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2010 Gratitude Index


2010 Gratitude Index from ` November, 2010


November, 2010

2010 Gratitude Index from ` November, 2010

2010 Gratitude Index


In September 2009, the site launched, inviting people from around the world to create a personal gratitude journal that could be private or openly shared with the community. Over the past year, thousands of people have done so

- from across the US, Italy, Japan, Brazil and beyond.The vast majority kept their

posts open to the public. Many also broadcast those gratitude posts on their social networks (Twitter, Facebook) and their personal blogs.

The Thankfulfor team started seeing interesting trends in the data, and decided to create a report.Taking a sample of twenty five thousand anonymized entries, they enlisted the help of, which enabled individuals around the world to help analyze each post and essentially tag them for their topic(s). Ultimately the content fell into 42 different themes. Each journal entry was cross checked and agreed upon by at least three individuals.

The team used the data to create the 2010 Gratitude Index. On the following pages, you'll see some top level data, a more granular breakdown, and a selection of posts taken from the "public stream of thanks" within the community to illustrate the posts. All of the visual illustrations were created by DC-based creative agency JESS3.

About Thankfulfor is a micro-journaling site that asks journal-keepers the simple question: What are you thankful for? Users can post their answers in up to 500 characters (with a photo), and save each item to their personal "gratitude journal" for private consumption or to share in the "public stream of thanks". Social users can send each Thankfulfor post to their social networks on Facebook and Twitter, spreading the good vibes far and wide.

2010 Gratitude Index from

With the site's most recent update, users can now post photos of what they are thankful for, follow inspiring journals from other members, create a personal profile and have more meaningful interactions across the community. Android and iPhone apps will be released soon.

Like the popular site PostSecret,Thankfulfor encourages the most personal of posts.There is something slightly voyeuristic about reading through the "public stream of thanks", yet unlike the posts at PostSecret which are often sad or even worse, the posts at Thankfulfor range from funny to uplifting, inspiring and extremely touching.

Top Level Results

Of a sampling of ~25K entries, the following overarching themes were found. Note that each post could have more than one theme as many people often list many things they are thankful for in a single post.Therefore, data should be translated as "of the sample entries, 45.19% mentioned people, 2.17% mentioned a specific place".

Overarching Theme

% of posts that had this theme

! Self, Experiences ! ! People ! ! ! ! 45.19% ! ! 19.31% Life,
Self, Experiences ! !
Life, Inspiration, God !
Things !
Activities !
Nature !
Feelings !
Entertainment & Tech !
Money/Job !!
Place !

3.36% of posts could not be understood or clearly defined (thus tagged "other") 8.17% of posts were written in other languages and not translated for content

2010 Gratitude Index from

2010 Gratitude Index from

2010 Gratitude Index from

Deeper Analysis



! Within the People category, friends topped the list, but family was a close second. "People" also included random people who crossed paths, good samaritans, volunteers, teammates, American soldiers, medical professionals, teachers, celebrities and others (even a few politicians). Over 45% of all the entries sampled expressed gratitude for someone.





the entries sampled expressed gratitude for someone. ! ! ! ! ! Self, Experiences ! !


entries sampled expressed gratitude for someone. ! ! ! ! ! Self, Experiences ! ! !

Self, Experiences ! ! ! 19.31% Our second broad category included posts that referenced some type of personal experience or things that referenced "self". Almost 20% of posts included the description of some life experience including enjoyment of holidays, personal opportunities, new experiences, or things like the ability to do something, courage, resolve, memories, inner strength, accomplishments, talents, intuition, good or improving health, intelligence, intuition, resilience, and much more.




Life, Inspiration, God !


! Almost the same percentage of posts included gratitude for life itself including themes such as hope, inspiration, beauty, the universe, time, moments, weekends, weekdays, spirituality, religion and god.

the universe, time, moments, weekends, weekdays, spirituality, religion and god. 2010 Gratitude Index from

2010 Gratitude Index from


! ! ! ! Things 18.63% ! Fourth down on the list are things.The majority of






! Fourth down on the list are things.The majority of this category is a natural, as it is what sustains life and is a large part of most people's day to day activities: food. And drinks too. Never a day goes by without posts with detailed descriptions of fresh fruit, vegetables, gourmet meals, comforting tea, celebratory wine or desserts. But this category also includes possessions such as clothes, cars, comfy beds and couches, homes and backyards, bicycles, running shoes, boats and much more.





