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Southern Luzon State University

College of Engineering
ECE Department

RES01 – Methods of Research

Thesis Title Critique


Members: Dela Cruz, Robnell

Derilo, Gabriel Jald
Nierva, Jon Teodulo S.



Thesis Title: Electronic cane that measures distance with voice output for
visually impaired people.

Upon reading the title, I can see that the device is well suitable for the
visually impaired people. It incorporates a crane that is a well-known device
that guides people that lacks vision and a device that measures distance with
voice output. The concept is simple but robust, well-thought out and, will help
a lot of visually impaired people.

Upon reading the abstract, the authors frequently used the term blind
instead of euphemism words like sight impaired, vision challenged, sightless,
and alternately sighted. The authors should have used euphemism phrase or
word that is used instead of one that is unpleasant or offensive.
All in all the thought of the abstract is well written, no punctuation
errors, and is well written.
Thesis Title: Bluetooth-Based Alarm System (2008)

Upon reading the title, the concept was fresh at the author’s time. It was
a great concept because Bluetooth technology was very useful and the
potential was very high at their time. They incorporate Bluetooth technology
and an Alarm system to make a secured alarm system. The concept of this
thesis is equivalent to our much advanced technology, the Radio-Frequency
Identification or better known as RFID.

Since the the Bluetooth technology was relatively new at their time, the
authors were not certain on what components they were going to use and why
they are going to use it. They did not list the components or give hints on
what and how they are going to do it. They also did not discuss on how they
are going to execute the it but they stated that despite of the limitations in
technology, they are still aiming to make the system successful.
The shortness and lacking of information of their abstract was still
acceptable due to the newness of the technology at their time.