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Near future – 1 up 2 years

My goal in this year is to graduate at Solent University with grade A-B and be able to develop during
this period of time some group-work skills. I believe that it is very important to achieve good grades
at university. However, it is even more important to be able to work in a team and be part of the
team. In the real word and at working field we are co-working with collages, and mainly we are able
to come up with great ideas.

I am confident to say that I already developed this awareness as I used to study 2 years in Denmark.
It was very important part of curriculum to be part of study groups and be able to work with
international people. Studying in a class with people around the world brought me the understanding
of different cultures and view point. I am able to be part of the team with people of different

I also used to live in 3 different countries around the world (Denmark, England, USA) where I
managed to learn English language on very good level. I am also taken Spanish classes in Guatemala
where I learned the basic of the language. Also, I was learning German language during my young
school period of time, however I am not able to use it on daily basis. I goal is to be able to work in a
travel agency and be able to help people to discover this world. My passion for exploring other
countries and discovering cultures will be the main driver to do the best job possible.

5 year goals

I want to be able to develop my language skills on communicative level especially the Spanish
language as I am very impressed by Central America. I would love to be part of the travel agency
which is focusing on exploring the Maya culture. I would love to travel with customers to certain
countries around Central and South America however, I must learn Spanish language.

My other goal in my career would be to achieve master’s degree. I would love to study one more
year at Solent university to have higher education and afterwards be able to find suitable job. I am
not sure when I will be able to study again, but it is one of my goals.

10 years goals

Another of my goals would be to attend the course – event planning (a year course) which would
help me to wider my general knowledge and help me to be able to work in another fields than only
tourism. I was always amazed by the thought to work as a wedding planner. I might would change
the job one day so I would love to have the opportunity. Other goal is to attend the photography
course and move my passion on next level. I love to take photo; although I am still learning. I would
love to travel around the work and capture the culture and people. I am not going to make living out
of, but I would love to exceed my photography skills.

Lastly, I would love to one day to be able to the history course. I would love to attend the Maya
history course, so I am able to understand this culture better, I am fascinated with Central America
and the temples. It would be pleasure to be able to learn more about this ancient civilization.