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A line is just something insidiouly not to be taken heeds of in

our daily lives. It is is softly vague in our percption that we

hardly take heeds of a single line with our stern mindedness
to pay attetion to something which is quite inportant, in fact.
Why is it so important? because our mind process ererything
first by profile, comsisting of lines and then consisitng of
darkness and lightness. These make up a profile processed
by our bain cells at the vision centre at the hindbrain which is
connected to the other parts or regions which manipulate
what step to take called decision or more seriously, taking
action. Thye networking of the brain is designed to process
only lines, indeed. In fact, everything or entity is through the
process of lining only. Of coarse, 'Lining' means a vast
predicament not only a single simple string called a sewing
thread in our daily lives.

'Lining' consists of various functions transcended from 'The

Methodist' to appear as various great strings. Up to great
strings that make up the great universe to minor string that
make up the tiniest molecules. e.g. neutrinos.
Am I right that those which make up the great universe stage
is the greatest and those make up the tiniest are the most
neglected? Strings have limits? From the transcended
'Methodist', they have no limits that it can pervade to the
tiniest roomies and found there more minors.

Human brain perceive strings to process into biological

thought that is also a kind of string. So string to string, it
correspond with the inner and outter world to make up a
picture which we , by our deceitiful minded sight, it is only
shown to the extend of a bit of colours.

So in Hinduism, it stresses on inner world's corresponding

with the outter world to reach the state of peaceful
mindedness is very significant. In fact, people live in the
outter world or inner world is depened on whether the
processing strings are pulling insides or outsides. It leads to a
phenomenon called mental state. So there leads a new
problem upon whether people are living in the world or not?
What is the stipulation term to make 'The World' convinced to
be legal as existence. There are roomies of different kinds
united into 'Oneness' and we can meet our neighbour of
different roomies everyday.
Biologically, brain cells have many different kinds individually
unique for a unique function and they spontaneously
cooperate to make connection to conformate a inner universe
inside oneself. The specialized shape and speciality of a
unique one are due to the extended line from the
transcended Methodist so as to make the cell in its own
shape for it uniqueness. Spiritual world is of Astral Plane that
some knowledge is needed to investigate more and more.

To think is routine to all of us. Contemplation is cycling of

functional string make up of circular functional entities,
surfing up and down called brain wave just explained by the
convention Biology. In fact, the surfing is through unlimited
space-time functional cycling strings into different roomies
which'd better called stages. Through strings, we are
connected to 'The Universe' called 'The One' by just a click.