Recruitment (TFAIR) headed by recruitment would prosper as
our dead. ones. Police Sr. Superitendent Gilbert Sosa suspects would be quicker in
trying to make a settlement with
•••••• •••••• last Nov. 4, 2010 is a classic complainants before prosecutors
There are so many ways of I still remember our old example of the problems that can even make their recommen-
remembering the dead. If favorite priest in the besiege the country’s anti illegal dation for the formal filing of a
you are a religious person, seminary recalling that recruitment program because case against an illegal recruiter.
of the slow prosecution of sus- And in instances where a deter-
you have to get envelopes
from the parish office or
when he officiated the
blessing of a beautiful pected illegal recruiters. The mined complainant would pursue
have them “responso”. mansion in the Paranaque The entrapment operation, Migrant a case against an illegal recruiter,
These are common in the
provinces, but of course,
City years back, he told
the owner that his P50
although planned out on short
notice only, after four victims Worker the snail paced hearing of illegal re-
cruitment cases, which sometimes
of the alleged illegal recruiter could take years, could make even
you have to donate some million beautiful mansion,
sought TFAIR’s help, was laid JayCee a persistent complainant give up.
amount to the parish office. had a big problem. When out perfectly and implemented Maybe it is about time to
asked what the problem smoothly. After all, the TFAIR put more teeth on our anti il-
by enforcers of the country’s anti
•••••• was, the priest said to the operatives were already familiar illegal recruitment program. legal recruitment laws. With the
In one memorial chapel, a owner that their door was with the suspect as they had I can only share with Sosa’s implentation of RA 10022 or the
boy asked his father why the big problem of their already arrested the same person concern, as no matter how many amended Migrant Workers Act,
the family name of the mansion, because it was before on the same offense of il- arrests are made on suspected we hope to have these added teeth
departed ones were being on that door that he will legal recruitment. illegal recruiters, but if no con- to finally stop this illegal trade.
mentioned while in some also get out. I wondered Sosa was surprised to learn victions are undertaken because However, on the part of the
churches it’s only the first what that meant. that she was out with her illegal of the snail paced prosecution of judiciary, we hope our good
names of the dead that are trade again as they turned her suspects, all efforts to curb this and reliable Justice Secretary
mentioned by the priest. •••••• over to Baguio authorities for illegal trade will only be put to De Lima can do something to
While in some parishes, All of these are mysteries, prosecution during her first arrest. waste. facilitate faster resolution of il-
the priest just blesses the even our existence in this The complainants at that time No wonder I have heard a lot legal recruitment cases.
envelopes containing the world. All of us have to were from Baguio. of people involved in this illegal The OFWs are one of the
names of the souls or the go whether we are rich or The only probable explanations trade, whether the free lance il- country’s major economic pillars.
departed ones. poor, old or young if it is for the illegal recruiter’s freedom at legal recruiters or POEA licensed The billions of US dolars they
already our time. In fact, in that time were either, a settlement recruitment agencies, boasting remit to the country each year
•••••• our Knights of Columbus was made between the complain- that everything in the overseas have provided jobs, food and
fraternity, we have this ants and the suspect while her manpower placement industry is shelter to the Filipino nation. It is
While in another parish,
case was pending in court, or the all about money. “Pera pera lang about time for our Government
I remember a priest who popular motto of “tempus
complainants may have lost inter- yan” for short. to pay back their sacrifices and
gathered all the envelopes fugit, mememto mori” or est in the case after a long wait Indeed, “pera pera lang ta- good deeds by at least, enhanc-
bearing the names of the “time flies, remember for a decision. According to Sosa, ing their protection from greedy
laga yan”. With no complainant,
dead and burned them, for death.” this is one of the problems faced a case for illegal recruitment will and heartless illegal recruiters.

OpinYon N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 5
FEATURES The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand

Is it real?
I am no “Ghost Writer” nor have I a
Something Borrowed
The act of illegitimate copying has taken on great copyright-based economy.
A thriving music, arts and
penchant for the things of the sort, many forms –from unauthorized downloading literary community can gener-
to photocopying to piracy to plagiarism. ate employment (publishing,
maybe because I am a Psychologist by music and film industries create
Whereas before, only fake both blue and white collar jobs),
profession and have had behavioral compact discs and optical increase export capacity and
studies as my proficiency. media are seized and destroyed, leverage for trade negotiations,
today we are now seizing and and is a unique selling point of
We have learned the con- destroying counterfeit bags, the Filipino people. One of the
nectivity between unusual photocopied books, fake drugs, states dependent on its creative
circumstances and the real pirated hardware and software industries is the United States,
world. Explaining the cor-
relation between the two ap-
and even pirated cable TV sig-
nals. These incidents relay not REGISTERED wherein copyright accounts for
6.44% of gross domestic product
parently became a debatable
issue for sometime. Many BEYOND only the increase in the gov-
Atty. Sara Jane A. Suguitan (GDP) and employed 5.6 million
prominent researchers on the REALITY ernment’s efforts in promoting
respect for intellectual property
workers in 2007 (4.05% of U.S.
workers) in 2007.
incidence of some “Paranor- act, which may be made only
mal Activities” have failed Cez Mandi Ong rights, but also the increase in
scope of infringing activities. by the author or through his
In today’s emerging border-
less and digitized world, a bal-
in their quest for the right The law recognizes three authorization. Performers and anced copyright enforcement
answer as to where, why and I woke up late that morning. species of property, namely broadcasters also have copy- agenda is called for, bearing
how they evolved. Are they The three ladies who occupied immovable property (land, right. in mind that we as a creative
for real? the other three beds in my buildings, etc.), movable prop- Copyright is a bundle of people are also constantly
When I was a student room interrogated me. They erty and intangible or intel- rights accorded to the author under attack by imitators
at Silliman University in were half awake when I went lectual property. The third kind – from his moral right to claim within or with out.
Dumaguete City, I was no ex- up to the room with the man is special in as much as it is a authorship (right to paternity) Next week, we will discuss
ception to the old town myth to fix the fan. It surprised me product of the mind like a song, and object against any distor- how copyright is obtained,
and tales of the unknown. I when they ask, if I was sleep a poem, a brand or an inven- tions (right to integrity of work) how authors and creators must
very well recalled on my first walking and talking at night? tion. Intellectual property has a of his work, to his commercial invariably work from old ma-
day at the Nurses Home (one ”My answer of course was NO. lifecycle; once released into the right to license, assign, sell and terials and fashion them into
of the ladies dorms in the The three of them exploded public, it advances humanity’s even disown his work. something new, and when is
university), the lady cleaner with laughter. I narrated the interests and thereafter, lapses Mars Ravelo, for example, copying considered allowable.
of the dorm who happened whole incident and the three into the public domain, free for enjoys the right to publish his
to attend the same church of them wrapped their arms everyone’s adoption. stories and comic strips, the l Atty. Suguitan is an election
as me. The first caution she around and said, I send them Intellectual property right right to license its film adapta- lawyer and intellectual property
told me was never to loiter in goose bumps. They told me, in itself takes on many forms, tion, and the right to sell action rights specialist. Email sara.
the hallway premises or the how could that be? This dorm foremost of which are copy- figures based on the characters
surrounding fences at unholy is a ladies dorm and no way right for literary and artistic in his comic nov-
hours. I asked, “why is that?”, would a man be a resident works, trademarks for business els, among other
her reply was just “basta lang!
“, in Visayan vernacular, that
utility man of the area or will brands and names, and patents rights. Copyright is a bundle of
be allowed to stay up late in
means “just so” in English, the ladies dorm premises. That
for scientific inventions.
This specie of property is
It is worth men-
tioning that in 1858, rights accorded to the
simplified as just so you do
not come across unexpected
means I had a ghost encounter
last night? They all 3 nodded
viewed under our Constitution Victor Hugo (author, author – from his moral
as a limited monopoly over the Les Miserables)
circumstances to scare you. I and said, “Sorry, we were not profitability of one’s intangible headed a Congress right to claim authorship
find that statement challeng-
ing. I come from Cotabato,
able to warn you”. What was
even surprising was, when I
work. The monopoly is limited
for a specific period of time in
of Authors and
Artists, which gave
and object against any
Who scares who?? I find the
story of voodoo tales rather
look around the hallway old
photographs of year 1908
order to make the work avail- birth to the Berne distortions of his work, to
tempting and curious. It was were photos of earlier settlers
able to the public for further
creation and innovation.
Convention in 1886.
We, as a creative his commercial right to
like a Nancy Drew mystery
story series about to unfold
in the campus who help built
the foundations of the nurses
The expression “copyright” and ingenious
people, have the
license, assign, sell and
– literally, the right to make
before my eyes and I couldn’t
help but find out and uncover
home, I saw in one of them copies of a work – refers to an capacity to be a even disown his work.
the picture of the old man
the truth behind the scare who fixed the fan that night. I

