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Laboratory Equipment PRODUCT BRIEF ™ PT Maja Bintang Indonesia is managed by professionals with experience since 1997 in trading Laboratory equipment and provide the product and service in Goverment and Private Vision: To be strong and reliable partner in the laboratory equiptmen. Mission: Serving customers to achieve their goals We will achieve this by: @ Continuously optimize our customers business throught our world-class Solutions @ Services and products © Fast and precise service @ Hight commitment of the after sales service © Continuous learning to keep abreast of new technology PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA EE GBC offers a wide range of world class instruments, including Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES), Inductively Coupled G B C Plas,a Orthogonal Aceleration Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-TOFMS, ICP-MS, Mass Spectrometry), UV-Visible Spectrometry (UV-Vis), High Performance Liquid Chromathography (HPLC), Rheometry (MFR, Micro Fourier Rheometry) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD], Materials Ana ®oeeC52 SavantAA = Wels est performing AAS “wavelength ange f 175 900m Continuously ajstable sit wath rom 0. 020 rm for both normal ng reduced height “xen ded © working ange of 175425 nm Asymmetric mediation = 40% nie reduction HYPER PULSE background corecion fr acute correction of transient background senatto25 Abs ‘Automatic Burner Rotation for measurement of over range samples without the need for s ition PR Automatic Work Head Adjusimet in vercal and horizontal direction fo optimum sexi fra elorents ho rltretemert ani “—- -Supertamp power supe forinroned sensi detection ints and eabration C Tnearty Ereronic Same Viewing (FS¥)~ enables view of furnace jection, spl yng and aching Form computer morforofcktate rete dereloprent Coded hallow cathode lamp recogniton Sens AA - Hyper-Pulse Background Correction Allows for more accurate interpolation, of "Transient Signals” such as GF and HSA 3000 signals. - Widest Wave Length Range 175- 900nm Touch Screen Technology" In-built P4 PC with 15” Monitor High Resolution TFT Touch Screen + Fully integrated Liquid Trap New State of the Art GCM (Gas Control Module) ~ Extended Lamp Life Provided by new D2 and HC power supply design = Operates on Windows XP Full 21 CFR part 11 Compliance The software is available in English, Chinese and Latin American Spanish and many others. XplorAA Wavelet range of 175-900 nm Continuously adjustable st width rom 0:1 to 2.0 nm for both normal and reduced height tatended working rnge of 175425 mn Roymmetic modulation 40% rose reduction FPERPULSE background corecton fr acufte correction of transient background Sars 025 Abs Cfuice of Single beam or Double beam optics Cteice of manval 2 lamp or motorised amp turret Cheice of Manual, Automatic oProrommable Gsbox Ontona Supe tarp power spl or imprevedsenstvty, detection its and Catraton teary Ootona Air Purge Kt wich allows clean ar fom ar ender or an compressor to ool theinstrument electonics stead of aca ambient ai EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE: CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY ay ‘SIM ICP 6000 1120-850nm wavelength range Dual View ~Fulltime Radialand Axial view RowlandCircle Optics withinear CCDs Upto 1000 times more sensitivein UVrangecomparedte EchelleICP More wavelengths available compared to EchelleICP {40 Mi free running RF generator allows fastest response to plasma changes Direct aspiration of organic and oll samples without any need for oxygen Plasma Camerafor sample viewing Patented PIP-signticantlylowers occurrence of torch meltdowns ICP OES. ‘The Quarantima offers many new inrwative 4 pm resolution guaranteed enable analysis features including the plasma Cam and PIP. _of complex matrix Patended PiP (Plasma Integrity Protection) Analyse slurry and high dissolve solid significantly reduces parasitic plasma or Without dilution or digestion within ‘donuts" from melting the torch. The sensitive to enhance Productivity plasma cam allows easy viewing from the Direct aspiration of organic samples PCScreen. without Oxygen accessories ‘over 32.000 ICP MS World's only SIMULTANEOUS Time of Fight ICP-MS + Massrange1t0260amu -Verylowppt detection limits Over 7 times faster sample throughput compared to QuadrupoleCP-MS = Fastsample screening for all masses Isotope ratio precision comparable withTIMS Patented Smartgate for removalof interfering masses Octopole Collision Cell with mass independence forinterference management during sample analysis UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Words best specicatons Wavelerath ange of 190 1,200 rm “Chote of fe or vera it with Complete range of accesories 917 exvuse allows Y samples and 7 reference samples OR can be programmed or 12 Samples and 2vetornce Samples or meease batch Se sample als Emma X-ray Diractometer -Theenhanced Mult-aterals Analyzer 3k high power Xray Generator “Optonalbighspeed mult-srp Sold Stte Detector (S50) ~$SDScanspeedof 120deg/min “Thet/2theta and Theta/Thetacofiguration “High teriperature and environmental tages Large