! Following things, are specific activities such as learning, going to school, taking vacation, traveling, playing sports, good times, downtime, exercise and probably the most popular - getting sleep! People are extremely thankful for a good night of sleep.

Activities ! !



thankful for a good night of sleep. Activities ! ! 13.21% ! Nature !! 9.85% !
thankful for a good night of sleep. Activities ! ! 13.21% ! Nature !! 9.85% !

Nature !!


! At just under 10% of all posts, is nature.While we were tempted to include pets with "family", we decided to group pets with other elements of the natural world such as wild animals, trees, flowers, beaches, oceans, lakes, the planet, stars, seasons, weather and water.



2010 Gratitude Index from

Feelings ! !


! While feelings could have been included with "self" and "experiences", there were so many posts dedicated to love, happiness, peace and emotions, we decided to break it out into it's own category. And what a beautiful category it is. Just over 9% of all the posts express gratitude for those things.



9% of all the posts express gratitude for those things. ! ! Entertainment & Tech !!
9% of all the posts express gratitude for those things. ! ! Entertainment & Tech !!

Entertainment & Tech !!


While most of us couldn't imagine living without technology and our entertainment, we were still happy at where it landed in the list. In eighth place is entertainment and technology, which includes all of our laptops, phones, GPS systems, Internet, specific websites, electricity, tv's, music, television shows, movies and books. Note that within this category, technology & gadgets ranked highest, books ranked lowest. Perhaps our audience is partial to their computers?

Money/Job ! !


! While money seems to dominate much of our collective conversation, this category, which includes posts about money, jobs and work, comes in at ninth place. People are thankful for their jobs, meaningful work and money to pay their bills, buy gifts, help others and more.


meaningful work and money to pay their bills, buy gifts, help others and more. ! 2010

2010 Gratitude Index from

Places ! 2.17% ! Finally, there are some places that are just special to us.

Places !


! Finally, there are some places that are just special to us. Some have names, others are harder to define, so we called this collective category “places”.While only 2% of posts included specific places, it seemed to call for its own category. Entries that expressed gratitude for places mentioned cities, countries, neighborhoods, buildings, schools, hotels, rooms, coves - you name it. If it was special enough to call out by name or describe, it deserved a place here in this group.




Foreign Language ! !


! We’ve been very fortunate to have a global audience, and as such, have over 8% of our posts in other languages. We think these posts probably break down into similar categories as listed above.


! As with any large body of data, you’re sure to get a certain percent that isn’t easily understood or doesn’t fall cleanly into specific categories. This bucket captures “everything else”.

Other !






categories. This bucket captures “everything else”. Other ! 3.36% ! ! ! ! 2010 Gratitude Index
categories. This bucket captures “everything else”. Other ! 3.36% ! ! ! ! 2010 Gratitude Index

2010 Gratitude Index from

Detailed Data Breakdown

Detailed Data Breakdown post is in foreign language 8.17% other 3.36% 2010 Gratitude Index from

post is in foreign language




2010 Gratitude Index from

Sample Posts

2010 Gratitude Index from


Nice people, they make the world a better place

Zach and Jake calling me last night to get out of bed and have dinner

with them. Just when I needed them to grab me most

they did.

Wonderful readers of my blog who encourage and inspire me to be a better blogger.

wonderful customers

Tim for digging me out of the snow. Richard for letting me park in his driveway.

The wonderful inspiring people I know

the colleague who went out and got me half and half and an awesome new york bagel.

2010 Gratitude Index from


Wife free of cancer

Weekends away with hubby. Keeping marriage alive!

watching my Mom be happy, an unexpected lunch with my kids, a nap in the middle of the day, my Dad reading tidbits of a book to me

Walking my son to and from school every day! Everything is wondrous in the eyes of a 4 y/o!

Visiting with my Uncle. holding his hand, feeding him. Thank you for this opportunity.

Today i am thankful for Fatimah, my Grandma that calls me unfailingly every Sunday and for new found relationships.

2010 Gratitude Index from


yellow cupcakes with almonds on them

I am thankful for pancakes. I had them for dinner.

White Chocolate Mocha's from Big Foot Espresso- makes me start off the day right!

