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AIESEC International Traineeship Program

Application Booklet


Welcome to the AIESEC International Traineeship Exchange Program

Application Booklet! Completing this booklet will enable us to determine whether
you are likely to be able to find a suitable international traineeship through our
program and help to explain the next steps in the process toward finding a

For over 50 years now, AIESEC has been helping young people to gain
meaningful personal, professional and cultural experience in the pursuit of our
mission of building greater understanding between nations. AIESEC traineeships
last between 8 weeks and 18 months and start at any point during the year,
giving you the flexibility to decide when the best time is for you to gain your
international experience, with an on-the-ground network of student-run Local
Committees in 85 countries helping you to learn about another culture - and
about yourself.

If you have any questions about the process or the AIESEC International
Traineeship Program, please do not hesitate to get in touch!
You can contact us through


Nov. 6, 2004

to Abdallah Khan ( ,

and sign up for an interview time on Scott Zacher’s door: Rm 303 at
Kellogg Building (2001 Sheridan Rd.), ALSO:


(made payable to Aiesec United States) – ONLY NECESSARY AFTER


In order for us to review your application, please make sure that you
submit the entire application on time.

International Traineeship Exchange Process

Complete this application and return it to your Local Committee with
• a check for $45, made payable to AIESEC United States and
• a personal resume which includes language skills, technical skills or any work
experience you have. Note that we will require your language skills to be
tested, if necessary.

This application will be screened for your matchability in AIESEC’s international

pool of traineeships.

If you pass the resume review, you will be called for an interview either in a group
or individually. The interview process is designed to screen at a basic level for
your suitability to participate in a cross-cultural traineeship exchange program.
Once accepted onto the program, you will gain access to AIESEC’s international
database of traineeships and preparation services.

In order to ensure the quality of the candidates AIESEC US is sending abroad,
and the quality of your international experience, you must attend the modules of
cultural preparation for your traineeship. You are subject to being removed from
the Aiesec International Traineeship Program at any point up to being matched
to a traineeship if you are not meeting these requirements.

You are responsible for searching through AIESEC’s database of international
traineeship opportunities and communicating internationally to find a match for
your preferences. (You will receive training on how best to do this most
effectively). In addition, you will be assigned a personal consultant to monitor and
assist you with this process.
When you find a traineeship that you are interested in, you will be asked to give
your personal consultant a $455 check which only be cashed once the company
has accepted you.

In order to ensure the quality of the service AIESEC provides and to reinforce
your international traineeship experience, you must fulfill the requirements of
cultural reintegration upon return to the US and complete a post-traineeship
evaluation form. Upon completing this program, you will be refunded $50 by

By signing this, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above.
Name: Date:

Your Name:


Telephone Number:

E-mail Address:

Do you reside at this address when school is not in session? If

not, please leave your alternative contact details:


Telephone Number:

Person to contact in case of emergency:



Telephone number:

Relationship to Applicant:

What College do you attend?


What year are you in College?


What is your major(s)?


When do you expect to graduate?

Have you graduated? Yes ____ No ____


Please place an x next to whichever of these countries you would be

willing to go to for an AIESEC International Traineeship. In the space
below, please give your reasons for your decisions.

Argentina Dominican Republic Panama
Bolivia Ecuador Peru
Brazil El Salvador Puerto Rico
Canada Guatemala United States
Chile Mexico Uruguay
Columbia Netherlands Venezuela
Costa Rica Antilles

Armenia Greece Romania
Austria Hungary Russia
Belgium Iceland Slovakia
Bosnia & Ireland Slovenia
Herzegovina Israel Spain
Bulgaria Italy Sweden
Croatia Latvia Switzerland
Czech Republic Lithuania Netherlands
Denmark Macedonia, FYRO Turkey
Estonia Malta Ukraine
Finland Norway United Kingdom
France Poland Yugoslavia
Germany Portugal

Asia Pacific
Australia Japan Papa New Guinea
China (Taipei) Korea Philippines
Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore
India New Zealand Sri Lanka
Indonesia Pakistan Thailand
Africa Kenya
Botswana Morocco Liberia
Cameroon Nigeria South Africa
Cote d’Ivoire Senegal
Egypt Sierra Leone


By Duration

Earliest start date (dd-mm-yy):

Latest end date (dd-mm-yy):

Duration is:
Minimum weeks (8-78)
Maximum weeks (8-78)

By Language
English Speaking West Africa – English French Speaking World
World speaking French Speaking
English Speaking Asia Spanish Speaking Europe
English speaking Africa World West Africa – French
German Speaking speaking

By Exchange Type

Please select the type of traineeship that you are interested in taking part in. You
may select one traineeship type.

Management Traineeship - The student has the opportunity to work in a

company, NGO, government, university or other organization and will spend the
majority of his/her time working in areas related to management. These areas
may include finance, accounting, marketing, project management, organizational
management or human resources.

Development Traineeship - The student has the opportunity to work in a

company, NGO, government, university or organization and will spend the
majority of his/her time working in areas related to community development
issues. These areas may include children’s rights, environmental issues,
education, rural development and entrepreneurship.

Technical Traineeship - The student has the opportunity to work in a

company, NGO, government, university or organization and will spend the
majority of his/her time working in areas related to information technology or
engineering projects. These areas may include web development and
management, software development and programming, system analysis and
design, network management and database management. Technical skills,
experience and expertise are required to participate in this type of traineeship.

Educational Traineeship - The student has the opportunity to work in a

company, NGO, government, university or organization and will spend the
majority of his/her time working in areas related to information technology or
engineering projects. These areas may include general teaching and linguistic
teaching traineeships.
Please place a cross next to the fields of experience listed below
that you would consider applying for:

Accounting Organization Management

Business Administration Personnel


Computer Programming Project


Economics Tourism

Engineering Transportation and



Hotel and Restaurant Management


International Trade

Linguistics (usually English teaching positions)


Please answer the following questions, restricting your responses to
the space provided. These questions are not meant to stress you out,
but simply to give us more insight into what your goals and objectives.
Please type your responses, and not hand-write them.

Why do you want to go on an AIESEC Traineeship? What do you

hope to gain from the experience?
How will you contribute to your home community once you
return from your AIESEC traineeship?

Where do you envision yourself in ten years? How will an

AIESEC traineeship help you to realize that vision?
Fee Schedule & Refund Policy
- Turn in a $45 check and your resume (CV) along with this application. We will review
your application and if you make it, you will be called for an interview. For those who
make it through the interview, you will gain access to our database of jobs.
- When you find a traineeship that you would like to apply to, you will give us a check for
-The check is only cashed after you have been accepted to a job and it has been
- Upon return to the US, you must fill out an evaluation and receive a refund for $50.

Aiesec Refund Policy: Please read through this document carefully. By signing
it you are agreeing to the terms and conditions contained below. No exceptions
will be made.
-The application fee for $45 is non-refundable.
-Unless the participant has secured a traineeship through AIESEC, the check for $455
will not be cashed. If the participant is unable to find a suitable traineeship within their
specified timeline, they will be eligible for a refund of $455.
-In order to be eligible for a $455 refund, the participant must submit a refund request
within one year of signing the Aiesec Contract.
-If a participant accepts an offer of employment from a foreign corporation and later
chooses to break that agreement, or accepts two international offers simultaneously,
they will be subject to involuntary removal from the exchange program and will be
ineligible for any refund.

I have read the above refund policies and certify to have understood and accepted them.
Name : Date:


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