Give P-Noy time to date?

fever. would just want to think that
Being in a dorm for the first what happened that night
time, I couldn’t just sleep, and then was just a dream. The
the air from the ceiling fan presence of the uncalled for
was even more torturing be- helper ghost is a puzzle, but
cause of its screeching sound. whatever that was, I know for
On the broadsheets was a report on Balsy leader to guide us, what then?
When you are heartbroken, can
I completely forgot the story myself that it was real. Aquino Cruz requesting Filipinos to be you function well? Ah wait, yes
of the day. I opened the door This is my first ghost en- there are those who are macho,
to peep in the hallway to see counter. I will tell you more in sensitive to her brother allowing him and believe man is an island…
if an attendant could help me
out in the tightening of what-
the next issues. But for now, I room to date women …”he is a bachelor”. Is he? I find it strange that dat-
wish to invite readers to write ing is even a consideration for
ever screw was on the loose me their paranormal encoun- In big corporations, CEOs are someone of his stature, who
to calm down the irritating ters and will reply to them as screened and scrutinized before has now become the leader of
sound. And since its 2’ o’clock soon as I can. This is just the they are given the responsibil- our democracy. Is there room
in the morning, what did I beginning of many tales about ity of management and in most for romance in our economy?
expect? So I started to look the unknown. Conclude for cases with preference to married Is there sense of love in the
around the mess hall for some
pliers, when all of a sudden an
yourself, are these real??? men with families. Why is this
so? No one wants a heartbroken TALK fight against corruption? We
old man appeared and asked l Ms. Ong writes about CEO. Do you remember your TO HARRY can only imagine heart break,
introducing sensitivities of
me what I was doing? Politely paranormal phenomena first heartache… having fallen lonesomeness living in an
I told him my concern. In one exclusively for OpinYon in love and the world turns rosy Harry Tambuatco environment of emptiness…
of the drawers he pulled out a yet simultaneously susceptible you try living in the palace
screw driver and went straight to darkness? We read of suicides is probably the most exciting with guards and paparazzi
up to my room and brought a and murders that are love driven. time of anyone’s life, but let’s broadcasting your every move.
wooden ladder to reach the Surely you remember what be real, this is at most a fantasy, But what the heck, you decided
ceiling. I couldn’t thank him drove you to marriage, if only to and unless you find a hobby or to be our President. And now
enough. After a few minutes I appease the situation, marriage work you can immerse yourself your sister asks we allow you
went to bed and slept. being an option out of the mis- into, life can get boring, and time for love, and what? Allow
ery one feels when abandoned. yes even when it happens to vulnerability? With the country
What I am trying to say is we are be attended with financial at stake? You tell me.
all vulnerable. Love is a power success. Sports, yes a perfect The popularity that the
so strong few, very few can get alternative. Music, if only you President enjoys in media is a
a handle on. It can drive you are gifted. Art, if you have the saving grace. To be President
crazy and do stupid things; It eye for it. Money, well this can and single has to be a challenge.
can turn you irrational at times be dangerous… who was it that He has three loving sisters, but
and yes, inconsequent too. This we iconized as a kleptomaniac these sisters of his likewise have
does not mean married men no in the 70’s? husbands and children to boot
longer fall in love either and go So what to do with a bachelor? (well maybe not all). How long
“goo gaga” but at the very least Yes, let us please give him the in the next six years are we to
they are grounded. Grounded space… after all we Filipino’s are wait in case he is driven by love
with family and children and romantic and love the thought of to anxiety. The heart knows no
responsibilities. This is the people in love. We also enjoy a boundaries.
reason we mandate CEOs to good cry (as to why? you tell me).
be married before we allow But what if our president gets l Mr. Tambuatco is Channel
them to rule. To find new love heartbroken and at the moment Director of the Global News
and to meet one’s soul mate of crisis wherein we need the Network

6 N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 OpinYon
The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand
From a distance
I have been to Paris four times. I have been off?” I looked at the garish yel-
low sign identifying the island
to London the same number of times, but I and replied “No thanks.”
have never trod the Eiffel Tower, the London Too often, visitors come
upon distracting graffiti and
Bridge or the Big Ben sites. Ever! discarded plastic wrappers in
And, I have NO intention venerated architectural won-
of doing so. ders. For example, I detested
I think these architectural walking though the legendary
wonders should be appreciated, Banaue Rice Terraces and
yes, but from a distance. I do finding litter on its trails.
not know the lyrics of the song I hated the rusty galvanized
but they should include the sen- roofs that now protect natives
timents that sometimes things
are to be appreciated ...from a
ETAL from the elements. I appreci-
ate instead the grass that once
covered their huts.
Behn Cervantes

distance, with objectivity.
Imagine my shock when I also do not appreciate
my friends and I chanced the modern T-shirts with
upon Stonehenge during However, i love surprising smart aleck sayings worn by
sunset. It was eerily glori- friends like Maris Diokno contemporary native youth. I
ous. It was beautiful! You with the delicate designs of think the more colorful native
understand why ancient Brits the Woolworth Building, a attire would have been far
made it a religious site. With truly under-rated attraction of more photogenic for both in-

opens its doors to that glorious thought in my

mind, I was astounded when
someone warned me about
Lower Manhattan. Actually,
its many fine details i connect
to the ‘poor, little rich girl’
ternational and local tourists.
We traveled so far for such
color and authenticity, after

Filipino food lovers stepping on human feces. In

the Stonehenge shrine?! It
was the doing of some crack-
traits of owner and heiress
Barbara Hutton.
Fortunately, it isn’t as ‘tour-
all. In a near-by hut, I heard
American music while a
neighbor had a Manila noon-
pot who wanted to destroy the isty’ as the Empire, Chrysler, time show. These were aurally
By Rea Ann Santos and visually wrong indeed.
spiritual ambience. Indeed, or the World Trade Buildings
some gang mate of that idiot so lesser visitors cross its Proximity does breed con-
It’s difficult to find a restaurant that simultaneously tempt.
appeals to multiple tastes, moods, and dining ambiances. also peed among the stones so facade although the building
Luckily, there’s a solution to your dinning dilemma. I smelled urine. has a number of architectural
What a bummer! attractions. In fact, at some l Mr. Cervantes is a cultural
Tres, a newly-opened Spanish Filipino cuisine restau- activist-stage-film-television
rant at The Block, SM North Edsa can satisfy just about I would have preferred re- point, it was the tallest sky-
membering it from a distance. scraper in Manhattan. actor-director-playwright-
any dinning need. columnist, founder of the UP
Tres caters to customers who love classic Filipino dishes This feeling of disgust I loved both St. Mark’s Ca-
strengthened my position that thedral and the Eiffel Tower… Repertory Company and
but give premium to flavor, fresh ingredients, and big inveterate traveler
servings as it provides the city, an ultimate experience in certain sites are better from from a distance. They make
upscale casual dining. a distance. The Empire State architectural sense.
Distance allows a
It offers irresistible Filipino main courses with a
resourceful blend of Spanish flavors which families and
and Chrysler Buildings I have
appreciated, yes from a dis- viewer to fill in what- Distance allows a viewer
group of friends will surely enjoy.
A cozy ambiance, minimalist-themed interiors and
tance. When a visiting friend
suggested we go to the top
ever blanks with his or
her own expectations. to fill in whatever
the known Filipino hospitality were tailored fit for the
customers’ desire for perfection.
of the erstwhile Twin World
Trade Center, I suggested he
After all, proximity
breeds contempt.
blanks with his or her
“The Tres menu list is made up of well studied, tested, do it alone confessing that in
the six years i lived in the New
This morning
while island-hopping
own expectations. After
and prepared dishes which are all Filipino and Spanish
cuisines,” said one of the chefs who masterminded the York area I had never become Alaminos’ 100 Islands,
the boatman asked me
all, proximity breeds
‘familiar’ with the now gone
menu list.
The Tres team took more than six months to perfect buildings. “Do you want to get contempt.
the taste of each dish using only the highest quality