Tomato! I ate a fresh tomato for lunch it was so sweet, tasty and juicy!

Raspberry and chocolate tea lattes, which make even the crappiest morning seem a little sweeter.

fresh veggies from the Farmers' Market.

The smell of fresh-baked banana bread in the house.

2010 Gratitude Index from


yep, this day just got awesome: I'VE GOT A SHINY NEW JOB!!! :D #thankfulfor

working with a great team on the film we just wrapped.

I am thankful for my second official paycheck after almost 10 years of being unemployed

To have a job that is helping me aspire to new heights

To get a $250 bonus this year!! That's a lot of money right now.

still having some cash at the end of the month.

money to buy medication and health care

2010 Gratitude Index from


watching the snow fall - feeling the first few flakes hit my face earlier

Today I'm thankful that I can wear a summer dress and see budding leaves in the beginning of April!


This crazy wind! It's blowing all the leaves out of my yard, lol!

the thick fog enveloping everything today creating a dreamy feel to the city

the sound and smell of the ocean carried on a warm breeze

spotting a huge violet butterfly flitting in & out of the sun while walking in the woods with my dog


2010 Gratitude Index from


Thankful for being alive!

waking up feeling completely hopeful and happy

to be alive and get another day to challenge the self imposed walls in front of me !!

The start of a new year filled with hope and possibilities

the chance to start over and be a part of something exciting

remembering that a possibility was born on the day that i was born

Waking up this morning.

2010 Gratitude Index from



I'm grateful for O Magazine. I read it each morning to awaken what's in my soul and to cement a positive intention for my day.

New battery in my car so I have wheels again!

Fully functional plumbing.

warm wooley striped socks

the beautiful quilt I bought from Walmart.

my new red mini cooper vrooom!

my lime green evil eye bracelet. It works wonders. God is good and *looking* out for us!

levis, jordans, and nikes

Kleenex, decongestant, antihistamines and Advil.

2010 Gratitude Index from


waking up in the cottage together

watching the olympic spirit

Things going so smoothly in the remodel.

the massage from the lady who washed my hair before the haircut. It's those details that make me feel so good!

the experiences I've had, both good and bad. They have made me stronger, smarter and satisfied.

Lady Gaga music and the supernatural way it brings out the dance. Taking my boys to see my grandmother and the fact that she is here, finally. A solo drive to the store. All of God's blessings - what a good life.

Hearing the rain on the tin roof.

2010 Gratitude Index from


the power of a good attitude to change the outcome of my day.

the capacity to finally realize my strengths and my limitations.

the ability to laugh at my disasters lol

the growing awareness of my strengths and weaknesses with myself, being firm with myself hope.

being gentle

That I quit smoking and I know I can make many other positive choices.

that I am who I am

Thankful that I can sew beautiful clothes

My cool stuble beard

My body, running, my heart, my being, myself. I am so incredibly proud of what I accomplished. I can rely on myself because I can doing anything!!!!!

2010 Gratitude Index from



Time to think, meditate and pray.

The wonderful Zen moments I experienced yesterday in my kayak on East Lake in Dare Co. And remembering that the last time I was on that lake was about 50 years ago with my father. And wondering if (somehow) he was with me yesterday.

the universe stopping me before I made a mistake.

That God hasn't given up on me, and that He is the God of second, third, forth, etc. chances!

My faith, my relationship with God, His faithfulness and all He has and continues to bless me with

The serenity of church. I love Sundays.

That I was reincarnated to be in this form of life.

2010 Gratitude Index from


waking up in a good mood

To be pursuing something I love.

Stella. Little puppy makes me very happy every day

LAUGHTER! I am thankful for laughter - the sound is life's music; the feeling is an inner symphony!

whatever the things happens, now I try to feel happiness and thankfulness.

the feelings that happiness brings.

2010 Gratitude Index from


To be healthy and able to do so many things with my body.

Love and Life. But most of all, Health.

that tests came back negative!

that sneezes feel good

That it's not cancer!!! Woo-hoo!!

Slimming down by over 50 lbs in just 4 months. FEEL GREAT!

my mom recovering from her stroke. She now feels good enough to venture a road trip and she will be here tomorrow.

2010 Gratitude Index from


Waking up this morning with love in my heart

the unconditional love that my mom gives all of us each and EVERY day

the love i'm feeling from others… certainly need it right now. hoping i can spread it, too. #compassion

sun, bread, love

the thought that I am loved.

love. real, true love. real, true, reciprocated love.

♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••

♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••

♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••

♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••

♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••

♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••

♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••♥ ♥●٠ o ••

2010 Gratitude Index from


Pandora radio, which helps me decompress after a long day, while watering my plants. Even if it did try to make me listen to Journey on my Lady Gaga station. !!! Wow, the internet, and science.

To be able to search for things on the internet. God what did we do before the internet?

the Apple iPad - I think we need one!

the instant gratification of a digital camera

Skype.What a nifty invention.Thank you to the people who thought it up!

PHP5.2+MySQL5.1+Drupal6 completely installed for CentOS5.4 VM!

My Blackberry so I can stay in touch through-out this power outage in my town. #CelebrationPowerOutage

2010 Gratitude Index from


this house that i have, which allows me to breathe, live and most of all be myself

The roof over our heads and kitchen full of food!

That I have a warm house to live in during the snowstorm this weekend.

My big beautiful old brick victorian house - even if her pipes are frozen and she has no water.

Living in a beautiful home in the woods where big oak and walnut trees abound, where squirrels tease Stella, and where deer slide down the hill every morning.

Our beautiful, but cozy home because its filled with love.

2010 Gratitude Index from


Watching the beautiful cardinals and blue jays in my backyard, and watching the cats watch the birds too.

warm socks and a sleepy dog on a very cold night.

All the parrots coming to sing in the tree and say goodbye. And the lightning bugs on the porch, I've never seen so many before!

the slobbery licks from my dog that woke me better than any alarm clock this morning

The opportunity to watch a kitten grow up confident and reward

one's rescue efforts with playful antics that keep one amused for


even in the dark of the night.

Thankful for Frogs and Dragonflies anything that eats mosquitoes.


my fish. Pretty much

My dog Brutus and his unconditional love.

2010 Gratitude Index from


Valentines day is almost here. ;)

this glorious Easter morning

The means to do some giving over Christmas

sparkly, colourful Xmas lights on houses in my neighbourhhood so magical

4th of July parades, parties, and picnics!!

2010 Gratitude Index from



what I learn from my students

waking up every day and having the ability to infinitely learn.

to be able to read, and to write, and to go to school without fear

The first day of school

sewing class! Now that my first project is under my belt, I am so pleased. Totally fun!

learning CSS while building something pretty fun

My school, professors, and opportunities (despite those nasty finals!)

2010 Gratitude Index from


Yucaipa Animal Hospital

warm sunshiny Virginia today!

Trader Joes

my new gym

Living in America where I am free

Lynx Lake Prescott Arizona

I'm grateful that I can get a chance to live in USA and become a citizen of USA!

2010 Gratitude Index from


what I have this very moment.

waking up this morning to see another day. We sometimes take that for granted; as if it's guaranteed

this beautiful and joyous day!

the moment. Living in this moment !

the fact that I gave it my all today !

Feeling a little better today than yesterday.

2010 Gratitude Index from


To have a warm place to sleep.

the nap I was able to take when I got home from work.

sleeping in, blue sky and sun shine

sleep and the renewal that comes from a good rest !

an amazing night's sleep and waking up feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time.

2010 Gratitude Index from


The picture of my life continuously taking shape from my imagination outward

inspirational people, who as you get to know them better and hear their stories, are even more inspirational

The beauty of the sunrise this morning

the terrific torrent of ideas and creativity i'm in right now

!!! thankful for beautiful living things coloring my world

the inspiration that surrounds us everyday, you just have open your eyes and look around.


2010 Gratitude Index from


Yesterday's hike on the AT followed by watching the sunset in the cool, dry, breeze.

Winning at tennis today!

NCAA Football kickoff Saturday!

long bike rides by the beach


I'm thankful for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

a good soccer game. Scored one goal. weeee

2010 Gratitude Index from



weekends spent with great people that help me to recharge my batteries.

Sunday brunch

Sunday afternoons at home with my family. My favorite time of the week.

saturday mornings



and no place I have to be

I'm thankful to have an entire weekend to do absolutely nothing.

