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Classical Studies

Dear Reader,

The 2010 catalog presents Brill’s latest titles in our Classical Studies list, including
books and journals and online reference works.

We are especially pleased to announce the launch of the online edition of the
monumental Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum. Ask your librarian to request a free
trial, and see for yourself how easy it is to trace the publication history of thousands of
Greek inscriptions contained in the 54 volumes published so far.

This year also sees the completion of Brill’s New Pauly, with the publication of the fifth
volume of the Classical Tradition and the index volumes. In 2010 we will also reach the
half-way mark of Brill’s New Jacoby with over 450 Greek fragmentary authors published
with revised texts, translation, and commentary. We also look forward to four new
additions to Brill’s Companions to Classical Studies as well as numerous new monographs
in new and established book series.

Brill now offers new monographs online through its E-Book Collections: treasure troves
for the discerning scholar and an enormous wealth for the modern university library. If
you would like to search across the full range of titles published by Brill, please refer to
the catalog section of our web site at

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7 Book Series

BRILL catalog 2010

7 Amsterdam Studies in Classical Philology
8 Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts
9 Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus
10 Brill’s Companions in Classical Studies
13 Columbia Studies in the Classical Tradition
14 Culture and History of the Ancient Near East
16 Cuneiform Monographs
17 Impact of Empire
18 International Studies in the History of Rhetoric
19 Jerusalem Studies in Religion and Culture
19 Late Antique Archaeology
20 Mnemosyne
25 Monumenta Graeca et Romana
27 Numen Book Series
27 Philological and Historical Commentary on Ammianus Marcellinus
28 Philosophia Antiqua
30 Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient
31 Religions in the Graeco-Roman World
33 Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters
34 Studies in Ancient Medicine
36 Technology and Change in History

38 Journals

43 Authors Index

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Reference Works

Brill’s New Pauly

Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World - 20 Volumes with Index

Edited by Hubert Cancik and Helmuth Schneider (Antiquity), and Manfred Landfester (Classical Tradition)
Managing Editors English Edition: Christine F. Salazar (Antiquity), and Francis G. Gentry (Classical Tradition)

For more information please visit

classical studies

• List price EUR 266.- / US$ 398.- Brill’s New Pauly is the English edition of the authoritative DerNeue Pauly, published by Verlag J.B.
(per volume) Metzler since 1996. The encyclopaedic coverage and high academic standard of the work, the
• Price for subscribers to interdisciplinary and contemporary approach and clear and accessible presentation have made
the series EUR 239.- / US$ 358.- the New Pauly the unrivalled modern reference work for the ancient world. Fifteen volumes
(per volume) (Antiquity, 1-15) of Brill’s New Pauly are devoted to Greco-Roman antiquity and cover more than
2 two thousand years of history, ranging from the second millennium BC to early medieval
Europe. Special emphasis is given to the interaction between Greco-Roman culture on the one
BRILL catalog 2010

hand, and Semitic, Celtic, Germanic, and Slavonic culture, and ancient Judaism, Christianity,
and Islam on the other hand. Five volumes (Classical Tradition, I-V) are uniquely concerned with
the long and influential aftermath of antiquity and the process of continuous reinterpretation
and revaluation of the ancient heritage, including the history of classical scholarship. Brill’s New
Pauly presents the current state of traditional and new areas of research and brings together
specialist knowledge from leading scholars from all over the world. Many entries are elucidated
with maps and illustrations.

Antiquity Classical Tradition

Volume 1 (A - Ari) Volume 6 (Hat-Jus) Volume 11 (Phi-Prok) Volume I (A-Del)
• October 2002 • April 2005 • September 2007 • August 2006
• ISBN 978 90 04 12258 1 • ISBN 978 90 04 12269 7 • ISBN 978 90 04 14216 9 • ISBN 978 90 04 14221 3

Volume 2 (Ark - Cas) Volume 7 (K-Lyc) Volume 12 (Prol-Sar) Volume II (Dem-Ius)

• June 2003 • September 2005 • March 2008 • March 2007
• ISBN 978 90 04 12265 9 • ISBN 978 90 04 12270 3 • ISBN 978 90 04 14217 6 • ISBN 978 90 04 14222 0

Volume 3 (Cat - Cyp) Volume 8 (Lyd -Mine) Volume 13 (Sas-Syl) Volume III (Jap-Ode)
• November 2003 • April 2006 • October 2008 • April 2008
• ISBN 978 90 04 12266 6 • ISBN 978 90 04 12271 0 • ISBN 978 90 04 14218 3 • ISBN 978 90 04 14223 7

Volume 4 (Cyr - Epy) Volume 9 (Mini-Obe) Volume 14 (Sym-Tub) Volume IV (Oly-Rul)

• May 2004 • October 2006 • April 2009 • April 2009
• ISBN 978 90 04 12267 3 • ISBN 978 90 04 12272 7 • ISBN 978 90 04 14219 0 • ISBN 978 90 04 14224 4

Volume 5 (Equ - Has) Volume 10 (Obl-Phe) Volume 15 (Tuc-Zyt) Volume V (Rus-Zor)

• October 2004 • May 2007 • November 2009 • April 2010
• ISBN 978 90 04 12268 0 • ISBN 978 90 04 14215 2 • ISBN 978 90 04 14220 6 • ISBN 978 90 04 14225 1
Reference Works

Brill’s New Pauly Online Brill’s New Pauly Supplements

Brill’s New Pauly is also available online.
Chronologies of the Ancient World
Names, Dates and Dynasties

Edited by Walter Eder and Johannes Renger

• December 2006
• ISBN 978 90 04 15320 2
• Hardback (xvi, 368 pp.)
• List price EUR 173.- / US$ 246.-
• Price for subscribers to the series EUR 156.- / US$ 222.-
• Brill‘s New Pauly - Supplements, 1

