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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka

4th 'T' Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560 041.

Dr.K.B.Lingegowda E-mail:
Registrar (Evaluation) Ph: 080 – 26961930 Fax: 26961931
Reg(E)/Ex-SPL/Dec - 2019 Date: 30/11/2019


Sub: Conduct of Superspeciality (D.M and M.Ch) Theory and

Practical Supplementary Examination of December -2019.


In continuation of this office Notification cited above, the detailed time table
for conduct of Superspeciality (D.M and M.Ch) Theory Supplementary
Examinations as follows.

Sl Examination
Date Day Time Papers
No Centre
1. 11.12.2019 Wednesday 10-00 AM to 1-00 PM Paper-I

2. 13.12.2019 Friday 10-00 AM to 1-00 PM Paper–II Bengaluru Medical

College, Fort, K.R.
3. 16.12.2019 Monday 10-00 AM to 1-00 PM Paper–III Road, Bangalore -
560 002
4. 18.12.2019 Wednesday 10-00 AM to 1-00 PM Paper-VI

Tentative Date for Clinical/Practical Examination after 7 days of theory


The work diary / Log Book certified by the Co-ordinator and Head of the
Institution has to be presented at the time of Practical Examinations.

Dr. K.B.Lingegowda
Registrar [Evaluation]
The Director/Dean of concerned colleges/Institution, Affiliated to RGUHS,
Bangalore, Karnataka.

Copy to:

1. PA to Vice-Chancellor / Registrar / Registrar (E) / Finance Officer, RGUHS,

2. All the Officers of the RGUHS, Bangalore.
3. Guard File.

C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\02.12.2019\Conduct of Super Specialty (D.M. and M.Ch) Theory Examination Center DECEMBER-2019.doc