Winning art contest in Vietnam

ingredients that offer finest freshness and taste.
Enjoy the Filipino mouthwatering specials such as
Lechon Kawali, Binagoongan, and Bicol Express. Main
course selection also includes Valencian rice, and Paella.
Satisfy your craving as you choose from three kinds of I am truly proud of going to Vietnam. There is primary selection
Kare-Kare: Crispy Kare-Kare, Regular Kare-Kare, and
Seafood Kare-Kare, all perfected to make food lovers First, it is my first time to travel outside of works done by various film-
makers in the region rigorously
happy. the Philippines. chosen by experts in the field
Be sure to order the scrumptious Sinigang na Lechon,
an exclusive Tres main dish. Second, Vietnam is such a from Vietnam and jurors inside
“You will surely be delighted with Tres’ unusual historical country with so much and outside ASEAN. 
presentation and the remarkable taste of Kalkag rice,” common features with our past In the final stretch, Pusan
said Faye Sy, customer. Kalkag rice originated from the and present experiences. International Film Festival
Visayas region; it is deep fried and is presented with dried Third, winning in art con- programmer Cho, Pock-rey
and veteran Vietnamese direc-
Alamang topped with Sinigang.
For dessert, Banana Cinnamon Toast and Ube Turon
test in Vietnam is something
I treasure especially in times THE NET tor Bui Dinh Hac, considered
with langka sauce is definitely a must-try. like these when global com- [National Entertainment Today] People’s Artist are the two lu-
munication is enormous that minaries who choose the bests
Aside from the wide selection of dishes, Tres offers
it cuts barriers, cultural and
Boy Villasanta from among the finalists.
reasonable price that both students and professionals can
afford for daily consumption. otherwise. “Dumagat” is given a con-
Visit Tres at the Ground Floor of The Block at SM North Nobody believes me when The contest aims to foster solation prize and for me, this
Edsa. For inquiries, you may reach Tres at 352-7032. I tell them this is my first ever cooperation and unity among is a win already.
trip abroad when everyone in ASEAN nations by showing Imagine, I pit against giants
show biz has been all over the good traits of their people. in the broadcast media around
globe. My show biz documen- Asia like Indonesia, Singapore,
Yes, my initial invasion of tary film, “Dumagat,” subtitled Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos,
the world is nice and easy. “Dumagats, Aborigines of the Myanmar and even Malaysia
The Ministry of Informa- Philippines, Nomads of South- but I notice there are no repre-
tion and Communication of east Asia” gets the nod of the sentatives from Thailand and
the People’s Republic of China jury as one of the twenty two Brunei Darussalam in the race. 
sends me round-trip tickets entries which merit the final Most of them are group
to Hanoi, Vietnam because I round judgment in the video efforts except perhaps for Ma-
am one of the finalists in the docu category. laysia which I suppose is also a
Festival of Photos, Documen- “Dumagat” is a concise, private endeavor.
tary Films and Reportage on precise and brief delineation of These contestants, all of
the Countries and People of the cultural rights of Dumagats, them, anyway (based on the
ASEAN, Vietnam 2010. the indigenous people in Infanta clips shown on screen), are
It is the 1000th year of Viet- and General Nakar, Quezon, to supported by state-of-the-art
nam and its people celebrate its assert their fundamental beings technology of their respective
creation and all sorts of festivi- and citizens of the world through origin but “Dumagat” is a per-
ties come and gravitate around their community theater and sonal crack in the competition.
the idea. other aesthetics.  I only have ideas and coop-
It is the 17th ASEAN Sum- According to the Festival erative subjects, a handy cam
mit and Vietnam hosts it as Organizing Board, there are and editing machines provided
the country also takes pride in seventy entries, mostly sent by friends, gratis et amore.
being member of the regional either by individual or group This honor I offer to our
group for 15 years. authors, which qualify for the fellowmen.

OpinYon N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 7
POLITICS The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand

Back to the future Can P-Noy be

worse than GMA?
Earlier this year, President Benigno C.
Aquino’s administration was taken to
task for suggesting that we add two more
years to basic education. P-Noy Slams Small Newspaper’ is a front be Gay: and 3) that if in the
past, whether true or false,
I applaud President
page story of our eleventh OpinYon issue. many believed that Erap had a
Midnight Cabinet, P-Noy must
Aquino’s propensity for It made our Publisher happy. have some sort of a Happy
involving himself in debates
It’s a good feeling when you Hour Cabinet Execom.
which demand partisanship To my surprise, the first is
aren’t even a hundred days old
and eschew impartiality, and and yet you can make P-Noy taken as a given. In the same
I believe President Aquino
is correct to cast his eye on BLOG that uncomfortable. It’s such an manner, Executive Secretary
effecting educational reform. IN PRINT achievement that the Tribune,
an Opposition Broadsheet is YESTERDAY, Paquito “Jojo” Ochoa is per-
ceived to be the high govern-
But I believe he should set
John-D Borra disputing our claim. They be- TODAY & ment official being referred to
his sights higher. Rather than
try to effect reforms in basic
lieve that P-Noy was referring
to them. P-Noy explained that
TOMORROW by blind items as the drunkard
and womanizer.
education, perhaps President into thinking that perhaps what he meant was “maliit dahil Linggoy Alcuaz The second, that P-Noy may
Aquino should look into our country’s institutions of kakaunti lang ang nagbabasa”. be gay was not disputed by
effecting reforms in higher higher learning, which use Well, if that is the case, the any of the dozen individuals I
education. the liberal arts as the foun- Tribune may have the honor around town last week, we floated it to. In fact at an Alcuaz
As a people, we subscribe to dation of their curriculum, of being the newspaper being realized that something ter- Family Gathering were I tried
the notion that a college edu- should focus on more useful, referred to. rible had happened to P-Noy. not to discuss politics because
cation is necessary for success. practical instruction. Out of our eleven past col- His supporters were terribly my two kuyas were more avid
All over the country, hard- However, revolutionary umns, the first two were about demoralized. His sympathizers P-Noy supporters then me, it
working parents continually educator Karl Fisch once the history of the immediate were paralyzed. I was shocked was a relative who said that
admonish their children “The observed “We are currently past year and supportive of to realize that unless paid by in a recent trip to the USA, a
only thing we can bequeath is preparing students for jobs P-Noy. The next seven were P-Noy or the Government, Fil-Am commented that our
that don’t yet exist, using critical in ascending order. This people would not stand up President seems to be queer.
a good education.” But what
technologies that haven’t turn towards the negative was to P-Noy critics and debate A Psychologist present at the
if a college education in the
triggered by the August 23 on the merits of P-Noy or his lunch then commented that
Philippines wasn’t necessary been invented yet, in order
Luneta Hostage Tragedy. The administration. I even experi- that was precisely what I had
for success? Even worse, what to solve problems we don’t
second to the last column was enced this with one of the most been explaining to her in pri-
if a college education in the even know are problems yet. vate. I was then shocked when
about having a Calamity Signal rabid Aquino supporters, Billy
Philippines didn’t prepare you ” By the time we’ve prepared # ½. This is a very positive topic “The Chair Wrecker” Esposo. nobody disputed my theory.
for success? a student for a particular task for P-Noy. The best he has on Before, he would quarrel with The third, that P-Noy must
by providing a specific set the level of perception is his me and even bully me if I have a Happy Hour Mini Cabi-
If financial stability of skills to meet a definite
goal, that student has been
handling of Typhoon situa-
tions. In his first week in office,
disagreed with him. The last
time we talked over the phone,
net, will be the subject of future
investigations. Now, you know
were the sole educated into obsolescence.
In his book The Idea of
he replaced PAGASA Director
Frisco Nilo. Last month, when
I had to tell him that I had
given up positively supporting
where you heard it first.
Before we close, we will
measure of success, a University, Cardinal John Typhoon Juan visited Northern P-Noy after August 23. He did answer our question that is
Henry Newman suggested the Title of this piece. P-Noy
then certainly that “the intellect, instead of
Luzon, P-Noy and his Admin-
istration were given high marks
not slam the phone, He meekly
said goodbye and gave up the can’t possibly be worse than
the many young being formed or sacrificed to
some particular or accidental
by Media and Public Opinion.
Our last column was about
Tickled and emboldened by
GMA. However, are pinoys
who are ‘mas galit sa mayabang
Filipinos who are purpose, some specific trade
or profession, or study of
the Lady (Ghost) of Balete
Drive. For this issue, we had
the realization that P-Noy’s
once big and proud army was
kaysa magnanakaw’. And that is
what this Administration is – a
employed as call science” should be encour- hoped to write about another
lady, an OFW, whom we had
no more. We embarked on a
daring experiment. We floated
conglomeration of arrogance
that pays lip service to the idea
center agents may aged to explore life in all its
richness, both in part and as a small role in rescuing from three perceptions: 1) that cor- that the people are the Boss.
With that, may I say that I m a
Kuwait, We had hoped to get ruption is worse at the Bureau
be considered a whole, keeping in mind that
while everything is connected into the habit of not criticizing of Customs under P-Noy than Corry Yellow that is now Sorry
successful. somehow, it is man’s beautiful
burden to nurture the creative
P-Noy. However, as we went GMA; 2) that P-Noy may Yellow!