From the Mesopotamian kings in around 3000 BC to the Bishops and Patriarchs of Late
Antiquity, Chronologies of the Ancient World lists all rulers and dynasties that made their

classical studies
mark on ancient history. This supplement to Brill’s New Pauly enriches the information
• Subscription Price from the encyclopedia with its exhaustive lists of names, dates and facts about the
EUR 1120.- / US $ 1590.- people who shaped the ancient world.
• Outright Purchase Price*
EUR 6720.- / US$ 9.540 Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts
* An annual Hosting Fee of € 100 / $ 150
is applicable for all Online publications. Edited by Manfred Landfester
The Hosting Fee is payable from year 2. 3

BRILL catalog 2010

For a 30-day free trial (institutions only),
consortia deals and other pricing
options, please send an e-mail • August 2009
to or • ISBN 978 90 04 16783 4 • Hardback
for customers in the Americas. • List price EUR 191.- / US$ 286.-
• Price for subscribers to the series EUR 174.- / US$ 260.-
• Brill‘s New Pauly - Supplements, 2

The Dictionary of Greek and Latin Authors and Texts gives a clear overview of authors and
Major Works of Greek and Latin literature, and their history in written tradition, from
Late Antiquity until present: papyri, manuscripts, Scholia, early and contemporary
authoritative editions, translations and comments.

Historical Atlas of the Ancient World

Edited by Anne Wittke, Eckhart Olshausen and Richard Szydlak

• December 2009
• ISBN 978 90 04 17156 5
• List price EUR 280.- / US$ 398.-
• Price for subscribers to the series EUR 252.- / US$ 358.-
• Brill‘s New Pauly - Supplements, 3

With over 200 four-color main and sub-maps, including detailed explanations and
information on sources and literature, this atlas illustrates the political, economic,
social and cultural developments in the Middle East, the Mediterranean world and in
the central areas of Byzantine Empire, the Islamic world and the Christian Germanic
empire – from the 3rd millennium BC until the 15th century AD.
Reference Works

Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum

Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten Online (SEG Online)
Herausgegeben von H.-A. Rupprecht & K.A. Worp
Zusammengestellt von F.A.J. Hoogendijk
Unter Mitarbeit von M.J. Bakker & J. Hengstl

For more information please visit

For subscribers to the print edition a special discounted price

• June 2009 applies.
• ISBN 978 90 04 16206 8
• Cloth (xii, 384 pp.) • Subscription Price EUR 800.- / US$ 1140.-
• List price EUR 145.- / US$ 199.-      
• Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen • Outright Purchase Price* EUR 4840.- / US$ 6870.-
Papyrusurkunden aus Ägypten, 12 Installment Price EUR 240.- / US$ 340.-
classical studies

* An annual Hosting Fee of € 100 / $ 150 is applicable for all Online publications.
The Hosting Fee is payable from year 2.

For a 30-day free trial (institutions only), consortia deals

and other pricing options, please send an e-mail to or
• August 2009 for customers in the Americas.
• CD / DVD
• ISBN 978 90 04 16274 7 (Individual license ; single user) Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum
BRILL catalog 2010

• List price EUR 149.- / US$ 209.-

Edited by A. Chaniotis, T. Corsten, R.S. Stroud
• ISBN 978 90 04 16275 4 (Institutional License; 1-3 users) and R.A. Tybout
• List price EUR 395.- / US$ 549.-
For more information please visit ISSN 0920-8399
The Berichtigungsliste der Griechisen Papyruskunden aus Ägypten,
compiled under the auspices of the ‘Association Internationale Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum is an annual collection of
de Papyrologues’, is an indispensable tool for any editor or newly published Greek inscriptions and studies on previously
user of Greek papyrus documents. Like its predecessors, this known documents covering the entire Greek world. SEG
twelfth volume lists, in alphabetical order of papyri, the new presents complete Greek texts of all new inscriptions with
corrections of readings and datings of published documents, a critical apparatus, it summarizes new readings, and gives
as well as supplementary information, as they have appeared interpretations and studies of known inscriptions.
in recent literature. The book is supplied with indexes of new
readings and rejected readings of Greek words. The value of the
book lies in providing an overview of the explosive growth of Volume LV (2005)
research in Greek papyrology, the fruits of which appear in such
an extremely wide spectrum of publications, that it may not
completely be known or available to professional papyrologists,
let alone to historians and philologists who also make use of • October 2009
papyrological resources. • ISBN 978 90 04 18035 2
• Hardback
• List price EUR 184.- / US$ 262.-
• Supplementum Epigraphicum
Graecum, 55

SEG LV covers the publications of the year 2005, with occasional

additions from previous years that we missed in earlier volumes
and from studies published after 2005 but pertaining to material
from 2005.
Reference Works

Brill’s New Jacoby

Jacoby Online brings together online Brill’s New Jacoby and Felix Jacoby’s monumental
Fragmente der griechischen Historiker
Editor-in-Chief: Ian Worthington, Frederick A. Middlebush Professor of Greek History at the University of Missouri-Columbia, U.S.A.

A.B. Bosworth (Advisory Editor), Macquarie
E.M. Carawan (Advisory Editor), Missouri State
P.J. Rhodes (Advisory Editor), Durham
Ken Dowden, Birmingham
Johannes Engels, Köln
Andrew Erskine, Edinburgh
Robert Fowler, Bristol
Stephen Hodkinson, Nottingham
Nicholas Jones, Pittsburgh
Amélie Kuhrt, London
Peter Liddel, Manchester
Joseph Roisman, Colby College

classical studies
Matthew Roller, Johns Hopkins
David Whitehead, Queen’s, Belfast

• Subscription Price The monumental series Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker by Felix Jacoby contains works by
EUR 840.- /US$ 1190.- 856 Greek historians whose writings are only preserved incompletely, i.e. in fragments. Jacoby
collected these fragments (including biographical testimonies about the historians) and added
For a 30-day free trial a commentary, often brief, on the first 607 authors. Brill’s New Jacoby provides a revised edition
(institutions only), consortia of the Greek texts where relevant. It includes several new authors and many fragments of
deals and other pricing existing authors that were either unknown to Jacoby or were not included by him. It also gives 5
options, please send an e-mail commentaries by leading contemporary historians for those authors omitted by Jacoby. Taking

BRILL catalog 2010

to or up where Jacoby’s original work left off, Brill’s New Jacoby presents facing English translations of for the Greek fragments, a new, critical commentary, and a brief encyclopaedia-style entry about
customers in the Americas. each historian’s life and works, with a select and up-to-date bibliography.

