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4FYE 1 – Big History

Final Examination

(To be presented in class 2 weeks before the final examination week)

Output: Video Presentation (An Act of Kindness: Adopt-a-Child)

Theme: A Person for Others
Rationale: The goal of this creative output is to foster in the student a complete
image, understanding and appreciation of his beginning (his roots) towards an
anticipation of his future. And in the process, may he realize that all throughout this
journey, he is a person not only for himself but he is a person for others and for God.

1. Mechanics/Guidelines

a. Come up with 5 groups (8 members each) in your BH class.

b. Each member should individually choose a person in his/her own home or in the
neighborhood whom he/she wishes to take care or help even for 1 day.
c. Document the activity by taking a video or photo of the experience. You may give
vital information on how the entire day transpired while taking care or helping
d. Consolidate the individual experiences of each member and come up with a
reflection on how the experience went.
e. Create a video presentation with the following details/content:
1. running time: 4 – 5 minutes
2. Part 1: An overall view of the 9 thresholds discussed in class, focus on how
important it is to know and understand the past, the present and the future.
3. Part 2: The realization achieved or arrived at in terms of your role as:
a. a created being
b. an Angelite
c. a person for others
d. a contributor to society for a better future
4. Part 3: Conclusion
An overall understanding as to how the entire Big History experience helped you
understand the connection you have to the world, the self, the other person and the
Creator. It is an understanding of our past (or beginning), the present, to the future
(a peak at what lies ahead).
5. Video credits (group members and year/section)
f. The two weeks prior to the final examination week may be used to view and process
the video output of the class.

2. Rubrics / Score Guide for Video Presentation

Category Scoring Criteria Total Score

Depth and The BH concepts were shown in a manner that is clear and 20
 The overall understanding of the content was clearly
appeal projected through a connection between the concepts and
the aspects of human life.
 Analysis and reflection shows a significant level of being
rooted in the human condition
Organization  Organization of presentation as a whole is logical leading 20
towards a clear idea of the central theme.
 The connection made showed a very good grasp of the
 The conclusion clearly shows the overall appeal and
Mechanics  Audio and video representations used are clearly shown. 5
 References used were cited.
 There are no spelling or grammatical errors.
 The video was presented in the prescribed running time.
Timeliness Video is submitted on time. 5
SCORE Total points 50

Prepared by:

Ma. Rubeth R. Hipolito