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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 76/1




(98/C 76/01) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1380/96

by Jesús Cabezón Alonso (PSE) and Juan Colino Salamanca (PSE) to the Council
(18 June 1996)

Subject: Spanish fruit destroyed by French farmers

In the final days of May this year, groups of French farmers again attacked European lorries transporting Spanish
fruit in transit for European Union countries. They also destroyed Spanish fruit already in French markets.

What action has the Council taken to prevent any recurrence of these extremely serious incidents?

Is it aware that in the last three years, 60 lorries have been attacked?

Is it aware that in 1995, the losses incurred amounted to PTA 6000 million?

(98/C 76/02) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2022/97

by Joan Vallvé (ELDR) and Carles-Alfred Gasòliba i Böhm (ELDR) to the Council
(18 June 1997)

Subject: Further attacks on Spanish lorries by French farmers

Since the middle of May 1997 French farmers in various parts of southern France have been making repeated
serious attacks on Spanish lorries transporting fruit and vegetables and on distributors’ warehouses.

What steps has the Council taken and does it intend to take to prevent a repetition of these attacks, which violate
the right of free movement, a basic principle of the European Union?

Do these measures include suspending Community aid to French agriculture?

Joint answer
to Written Question Nos E-1380/96 and E-2022/97
(25 September 1997)

The Council is aware of the acts of vandalism carried out by French farmers in April/May 1996 and May 1997
against lorries carrying fruit and vegetables from Spain to Member States of the European Union. Those acts are
illegal under ordinary criminal law and are designed to impede the free movement of Community products which
is one of the European Community’s basic principles. They are therefore strongly condemned.
C 76/2 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 11. 3. 98

At its meeting on 29 and 30 April 1996 and 20 and 21 May 1997, the Council was informed, through a statement
by the Spanish Minister for Agriculture, of those acts of vandalism, of the scale of the damage and of the Spanish
Government’s call for the French Government to take the necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of such
acts in future, punish those responsible for them and compensate the victims.

At those meetings, the French Minister for Agriculture unequivocally condemned such acts of vandalism, stating
that he had asked his colleagues in the French Government to take firm measures within their spheres of
responsibility for the purpose of making good the damage caused and to do their utmost to see that such practices
were not repeated.

On behalf of his colleagues, the President of the Council expressed the Council’s solidarity with Spain and
stressed the overriding need for the French Government’s intention of taking the necessary action to be followed
up by effective measures in practice.

(98/C 76/03) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0505/97

by Antonio Tajani (UPE), Alessandro Danesin (UPE)
and Guido Viceconte (UPE) to the Council
(19 February 1997)

Subject: Community measures in support of the European tourist industry

In December 1996 the Tourism Council rejected the Philoxenia multiannual programme for tourism, the aim of
which was to boost the quality and competitiveness of the European tourist industry, which accounts for 5.5% of
GDP and provides jobs for over 9 million people (6% of the total labour force) in the European Union.

Given the above, would the Council state:

1. why it has not felt it necessary to call any meetings of the ministers responsible during the six-month
2. What measures it intends to take with a view to boosting growth and employment in the tourist sector?
3. What measures should be taken to improve the quality and competitiveness of European tourism?
4. Whether it intends to work towards the incorporation in the revised Treaty of a separate chapter on tourism?
5. How the Community funds originally earmarked by the Union for the Philoxenia programme are now to be

(98/C 76/04) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0585/97

by Alexandros Alavanos (GUE/NGL) to the Council
(25 February 1997)

Subject: Implementation of the Philoxenia Programme

The European Parliament has already delivered a favourable opinion on the Commission’s proposal for a
Council decision adopting a First Multiannual Programme to Assist European Tourism ‘Philoxenia’
(1997-2000). The Economic and Social Committee has also delivered a favourable opinion on the proposal.

In view of the importance of tourism in the European Union − it is the biggest job-creating sector, accounting for
13.5% of GDP and directly employing 9 million people − it is vital that the measures set out in the Philoxenia
programme are implemented.

Given that the meeting of the Council of Ministers for Tourism scheduled during the Irish Presidency has been
postponed and that there is no such meeting on the agenda of the Netherlands Presidency to discuss Philoxenia,
will the Council say:
1. when the programme is scheduled for final approval? Can it assure Parliament and the Commission that the
programme can be implemented as soon as possible?
2. Whether there are any problems within the Council relating to final approval of the programme?