In 2010, 100 years after the first inception of the original edition, Brill’s New Jacoby will pass the
half-way mark with over 500 authors published.

Jacoby Online needs to be viewed via a Unicode compliant browser (Microsoft IE 6.0 (Windows,
Macintosh), Microsoft IE 5.5 (Macintosh), Microsoft IE 5.0 (Windows), Netscape 7.x (Windows,
Macintosh, Linux, Solaris), Mozilla 1.x (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris), Opera 6, 7
(Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris), Safari 1 (Macintosh), Firefox 1.0).
You may need to install fonts to view all texts correctly – freely available via
Reference Works

Collected Papers on Greek Tragedy

C. W. Willink
Edited by W. Benjamin Henry

Sir Charles Willink was responsible for some of the most important advances in the study of the
text and metre of Greek tragedy published in the last fifty years. With his unrivalled knowledge
of tragic usage and ear for subtle rhythmical points, he was able to solve long-standing problems
in areas ranging from metrical analysis to staging and the detection of interpolations, and
many of his proposals have already been adopted in standard editions. This volume collects all
Willink’s published papers, except the two earliest, which are summarized. Three important
• February 2010 new articles, on Euripides’ Helen, Medea, and Alcestis, are published for the first time, and
• ISBN 978 90 04 18281 3 additions and corrections to the published papers are included, together with an index of
• Hardback (xviii, 862 pp.) passages discussed.
• List price EUR 209.- / US$ 309.-

Language and Ritual in Sabellic Italy

The Ritual Complex of the Third and Fourth Tabulae Iguvinae
classical studies

Michael Weiss

The Iguvine Tables (Tabulae Iguvinae) are among the most invaluable documents of Italic
linguistics and religion. Seven bronze tablets discovered in 1444 in the Umbrian town of
Gubbio (ancient Iguvium), they record the rites and sacral laws of a priestly brotherhood,
the Fratres Atiedii, with a degree of detail unparalleled elsewhere in ancient Italy. Taking an
interdisciplinary approach that combines philological and linguistic, as well as ritual analysis,
• October 2009 Michael Weiss not only addresses the many interpretive cruces that have puzzled scholars for
6 • ISBN 978 90 04 17789 5 a century and a half, but also constructs a coherent theory of the entire ritual performance
• Hardback (xvi, 516 pp.) described on Tables III and IV. In addition, Weiss sheds light on many questions of Roman ritual
BRILL catalog 2010

• List price EUR 156.- / US$ 231.- practice and places the Iguvine Tables in their broader Italic and Indo-European contexts.
• Brill’s Studies in Indo-European
Languages & Linguistics, 1 Full table of contents available on

Copernicus and the Aristotelian Tradition

Education, Reading, and Philosophy in Copernicus’s Path to Heliocentrism

André Goddu

Taking into account the most important results of the scholarly literature since 1973 and the
best Polish scholarship of the past century, this is the first comprehensive study of Copernicus’s
achievement in English that examines Copernicus’s path to heliocentrism from the perspective
of late medieval philosophy, the Renaissance recovery of ancient literature and science, and
early-modern editions of books that Copernicus used. The principal goals are to explain his
• February 2010 commitment to the existence of celestial spheres, and the logical foundations for his views about
• ISBN 978 90 04 18107 6 hypotheses. In doing so, the work elucidates the logical and philosophical background that
• Hardback (approx. 528 pp.) contributed to his accomplishments, and explains the limitations of his achievement.
• List price EUR 129.- / US$ 191.-
• History of Science and Full table of contents available at
Medicine Library, 15
Book Series

Amsterdam Studies in Classical Philology

Edited by Albert Rijksbaron, Irene J.F. de Jong and Caroline Kroon

For more information please visit ISSN 1380-6068

Discourse Cohesion in Ancient Greek

Edited by S.J. Bakker and G.C. Wakker

Central in this volume of the 6th International Colloquium on Ancient Greek Linguistics is
the question how cohesion is created in Ancient Greek texts. The contributions to the volume
either discuss the various cohesive devices that occur in a specific text or focus on the use and
function of a particular cohesion device in a larger corpus. Apart from the use of pronomina
and particles, less standard cohesive devices, like the use of tense and the grammatical form of
complements, are taken into consideration. The result is a volume that gives a good impression
of recent research in the field of Greek linguistics, not only of interest for classical scholars, but
• September 2009 also for general linguists interested in discourse coherence cnd cohesion.
• ISBN 978 90 04 17472 6
• Hardback (xx, 274 pp.) Contributors include: Rutger J. Allan, Stéphanie J. Bakker, Louis Basset, Anna Bonifazi,

classical studies
• List price EUR 97.- / US$ 138 Annemieke Drummen, Marietje (A.M.) van Erp Taalman Kip, Coulter H. George, Luuk Huitink,
• Amsterdam Studies Sander Orriens, Annemieke van der Plaat, Antonio Revuelta, Albert Rijksbaron and Gerry C.
in Classical Philology, 16 Wakker.