If financial stability were

the sole measure of success,
chaos that teems just below
the surface and produce some-
thing worthwhile.
P-Noy and the legacy of subservience
then certainly the many
Cardinal Newman might
Some Pinoys think that the working visit universally agreed principles
young Filipinos who are of international law, including
employed as call center have written these words of President Aquino III in the US was the United Nations Convention
agents may be considered more than a century ago, but on the Law of the Sea (UN-
successful. Certainly, many he could easily have been
successful for he brought the bacon (and CLOS) and other international
well-meaning citizens who describing this wonderful, the hotdog?) home. maritime law, and the peaceful
express a sincere concern for vibrant, fast-paced, increas- settlement of disputes.” A
We are referring to the $434- White House version released
the welfare of the less fortu- ingly connected world that million Millennium Challenge
nate point to the booming we live in today. Perhaps to the same day notably added the
Corporation “grant” that will phrase “including in the South
business p rocess outsourc- prepare for jobs that don’t be spread out in five years
ing (BPO) industry as a boon exist, to use technologies China Sea”.
which is around $87 million Such interference of Wash-
to many struggling Filipino that haven’t been invented per year that will reportedly WHISTLE ington in the South China Sea
families. Furthermore, one
need not finish college to
yet, and to solve problems we
don’t know will be problems
fight poverty and corruption,
and some alleged other pledges
BLOWER is not and will always be a threat
to Beijing as the encirclement of
be employed as a call center yet, we don’t have to be too for investments. Erick San Juan China (and possibly including
agent. One merely needs forward thinking. Maybe all One sector in our society Russia and North Korea ) build
some facility with spoken we have to do is look back. that is not happy with the up through the help of Uncle
English. The undeniable outcome of the President’s trip situation during his visit as Sam’s allies. P-Noy just has to
financial success that many l Mr. Borra is a blogger who is the Catholic Church particu- the coordinator of the second follow orders from a perceived
Filipinos have achieved in the now brings his wit and wisdom larly on the issue of using con- ASEAN-US summit that he master. So, in the end, what the
BPO industry might tempt us to the print media. traceptives to curb the growing was not able to bring the VFA Palace said about P-Noy as not
population. P-Noy stressed that matter up. Or the situation was an American lapdog seems to
it should be the couple’s choice just right for the RP President be a lie? Will P-Noy continue
PPA to expand in the end as to what method of
family planning that they will
to discuss the issue because
the ASEAN leaders, especially
the legacy of subservience that
From page 3 might put this country into
use. But the hype on the birth the claimants on the group of a battleground for the next
year and will serve as a take-off point for future development control issue persisted as word islands in the South China Sea regional conflict?
efforts. war continues. The Palace , tackled the peace and security   Unfortunately, Pinoys are
Although ports in Manila have been the preferred shipping defended P-Noy saying that he in the region, being taken for a ride in all
point of companies, it is safe to say that the government should is just being consistent on his The joint US-ASEAN state- the propaganda (and lies) that
also open the doors of ports located in provincial areas not only stand on the matter since the ment came after a luncheon confronts our nation today
to prevent decongestion and seaborne traffic in the North Harbor election campaign. between US President Barack which are actually non-issue.
but also to avoid unnecessary government spending. Unfortunately, the one Obama and leaders of ASEAN We must be vigilant at all times
This is because the country, as an archipelago, ideally important concern that P-Noy member states on the sidelines because intended or not, the
needs to have a number of active ports in different regions to must be constant in his posi- of the United Nations’ General inverted Philippine flag at the
open more opportunities in trade in provinces. Also, decen- tion is the issue on the Visit- Assembly meeting in New York, UN General Assembly could
tralization is one of the solutions to be able to cater to more ing Forces Agreement (VFA) which stated - “We reaffirmed be ominous as to where our
investors. which he did not mention in the importance of regional country will be if this leader-
By allowing shippers to move out of Manila to areas such his US visit to President Barack peace and stability, maritime ship will continue “that legacy”
as Batangas Port and Subic Bay, the country can further ac- Obama or even to US Secretary security, unimpeded com- that might bring us all to a war
commodate the needs of investors who have signified interest of State Hillary Clinton. Maybe merce, freedom of navigation, that we never choose.
in trade and tourism. P-Noy was in a very tight in accordance with relevant