andbulkysample stages Unique harmonic gearbox with zero backlash PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA ER The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and environmental HORIBAL enicring iviro medal degotis, semiconductor manufcturng ond melon, 00 Scientific broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Brand, Raman Spectroscopy Raman spectroscopy isa ight scattering tahnique. Interaction of laser ght wth a smple's molecules results in a Raman spectrum whichis extremely information rich, providing 1, Chemical composition and distribution 2, Molecular structure and functional group characterization 3. Crystal forms, chirality, stress, doping, defect/disorde, etc 4. Phase Transformation/reaction monitoring 5. Spectral maging/multlayer analysis ‘Application - Surface Science Paint / Powder / Coatings Chemistry / Polymers - Semiconductors Nanotechnology ~ Chemical Industry «Industral Proces Mineralogy / Geology Biology / Life Science Photovoltaic / Solar Cell Forensics Aart / Museum / Conservation -Photoluminescence Food and Beverage = Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics Display Technologies Petrochemical Industry Environmental Flourescence Spectrometer Flourescencisluminescence that resut when an electron ofa molecules absorbs energyata speciewavelenght, and then fallback om higher enery eels orignal eel releasing thenerayastont. HORIBA SCIENTIAG, the loa eader in Fourescnce Spectroscopy instrumentation ofers the mest erteraive Ine of lurescence SteadyState, RowescenceLfatime, Bld Insvumensandmisoscope based BE tovication Semiconductors Nanotechnology Chemistry Polen “protovaac Sloe “nineriggy/Gelory Chemie ndsry Pretelumiescence overt Biology / Ute Science “harmaceutel Cosmetics Food and Beverage “Art Museum Conservation “pewochereat nary “Display Teemologis “Environmental Sulfur In Oil Analyzers iy Homes eh HORUS iil YeORON A how cent characterization TheSLF series i equpped witha ltchanelspectalanaheroh precision analysisand function for mlticmensionaldata processing Bae at TE ‘ooication Semiconductors Photoluminescence Metallurgy Industral Proces ~ Chemistry / Polymers Mineralogy / Geology Photovoltaic / Solar Cll «Petrochemical Industry = Environmental EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE : CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY X-Ray flourescence is a non-destructive analytical tehnique which ollows qualitative and quantitave characterization of solids, HE ronicatin Surface Science = Semiconductors Industral Proces Photovoltaic / Solar Cell = Photoluminescence Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics HE Poviation Surface Science ~ Semiconductors = Industral Proces Photovoltaic / Solar Cell Photoluminescence Micro XRF ‘Micto-XRF combines these properties with microscopics analysis, so that individuals particles and features can be analyzed and element distribution images can be generated. Detectable element Sodium (Na) to Uranium (U)Detector : SDD (silicon Drift Detector)Aquiston : Single Point / Multipoint (point/ine/grid)Hyoerspectral XRF imaging Transmitted X-Ray mage /Elementalimage Thickness Measurement X-Ray beam diameter : 10 um, SOum, 100um, 400um, 1.2mm Nanotechnology Petrochemical Industry Paint / Powder / Coatings Mineralogy / Geolory = Forensics Food and Beverage Display Technologies = Environmental Chemistry / Polymers Portable XRF Speedy : high troughput analysis ‘Small: Portable, small footprint and light weight Simple: Reduced routine maintenance work (LN2 FREE OPERATION) ‘Smart : Chinese / English user interfaceExcel data management fool Detector : S00 (Silicon Drift Detector) Detectable Element Al (13) ~U ((82) Sample Type : Solid Liquid, Powder X-Ray irradiation site: 1.2mm, 3mm, Jmm (AUTOMATIC SWITCHING) Four types of X-Ray primary filter (AUTOMATIC SWITCHING) Power Supply : 100 - 240 V, 50/60 H2 Battery Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics Paint / Powder / Coatings = Mineralogy / Geology Forensics Food and Beverage - Display Technologies Environmental Chemistry / Polymers Chemical Industry + Biology / Life Science ‘Art / Museum / Conservation PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA Sineo Microwave Chemistry Technology (Ching) Co, LID [formerly named Shanghel Xinke Institute of Mirowave Digestion and Test Technology) i founder and leader of microwove chemistry technology in Cina. Saved from 1998, Sine has been focusing on deveoping advanced microwave chemisiy instrument with more thon 20 potended technology and over 6000 and user oround the weld. In hin, Sineo has long been recognized os armer contributor to Innovation of ample Preparation technology, Master Series The 40-vessel high throughput microwave digestion/extraction workstation developed by SINEO in 2010 obtained pleasant feedbacks from the market. The new MASTER 70-vessel ultra high throughput Closed microwave digestion/extraction workstation, surpassing all similar products on the ‘market Other core technologies including airplane Xtra Fiber digestion outer vessel, quantitative Safety Bolt patented design, UTH-Caro design of high throughput carousel, unique piezoelectric crystal