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Scrub Jay

Marion Audubon Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 5616
Ocala, FL 34478

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Marion Audubon Society Inc. Newsletter

October 2010

From the Editor:

Marion Audubon Society is going green! Future is- WHAT’S

sues of our newsletter the “Scrub Jay” will be available INSIDE?
on the web at With
over 600 members, most of whom are National Audubon Conservation Update
members only, mailing of a paper newsletter has become Page 2
cost prohibitive. In the coming months we will be work-
ing to enhance the information available on our website. Officers & Directors
If you have ideas about improving the usefulness of the Information List
website, please contact any of the chapter officers or Page 3
board members.
Report Injured Wildlife Nature Walks
Wildlife Violations Alert & Field Rescue Assistance In this issue you will find the chapter programs, field Page 4
(888) 404-3922 trips, nature walks and a directory of local chapter officers
OWLS of Ocala and board members. Please save the centermost page 2010-11
(352) 895-0451 for future reference. We will continue to send postcard Chapter Programs
Animal Rescue Kingdom reminders of upcoming events to keep you informed of Page 5-6
(352) 291-1678 what’s happening.
Ocala Animal Emergency Hospital Backyard Birding
(352) 840-0044 If there is a topic of special interest that you would Page 7
Marion County Animal Control like to see more about, please don’t hesitate to contact
(352) 671-8727 me.
For more information about Marion Audubon Field Trips,
Please Call Carolyn at (352) 817-6715 or (352) 622-2250 Sincerely,