8 N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 OpinYon
The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand
Pilipinas Verde Prose and poetry
on the move A political campaign – especially of
the sort that is powered by overriding
ing and precedent-setting In-
ternet-driven campaigning and
pioneering online fund-raising
There can never be enough messages of hope and soaring oratory of two years ago has given way
to the crushing repudiation of
environment preservation efforts to of change – is based, it is said, on poetry the so-called Obama agenda –
sustain our ecosystem for generations and the seduction of language.
particularly on universal health
care and the aggressive intro-
to come. The Rotary Club of Makati But governing or running duction of a multi-billion dollar
economic stimulus package in
San Antonio knows this only too well. – if not reforming – a bureau-
the wake of a global financial
cracy and taking painful policy
That is why it has become initiatives towards political and meltdown -- by millions who
such a believer in greening economic reform is prose and see it as a menacing expansion
efforts that it has launched hard-nosed rhetoric. Nowhere of government. The shift from
its very own environment
program called Pilipinas
is this more clearly highlighted
than in Barack Obama’s Amer-
FREE the lofty poetry of the 2008
campaign to the predominant
Verde. Pilipinas Verde is a ica – in 2008 and in 2010. CORNER nasty prose and blisteringly
program for the enrichment,
rehabilitation and develop- GREEN Obama’s phenomenal rise Dr. Neric Acosta
negative attacks of 2010 could
not be starker. The Tea Party
ment of the environment. ROTARY to the presidency of the most
powerful nation on earth was became increasingly shrill by
Still in its very early stage gerously polarized mid-term calling Obama “socialist,” with
of conception, it already has Chaie Reforma the stuff of legend. Born to a
elections, Obama and his shockingly large segments
white mother from Kansas and
three major thrusts which a black father from Nigeria, Democratic Party-controlled of the movement spreading
are being pursued through word about Natural Farming and raised in part in Indonesia, Congress took a rather severe the insidious, if preposterous,
critical programs that address by conducting educational growing up in the diversity of beating. Voters directly affected claim that he is Muslim and not
the growing need for greater seminars that promote the Hawaii, and settling in and be- by the economic downturn and even American by birth.
awareness and affirmative concept of working with coming a politician in Chicago, frustrated with the slow pace What is instructive in all
action in the fight against natural energies rather than Obama was the quintessential of a recovery sliced his party’s this is the age-old truth in
environmental degradation. trying to subdue nature. In embodiment of an increasingly majority by over 60 seats in the politics: that nothing is ever
The first project under the brief, what natural farm- multicultural America, and his 435-member House of Repre- immutable, that the vagaries
Pilipinas Verde banner is the ing does is to make use of narrative of beating the odds sentatives and almost tipped of the political realm leave
Puno Pilipinas tree planting beneficial microorganisms and inspiring a whole genera- the balance in the Senate to the much to luck, chance, fate and
program. Aligned with the in bringing the soil and the tion of young voters captivated Republican side of the political destiny – despite all efforts at
United Nations Environment environment back to its the imagination of the world. divide. The game-changer in careful planning and attempts
Development Program, it original form without the That was two years ago – this redrawn arena is the so- at controlling the flow of events.
aims to contribute to the Bil- need for insecticide or fun- when the melodious strains of called Tea Party, a movement Any unforeseen occurrence or
lion Trees campaign. A thou- gicide.  While this approach campaign ‘poetry’ dominated a on the farther right of the con- happenstance can well be the
sand trees are earmarked for may yield more benefits for national campaign, emanating servative Republican Party that monkey wrench thrown at some
2010 and the aim is to grow small farms rather than big from a lanky young senator has spewed incendiary anti- of the best-designed or most-
agricultural businesses, it from Illinois who told a mes- Obama rhetoric and energized strategically placed political
If the world has is -- we believe -- the best
approach so far to a truly
merized public “yes we can!” millions with a radicalized Turn to page 11
a nt i-Wa sh i ng ton
become littered sustainable living.
The stirring speeches he gave
with garbage, Third, we have the One
Bag Down program that
from state to state were the
sort reminiscent of the iconic All told, it is a What is instructive in all
then the most aims to help in reducing
American leaders like John
Kennedy and Martin Luther
pendulum swing
yet again for the this is the age-old truth
logical starting waste especially in tourist
sites where there is a ten-
King. And in an unlikely span
of two years, armies of young
world’s most cel-
ebrated democracy, in politics: that nothing is
point is to pick dency for garbage to pile up
due to high traffic. Cleaning
volunteers and ordinary Amer- the much-touted ever immutable, that the
“shining beacon
them up and up the world may seem like
icans marched to his music,
transforming like never before on a hill” for many vagaries of the political
do some real a daunting task, especially if
we consider how much mess
the landscape of American
electoral politics.
other nations in the
developing world. realm leave much to luck,
cleaning. everyone has made through
many, many years.  Big,
This week, in similarly
passionate and even more dan-
The heady victory of
grassroots organiz- chance, fate and destiny.
this number twofold in the elaborate rebuilding plans
next three (3) years. Five lo- are needed -- and everything

PPP: Is it good or bad?

cations have been identified needs to be put into action. 
for reforestation and these We must not forget, however,
are: the La Mesa Watershed the very basic task: if the world
Nature Preserve, Timberland has become littered with
Heights in Montalban Rizal, garbage, then the most logical
the Trece Martires commu- starting point is to pick them By Rea Ann Santos over P3Billion from its inability
nity, the Family Haven Farm up and do some real cleaning.  to collect higher toll fees. The
in Tanauan, Batangas and It may sound like a dirty job, President Aquino aims to government regulatory body
the Buso-buso farm in Anti- but somebody’s got to do it. build airports, seaports, major has not contested these figures
polo. This program has been These programs are the highways, power plants and giving impression that these
enjoying popular support basic starting points of our other big ticket infrastructure numbers are correct.
among theclub members and effort to carry out a legacy projects by mobilizing private The SLEX developer will
their families who always that instills a deep respect for funds as he promises to push collect toll fees for thirty years,
participate in the tree plant- the environment as the only up economic development in drawing protests from opposi-
ing activities. source of sustenance in this the country in the next ten tors who claim the announced
The second program is world. Our natural human years. cost is fantastic and the invest-
the Natural Farming Semi- instinct is to protect rather The President fondly calls ment recovery is like allowing
nar series. It aims to raise than to destroy and every one this PPP. But the President the developer to win the lotto
awareness and appreciation of us has the responsibility is not explaining how these everyday for the next thirty
for using natural methods in to harness the environment investors will be paid back for years.
farming or even just planting for its many benefits without they will definitely be paid Worst comes to worse, if
simple vegetation in one’s destroying it so that future back several times over their the BOT project won’t generate
own backyard. We become generations may also reap its investments. enough revenue to settle the
instruments in spreading the blessings. We have had lessons on debt and went instead into the
President Aquino deep pockets of the officials-
BOT and always the ordinary
Filipinos picks the tab in paying in-charge, who chose to pur-
the principal invested and the risks. Most of the funding will chase inefficient machineries
interests and profits that more come from international banks and equipment. The WASET
than quadruple the principal. and foreign companies and the research added that “private
Implementing BOT projects risks may come from fluctua- sector companies are given
are very risky. In a research tions in currency due to volatile the opportunity to build and
by World Academy of Science, exchange rates or if the interest operate the facility but the
Engineering and Technology rate of the loan will increase as role of the host government
(WASET) it said that risks in a time pass by. Not to mention, in supporting BOT privatized
BOT project is “is solitary and the sovereignty of the Philip- projects determines its success
different but somehow always pines will be a big question if a or failure.”
related to the phases in a project lot of foreign investors will flock If the PPP will take the path
namely: initiation, implemen- to finance a greedy toll way. of the SLEX expansion project,
tation and operational phase.” One lesson is the South the over P100Billion PNOY is
In the research, WASET said Luzon Expressway expansion. inviting to build big ticket proj-
that BOT projects have three The developer claims it has ects will not bring economic
major risks – Financial risks, spent over P11Billion. Also progress but economic difficul-
Political risks and Technical it claims to have already lost ties to the ordinary Filipino.