pressure measuring technology and Uni-Turn technology of one direction continuous rotation of Gligestion rotorin chamber, Jupiter Series “Sait the requirements of diferent samples digestion fxtraction processing; Up to 12 vesels high throughput processing capacity, “Excise patented multifunctional safety Galt design insted of exploson-proof membraneand other consumables, -Aerospace compost fer outer veseelthe highest level of security measures; “Larpesereen color sofware inartace cher and dect-iewing in operation, bight appearance and smart in performance; Connected to and controled by computer, achieving secure remote operation, and unlimited MDS 6G (SMART) MOS-66 microwave digesio/entactionsymhesis system (nickname: SMART, a subversion of tradtion isa market-oriented pracal compact microwave digester made by Sineo with ts over 20 yours exerence; highlights the compen’ thee mejor ides of product design and abo meets Users nee nsaeyWraity” and convenience of operation MWwave-5000 'MWave-5000 multifunctional microwave chemistry workstation, integrating microwave synthesis, istlation, concentration, pressurized or decompressive reaction and low temperature microwave reaction together, is a multipurpose workstation for microwave chemistry researches. This product Inherits technologies of former MAS microwave synthesis system and combines advanced microwave MAS-II Plus [MAS-II Plus microwave synthesis/extraction reaction workstation, that can meet various experiment plans,has @ rational, friendly and simple operation design itis widely used in researches,such as organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, organic extraction, food science, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, protein research,petrochemical engineering and materials chemistry, etc. MAS-II Plus supplies versatile eaction platform thats superior to regular heatingmethod, EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE : CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY « x = SGE Product Selection | 56 Years For workers in many laborotores around the world, SGE is synonymous with te highest quality n chvometogrophy onponensandconsumabes. Thecompanyhasestablshedalkadingreputetonover 'SGE Analytical Science #25070. mescetronéwiiveanandconine to grow hist supported Ton ants wel-estabished network of dstrbutos SGE provide a comprehensive product range for almost any SBTRAJAN. omatcarophic application Optimize yourlbortor/wth hese essentlconsmoblitens. Liquid Gas Liquid Handling Chromatography Chromatography PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA Aijiren Technology HPLC & GC Consumables Manufacturer HPLC&GC Consumables Manufacturer With high quality PTFE and scone rubber erultropuresiconastaw materls, the nar-txisept re ‘assured By using the technology of non adhesive to sik PTFE membrane with scone rubber or slea gels prsibleforthetwo materials {okeep teiroun excelent properties. Thus when the PTFElayerof the composited septa touch thereagentexcellen chemicl resistance wll ‘appearFor examples acid fezt hos good ala rexstonce,heot resistance and ant adhesion ebilty.ven inthe high temperature and Strong aod, strong alkal or strong older they won't be affected. At the same time, with the using ofthe east scare rubber or slicone lover superb sealing peformanceisquaranteed, Micro Insert, Shell, Polypropylene Vials 2 ml Screw Thread Vials ™m G00 {i f 2_ml Snap & Crimp Top Vials ee Storage Vials HIRSCHMANN’ DISPENSER: i i i . , 3 5 s|\@ 8s #& & pus Dispense § nus Dispense eras Fix Dispense ceramus HE Ceramus Clase TITRATION UNIT % 2 & EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE : CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY The principals of Photron each have more than 40 years of experince bothn the design of spectroscopic instruments and ight sources. The design forall amps produced are based on ectuol use ard experience with otomic absorption, UV-visible spetrophometers and other spectrescopicinstruments. Constant development of alloys, intr metal species and cathode surface technology ensures the analyst ofthe PHOTRON Hollow Cathode Lamps For Direct use in AAS ystems manufacture by lent, Vara, Analy tena ‘Therm Fer GEC, Unieam and alother makes Hollow Cathode Lamps ‘These hollow cathode lamps are produced to provide direct use without adapters in all Perkin-Elmer, ‘Adnalyst & AAS instruments. All windows on these lamps are fully fused and ‘contain no “gazsy" adhesives which drastically reduce shelflife Deuterium Lamp Visible Lamp ft ih Power Suplly Protron's Superiamp power suply can be ft tomany Atomic Absorbtion Testruments indudngs Varin, Perkin Eimer GBC Slee Una, Hitch, himadz, analitiena dru many others Proton als fe adaptors which may be required to tthe power suply to same Instruments. The Supelamp powersupplyhasobainedthe markcetfcaton PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA THE LAB GAS YOU NEED, ONSITE & ON-DEMAND GET BETTER RESULTS WITH A COST-EFFICIENT, RELIABLE AND SAFE ON-SITE GAS GENERATOR FROM PROTON ONSITE. HE BI Proton onsite so gibol leader in hydrogen energy and innovative gas solutions. Since 1996, we have ‘been developing and