The Noun Phrase in Ancient Greek

A Functional Analysis of the Order and Articulation 7
of NP Constituents in Herodotus

BRILL catalog 2010

Stéphanie J. Bakker

The structure of the noun phrase in Ancient Greek is extremely flexible: the various
constituents may occur in almost every possible order and each constituent may or may not be
preceded by an article. However, the use and function of the various options have received very
little attention. This book tries to fill that gap. A functional analysis of the structure of the NP
• June 2009 in Herodotus illucidates which arguments lead a native speaker in his choice to select one of the
• ISBN 978 90 04 17722 2 various possible NP patterns. The results do not only increase our knowledge of the NP, but also
• Hardback (xii, 324 pp.) lead to a better interpretation of Ancient Greek texts.
• List price EUR 119.- / US$ 169.-
• Amsterdam Studies
in Classical Philology, 15
Book Series

Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts

General Editor: Jacob Neusner
Editor: Robert Berchman

For more information please visit

The Afterlife of the Platonic Soul

Reflections of Platonic Psychology in the Monotheistic Religions

Edited by Maha Elkaisy-Friemuth and John M. Dillon

Plato’s doctrine of the soul, its immaterial nature, its parts or faculties, and its fate after death
(and before birth) came to have an enormous influence on the great religious traditions that
sprang up in late antiquity, beginning with Judaism (in the person of Philo of Alexandria),
and continuing with Christianity, from St. Paul on through the Alexandrian and Cappadocian
Fathers to Byzantium, and finally with Islamic thinkers from Al-kindi on. This volume, while
• June 2009 not aspiring to completeness, attempts to provide insights into how members of each of these
• ISBN 978 90 04 17623 2 traditions adapted Platonist doctrines to their own particular needs, with varying degrees of
classical studies

• Hardback (x, 236 pp.) creativity.

• List price EUR 103.- / US$ 147.-
• Ancient Mediterranean and
Medieval Texts and Contexts, 9 /
Studies in Platonism,
Neoplatonism, and the Platonic

The Commentary of al-Nayrizi on Books II-IV of Euclid’s
BRILL catalog 2010

Elements of Geometry
With a Translation of That Portion of Book I Missing from MS Leiden
Or. 399.1 but Present in the Newly Discovered Qom Manuscript
Edited by Rüdiger Arnzen

Anthony Lo Bello

• April 2009 The Commentary of al-Nayrizi (circa 920) on Euclid’s Elements of Geometry occupies an important
• ISBN 978 90 04 17389 7 place both in the history of mathematics and of philosophy, particularly Islamic philosophy. It
• Hardback (xxx pp., 218 pp.) is a compilation of original work by al-Nayrizi and of translations and commentaries made by
• List price EUR 97.- / US$ 138.- others, such as Heron. It is the most influential Arabic mathematical manuscript in existence
• Ancient Mediterranean and and a principle vehicle whereby mathematics was reborn in the Latin West. Furthermore,
Medieval Texts and Contexts, 8 / the Commentary on Euclid by the Platonic philosopher Simplicius, entirely reproduced by al-
Studies in Platonism, Nayrizi, and nowhere else extant, is essential to the study of the attempt to prove Euclid’s Fifth
Neoplatonism, and the Platonic Postulate from the preceding four. Al-Nayrizi was one of the two main sources from which
Tradition Albertus Magnus (1193-1280), the Doctor Universalis, learned mathematics. This work presents
an annotated English translation of Books II-IV and of a hitherto lost portion of Book I.
Book Series

Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus

General Editors: H. Daiber, Frankfurt and R. Kruk, Leiden

Editorial Board: H.A.G. Braakhuis, J. Mansfeld, J.M. van Ophuijsen, H.G.B. Teule and O.Weijers

Visit for more information about all titles published in this series. ISSN 0927-4103

A Please note that the FIRST four volumes in this series,

originally published by KNAW
are now available and published by BRILL.

Ein kompendium der aristotelischen Das Kapitel über das Begehren

classical studies
Meteorologie in der Fassung aus dem Mittleren Kommentar des
des Ḥunain ibn Isḥāq Averroes zur Schrift über die Seele
Prolegomena et Parerga I Prolegomena et Parerga II
Hans Daiber Helmut Gätje

• January 1975 • January 1985 9

• ISBN 978 07 20 48302 4 • ISBN 978 04 44 85640 1

BRILL catalog 2010

• Paperback (117 pp.) • Paperback (100 pp.)
• List price EUR 69.- / US$ 102.- • List price EUR 69.- / US$ 102.-
• Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus, 1 • Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus, 3

The Arabic Version of Aristotle’s Nicolaus Damascenus. De Plantis.

Parts of Animals. Books XI-XIV Five Translations
of the Kītāb al-Ḥayawān Edited with Introduction by
H.J. Drossaart Lulofs and E.L.J. Poortman
A Critical Edition
• January 1989
Remke Kruk • ISBN 978 04 44 85703 3
• Paperback (732 pp.)
• January 1979 • List price EUR 199.- / US$ 295.-
• ISBN 978 07 20 44677 7 • Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus, 4
• Paperback (256 pp.)
• List price EUR 102.- / US$ 150.-
• Aristoteles Semitico-Latinus, 2
Book Series

Brill’s Companions in Classical Studies

For more information please visit ISSN 1872-3357

Political Autobiographies and Memoirs in Antiquity

Edited by Gabriele Marasco

Ancient autobiography has been the object of several studies and meetings. Nevertheless, such
have focused chiefly on the philosophical and literary aspects. This book aims to examine the
development of political autobiography and memoirs in the Greek and Roman world, stressing,
instead, the relation of a single work to the traditions of the genre and also the influence of the
respective aims of the authors on the composition of autobiographies. These works were written
at times as a means of propaganda in a political struggle, or to defend a past action, and often to
furnish material to historians. Nonetheless, they still preserve the personal viewpoint and voice
• June 2010 of the protagonists in all their vividness, even if distorted by the aim of defending their record.
• ISBN 978 90 04 18299 8 Political Autobiographies and Memoirs in Antiquity will be a highly valuable and useful reference tool
• Hardback for both scholars and students of Greek and Roman history and literature.
• Brill’s Companions
in Classical Studies Contributors include: Vivienne Grey, Gabriele Marasco, Cinzia Bearzot, José Mª Candau Morón,
classical studies