Warm September weekends in San Francisco

2010 Gratitude Index from


time to relax and recoup when I need it. Despite feeling sick, thankful that I have a place to seclude to.

time to regenerate and recoup

This lazy Saturday morning in my condo with the beautiful autumn leaves outside my window

the beautiful flowers in my yard and a chance to relax

the afternoon off.

The hour of quiet time and a sleeping puppy.

2010 Gratitude Index from

Good Times/Fun

Yesterday, I laughed until my berry aches! It was such a great dinner being with our good old friends.

smiles and laughter

this HA-larious IM discussion I just had with one of my favorite cousins. She sure does know how to make me laugh.

Having a blast with amazing women at my friend's \Ladies Night\" gathering last night! I laughed my butt off!"

big italian dinners and wine with great friends and lots of laughter.

A wonderful date with my hubby, hanging out with friends and listening to live music at the Heathman.That we can afford a night out. That we have a car to get us there. And nice clothes. I'm thankful for this good life.

2010 Gratitude Index from


Yoga class at Impact. Persistence.

walking on the treadmill rather then outside on a 100 degree day.

treadmills, weights and sweat!

the good feeling of stretching

sun, run and hula hoop

running my fastest half-marathon

thankful for two hours walking 5 miles this morning

2010 Gratitude Index from

TV Shows/Movies

trashay teevee

I am very thankful for What Not To Wear.

Glee Glee Glee Glee Glee Glee Glee. Can't stop thinking about it.

this crazy bollywood movie

the Wayne Dyer videos

The Oprah show about texting & driving - I will not ever do it again.

Project Runway, my new favorite show.The designers continue to inspire me to do the best of what I do.

thankfulfor being able to watch the Jets on tv this weekend, although not for how they're playing ;(

I'm thankful for the Ellen Show! Makes me laugh!

2010 Gratitude Index from

this website, it helps me remember what's good in my life.

this thankforfor site, which makes us all realize just how good life really is.

the posts in Thankfulfor today - such a great range from fun to full on inspiring - sniff sniff.Thank you everyone!

The gentle nudge of to remind me to have GRATITUDE and aknowledge all of my many blessings.

thankful there is a website to give thanks

Today I am again thankful for the reminder to count my blessings

feeling warmed and comforted by the posts here at

2010 Gratitude Index from


Those infectious Lady Gaga songs that make you sing along.

The Beatles Abbey Road album. Such great stuff.

my mp3 player, which is playing christmas music right now. christmas music is good any time.

Music and the joy it brings to your soul.

Music, it transports me back to, bad times, good times, sad times and love times

the music from Rent! Would you light my candle?

The little tune on the ipad commercial, which makes me move.

2010 Gratitude Index from


The morning hours, between 7-9 am, when the coffee has spread its aroma through the house, the kids are giggling with their father and I'm making pancakes - makes me realize how good this life is. Lord Jesus, I'm so thankful.

For the last two years. I can't believe it's over. But it was amazing.

the month of August and all the promises it holds

spending some quality time with friends and my grandson

time for painting and artistic self expression

time to do projects and reorganize

A new day to make the most of.

2010 Gratitude Index from


this wonderful book, My Grandfather's Blessings, by Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. Endless depth!

The Catcher in the Rye. Holden Caulfield, please be real and marry me.

Thankful for all the library books!

Profound books to help me deal with the system of oppression and pass the knowledge on for the empowerment of my people.

Margaret Atwood's novels. I am on my fourth book of hers -- Alias Grace. My library card and the car that gets me to the library. Access to free books and movies. Inspiration to be better.

The Happiness Project book.

2010 Gratitude Index from


Feeling a little better today than yesterday.

thankful for trips on planes when they actually are on time and everything goes smoothly

the smooth flowing highway that is 95 south.There was absolutely zero traffic!

Thankful for the Trip to Greece

I am thankful for a wonderful, magical vacation with my family in Disneyland

Delta's upbeat flight crews after their 18-hour days, and our 13 hours flights/delays.

all the travel and interesting new experiences I get to have

2010 Gratitude Index from


Service/Helping Others

The opportunity to be of service.

That we had some extra money to send to Haiti

That my sister is safe and that she has such great friends to take care of her in her time of need.

Random acts of kindness

I am grateful for the beginning of another wonderful week of service to others!

I am thankful for medical professionals who are willing to help us.