applying hydrogen technology in creative and practical woys thot best meets the PROTON diverse requirements of our customers. Our advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis THE LEADERIN ON SITE GAS GENERATION ystems coupled with our uncompromising attention to excellence and quality enables us to deliver, Instllandsuppor gas generation units aneveryeomtinent. Nitrogen Generator Protons nitrogen generators are deslgned to utile your exiting ar source and produce nitrogen ondemand, Some generatorsan produce wth litle tono energy consumption tll This good cents for your laboratory and reat sense for ourfuure. house lrisntan option, we design high eficenoy air soures that work wth ur systems to manage your aboratry demand _ Hydrogen Generator 4 Aut il water level control Compact se and quiet operation Water monitoring system Including purity monitor Automatic production control Purge srlow montoringsstem assures safeoperation Including malntenance reminder report alas, bull touchscreen dlspay | Removable watertark p Automatic leak detection system Zero Air Zero Airis one ofthe most popular gas sources used in analytical laboratories. Proton Onsite enerators produce clean zero-grade air utilizing catalytic reactor technology and PSA technology which wil meet diferent requirements for various labs.Using an on-site gas generator not only saves tremendous valuable bench-top space, but also optmizes the operation-no more waiting for delivery, switching empty units, or recalibrating new cylinders-plugin, anditisalset. IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE: CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY GEL’ BALANCE g ANALYTICAL BALANCE (resolution 0.00019) HIGH PRECISION (esolution 0.001 9) MICROSCOPE . ——~ TUDE BEL Engneering® sis anita company menufocture of Electronic precision Salances and lboratory scientific Instruments, with headquarters i Monza (Mion), TAL. The company wos born othe beginning ofthe Eighties, tong core from the very beginning tots own production trough aconstant and deep scientfc ondtechnological research. The experience storedin the yearsand thedlrect design of ourproductsensuresto BEL Ergineringstltobe strongly innovative and tobe able to give on accurate ond quick Service thank oa quoified and shld personel, Thanks to these features and 0. refined "talon sve", each product of Bel Engineering combines Quay, Design and Performance. Se JS MARK S SERIES TECHNICAL resolution from 0,00'g to 0.19) (resolution 0.19) HIGH CAPACITY PRECISION (Capacity higher than 10 kg) (resolution 001 g) i — BIOLOGICAL STEREO SPECTROMETER UV-VISIBLE VISIBLE V-MS UV VISIBLE UV-M51 DOUBLE BEAM UV-M90 & THERMOBALANCES solution 0,001 g) INVERTED # ACCSESSORIES PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA LEGACY OF PERFORMANCE, AFUTURE OF INNOVATION The World's Choice in Water solutions hase new look \We ae a global eer in syppoting laboratory and industrial customers to improve the world’s most fundamental O evoaua ‘notua resource: Woter We have mere than 30 years of experience of novation, market-leading expertise, and ‘unmatched customer service. Our cost-effectweand reliable purification systems ensure uninterupted quantity and ‘quality of woter We prepare customers for next-generation demands The water quoity we offer exceeds al relevant :tandords including ASTM Type | CLSl and IS 3696 Tpe |. Icon be used forall typical laboratory applications from AAS, routine analysis up to Critical cell and tisue cultures and Pyrogen sensitive oppliations For industrial customers, we offer systems up to 10 /h to ful al their needs EVOQUA LABOSTAR™ PRODUCTS Highest Water Quality Output Type | LaboStar PRO TWF UV -Micro-und molecular biology “PCR “HPLC -TOCAnalyss “Type il Water EVOQUA LABOSTAR™ PRO TWF From Tap to Utrapure Water in Only One Innovative Step (Output Type I end Type | LaboStar PRO TWF -Generalanalysis -IC -Standardbuffer ICP ARS -Cellandtissue culture “6c Pyrogen applications “Typelllwater — -CCFoodIndustry ULTRA CLEAR™ TWF GLASS PANEL SYSTEMS ‘Special Black Glass Panel Edition -Top Water Feed Output :Type land Type! TYPICALAPPLICATION Ultra Clear GP Uta clear oP Una Clear GP WF qweuviuvim © TWeUVUF/UVUF TM HPLC RNase ONaee- and DNA rae te NA sequencing ccandccms “pak Tigpansicems “NF 2.-elecrophoress rca el snd tissue culture yrogeneeratve applications EVOQUA ULTRA CLEAR™ TP TWF SYSTEMS Direct Purity Tap Water Feed (Output : Type tl and Type | ‘TYPICAL APPLICATION Uta Clear TWF UV UF and UV UF TM. Pyrogen ses paleo EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE : CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY PROTEGRA CS™ RO ‘Meeting oll pure water demands All systems are equloped with an RS 232 interface TYPICAL APPLICATION Ultra Clear TWF UV UF and UV UF TH Fed ribet virapre nate stems EVOQUA DEIONIZER Latest Technology, Highest Quality, Environmentally Friendly FIELDS OF USE TYPICAL APPLICATION Nicoboloy Una Clear TWF UV UF and UV UF TM: inal osahingot Ro water Power ans ating ntusy “Typo ator pers erty iegohnem congeetsa 75° 0% hte 254 nem ot path (AL ns Sie eh za “ype Water 1503686 Water Spcteies ess ese apes 25) uote 25mm ote 2 / Sie ner ‘ype 1 Water es est fnegohem onpease 25) ° Tea) Na sire oo Dees ser eaporanon heigat C Na. PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA Fiocchetti REFRIGERATOR Laboratory Equipment Ultrasonic Bath Thebrond Fiocchet wos born towards the endofthe'60 asthe esultofacompany focused on the manufacturing of cooling equipment for catering ond medica feds. The choice to dismiss the production of catering veeigerators derived, after yeors, from the precse will af specalzing on development and manufacturing of top quality refrigertorsforphormacis, hospital blood transfusion centers. aINCUE ‘Suministos Grupo fsper, Sis a company with an experience of more than S yeas in the development and ‘ommerciolzotion of technicl instrument or laboratories, made up of professionals from ver diferent feds and ‘experiences Thisfeotureand he factof et being committed with previous design has made posible the launching ‘of realy innovative designs at highly competitive prices. OVAW isthe brand used by Suministos Grupo Esper S.. 2 ‘market tsstandordlaborater/products. Our designsare intended tomeetthe customer needs andoptimiedor the ‘manufoctring, makingpossblethe obtaining o the best products otthe mast competivve prices. Digital Hotplate Bath Incubator : S * my y Vibramix Digital Horizontal Shaker Bio Safety Cabinet > en @ |i ES EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE: CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY EES ee CA PP ‘Copp aS ia paivotely owned Danish manufacturing company that enjoys the reputation ofa dependoble supa of laud handing products al across the world due tots strong focus on providing Innovative and user friendly globo standard premium Squid nonding equipments MICROPIPETTES a Ecopipette Single Channel Capptra Single Channel Capp Microbiology Pipette CCappMaesto electoni oF T , od Ay peliPlus Reload Tips BENCHTOP ‘ iy Stine Capeondo Plate Shaker a we @ Microplate Washer | |_CappRondo Cncal Certtuge | |_Capp LiuMaster Workstation | | _CappRond Mnicentifuge PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA Microbiology Lab Automation IULSA storted business octvties in 987. Its goo! end reason of being sto provide an easier, more comfortable, sofe and ‘relable microbilogialcontralfor the industry, by prowding the design and manufacturing of st umentaton for such purpose. TheinstrumentsthetIULS.A. designsand builds cvera wide range thot goesfrom eectromechoncalapparatustoastate of the ort software forplte reading incluing hgh precision nstruments forthe measureof volumes ondweights Sion Se Ener Erase or ¥+@- ats] # PIE PIE Oe Pe PS 2 S EEE ome iid 00 f » f = iy : ai a EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE : CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY s ‘ Founded in 1988 by two senior engineers, East & West Analytical Instruments Ine. (EWAI}hascover EVI | MPLY 25 years of experience in providing a wide range of analytical solutions to fulfil ts customer's PRECISE heeds.From the begining, innovation has always been atthe core of our busines. With the Ineraduction of GC-MS 3100 in 2007, we were the fist domestic manufacture to produce © commercial GCMS system. Through continuous focus on research ond development, we have ‘expanded ur product linet include GC, GC-MS, HPL, AAS, AFS ond XRF. Along the way, we have collected more thon 30 patents and more thon 100 owords and certfiates. Our quolty products provide slutionsfor applications ranging from mining to fodsafety lon Chromatograph A uique design with a selfrepenerating micrommembrane Suppressor that features a large suppresion capac low background conducthvty, low dead’ volume, low time to stably, high reproduc, along with ease of operation and raintenance - The full PEEK flow sytem prevents metal contamination, can withstand high pressures, is resistant to ai, altall and is compatible wth orgaricsclerts = The detectors a thermal conductivity detector with acta temperature control system that features high senstivity stability accurayandrelabily GC SERIES Five detectors to choose from: thermal conductivity detector {TCD}, flame ionization detector (FID), flame photometric detector (FPO), nitrogen phosphorus detector (NPD), electron capture detector (ECO), Light weight and flexible, this instrument is especially suited for ‘on-site analysis atenvironmental disasters and emergencies. HPLC SERIES. «= Based onthe solid and durable design of theLC-SS10pump, the 1LC-5520 pump features an improved pump drive system. This improvement resultsin a smoother transition between the two pump drivers during the infusion process. + Features 3 unique refractive index suppression technology, ‘which when usediin conjunction with along 40mm optical path cell, greatly improves the detection sensitivity, and reduces the dynamicnokse. - Features a double parallel piston pump with a stable flow rate {and high-precision control and high-pressure Infusion flow of| upto SOmi/min = Variable wavelength UV detector, firmware controlled ‘wavelength scanning Patented pulse buffering technology ensures astabletow rate. Can be equipped with a greater luminescence detector or a PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA Microlll Microlit established in 1991 has emerged as a successful and reliable source of liquid handling instruments. We are a proud R&D oriented company who believes in an- swering the needs of the customers and introducing innovative products. Microlit is proud to present most advanced, state of the art Dispenser in the world : Ultimus. With a world wide patented technology Microlit's R&D has delivered a prod- uct that combines unique functionality, user-friendliness and performance. Ultimus offers its users 4 modes of dispensing in one Dispenser. Ultimus Bottle Top Dispenser Microlit has yet again answered the needs of the customers. With this Bottle Top Dispenser Microlit’s R&D has solved the biggest problem of the users. Re-filling the bottle and rins- ing the instrument WITHOUT DISMOUNTING from the Bottle. Microlit is proud to present most advanced, state of the art Dispenser in the world : Ultimus. Motorized Titration © Motor Controlled piston movement. © Re-circulation system allows quick purging without loss of reagent. © Easy, user-friendly, TFT touchscreen guides you to per form quick and accurate titration. © Three dispensing speeds including drop-wise dispensing allows you to achieve the end point very accurately, © Dispensing can be performed by a touch of the screen and stops immediately when the touch is removed. © 20 results can be saved in memory. © Computer connectivity. © Conforms to ISO 8655 standards. EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE: CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY T-RANS EE INSTRUMENTS for the professionals Our mission is to design, manufacture and market scientific and instrumentation products meeting the world quality standard and at prices comfortable with our cus- tomers. We are a specialist manufacturer of scientific instruments. Our mission is to design, manufacture and market scientific and instrumentation products meeting the world quality standards and at prices comfortable with our customers. eunneneee The WalkLAB Professional pH Meter HP9010 is a portable yet highly accurate pH meter. It is used in all industries as well as commercial and educational teach- ing aids. The meter uses a regular BNC con- nector and accepts a variety of other electrodes for special mea- surement needs, The meter comes complete in a hard carrying case with calibration buffer solutions. Advanced Features: Large LCD with Multiple Display Display of pH, temperature and time simultaneously Cymer Autolock Measurement Meter automatically sense a stabilized endpoint reading This ensures workers only takes in an accurate reading all the time and every time. Multi-point calibration ‘Automatic buffer recognition with built in standards; ISO - pH7.00, 4.01, 10.01 NIST - pH6.68, 4.01, 9.18 Custom - Manual set to any buffer standard Up to 5 points calibration Electrode status indicator Able to display percentage of slope of the electrode after succes- sive calibration. This feature enables user to determine if the electrode should be replaced due to wear and tear. Real Time Memory Able to save records of up to 99 data memory with date and time, enable download to PC. Online PC link Able to link to a PC for online display with optional PC kit (sold separately) and download saved data Meter uses regular AAA size batteries and tap power source from PC when connected via the USB cable. Microlit is proud to present most advanced, state of the art Dis- penser in the world : Ultimus. | ie | Telp. 021 8430 4918 | 2430 4853, Fax. 021 8430 9684 PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA Technologies BWB Technologies are an American owned, UK company focused on the design, manufac- ture and sales of award winning flame photometers. Drawing on an Anglo-American team of leading industry specialists we strive to create high quality, cost effective products that redefine what is achievable with a low temperature flame From our manufacturing plant in Newbury, England, BWB Technologies have introduced a series of flame photometer products, and accessories, which exceed existing expectations in terms of specification, usability, accuracy, reporting, build quality and value for money. Just add gas! all accessories supplied as standard. Up to 5 channels of simultaneous detection and display Built-in air compressor ,reduces noise in- creasing instrument stability, accuracy and reproducibility. Vv Advanced calibration system, can store cali- bration data and perform multi-mode cali- brations Interfaces , Connect to your PC using either USB or RS232 User selectable units of measure ppm, mmo/I, mg/l and meq/I New modern technology offers increased ac- curacy and reliability Computer connectivity as standard! Ease of use Long term savings Ce wv WW Selective analysis wv wa Reliable & simple Fast! just a matter of seconds to obtain re- sults. i EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE: CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY SNOL Customized for your hot innovations We began our journey in thermal process equipment market since the foundation of a lab- oratory electric furnace factory in a small Lithuanian town of