Visit our website for a complete list of upcoming events. Teresa Darnell, Editor
Conservation Update Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather Date__________
Florida Bluebird Society Meeting  Flock Together
Flock Together Name _____________________________
Northeast Florida Regional Conservation Committee
' >?.'-.0$@"&&)"1'0..*$&8'%;'*?.'%;93.#-'"&2'6%"#2'0.06.#-'%;'*?.'A1%#$2"'B1).6$#2'C%3$.*+'7$11'6.'?.12' Marion Audubon Society, Inc. offers a local chapter
  Marion Audubon Society, Inc. offers a local chapter 
Address ___________________________
membership option to those who wish to be involved in
membership option to those who wish to be involved in 
Saturday, September 18, 2010 '' D&'"22$*$%&'*%'6.$&8'*?.'-.0$@"&&)"1'0..*$&8'%;'*?.'%;93.#-'"&2'6%"#2<'0.06.#-'7?%'7"&*'*%'6.3%0.'
Saturday, February 27, at 10:30 a.m. in the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville.  
Marion County’s  environmental issues and acivities. City _______________ Zip ___________
Chapter Report actively involved are invited to attend.  If you are planning to join or would like to become a member, this Local Audobon(during 
Local  Audubon  membership  includes  a  monthly 
membership includes a monthly (during the Phone______________ Fax ___________
Marion Audubon Society – Judy7%)12'6.'"'8#."*'%::%#*)&$*+'*%'0..*';.11%7'0.06.#-'"&2'%;93.#-'"&2'*%'8.*'$&/%1/.2'7?$1.'-$8&$&8'):4
Greenberg, Conservation Committee Chairman
the  winter)  issue  of  The  Scrub  Jay,  Marion 
winter) issues of The Scrub Jay, Marion Audubon’s newsletter.
5)2)6%&,-'&.7-1.**.#4 E mail  ____________________________
   This also is a call for agenda items.  If you have a topic you believe should be placed on the meeting  The newsletter  hasThe  information
newsletter onhas  meetings, programs
information  on  meetings, 
agenda,  please  get  that  information  to  Bill  Pennewill,  FBS  President,  at,  as  issues for your involvement andfor 
guided field trips toand  $10 membership paid by
The Marion Audubon Society ispromptly as possible.
primarily focused on programs and outings that help
programs,  activities,  issues  your  involvement 
identify native birds, flora and fauna. ____cash   ___check
Dues are $10  annually. A bargain!
educate its members and that draw interest of non-members. We have roughly 400 plus
'' 511'%;93.#-<'6%"#2'0.06.#-'"&2'$&*.#.-*.2'0.06.#-'-?%)12'1.*'B$11'E&%7'"-'-%%&'"-':%--$61.'7?.*?.#'%#'
not they plan to attend the meeting. Dues are  $10 annually. A bargain!  ____new    ___renewal
National Audubon members living in Marion County. However, our local chapter mem- Three easy ways to
   Prior to the meeting an agenda and any necessary related material will be sent to those individuals who  join:
Three easy ways to join: Prior Audubon chapter elsewhere?
bership is about one-tenth of that.
indicate that they will attend. 1. Go online and sign up at:
1. Go online and sign up at: _____yes____no
   Barbie Arms will be distributing free live mealworms to attendees who would like to have them to feed
their bluebirds.  Please contact Barbie by email at or phone (352) 369­4899 to  2. Print the online2. Print the online form and mail it to us.
form and mail it to us Are you willing to serve an active role?
What is our conservation goal? put your order in at least 2 weeks before the meeting so the mealworms can be harvested and prepared for  3. Use the form above, and mail to:
3.  Use the form above, and mail it to: _____yes ____no
transport and distribution.   Marion Audubon Society, Inc.
     Marion Audubon Society, Inc.
   The Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is located at 4700 S.W. 58th Drive, Gainesville, Florida  32068. P.O. Box 5616     P.O. Box 5616 We need you now!
At this time, we do not have a stated conservation goal. Last year, we focused attention
   The entrance is on S.W. Archer Road (State Road 24), one mile west of Interstate 75 (Exit #384). Ocala, FL 34478      Ocala, Fl 34478
on locating burrowing owls within the county and on storm water pond bird counts. Both
   Please do not hesitate to contact Bill Pennewill if you have any questions or comments. 
of these activities were publicized by the local newspaper. Additionally, members help
Florida Scrub Jay Festival OFFICERS Backyard Birding AND DIRECTORS
with the Christmas Bird Count. ' >?.'9#-*'"&&)"1'A1%#$2"'C3#)6@F"+'A.-*$/"1<'7?$3?'$-'6.$&8'-:%&-%#.2'6+'*?.'G%#*?."-*'A1%#$2"'C3#)6'
Working Group, is scheduled for February 20, 2010, at Lyonia Environmental Center in Deltona.  The goal  The long hot summer is almost over. Frankly,2009-2010 backyard birding has been rather boring during
Educating the public is a significantmanagement of scrub habitat.  The event will offer guided nature walks in Lyonia Preserve, live music, food, 
component for achieving any conservation goal we pursue.
of the festival is to educate the public about the scrub­jay, its unique habitat, other scrub wildlife, and the summer months. Another
squirrel battle took place in my yard. One of the little darlings
figured out how to climb around myJudy Greenberg 
10 inch baffles. The clever little guy hung on to the pole
President          Conrad H. Massa 
activities for children, environmental displays, and presentations.  Although the festival is in Volusia County,  Vice­President 
Collaborating with Like Organizations
we would like to involve surrounding counties to make this a regional event.   with his back legs and reached
Treasurer       out to grasp the edge
Larry Sutton    of the baffle with his front legs. He then 
' >?.'%#8"&$H.#-'%;'*?.'./.&*<'7?%'#.:#.-.&*'"'2$/.#-.'8#%):'%;'"8.&3$.-'"&2'&%&@:#%9*'%#8"&$H"*$%&-<'"#.'
proceeded to pullSecretary     
himself around   and on up to the
Vicki Stapp    feeder. A quick trip to Lowes and purchase 
March, 2010 – Nature Discovery Field Trip at Shady Grove Preserve. Several members
looking for volunteers to help us with the festival.  Prior to the festival, we need people to help coordinate 
of a 15 and inch baffle soon put an end to that.