2010 Gratitude Index from



mornings with two good friends, wine and friends at night.

warm air,Pacific Ocean, sunshine, fun places to go, coffee

Thankful that my husband has the week off and for a mini-vacay to a b&b in wine country. And so thankful for a wonderful mother-in-law who is hanging out with the boys so we can get away.

time for vacations, rollercoaster rides with grandchildren

That summer is in full swing and its time to go to the beach

This whole vacation which my mom made possible!

I thank God for the cruise to Cozumel my husband and I enjoyed together

4 more days until vacation of sunshine, 70 degree temps

Pacific Ocean, sand, warm weather, lots

2010 Gratitude Index from


this amazing Friday we are having

TGIF!!! Couldn't have come at a better time Here's to the weekend!

that it's Friday and I'm getting out of town.

The Friday after Thanksgiving and a day to do as I chose all day long !

Friday night was a fabulous evening out on the town with family celebrating my wife's birthday




2010 Gratitude Index from


water. I love you, water.

warm showers! and a house with heat, power, food, and water!

To have fresh clean water whenever I want, which is sadly not the case for most of the world.

the water of life. Magical, mysterious, mystical, beautiful, generous, quiet, secret I am grateful.

that there's cold, fresh water coming out of a tap where I live. I take all of these things for granted, even though they are miracles.

having a rain water tank for clean fresh drinking water.

a cold glass of water on a hot day

2010 Gratitude Index from


the peace that meditiation brings

peaceful Sundays

our ability to quietly go to the inner well of peace and come back with focus and inspiration, at pretty much anytime.

peace in my soul.

a peaceful heart, clear head and reliable gut. !

dreams that give you peace

A peaceful day in my home office with my dog, Danny The Landshark.


the peace and safety of my life

Peacefulness in the middle of the night; I can hear my dog breathing & dreaming of his adventures from our runs together

2010 Gratitude Index from


A brand new week filled with possibilities and opportunities! Happy

Monday, All.

a beautiful Monday morning and hearing the birds sing.

Today I'm thankful for Mexican Mondays and eating so many delicious tacos that I'm unable to eat dinner

Monday's! The start of productive, disciplined, people centered week.

that Monday is over!

2010 Gratitude Index from


Today is mac n cheese day at Dale's BBQ I love Thursdays my


tomorrow is already Thursday !

this glorious Thursday.We're one day closer to Friday and that's

something to cheer about!

Thankfulfor Thursdays!

2010 Gratitude Index from


today being hump day. AND 2 top it off, Modern Family & Cougar

Town come on 2nite.Get ready 4 lots of knee-slapping laughter.

The Wonderful Wednesday that I had today!

The fall harvest from our garden and Wednesday night Farmer's


sunny Wednesday!

2010 Gratitude Index from


Tuesday with old time friends

My tuesday night group meeting!

Today is fat tuesday

a cloudy rainy tuesday !

2010 Gratitude Index from

Other Languages

結婚 4 年目突入!旦那様に感謝!

経済的に以前より余裕がある 時間にも 心にも


todos os meus amigos estarem ao meu lado quando preciso.

todas las oportunidades que Dios me ha dado en este dia de ser util con mi trabajo y arte

sono grato tutte le volte che mi siedo al mio pianoforte.

saber o que sei, e saber que tenho que aprender muito mais ainda!

por la vida

semua berkat, perlindungan dan kelancaran kerja

Pela oportunidade de conhecer minha metade da alma, Carolina.

Agradeço meu professor, por me dar a chance de ter outra chance na prova da sua diciplina e por se importar e querer me ajudar.

2010 Gratitude Index from

2010 Gratitude Index from This report is free. Share it with the world under the terms of this Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. © 2010 a product of Shiny Heart Ventures.


All quotes in this report were taken from the Public Stream of Thanks on Posts are shown as they were posted with attribution removed for privacy purposes.

Special Thanks To all the members of the Thankfulfor community. Your words are a daily inspiration.

To JESS3 for wonderful illustrations bringing this report to life.

To Joseph at Crowdflower for helping us design this data- mining project.

2010 Gratitude Index from

“The positive effect that thankfulness is having on my attitude ” ! ! ! -
“The positive effect that thankfulness is having on my attitude ” ! ! ! -
“The positive effect that
thankfulness is having on
my attitude
effect that thankfulness is having on my attitude ” ! ! ! - Lovely_Day 2010 Gratitude

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