Utena in 1960 Today we are producing over 70 models of Laboratory furnaces and ovens and over 90 models of Industrial furnaces/ovens. Our products are market leaders in CIS countries and gradually we are building our brand awareness all over the world We pay particular attention to our product development by using advanced technologies and scientific processes. Our qualified personnel and premium materials result in high quality, reliability, and durability of our manufactured products, Low power consumption Y Uniformity + 10°C Robust construction - strong and durable Y Perfect for aggressive environment v Over Temp Protection and buzzer wv Fan speed controller v Uniformity + 1° - +5°C Y temperature measured in 9 points = v Fast heating time ~ Low power consumption Y Good stability + 1°C Y Thermal shock - resistant Y Uniformity + 10°C temperature measured in 9 points I: / / Muffle Furn: PT.MAJA BINTANG ee =Fungilab Leading Viscosity Technology INDONESIA Fungilab is a family-owned company founded in Barcelona. With more than 30 years of experience in the viscosity world, Fungilab has since become a premier manufacturer and supplier of quality control equipment for viscosity measurement. Our main focus since the company’s establishment has been to research, develop and manufacture the most innovative and technologically advanced viscometers. We offer our clients only the highest in quality and efficiency, ensuring top performance and consis- tent accuracy with all of our products. “Er Alpha series rotational viscometers allow fast and accurate viscosity readings. They are low budget and easy to use. Features 4 lines LCD display and keyboard controls, 10 Languages options Sound alarm Under or over range ,Universal adapter ,All accessories such as Brookfield (Optional) ,Friendly user auto range,Display of maxi ‘mum measurable limits Displayed info Viscosity (cP or mPa-s) % Torque, Spindle , speed , Auto-test , It checks the internal function in order to make the unit ready to use Viscosity Reading, Relative and absolute viscosity. Other features Unit converter SI to CGS. AUTO-TEST with sound and visual malfunction alarm, AUTO-RANGE function. User-enabled calibra- tion. Senter Viscometer monitored by our Fungilab Data Boss software, offer a wide and unique range of rheological applications. Features Latest keyboarding technology, comfortable and easy to handle (12 Keys) 10 Languages options Program features, Time to torque, Time to stop ,10 working memories, Customizable option (Speeds), Programmable: Multistep/Ramp Unit Converter (IS or CGS) Special features Graphic mode allows to analyze & visualyze characteristics of the flow curves 2600 Speeds to measure wide range of viscosity samples Bidi- rectional USB interface USB interface , Faster transfer data to the computer Viscosity readings Absolute viscosity (cP or mPa:s) Apparent Viscosity (cP or mPa:s) Kinematic viscosity (cSt, mm/sec) Data displayed , Selected speed , Selected Spindle, Viscosity readings (cP or mPa:s or cSt) Percentage of Full Scale Range (%), Sample Tem- perature (oC or oF), Shear rate (with coaxial spindles) (s-1), Shear Stress (with coaxial spindles) (N/m2), Density (introduced by the user) (gicm3) Datalogger USB allows data transfer to a Excel format Other features- Time to torque: target torque pre-setting device-Time to stop: target time pre-setting device. AUTO-TEST with sound and visual malfuction alarm AUTO-ARANGE function EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICI CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY The Viscoball measures accurately the viscosity of transparent Newto- nian liquids and gases (with a special glass ball) Features New Changeable angle Fixed angle Complies with DIN 53015 /1SO 12058 Kit of 6 balls , Wide viscosity range covered ‘Simple thermostatic Measuring with easy conection to our thermovisc series Viscosity readings Dinamic (cP or mPa:s) Kinematic (cSt) Reproducibility: 0.5% Comparability: 1% Viscosity range 0.5 - 1085 mPa-s (cP) 0.5 - 105 mPa (cP) ~ High accuracy through improved visibility of falling ball. = Minimized test time due to accurate return run of the ball ~ Reduced cost of ownership through increased life time of falling tube. - Extended re-calibration periods through improved bearing support. Materials The instrument is supplied with 6 balls, control thermome ter (-1 to +26°C) cleaning tools, calibration sheet and instruction manual. Complies with DIN 53015 /1SO 12058 === Precision bath, temperature controlled for capillary viscometers. Features Precision Viscometer Bath, sultable for capillary viscometers Can- non-Fenske, Ubbelohde, Ostwald, Tube 8S/U, Cannon-Manning semimicro, Ubbelohde BS/ IP/SL, BS/IP/SL (S) and BS/IP/MSL. Universal support for capillary viscometers, manufactured in PTFE, stainless steel AIS1304 subjection clamp. Indicated for: - Cannon-Fenske Routine = Cannon-Fenske Opaque - Ubbelohde = Ostwald - BS UTube PT.MAJA BINTANG INDONESIA TRANS INSTRUMENTS for the professionals We ate a specialist manufacturer of scientific instruments. Our mission is to design, manufacture and market scientific and instrumentation products meeting the world quality