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Soda Lime Absorbents

VentiSorb® is a carbon dioxide absorbent with excellent efficiency and low resistance for use within closed circle

VentiSorb is a medical grade soda lime prepared in granulated form. The individual granules are specifically non-
uniform in shape and size so that CO2 filtration is maximized without restricting airflow. VentiSorb offers excellent
efficiency in absorbing carbon dioxide and other acidic contamination from gas stream while minimizing dust
particle formation. The chemical attributes of the active compound is naturally porous and hard which acts as a
heat and moisture exchange.

The use of closed circuit systems within the operating room has increased dramatically over the last few years in
that low flow capability allows for use on paediatrics as well as adults. The use of VentiSorb in closed systems
offers the following benefits:

- Increased Moisture Output - Minimal Anaesthetic Agent Degradation - Improved Heat


Operator Benefits
The benefits of using closed circle systems for their Physical Characteristics
low flow anaesthesia delivery capabilities extends beyond patient The graphs below demonstrates VentiSorb's physical
benefits. The implication for the operating department being that characteristics in comparison to other Soda Lime
anaesthetic gases used to induce patients does not unnecessarily absorbers.
pollute the operating room.

Colour Change Indicator

When exhausted VentiSorb will change colour indicating that the
soda lime needs to be changed. This should be used alongside a
CO2 monitor to confirm compound exhaustion.

VentiSorb is available in two different colour change indicators

both conforming to international standards. They are either from
Pink to White or from White to Violet. Both give clear visual
indications as to the extent of the CO2 absorption and the life
extent of the soda lime.

Particle Packing
VentiSorb granules range from 2.5 - 5.0 in size, allowing for a
tightly packed layered canister increasing the efficiency of the
CO2 absorption without significantly increasing resistance.

038-05-601 1.3kg VentiSorb supplied in resealable bags. Pink to White 12

038-05-602 4.5kg VentiSorb supplied in resealable bags. Pink to White 2
038-05-603 1.3kg VentiSorb supplied in resealable bags. White to Violet 12
038-05-604 4.5kg VentiSorb supplied in resealable bags. White to Violet 2

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