OpinYon N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 9
JUSTICE The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand

What’s wrong with

the contractualization
How the Supreme Court
of labor? 2 became powerful
In the beginning of the US Constitution, the as not to displease President
Labor sector representatives and pro- Jefferson who would certainly
Supreme Court did not exercise the power of not honor the court’s writ, at the
labor advocates have asserted that
“judicial review” as a matter of practice. same time giving the court the
“contractualization of labor” is illegal power of “judicial review” now
It only interpreted the con- that Jefferson was pleased by its
per se principally because it violates the stitution, and did not declare declaration of unconstitutional-
“security of tenure” of workers, a right any law passed by Congress or ity) and therefore dismissed
any act of the President as un- Marbury’s petition.
granted by the Labor Code and guaranteed constitutional, until 1803 when Since then, any citizen can
by the Constitution. the case of Marbury v. Madison
came before it for decision. THE LEGAL petition our courts to declare
It cannot be denied that
contractualization prevents
When we were students SIDE any act of the President, or
any law passed by congress, as
in the College of Law some unconstitutional and therefore
the regularization of employ- thirty years ago, we remember Atty. George Briones void. Through the Constitution
ment, “regular employees” Marbury for its ringing words
being the most protected therefore a citizen can control
about the “rule of law”. If you about? In 1800, Republican the government. This is as
among the various kinds of needed to cite a case about the
employees, in terms of length THE supremacy of the constitution,
Thomas Jefferson defeated Fed-
eralist John Adams, and before
it should be. This is instead
of the members of the court
of tenure. Since the Constitu-
tion mandates the State to MINESWEEPER of a government of laws and
not of men, then you went to
Adams left office he attempted doing the controlling because
to appoint 16 new circuit judges of their own philosophy in life,
give full protection to labor, Apollo X.C.S. Sangalang Marbury. and 42 new justices
they call for the strict enforce- But now, thirty years after,
ment of the Labor Code which
considers every worker to be (DOLE) merely echoed this you look at Marbury as a su-
of the peace, who
were Federalists. If you needed to cite a
a “regular employee” when- well-established doctrine in preme master stroke of Chief
Justice Marshall to give the
As Adams left and case about the supremacy
the recent PAL dispute. Jefferson arrived,
ever he “has been engaged to
perform activities which are Current policy on contrac- court the exercise of the power Marbury did not of the constitution, of a
of “judicial review” enabling it to
usually necessary or desirable tualization is summed up in
DOLE Department Order No. declare any act of the executive
receive his com-
mission, although it
government of laws and
in the usual business or trade
of the employer”, regardless of 18-02, which was issued on department, or any law passed
by congress, as unconstitutional
was already signed not of men, then you went
what his employment contract
states. Greatly alarmed by the
February 21, 2002. As it was
culled from the Labor Code and therefore void.
by President Adams
and confirmed by to Marbury.
and earlier jurisprudence This power of “judicial the Senate. Jeffer-
increasing number and ratio review” by the Supreme Court
of contractual employees vis- promulgated by the Supreme son, the new President, refused their own friends, or plainly
Court, it has stood the test of in the Philippine setting made to issue one to Marbury. because of their own personal
a-vis regular employees, they the court take on Congress in
have filed bills in Congress time; and up to now, has not As a result, Marbury sued agenda. In the end, the power
yet been declared as unconsti- the impeachment of Ombuds- the Secretary of State to deliver of the Supreme Court comes
to declare illegal, or at least man Merceditas Gutierrez;
prohibit or severely restrict, tutional. In fact, the Supreme to him his commission directly not from the Constitution,
Court has frequently cited it in President Noynoy Aquino in before the Supreme Court based but from the morality of their
contractual employment. the case of Executive Order No.
The crusade against adjudicating subsequent cases on the Judiciary Act of 1789. decisions. Therefore, their
on the subject. 1 on midnight appointments; Chief Justice Marshall first ruled power comes from their moral
government policies allow- and lately, the academe more
ing management to hire DO 18-02 declares that “con- that President Jefferson should authority over us.
tracting and subcontracting particularly the 37 professors have issued Marbury’s commis- (May I cite Michael G.
arrangements are expressly of the UP College of Law as sion (to show the independence Trachtman, The Supremes’
While we sympathize allowed by law and are an offshoot of the “plagiarism” of the court), but then ruled that Greatest Hits, Sterling, 2009,
case against one of the mem-
with the plight of the subject to regulation for the
promotion of employment bers of the court.
the Judiciary Act was unconsti-
tutional and therefore void (so
as my research material for
this article.)
affected PAL workers, and the observance of the How did Marbury come
right of workers to just and
we should remember
that business-owners
have the option to
humane conditions of work,
security of tenure, self-
organization, and collective
bargaining.” Contracting
We must decongest Metro Manila
We live like ants in Metro Manila. Like provinces even if they chose
either hire employees and subcontracting are
defined as “an arrangement ants, we go on a never-ending circle of not to move out of Metro
or outsource their whereby a principal agrees
to put out or farm out with a movements leading to nowhere.
Manila. More private schools,
hospitals, manufacturing
work requirements to contractor or subcontractor We build more LRTs and
plants, and thousands of small
and medium-range industries
independent contractors. the performance or comple-
tion of a specific job, work or
MRTs in Metro Manila to
lighten up the traffic mess. Yet,
will burgeon in the provinces.
service within a definite or Thousands of steady jobs
contractual labor is not new. yearly, we introduce thousands will be created. Workers will
Even prior to the advent of predetermined period, regard- more of buses and jeepneys,
less of whether such job, work live in decent homes unlike
globalization and the business trucks and cars, motorcycles those living in rat-hole apart-
process outsourcing phenom- or service is to be performed and tricycles to ply our narrow BEYOND ments and boarding rooms in
enon, contractualization has
already been a major issue in
or completed within or outside
the premises of the principal.”
streets. We do not create new
streets nor expand existing
IMAGES Metro Manila.
This is one project we must
Philippine industrial relations. Note that there is no prohibi- ones. We have created a perfect Atty. Leonard de Vera
tion, limitation, or enumeration focus on. This is one necessity
It was brought again to the recipe for traffic chaos. that will and can justify the
limelight due to the decision regarding the “specific job, Let us appeal to common
work or service” which may be grant of emergency powers, if
of Philippine Airlines (PAL) to sense. If we create a good The air in Metro Manila will need be, to fast-track the com-
outsource its core functions, farmed out. Thus, it follows that railroad (train) system that will be less polluted with smoke
that even core functions may be pletion of an efficient railroad
letting go of around 2,600 of ferry hundreds of thousands and fumes. More factories system. Emergency powers are
its regular employees in the contracted out. of people who work in Metro will move out to the nearby
However, shifting from needed to address the stultify-
process. Manila but live in the nearby provinces where the cost of ing effects of the squatters and
While we sympathize with regular work arrangement provinces of Laguna, Cavite purchased or rented land and
to contractual labor is easier political blackmails of some
the plight of the affected PAL and Batangas in the South, labor are not as prohibitive as politicians.
workers, we should remember said than done. DO 18-02 and in Bulacan, Pampanga, that of Metro Manila.
contains very strict guidelines Point to any prosperous
that business-owners have the and Nueva Ecija in the North, More lives will be saved as country in the world, in Asia,
option to either hire employ- that protect both regular and imagine how this will greatly ambulances and private vehicles
contractual employees from America, Europe and Africa, and
ees or outsource their work decongest the population of rushing emergency patients to you will not find one wealthy
requirements to independent abusive practices. Any violation Metro Manila. the hospitals are able to reach
can result in the regularization country that does not have an
contractors. This is purely Not only will it lessen the the emergency rooms on time. efficient railroad system.
management prerogative. No of contractual employees. Thus, overpopulation of the more There will be less crimes of
rather than bark at a legitimate Let us wake up from our
less than the Supreme Court than 12 million people of road-rage brought about by the catatonic stupor engendered
has upheld the right of employ- exercise of management pre- Metro Manila residents who maddening effect of an insane
rogative, pro-labor advocates by lack of imagination. Let us
ers to farm out jobs to external live in poor and unhealthy and traffic monstrosity. A mon- be thinking men. Not like ants
service providers. There is no could do better by scrutinizing cramped-up conditions, it will strous traffic creates monsters
PAL’s faithful compliance with in perpetual motion constantly
law which requires business- lessen the volume of vehicles out of some desperate drivers. searching for food. Man not
owners to delegate work only the law. entering Metro Manila. Private businesses and pub- only searches for food but
to employees. Even activities l Atty. Pol is the Managing A good train system will lic services of the government needs a decent home, working
which are “usually necessary Partner of Parungao, Sangalang make daily commute possible need not move out of Metro in productive jobs, in an orderly
or desirable in the usual busi- & Gapasin, Lawyers, 2180 from these nearby provinces. Manila. But the availability of and peaceful society. This is
ness or trade of the employer”, Chino Roces Ave., Makati City, The delivery of food, veg- an efficient public transporta- what makes us- Human.
or jobs ordinarily performed Tel. 892-1442; former Executive etables, goods, products of tion system like that offered
by regular employees, may be Director, NLRC; graduate, U.P. all kinds can be done in the by the railroad will encourage l Atty. De Vera is a trial lawyer.
outsourced. The Department College of Law. Email: apol- most orderly manner thru the these businesses and services He is Chairman of the Equal
of Labor and Employment] railroad system. to open more branches in the Justice for All Movement (E-Just)