W. Jeffrey Tatum, Marc Mayer, Joseph Geiger, Ronald Thomas Ridley, Pere Villalba, François
Chausson and Hartmut Leppin.

• May 2010 Brill’s Companion to Callimachus

• ISBN 978 90 04 15673 9
• Hardback Edited by Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, Luigi Lehnus and Susan Stephens
• List price EUR 184.- / US$ 261.-
10 • Brill’s Companions Few figures from Greco-Roman Antiquity have undergone as much reassessment in recent
in Classical Studies decades as Callimachus of Cyrene, active at the Alexandrian court of the Ptolemies for much
BRILL catalog 2010

of the third century BCE. Once perceived as a supreme example of ivory tower detachment and
voice of abstruse learning, Callimachus is now far more widely appreciated as supreme artist
of a powerful and vibrant court, and as a cultural figure second only to Homer in his later
reception. Presenting Callimachus to a modern audience has been impeded, until now, by the
diffusion and inaccessibility of source materials. This problem Brill’s Companion to Callimachus,
which treats Callimachus both in terms of his work and his physical texts, will do much to

Contributors include: Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, Marcus Asper, Silvia Barbantani, Alessandro

Barchiesi, Giovani Benedetto, Mario Citroni, Adele-Teresa Cozzoli, Christophe Cusset, Claudio De
Stefani, Yannick Durbec, Giovan Battistata D’Alessio, Maria-Rosaria Falivene, Marco Fantuzzi,
Annette Harder, Richard Hunter, Nita Krevans, Luigi Lehnus, Emanuele Lelli, Encrico Magnelli,
Giulio Massimilla, Andrew Morrison, Peter Parsons, Mark Payne, Filippomaria Pontani, Lucia
Prauscello, Giuseppe Ragone, Allen Romano, Ruth Scodel, Susan Stephens and Gregor Weber.
Book Series

Brill’s Companion to the Study of Greek Comedy

Gregory W. Dobrov

The present volume sets forth the main resources for the advancing student of Ancient Greek
Comedy. An international roster of specialists contributes chapters organized into three
sections: “Contexts”: the intellectual, physical and socio-historical setting of Athenian Comedy;
“History”: the literary history of the Old, Middle and New periods; and “Elements”: the text,
language and formal components of the genre (including a comprehensive bibliography).
This Companion is designed as a resource for understanding and interpreting the classics of
Athenian Comedy from its inception through Menander. It will also be useful for navigating
• February 2010 the principal corpora of texts, fragments and scholia that have been revised and augmented in
• ISBN 978 90 04 10963 6 recent years.This unique volume occupies the middle ground between short surveys and highly
• Hardback (approx. 12 illus.) specialized scholarship.
• List price EUR 197.- / US$ 279.-
• Brill’s Companions Contributors include: W. Geoffrey Arnott, Angus Bowie, Eric Csapo, Gregory W. Dobrov, J. Richard
in Classical Studies Green, Stanley Ireland, Heinz-Günther Nesselrath, S. Douglas Olson, Alan H. Sommerstein, Ian
Storey, Ralph M. Rosen, Andreas Willi and Bernhard Zimmermann.

Brill’s Companion to Aphrodite

classical studies
Edited by Amy C. Smith and Sadie Pickup

Brill’s Companion to Aphrodite brings together an international and multidisciplinary team of

experts in the study of Aphrodite—one of the best known, yet ambiguous and complex Graeco-
Roman deities. The contributions, which reevaluate conventional approaches to this remarkable
goddess, are thematically grouped in four parts according to aspects of the goddess: ‘Aphrodite’s
Identity’; ‘Aphrodite’s Companions and Relations’; ‘The Spread of Aphrodite’s Cults’ and ‘The
Reception of the Goddess.’ Each part draws on literary and visual sources, incorporates Greek, 11
Roman, and later material, and ranges across places and periods—from prehistoric Cyprus and

BRILL catalog 2010

• January 2010 the Near East to the antiquities market in 19th century France. This book therefore crosses
• ISBN 978 90 04 18003 1 interdisciplinary boundaries, as well as the multiple aspects and characteristics of the goddess
• Hardback
• List price EUR 152.- / US$ 216.- Contributors are Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge, Vered Lev Kenaan, James Burbidge, Stephanie L.
• Brill’s Companions Budin, Gabriella Pironti, Annette Teffeteller, Kassandra Jackson, Anja Ulbrich, Elisabetta Pala,
in Classical Studies Chrysanthi Papadopoulou, Alexander Nagel, Sophie Montel, Jennifer Wallensten, Rachel Kousser,
Margherita Carucci, Anthousa Papagiannaki and David Bellingham

Brill’s Companion to Silius Italicus

Edited by Antonios Augoustakis

Only recently have scholars turned their attention to Silius Italicus’ Punica, a poem the
reputation of which was eclipsed by the emergence of Virgil’s Aeneid as the canonical Latin
epos of Augustan Rome. This collection of essays aims at examining the importance of Silius’
historical epic in Flavian, Domitianic Rome by offering a detailed overview of the poem’s context
and intertext, its themes and images, and its reception from antiquity through Renaissance and
modern philological criticism. This pioneering volume is the first comprehensive, collaborative
study on the longest epic poem in Latin literature.
• November 2009
• ISBN 978 90 04 16570 0 Contributors include: Enrico Ariemma, Paolo Asso, Neil Bernstein, Robert Cowan, William
• Hardback Dominik, Marco Fucecchi, Randall Ganiban, Bruce Gibson, Stephen Harrison, Alison Keith,
• List price EUR 158.- / US$ 225.- Elizabeth Kennedy Klaassen, Helen Lovatt, Eleni Manolaraki, Raymond Marks, Frances Muecke,
• Brill’s Companions Arthur Pomeroy and Ben Tipping.
in Classical Studies
Book Series