volunteers  and  sponsorships,  to  help  us  keep  track  of  our  budget,  and  to  design  printed  materials  Directors (in alphabetical order):  
participated as guides in conjunction with a Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Environ-
souvenirs.  On the day of the festival, we need volunteers to help set up, tear down, and assist musicians and  Ron Broman 
mental Study. The half day program included three tours to discover the self-sustaining
speakers, and direct visitors.  If anyone from Marion County Audubon is interested in any of these roles, Mourning doves Teresa Darnell 
have discovered   my songbird feeder. Their feeding  strategy
Jim  Yaich  is to sitas on
will  continue  the
natural ecosystems of old growthopportunity for us to get the word out about this fascinating bird and its unique habitat.  Thank you for your 
woodlands, water and springs recharge systems, and
please let me know.  Even if you are unable to volunteer, we hope to see you at the festival.  This is a great 
and throw about 80
Vince Druding  percent
  of the seeds on the ground.  I really don’t know
( what to do
habitats and wildlife. assistance. about this. Any ideas short of inviting over a few hunters?
Jane Eberts   
Jane Pope  Rosalie  Coyner  will  assume  the 
Another problem this summer has been a resident Coopers Hawk
Carolyn Retey  (Sharp-shinned?).
responsibilities of Database Coordinator 
August, 2010 – Indian Lake State Forest Ten Year Resource Management Plan. Marion
Florida Scrub­Jay Conservation Coordinator My normal cardinal population is way down. I’m afraid that this
Erika Ritter  hawk has taken most of the
Audubon participated as memberFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
of the Management Plan Advisory Group. The Forest
new hatch of cardinals. Chickadees and Titmice don’t seem bothered by the hawk. They are
Bob Stenstream 
is comprised of approximately 4,462 acres located just north of Silver Springs. Endan-
1239 SW 10th Street, Ocala, FL 34471
still regular visitors to my sunflower feeder. One treat was to view 3 immature hummers at
All of the above serve as volunteers without any compensation.
gered or threatened species include Southeastern American Kestrel and4Bald Eagle.
one time at the hummingbird feeder. 5

April 13, 2011 – Bringing Nature Home – Every Day is Earth Day. Marion Audubon Make sure you keep your bird bath nice and clean for the beautiful warblers that should be
Society invites other chapters within the northeast region to a special Earth Day program here soon. A suet feeder will attract other non-seed eating birds. See you at our next pro-
at the Ocala Hilton. Doug Tallamy will address the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, gram or bird walk.
Florida Native Plant Society and Florida Audubon with a message of inspiration and col-
laboration. Larry Sutton
2010-2011 CHAPTER PROGRAMS (continued) 

February 18 – 20, 2011: Palatka River Rally for restoration of the Ocklawaha River and
St. Johns River by removal of the Rodman dam blocking fish and losing water! Program
coordinated by the Putnam County Environmental Council. For more information visit
their website at
March 24, 2011: Thursday, 7:00 p.m., Lake Rousseau Birds presented by Audubon IMPORTANT
Member Sandra Marrafino at the City of Ocala Police Department Community Room. AUDUBON INFO ENCLOSED
April 13, 2011: Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., Marion Audubon Society co-hosts an Earth
Day Program with the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs. Doug Tallamy, author and
lecturer will speak about his latest book, Bringing Nature Home - How You Can Sustain
Wildlife with Native Plants. Program will be held at the Ocala Hilton, 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 MARION AUDUBON OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS
p.m. includes reception and book signing with Doug after the program. More information
about this collaborative event will be forthcoming. OFFICERS
President Conrad H. Massa 352-873-2778
May 1, 2011: Sunday, Marion Audubon Annual Meeting & Picnic at Silver River State Vice President Judy Greenberg
Park. Bring a side dish and your favorite birding stories to share. Treasurer Larry Sutton 352-622-8655
Secretary Vicki Stapp 352-694-1542
For more information about any of the Marion Audubon programs, contact Erika Ritter at
(352) 546-5718 or by e-mail at DIRECTORS
(in alphabetical order)
Audubon Trips for 2011
Provided by Ron Broman 352-861-4560
Awareness Adventures Inc. Teresa Darnell 352-465-4618
Vince Druding 352-690-7140
March 24 & 25, 2011: Thursday & Friday, Silver River Water Birds, Meet at Ray Wayside Jane Eberts 352-816-0657
Boat Ramp at 8:30 a.m. and travel up to the Springs and back. Possible bird sightings Jane Pope 352-625-0050
include Herons, Ibis, Limpkins, Cormorants, Egrets, Morehens, Wood Ducks and more! Carolyn Retey 352-622-2850
Audubon Member $15.00 per person. Erika Ritter 352-546-5718
Bob Stenstream 352-861-8559
April 7 & 8, 2011: Thursday & Friday, Baby Blues, Meet at Moss Bluff Boat Ramp (west
side, upstream) at 9:30 a.m. and cruise to the Great Blue Heron Rookery, then back to Database Coordinator: Rosalie Coyner 352-236-4036
the ramp. Lunch on your own at the Dam Diner. Audubon Member $10.00 per person. Webmaster: Jim Yaich 352-237-9928
April 21 & 22, 2011: Thursday & Friday, Baby Blues, Same as above. Christmas Bird Count Coordinator Norm Lantz 352-854-5713
Call Captain Vince Druding to reserve your seat! (352) 690-7140 All of the above serve as volunteers without compensation.
2010-2011 NATURE WALKS
All programs are held at the City of Ocala Police Department Community Room located
at 402 S. Pine Avenue, Ocala, unless otherwise noted. The Police Department is
Meet at the walk site at 9:00 a.m. We recommend that you bring binoculars, located in the northernmost end of the Pine Street Shopping Center.
insect repellent, water and a hat. If you need additional information, please
call Carolyn Retey at (352) 622-2835. October 21, 2010: Thursday, 7:00 p.m., Marion County’s Scrub Jays. Program by
F.W.C.C. Craig Faulhaber. Learn about how to spot Scrub Jays in our county and the
October 20, 2010: Wednesday, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park Ocala National Forest. Learn about their feeding and nesting habits and why they are
18700 South County Road 325, Cross Creek, Florida Florida’s bird. Why did they spook my mule?!
GPS is Lat: 29.48028 Lon:-83.16167 