10 N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 OpinYon
The Only Opinion Paper, We Take a Stand
Grace for the dead
and the living Tweet nothings
Don’t puke when I add to the hellish hate by a highly placed government
servant using informal or even
If heaven is true, perhaps equality between that almost exploded the net against Ms. street jargon such as ‘sucks’ re-
the sinners and the saints will always come, Carmen ‘Mai’ Mislang’s tweets against flects this levity and parochial-
ism in performing public oriented
for salvation is due to the good that we do; the the Vietnamese government and people, jobs for a republic of 87 million.
merits that heaven affirmed and the acceptance Government service does not
especially their ‘wines and roses’. come automatically after a two
of a savior as the basis of divine credits. or three day orientation seminar
Of course, there is a reason
However, truth is relatively for any Filipino to harbor nega- in the hills of Tagaytay! It should
determined in our earthly life. tive thoughts against Vietnam come as a disposition.
Remembering the souls and ever since the latter became Even in the corporate world,
the saints, the believers cannot the measuring rod of aggres- the young professionals are
escape the realities of grief. overtaking the veterans with
sive development among the
Grieving persons for example
could be dying or sick. MOVING lagging Asian countries, where
the Philippines seems to come
WATER FROM their masters degree from
branded economic institutions
The dying sick person needs
assurance as to his place in the
FORWARD poorly from behind Vietnam THE ROCK and technical expertise in
itself. Ms. Mislang may have highway communications of
Kingdom of God. In this case,
Albert Banico felt bitter about such comparis- Larry Faraon OP charts and projections, with
the support of the community only one major lapse---they
may help. In fact, it helps to son—as if to ask, ‘what’s the big
deal about Vietnam anyway! habitues, it is rather the overall don’t blow the horn when
unburden the family on how of God. Their circumstances
Anyway, I have written work attitude and disposition passing thru and in the process
God loves them through the make their life difficult if not
some speeches for somebody of the employees themselves. runover the older guns in the
presence of those who empa- already killing them: they must
‘great’ and his first rule was Of course, it is not the first time company. They are driven but
thize. It assures not only the hear the Good News and the
temporal worldly tomorrow, hope of a better life. that I should be in the shadows that I heard that radical change they are young and flippant.
but also it can bring home the The living refers to the or at least anonymous in order and reform shall
feeling, through the group grieving persons, who are to protect his integrity as
author of whatever he spews
ensue with P-Noy’s
assumption to the
Government service does
effort and prayers, that peace
and the power of grace and
not necessarily sick, weak or
abandoned, but who equally in public. I really don’t know presidency because not come automatically
salvation is with us. Psycho-
logically it works as a support
need help, spiritual inspiration
and social motivations in the
about the defining rules on
the professional relationship
he is young and
idealistic, and so his after a two or three day
system both for the living and
the dying.
Church and society. In 1987,
Joel Charon said that the poor
between a speech writer and
client, but logic dictates one
choice of similar co-
worker s---you ng orientation seminar in the
The living dead refers to the
isolated, abandoned, desper-
in all societies are powerless to
control their economic destiny,
practical rule of thumb namely,
the speech writer should turn
and forward look-
ing. But as history
hills of Tagaytay! It should
ate and alienated individuals
who are not necessarily sick
they are dependent on others
for survival, and they have
into a ‘ghost’.
But this latest palace gaffe
goes, youth never
was always an es-
come as a disposition.
but also suffering from their almost no impact on the direc- further convinces anybody that sential part of the equation for The young pros in the
complicated social helpless- tion of the economic and politi- the Palace is being run by a radical or revolutionary reform- Aquino government should
ness. These are people who cal order. Observation agreed ‘student council’. It may not be --neither is it a requirement. inculturate themselves into the
are often forgotten by society that social structure for people really the ‘unprofessionalism’ As it seems, there is that deeper recesses of government
and unnoticed by ministers is simply an inevitable pattern so characteristic of the youth atmosphere of informality, service where such levity and
and deprived of pastoral care. and their characteristics are or the ‘first timer’ syndrome levity and parochialism in the parochialism have no place.
They may be children with almost always unequal. such as breaches of etiquette management of the affairs of In short, the government is no
or without parents, begging, Likewise, society cannot or the seemingly on-the-job government. The imprudence place for ‘student councils’ or
working or playing innocently be equal due to many factors training approach of the new of postings in social networks OJT’s.
or deliberately in the streets, such as personal attributes and
the unemployed or the aged, social connections. Indeed, we

Shame them 2
the unfortunate, the exploited, need less or if possible not cor-
the weak, the confused and the rupt and incompetent political
taken for granted soul insiders, and religious institutions. They
outsiders or visitors of every should provide and create an
churches. environment where inequality
They too are invited to and wider gaps between social
salvation and supposedly stratification can be lessened or This is the antidote to corruption. bribes just to make sure his
favorite presidential candidate
welcome to any church com-
munity regardless of their
ideally eradicated in the case of
death or hopefully while people
When the law proves itself prone to would win. He just had to flee
the country, not so much as
dress and ethnicity as part of are still living. manipulation to conceal a crime, a shame out of fear of being convicted in
our duty. That is, if we believe For our society cannot
that we belong to the people remain unjust forever. campaign serves as a pillar at which the a court of law as out of dread
of being damned in the court
criminal is scourged in public, where he of public opinion.
Prose & poetry takes on his cross of humiliation. And who would ever want
to be that other bureaucrat who
From page 9 Public shaming is a punish- was exposed giving bribes,
or media-communication plans. ment worse than death. Where to derail the impeachment of
Some circles foresee that in the country, the Aquino admin- honor is held as the noblest a constitutional officer? He
istration, catapulted on a wave of people power, might face a of virtues, a miscreant would was daily fodder for media to
similar predicament in the near future – how very high expec- rather commit an act of self- crucify. He has since flown the
tations for change and reform could go the way of widespread destruction than live a life of coop, unable to summon the
dissatisfaction or disillusionment. The President, we gather, ostracism. strength to explain away his
knows this all too well – and will have to take close heed of No one would want to get
how best to walk the tightrope on this most unpredictable caught giving a bribe, or ac- ZAPROS wrongdoing.
The passage of time has
and volatile of human activity. Taking careful notice --- and cepting a bribe. Who would not dulled the ignominy faced
practicable lessons -- of how his head-of-state counterpart and ever want to face the dishonor Prof. Demaree J.B. Raval by a crony who pocketed a
generational cohort on the other side of the Pacific has dealt heaped on lawbreakers? It is multi-million dollar lagniappe
with the highs and lows, the poetic and the prosaic elements, of human nature to flaunt a façade managed to wheedle his way for the construction of a
national campaigning and holding high office. of righteousness and proclaim unto a contract, exacting a power plant that has since
one’s innocence. hefty tongpats even before the become a white elephant. He
l Dr. Acosta is an environmental advocate and professor of public Conversely, one who is deal was signed. Would he still
policy. He was Representative of Bukidnon. Also known as “Teacher is now in a country where no
caught giving a bribe, or ac- have the equanimity to claim one knows him. And his fam-
Neric”, he is an international scholar and author of many environ- cepting a bribe, or breaking the that a kickback is an acceptable
ment laws ily has to suffer the vicarious
law, loses face. He would no part of expediting business? shame that he brought upon
longer be able to put up that And since we have touched them.
The Flea... ing was apparently held
to discuss and finalize
brave face of uprightness, the
unfortunate subject of scorn
on the medium being the mes-
sage, what about billboards
Put to shame the players.
From page 12 preparations for the “PPP” The threat of humiliation will
and derision. with the faces and names deter them from engaging
The collection of top-ranked (Public-Private Partnership)
Imagine, if you will, photos of bribers, extortionists and (again) in the same act. It
cabinet members under the Summit, which would be held
splashed on the front page of embezzlers, announcing their will work to a great degree as
DOF roof was overwhelming late November this year.
But the way it was cloaked newspapers, of the exact mo- corrupt practices? ostensible retribution, proving
as if a cabinet meeting was
in semi-secrecy would make ment when the bribe changed Or, in this age where in- shame as a pillar of punish-
afoot. A Flea Market tipster
said the only one “missing” conspiracy theorists jump to hands from driver to traffic formation is but a click away, ment.
was P-Noy himself. conclusion that the P-Noy- officer. Would they still have would the practitioners of the
Like an Emperor perched less meeting was an evil plot the righteous indignation to dark art of corruption have l Prof. Raval formulated the
on top of his throne, Purisima in the offing, even decoding explain away the mordida, or any self-respect left once their Regional Action Plan of the
summoned his field com- the “PPP” as “Palitan si P-Noy the face to insist on their in- visages are brought to the South East Parliamentarians
manders a.k.a. cabinet men sa Pasko” or “Purisima for nocence? unforgiving glare of the digital Against Corruption (SEAPAC),
and was not disappointed President Party.” Ascending the corruption world? and the Kabul Declaration
as shown by the jampacked But for P-Noy defend- ladder, imagine being broad- No one would ever want to Against Corruption. He is a
parking lot downstairs. ers,  “PPP” should stand for cast over radio/TV the sordid be in the shoes of that bureau- trustee of Transparency Interna-
The closed-door meet- “President P-Noy Por-ever.” details of how a public official crat who was caught giving tional (TI).