Brill’s Companion to Hesiod

Edited by Franco Montanari, Antonios Rengakos, and Christos Tsagalis

This is the first full-scale companion on Hesiod to appear in English. The twelve contributions
included in this volume cover a wide range of aspects of Hesiodic poetry, such as the relation
between Hesiod and the literary traditions of the Near East and the entire span of works
comprising the Hesiodic corpus, from the Theogony and the Works and Days to the Melampodia
and the Aigimios. They also explore the language, style, poetics, and narrative art of Hesiod,
as well as his influence on Hellenistic and Roman poetry, but also his reception by the ancient
biographical traditions and scholia. The aim of this volume is to supply all those interested in
• August 2009 Greek poetry with an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of scholarly approaches to Hesiod
• ISBN 978 90 04 17840 3 and various other works which have come down to us under his name.
• Hardback (360 pp.)
• List price EUR 160.- / US$ 237.- Contributors include: Albio Cesare Cassio, Jenny Strauss Clay, Ettore Cingano, Richard Hunter,
• Brill’s Companions Franco Montanari, Greg Nagy, Pietro Pucci, Antonios Rengakos, Gianpiero Rosati, Ian Charles
in Classical Studies Rutherford, Evina Sistakou and Christos Tsagalis.

Full table of contents available at

classical studies

Writing Politics in Imperial Rome

Edited by W.J. Dominik, J. Garthwaite, and P.A. Roche

Roman literature is inherently political in the varied contexts of its production and the abiding
concerns of its subject matter. This collection examines the strategies and techniques of
political writing at Rome in a broad range of literature spanning almost two centuries, differing
political systems, climates, and contexts. It applies a definition of politics that is more in
12 keeping with modern critical approaches than has often been the case in studies of the political
literature of classical antiquity. By applying a wide variety of critically informed viewpoints,
BRILL catalog 2010

this volume offers the reader not only a long view of the abiding techniques, strategies, and
• May 2009 concerns of political expression at Rome but also many new perspectives on individual authors
• ISBN 978 90 04 15671 5 of the early empire and their republican precursors.
• Hardback (xiv, 541 pp.)
• List price EUR 176.- / US$ 249.-
• Brill’s Companions
in Classical Studies
Book Series

Columbia Studies in the Classical Tradition

William V. Harris (Editor), Alan Cameron, Suzanne Said, Kathy H. Eden, Gareth D. Williams

For more information please visit ISSN 0166-1302

Collegia Centonariorum: The Guilds of Textile Dealers in the

Roman West
Jinyu Liu

The collegia centonariorum were often seen as the municipal fire-brigades or status groups
of sorts in the Roman cities. Through a close investigation of the chronological development
and geographical distribution of the collegia centonariorum, their legal privileges, and the
prosopographical data of members and patrons, this volume reveals a much more complex
picture of their origins, characters and compositions in various regions from the first century
• September 2009 BC to the fourth century AD. Intricately connected with the textile economy, the collegia
• ISBN 978 90 04 17774 1 centonariorum illustrate how elements as diverse as material demand from the military and
• Cloth with dustjacket (xx, 415 pp.) the city of Rome, legal infrastructure, urban development, and organizations of urban-based

classical studies
• List price EUR 119.- / US$ 169.- craftsmen and tradesmen may have interfaced with each other in the Roman world.
• Columbia Studies in the
Classical Tradition, 34

Aelius Aristides between Greece, Rome, and the Gods

Edited by W.V. Harris and Brooke Holmes
Wealthy, conceited, hypochondriac (or perhaps just an invalid), obsessively religious, the orator

BRILL catalog 2010

Aelius Aristides (117 to about 180) is not the most attractive figure of his age, but because he is
one of the best-known -- and he is intimately known, thanks to his Sacred Tales -- his works are
a vital source for the cultural and religious and political history of Greece under the Roman
Empire. The papers gathered here, the fruit of a conference held at Columbia in 2007, form the
most intense study of Aristides and his context to have been published since the classic work of
Charles Behr forty years ago.
• November 2008
• ISBN 978 90 04 17204 3
• Cloth with dustjacket (xiv, 326 pp.)
• List price EUR 119.- / US$ 169.-
• Columbia Studies in the
Classical Tradition, 33
Book Series

Culture and History of the Ancient Near East

Edited by Eckart Frahm, Yale University, W. Randall Garr, University of California, Santa Barbara, B. Halpern, Pennsylvania State
University, Theo P.J. van den Hout, Oriental Institute, Thomas Schneider, University of British Columbia and Irene J. Winter,
Harvard University

For more information please visit ISSN 1566-2055

• May 2010 Tradition and Transformation. Egypt under Roman Rule

• ISBN 978 90 04 18335 3
• Hardback
Proceedings of the International Conference, Hildesheim, Roemer-
• List price EUR 140.- / US$ 199.- and Pelizaeus-Museum, 3–6 July 2008
• Culture and History
of the Ancient Near East, 41 Edited by Katja Lembke, Martina Minas-Nerpel and Stefan Pfeiffer

In 30 BCE, Egypt became a province of the Roman empire. Alongside unbroken traditions—
especially of the indigenous Egyptian population, but also among the Greek elite—major changes
and slow processes of transformation can be observed. The multi-ethnical population was
situated between new patterns of rule and traditional lifeways. This tension between change
and permanence was investigated during the conference. The last decades have seen an increase
classical studies

in the interest in Roman Egypt with new research from different disciplines—Egyptology,
Ancient History, Classical Archaeology, Epigraphy, and Papyrology—providing new insights into
the written and archaeological sources, especially into settlement archaeology. Well-known
scholars analysed the Egyptian temples, the structure and development of the administration
beside archaeological, papyrological, art-historical and cult related questions.

