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com Cognos 8BI – Course Overview

1. Introduction to cognos8 q. Value prompt

a. What is Cognos? r. Text box prompt
b. User interfaces (web s. Select and search prompt
based/windows based) t. Generated Prompt
c. Workflow u. Drill through
d. My folders v. Bookmarks
e. Public folders w. Master detail relationships
2. Query Studio x. Variables
a. User Interface y. Conditional formatting, Layouts
b. Exploring Packages z. Conditional blocks
c. Dimensional Package Vs relational aa. Layout component reference
package bb. Bursting
d. Types of reports cc. Formatting a report using tool box
e. Creating a simple list dd. Table, block, date etc.,
f. Delete and re-order columns in a list ee. Working with dimensional packages
g. Operations on list: Group, Section, 4. Analysis studio
Sort, Summarize, Pivot, expand and a. Introduction to Multi dimensional
collapse groups Analysis
h. Page breaks b. Analysis studio interface
i. Crosstabs, nesting a crosstab c. Types of analysis
j. Charts d. Rows, Columns and Context
k. Calculations e. Manipulating data
l. Filters f. Types of crosstabs
m. Conditional formats g. Drill up, dirll down and down a level
n. Advanced query options h. Charts
o. Drill up and drill down i. Swapping rows and columns
p. Custom groups j. Top and Bottom
3. Report Studio k. Suppress zeroes and nulls
a. User interface l. Filter by value, filter by label
b. Insertable objects m. Excluding data
c. Properties pane n. Custom sets
d. Explorer bar o. Calculations and summaries
e. Types of reports p. Sorting the data
f. Operations on list: Group/Ungroup, q. Page breaks
Advanced Sorting, Summarize, Pivot, r. Slice and Dice
Section s. Opening analysis in report studio
g. List headers and footers 5. Event Studio
h. Page breaks a. Event studio over view
i. Crosstabs, simple, asymmetric, b. Creating event conditions
stacked c. Assigning tasks
j. Drill up and drill down d. Scheduling agents
k. Maps 6. Framework Manager Modeling
l. Finance reports a. User interface
m. Charts: line, Pie examples. b. Framework manager terminology
n. Calculations c. Data source connections
o. Filters d. Namespaces
p. Prompts
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Beget Software Solutions, Cognos 8BI – Course Overview

e.Query subjects l. Setup Report Scheduling

f.Query items m. Setting Email Notifications
g.Folders n. Schedule Management
h.Best practices with layered modeling
8. Cognos 8 Administration
i.Embedded and standalone
a. Introduction Cognos 8 Administration
b. System Administration
j. Embedded and standalone filters
c. System Performance Metrics
k. Usage property for the query items
d. Server Administration
l. Aggregation
e. Data Management
m. Relationships
f. Data Sources and Connections
n. Cardinality
g. Back Up Data
o. Defining model query subjects
h. Data Movement Entries
p. Determinants
i. Security Administration
q. Packages
j. Security Model
r. Linking and segmentation
k. Users, Groups, and Roles
s. Parameter maps
l. Access Permissions
t. Session parameters
m. Securing Functions and Features
u. Security
n. Initial Security
v. Action logging
o. Content Administration in Cognos
w. Project validation
x. Query processing types
p. Cognos Connection
y. SQL Types
q. Pages and Dashboards
z. DMR
r. Activities Management
aa. Regular dimensions
s. Schedule Management
bb. Measure dimensions
t. Deployment
cc. Scope
u. Administering Packages
dd. OLAP Sources
v. Managing User Profiles
ee. Framework manager in Production
w. Administering Microsoft Office
ff. Avoiding Loops, Cross joins
gg. Advanced Modeling techniques and
x. Report, Agent, and Metric
best practices.
7. Cognos Connection
y. Reports and Cubes
a. Introduction
z. Agents
b. Architecture and Integration with
aa. Metric Studio Metrics
Cognos 8 BI bb. Drill-through Access
c. Walk-Thru elements on the screen cc. Portal Services Administration
d. Manage Public Folders dd. Managing Portlets and Styles
e. Organize Folders and Packages ee. Deploying Cognos Portlets to Third-
f. Setup security party Portals Customization
g. Add groups and Roles ff. Customizing the Appearance of
Cognos 8
h. Run a Report
gg. Customizing the Functionality of
i. Report Views Cognos 8
j. Export a report into other formats
k. Schedule Management (4)