OpinYon N O V E M B E R 8 - 1 4, 2 0 1 0 11
NOVEMBER 8-14, 2010 / Vol. I, No. 12 The Flea Market
By The Staff

PPP: President legal adviser.

And here’s a “shocker”,
Lacierda may be replaced
Have No Fear, OpinYon is Here
P-Noy Porever by Marcos spokesman
former senator Kit Tatad
if the rabid anti-Marcos

Forbidden love:
T he Flea Market crowd is
now playing the “First to
Go” guessing game as the
rattlers in the cabinet would
give their blessing.
Presidential Communica-
“student council” govern- tions Group Secretary
ment of P-Noy rode through Sonny Coloma is said to be

A test of faith
its blunders and misses in angling a return to his old
the last few months while PMS post while, Julia Abad
trying to complete its first takes a less controversial
year in office. government job should
The cabinet posts getting her father finally bag the
most of the “First to Go” ES post to the glee of their
buzz are those of executive Batanes folks.
Dear Dr. Holmes and Mr Baer,
secretary (ES) and the post Another Com Group
Good day! I am gay. Girlfriend and i broke up because her TWO of interior and local govern- Secretary Ricky Carandang
would surely be let go with
family doesn’t approve of our relationship. Ang kitid ng utak PRONGED ment (DILG).
The ES post would be no clear back-up plan in
nila-- telling her to stay away from me because I’m like this. vacated by the current occu- sight.
I don’t think that’s right, discrimination na yan e. I come pant next year to pave way Tourism chief Bertie Lim
from a good family, I don’t smoke or do drugs. I spent my for Budget Secretary Butch could be plucked out while
elementary years in a catholic school and my high school Abad while Jojo Ochoa will the “OIC” post of the DENR
years at UP Iloilo. Jeremy Baer & retreat to a safe haven away secretary may be finally
We are now in our last year in college. We’re both 20. Now Margarita Holmes from the spotlight but still given to losing senatorial
im picking up the pieces and people tell me “kumapit sa within the President’s inner candidate and our very own
Diyos.” sanctum. Opinyon columnist Nereus
The problem is that priests have varying opinions regard- The cabinet ‘hotspot’ Acosta.
how you can pray to a god who
ing homosexuality. Some are ok with it while some are parang DILG portfolio would be The defense department
condemns gays. When sexual served with a “bitter” smile may also be in for a revamp
pinapatay upon hearing the subject. Now, how do i pray to a orientation and religious doc-
God when im not sure if He’s condemning me because i chose to losing VP bet Mar Roxas due to feelers sent by
trine clash, there can be vari- as Secretary Jess Robredo former senator now Rep.
to stay gay, or if that God loves me in spite of my being gay? ous outcomes. You can abstain
They say that God is the only one I can ask help from. Well, assumes a low-profile Pong Biazon who seems to
from sex altogether, you can role in the cabinet. Korina be unhappy with his House
I’ve done all I can to save our relationship, but I don’t know if try to live a straight life with Sanchez will play as de mates. Or, we could be
her family is angry at me because I am homosexual or what. a man or you can live as a gay facto “usec” for media confused since it’s not Pong
Thank you in advance - Elaine person. The first two should affairs as she returns to but his senatorial loser son,
permit you to follow the edicts reading the news for the Ruffy, who badly needs a
Dear Elaine, of the Church but the third Lopez network. job aside from blogging.
requires you to examine your But since Robredo is  Finance Secretary Cesar
Two serious issues in your conscience very carefully. “Balay” boy, he could still Purisima, like the God-sent
life have become entwined: Your conscience, allied to rea- stay on as the P-Noy’s Dinky Soliman and Ging
religion and sexual orientation. son, will help you to choose point man in keeping rowdy Deles, may have to stay on
This has left you confused and between believing a) you can groups of settlers in check. as DOF chief unless the
the situation has been exacer- remain a practicing Catholic With Mar’s Balay house building beside DOF proves
bated by conflicting advice. by following the teachings of getting the plum DILG to be more enticing as new
Religion is always difficult the most sexually liberal wing post, the battle royale for posh office address.
to deal with because ultimately the 2016 presidential polls But ultimately, the
of the Church or b) you cannot
un-officially starts in May of cabinet official who is
it is a matter of faith tempered reconcile your understanding
2011 with Samar ’s VP Jojo expected to have his “First
by reason. Different religions of the Church’s stance with to Go” déjà vu – if he does
Binay as the other potential
have different views on homo- your active embrace of your hopeful. not watch his back -- is the
sexuality; Catholicism preaches homosexuality and so you With two presidential main man himself.
“love the sinner, hate the sin” must cease to be a practis- timbers in the cabinet

which effectively means that ing Catholic. Conscience representing opposing ast week, the usually
it is fine to be gay provided and reason will also tell you power blocs,  it’s a miracle if lethargic parking grounds
you do not indulge in sex with whether you should wait for something “big” still hap- and up to the sixth floor of
people of the same gender. Of a more open attitude from pens in this government. the DOF building suddenly
course, as in all other matters, and discovering where you Catholicism, adopt another Presidential spokesman came alive with the inces-
there are priests who espouse stand on this issue may be a more gay-tolerant religion Edwin Lacierda is likewise sant comings and goings of
a liberal approach just as there relatively simple matter for you i.e. believe in a more tolerant “spoken for” as the “first to department secretaries and
are priests who are more con- or at worst a quest which you god or stop believing in a god go”  cabinet member come other heads of multilateral
servative, as indeed you have take to your grave. altogether. May 2011 to later assume agencies.
found. Ultimately it is a ques- However, you raise a very Due to space constraints, Dr the position of presidential Turn to page 11
tion of individual conscience important point when you ask Holmes will answer next week.

Michelle trained in the USA to teach music in the Philippines.

She brought MUSIKGARTEN and SPEECH LEVEL SINGING to the country.
Musikgarten uses music in building babies as early as 3 months to age 5,
to become competitive, happy and complete person as they grow.
M A N A with
Mi chelle
Musikgarten, leader in early childhood music
and movement program in the US. Now in Manila. Avail of a

Mi chelle with
2F Paragon Plaza Bldg.
THE MUSIC SCHOOL 162 EDSA cor. Reliance St.
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