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Book Series

On Art in the Ancient Near East

Volume I Of the First Millennium BCE

Irene J. Winter

This volume of collected essays brings together for the first time the range of Winter’s
pioneering studies related to Neo-Assyrian relief sculpture and seals, Phoenician and Syrian
ivory and bronze production, and inter-polity connections across the various cultures of first
millennium B.C.E. from the Aegean to Iran. Consistent threads are an emphasis on the potential
for art historical analysis to yield ‘history’ in the broadest sense; the importance of making the
• November 2009 theoretical frame of interpretation explicit; and the necessity of textual evidence being brought
• ISBN 978 90 04 17237 1 to bear upon elements of formal analysis and archaeological context.
• Hardback (xiv, 640 pp)
• List price EUR 160.- / US$ 230.-
• Culture and History
of the Ancient Near East, 34/1

On Art in the Ancient Near East

classical studies
Volume II From the Third Millennium BCE

Irene J. Winter

This second volume of collected essays, complement to volume one, focuses upon the art and
culture of the third millennium B.C.E. in ancient Mesopotamia. Stress is upon the ability of
free-standing sculpture and public monuments not only to reflect cultural attitudes, but to
affect a viewing audience. Using Sumerian and Akkadian texts as well as works, the power of
visual experience is pursued toward an understanding not only of the monuments but of their 15
• November 2009 times and our own.

BRILL catalog 2010

• ISBN 978 90 04 17499 3
• Hardback (xiv, 542 pp)
• List price EUR 160.- / US$ 230.-
• Culture and History
of the Ancient Near East, 34/2

The Gordion Wooden Objects

Volume I: The Furniture from Tumulus MM

Elizabeth Simpson

The Furniture from Tumulus MM, The Gordion Wooden Objects, volume 1, is a study of the furniture
from the largest tomb at Gordion, Turkey, excavated in 1957 by the University of Pennsylvania
Museum. The tomb dates to the eighth century BC and is thought to be the burial of the great
Phrygian king Midas or his father. The objects, initially misunderstood, are now identified as
nine tables, two serving stands, two stools, a chair, and an open log coffin. Three pieces are
ornately carved and inlaid with religious symbols and complex geometric motifs. The wooden
• January 2010 objects from Gordion are now recognized as the most important collection of well preserved
• ISBN 978 90 04 16539 7 wooden artifacts excavated from the Near East. Included in this volume are new photographs,
• Hardback (Vol.1 xl, 285pp., reconstruction drawings, and eight scientific/technical appendices.
Vol. 2 xxxii, 274pp.)
• List price EUR 250.- / US$ 373.- Contributors include: Harry Alden, Burhan Aytuğ, Mary W. Ballard, Robert A. Blanchette,
• Culture and History Roland Cunningham, Laure Dussubieux, Patrick E. McGovern, Benjamin Held, Walter Hopwood,
of the Ancient Near East, 21 Joseph Koles, Lynn E. Roller and Krysia Spirydowicz.
Book Series

Cuneiform Monographs
Edited by T. Abusch, M.J. Geller, S.M. Maul and F.A.M. Wiggermann

For more information please visit ISSN 0929-0052

• March 2010 The Buried Foundation of the Gilgamesh Epic

• ISBN 978 90 04 17848 9
• Hardback
The Akkadian Huwawa Narrative
• List price EUR 93.- / US$ 132.-
• Cuneiform Monographs, 39 Daniel E. Fleming and Sara J. Milstein

The Akkadian Gilgamesh Epic, perhaps the most famous of Mesopotamian literature, has been
considered the artistry of one author inspired by Sumerian tales. Specialists have assumed
that all the earliest evidence (ca. 1800-1700 BCE) reflects this creative unity. Deep contrasts in
characterization and narrative logic, however, distinguish the central adventure to defeat the
monster Huwawa from what precedes and follows it. The Huwawa narrative stands on its own,
so that the epic must have been composed from this prior Akkadian composition. Recognition of
the tale embedded in the epic allows each block of material to be understood on its own terms.
Such literary-historical investigation from contemporary texts is new to Assyriology and may
classical studies

produce important results when applied to other Mesopotamian writing.

Advances in Mesopotamian Medicine

from Hammurabi to Hippocrates
Proceedings of the International Conference “Oeil malade et mauvais oeil”,
16 Collège de France, Paris, 23rd June 2006
Edited by Annie Attia and Gilles Buisson, with the collaboration of Markham J. Geller
BRILL catalog 2010

This volume, which originated with a conference at the Collège de France, comprises
contributions by many of the leading researchers in Babylonian and Assyrian medicine. A
wealth of topics are studied, including medical lexicography, prosopography, and technology,
• September 2009 economic aspects of healing, and Mesopotamian influence on Greece. First-time editions of
• ISBN 978 90 04 17876 2 cuneiform medical tablets are presented. The volume will interest scholars in many branches of
• Hardback (iv, 156 pp.) Assyriology, and also historians of Greek medicine.
• List price EUR 93.- / US$ 132.-
• Cuneiform Monographs, 37 Contributors: Barbara Böck, Paul Demont, Jean-Marie Durand, Jeanette C. Fincke, Markham J.
Geller, Nils. P. Heeßel, Marten Stol and Martin Worthington
Book Series

Impact of Empire
Roman Empire, c. 200 B.C. – A.D. 476

Lukas de Blois, Angelos Chaniotis, Ségolène Demougin, Olivier Hekster, Gerda de Klein, Luuk de Ligt,
Elio Lo Cascio, Michael Peachin, John Rich and Christian Witschel

