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C 348/100 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 3.12.


(1999/C 348/125) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0565/99

by Roberta Angelilli (NI) to the Commission

(12 March 1999)

Subject: Paleontological and ichthyological park

A number of Italian citizens have set up a company to promote various cultural and scientific projects with the
aim of setting up a ‘Paleontological and Ichthyological Park’. They also plan to produce biomodels and studies
and put them onto the Internet so that they can be accessible to the widest possible public.

The scheme, which is of a particularly advanced type, would also be backed by the ‘Ingen’ company which
would employ workers from the poorer sections of society and thereby provide an opportunity to generate
employment and show solidarity.

Can the Commission state whether:

1. there are any programmes which this project would be eligible to join;

2. there are any similar schemes in the other Member States and, if so, can it name them;

3. there are any studies on this subject?

Answer given by Mr Oreja on behalf of the Commission

(7 May 1999)

1. The plan to set up a palaeontological and ichthyological park could come under the Raphael programme
on the grounds of its cultural aspects, provided the subsidiarity principle is observed and at least three
MemberStates or countries which have concluded association agreements with the Community participate in
the project. However, since the deadline for submitting projects for 1999 has passed, we will have to await the
developments following from the adoption of the Culture 2000 programme.

The specific programme ‘Improving Human Research Potential and the Socio-economic Knowledge Base’
includes a new activity the main objective of which will be to raise public awareness of scientific and
technological research, in particular that undertaken under European research programmes, thereby bridging
the gap between science in its European dimension and the public. This should help European citizens to
understand more fully the beneficial impact of science and technology on their day-to-day lives as well as the
limitations and possible implications of research and technological developments. Participants will include
organisations involved in promoting science communication and awareness of science, in developing policy
and understanding in the area of public awareness of science and technology, or in encouraging the
dissemination and the impartial, balanced use of science-related information. The term ‘science communica-
tion’ covers in particular the media, producers of educational material, museums of science and technology,
and providers of science-related electronic information services. The establishment of a palaeontological and
ichthyological park could be eligible under the measures to raise public awareness. The first call for proposals
was launched on 16 March 1999. The deadline for submitting proposals is 2 June 1999. A second call for
proposals will be issued next year.

2. The Commission does not have the information requested.

3. In the past one project concerning palaeontology was submitted and received financing. It was the
Mopem project (97/M/TV/20) coordinated by Bologna University, with the officially backed participation of
France and Portugal. It received a Community contribution of € 250 000 under the Raphael programme.