standards and at prices comfortable with our customers. With our flexibility, we are able to meet the requirements of our customers in terms of product qual- ity, delivery and price. As such, we have attained the International Standards ISO 9001 status on our manufacturing processes and the facility. Products sold to European market are CE mark ready and meets EMC requirements. Peake ea) The WalkLAB Professional pH Meter HP9010 is a portable yet highly ac- X curate pH meter. It is used in all industries as well as commercial and educational teaching aids. The meter uses a regular BNC connector and accepts a variety of other electrodes for special measurement needs. The meter comes complete in a hard carrying case with calibra- tion buffer solutions, Advanced Features: - Large LCD with Multiple Display - Electrode status indicator 7 - Autolock Measurement - Real Time Memory -Multi-point calibration - Online PC link SER Sune a aad ue Advanced Features: - Large LCD with Multiple Display Display of pH, temperature and time simultaneously - Hold Display function Automatically lock reading when a stable reading is established - Multi point calibration ‘Automatic buffer recognition with built in standards: ISO - pH7.00, 4.01, 10.01 NIST - pH6.68, 4.01, 9.18 Custom - Manual set to any buffer standard.Up to 5 points calibration een a) ‘The HM3070 AquaCombo meter is specially designed for full portabili- ty, simplicity and ease of use which meets general environmental mea- surements. With a pH range of 2 to 12pH at a resolution of 0.1, Conduc- tivity of up to 69s, salinity up to 42ppt, Dissolved Oxygen level up to 30ppm and temperature of 0 to 60°C, the meter is ideally suitable for Aquaculture monitoring, open or closed water systems, environmental water checks, waste water control etc. Calibration is made simple with 3point buffer recognition calibration for pH, single point calibration at a preferred Conductivity range and in-air calibration for Dissolved Oxygen. This meter is robust and rugged with a waterproof rating at IP67 for usage in hash weather conditions. Regular Imeter cable probe for pH and conductivity and 3 meter cable probe for DO will meet most mea- suring situation. Meter is able to store up to 99 data memory on site. Now everyone, even site workers can operate this simple to use Aqua- Combo meter EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT AND SERVICE: CONTRACT SERVICES AND WARRANTY SS CeEmlTwuRicg4i Mating Science Look Good PrO-Analytical Centrifuges Built to last, these Centrifuges have strong construction yet, offer a sleek modern design that will fit into any modern laboratory. No compromises on quality, only the best components are used in the manufa turing process, By working with all our suppliers, our reliability has been retained and improved to give all our range a 3 year warranty as standard. Lace SNe LS (230V 50/60Hz) (1 10V 60H2) Bench Model ‘Speed 500-4,000 Rpm (10 Rpm steps) Ref Max 3,800 G Timer 0-99 Mins & Hold (30 sec steps) Dimensions HWD 375 x 630 x 630mm. Weight 70 Kg (without rotor) Power 900 Watts ‘Memory 10 programs Accel rates 10 programs Decel rates 10 programs Temp Ambient - 90°C PID Controlled to + /- 1°C (40 - 90) Cem Centrifuge (1L) CR4000. (230V 50/60Hz). 1.CR4000. (110V 60H) ‘Speed 500-15,000 Rpm (10 Rpm steps) Ref Max 22,000 G Timer 0-99 Mins & Hold (30 sec steps) Dims HWVD. 310 x 400 x 500mm Weight 32 Kg (without rotor) Power 310 Watts Memory 10 programs Accel rates 10 programs Decel rates 10 programs re MU eC eer ee uit: ( 9 1006. (230V 50/60H2). 1.C1006. (110V 60Hz) ‘Speed max 500-8,000 Rpm (10 Rpm steps) Rf max 6100 G Timer 0-99 Mins & Hold (30 sec steps) Dims HWD 235 x 235 x 350mm Weight 12.8Kg (without rotor) Power 140 watts Memory 10 programs Accel Rates 10 programs Decel Rates 10 programs ip. 021 8430 4918 | 8430 4853, Fax. 021 8430 9684 EI. Service Solution Division TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR ALL PT MBI PRODUCT Melakukan instalasi, commisioning dan training user untuk semua produk yang di jual oleh PT Maja Bintang Indonesia Melakukan perawatan dan rekalibrasi untuk semua produk yang dijual oleh PT Maja Bintang Indonesia Menyediakan jasa kontrak service meliputi perawatan rutin dan kalibrasi untuk semua produk PT Maja Bintang Indonesia | TRAINING AND APPLICATION Mengadakan beberapajenis training, antaralain Training on site di fokasi lab - Training in site di fasilitas PT Maja Bintang Indonesia - Training troubleshooting untuk produk AAS GBC Scientific bagi semua end user Pelatihan pengembangan aplikasi untuk analisa spectroscopy dan chromatography | ONE STOP STORE Menyediakan beberapa produk pendukung instrument di laboratorium seperti : UPS, Stabilizer, Compressor, Regulator Gas, tubing gas, motor blower | ONE STOP SERVICE Menyediakan jasa untuk semua produk brand, antaralain - Reinstallation alat lab semua merk - Perbaikan alat lab semua merk Pengecekan awal gratis untuk perbaikan Pembuatan instalasi tubing gas stainless - Penjualan Instrumen refurbished Jalan Raya Bina Marga No.32B Cipayung Jakarta Timur 13820, Indonesia Telp. 021 8430 4918 | 8430 4853, Fax. 021 8430 9684 @ FT Maja Bintang indonesia @ GEM