October 22 – 23, 2010: Friday & Saturday, 2010 Audubon Assembly: Protecting Flor-
ida’s Resilient Coasts and Special Places, Hilton St. Petersburg Carillon Park. Newly
November 17, 2010: Wednesday, Salt Springs Trail appointed National Audubon President David Yarnold will be speaking. If you have not
14152 State Road 19N, Salt Springs, Florida made plans to attend, visit and register now!
GPS is Lat: 29.2916 Lon:-81.70833
November 13 – 14, 2010: Saturday & Sunday, Ocali Days Festival at Silver River State
Park. Volunteers are needed to help with Marion Audubon’s informational display.
December 15, 2010: Wednesday, Ocklawaha Prairie Restoration Area
Please contact Jane Pope at (352) 685-0050 or by e-mail
GPS is Lat: 29.106434 Lon: 81.908736
if you would like to volunteer for a few hours.
From downtown Ocala, take SR 40 East 14 miles to CR 314A. Turn right (south)
on CR 314A and go 7 miles. Turn sharply right and follow S.E. 85th Street less December 14, 2010: Tuesday, Christmas Bird Count – Ocklawaha Valley Audubon.
than 1 mile to public parking area on the left. This is a major undertaking and requires a large number of volunteers to help count
birds. No prior birding experience is required. Birding teams need record keepers as well as
January 19, 2011: Wednesday, Bolen Bluff & Prairie Boardwalk spotters. Please sign up early so that the Coordinators can make team assignments.
Contact Peg Lindsay at (352) 326-2045 or e-mail at
About 4 miles south of Gainesville, East side of 441 just before Paynes Prairie.
Co-Coordinator is Barbara Gay (352) 751-6069 or e-mail at Refreshments
will be provided at the Blue House, Sunnyhill Farm, at the conclusion of the count.
February 16, 2011: Wednesday, Wood Duck Drive, Emeralda Marsh Required contribution for participation of $5.00 goes to the National Audubon Society to
GPS is 28.886547 N, -81.790555 W cover the costs incurred by the Christmas Bird Count administrators.

March 16, 2011: Wednesday, Carney Island Park, 13275 S.E. 115th Ave., Ocklawaha January 4, 2011: Tuesday, Christmas Bird Count – Marion Audubon. Contact Norm
GPS is Lat: 29.013228 Lon: -81.964723 Lantz at This count also requires lots of volunteers. No prior
birding experience is required. Birding teams need record keepers as well as spotters.
Sign up early so the team assignments can be made.
May 18, 2011: Wednesday, Orange Creek South
GPS is Lat: 29.4301 Lon: -82.0628 January 27, 2011: Thursday, 7:00 p.m., Non-Native animals of Marion and surrounding
From U.S. 301, take CR 318 east approximately three miles to the entrance sign. counties. What was that funny looking thing that just ran across the road? Program
provided by Larry Connor of the F.W.C.C. at the City of Ocala Police Dept. Community