For more information please visit ISSN 1572-0500

Res Publica Constituta

Actium, Apollo and the Accomplishment of the Triumviral Assignment

Carsten Hjort Lange

The years surrounding the decisive battle of Actium in 31 BC, and the various measures
undertaken by the victor Augustus to create and legitimate a new system of government in
Rome are among the most discussed aspects of Roman history. This book re-evaluates Augustus’
rise to power, first as triumvir along with Antonius and Lepidus, and then as sole ruler, focusing
particularly on the part played by propaganda and ideological claims. Augustus is shown to have

classical studies
• May 2009 acknowledged the Actium war as a civil as well as an external war, and the commemorations of
• ISBN 978 90 04 17501 3 the battle at the site and in Rome are re-assessed, along with the role ascribed to Apollo in the
• Hardback (xiv, 230 pp.) victory. The celebrated settlement of 28-27 BC is shown to have constituted the accomplishment
• List price EUR 97.- / US$ 138.- of the triumviral assignment.
• Impact of Empire, 10

Ritual Dynamics and Religious Change

in the Roman Empire

BRILL catalog 2010

Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop of the International Network Impact
of Empire (Heidelberg, July 5-7, 2007)
Edited by Olivier Hekster, Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner and Christian Witschel

This volume presents the proceedings of the eighth workshop of the international network
‘Impact of Empire’, which concentrates on the history of the Roman Empire and brings together
• May 2009 ancient historians, archaeologists, classicists and specialists in Roman law from some thirty
• ISBN 978 90 04 17481 8 European and North American universities. The eighth volume focuses on the impact of the
• Hardback (xii, 377 pp.) Roman Empire on religious behaviour, with a special focus on the dynamics of ritual. The
• List price EUR 126.- / US$ 179.- volume is divided into three sections: ritualising the empire, performing civic community in the
• Impact of Empire, 9 empire and performing religion in the empire.
Book Series

International Studies in the History of Rhetoric

Editors: Laurent Pernot (Executive Editor), Strasbourg, France, and Craig Kallendorf, College Station, U.S.A.

For more information please visit ISSN 1875-1148

Literary Rhetoric
• March 2010
• ISBN 978 90 04 17113 8
Concepts - Structures - Analyses
• Hardback
• List price EUR 108.- / US$ 154.- Heinrich F. Plett
• International Studies
in the History of Rhetoric, 2 Dedicated to the subject of literary rhetoric, this book is divided in three principal parts: I. An
historical outline of the relationship of rhetoric and literature. II. An overview of the realm
of rhetoric and its parts and functions, above all in the section of “elocutio” with its classes
of figures, where a critical comparison of traditional and modern models of the rhetorical
figures is followed by the design of a new one. III. The implementation of this new concept in
seven classes of figures and their respective subdivisions: 1. phonological, 2. morphological, 3.
syntactic, 4. semnantic, 5. graphemic, 6. textological, and 7. intertextual figures. Each chapter is
supplemented by analyses of literary texts conceived as a demonstration of the applicability of
classical studies

the theoretical concepts and structures presented before. An extensive bibliography of research
literature and detailed indices of names and subjects conlude this treatise.

New Chapters in the History of Rhetoric

Edited by Laurent Pernot

18 This volume gathers over forty papers by leading scholars in the field of the history of rhetoric.
It illustrates the current trends in this new area of research and offers a great richness of
BRILL catalog 2010

insights. The contributors are from fourteen different countries in Europe, America and Asia
; the majority of the papers are in English and French, some others in German, Italian, and
Spanish. The texts and subjects covered include the Bible, Classical Antiquity, Medieval and
Modern Europe, Chinese and Corean civilization, and the contemporary world. Word, speech,
language and institutions are addressed from several points of view. One major topic, among
• September 2009 many others, is Rhetoric and Religion.
• ISBN 978 90 04 17502 0
• Hardback (526 pp.) Full table of contents available on
• List price EUR 206.- / US$ 293.-
• International Studies
in the History of Rhetoric, 1
Book Series

Jerusalem Studies in Religion and Culture

Edited by Guy Stroumsa and David Shulman

For more information please visit ISSN 1570-078x

Interprétations de Moïse
Égypte, Judée, Grèce et Rome

Edited by Philippe Borgeaud, Thomas Römer and Youri Volokhine

The present volume is the result of a team research which gathered biblical scholars,
philologists, and historians of religions, on the issue of the multiple «Interpretations of
Moses» inherited from the ancient mediterranean cultures. The concrete outcome of this
comparative inquiry is the common translation and commentary of the fragments from the
works of the mysterious Artapanus. The comparative perspective suggested here is not so much
methodological, or thematic. It is first of all an invitation to cross disciplinary boundaries and
• November 2009 to take account of the contributions of diverse cultures to the formation of a single mythology,
• ISBN 978 90 04 17953 0 in the case, a Moses mythology. With respect to Judea, Greece, Egypt or Rome, and further more

classical studies
• Hardback (320) an emerging christianity and its «gnostic» counterpart, the figure of Moses is at the heart of
• List price EUR 104.- / US$ 154.- a cross-cultural dialogue the pieces of which, if they can be seperated for the confort of their
• Jerusalem Studies specific study, mostly gain by being put together.
in Religion and Culture, 10
Contributions by: Daniel Barbu, René Bloch, Philippe Borgeaud, Sabrina Inowlocki-Meister,
Caterina Moro, Thomas Römer, Matthieu Smyth, Youri Volokhine, and Claudio Zamagni

Late Antique Archaeology

BRILL catalog 2010

Managing Editor: Luke Lavan

For more information please visit ISSN 1570-6893

• March 2010 Religious Diversity in Late Antiquity

• ISBN 978 90 04 18000 0
• Hardback Edited by David Gwynn and Susanne Bangert
• List price EUR 173.- / US$ 246.- Conceived and Co-ordinated by Luke Lavan
• Late Antique Archaeology, 06 With the Assistance of Carlos Machado and Michael Mulryan

This new volume in the well-established Late Antique Archaeology series draws together
recent research by archaeologists and historians to shed new light on the religious world of
Late Antiquity. A detailed bibliographic essay provides an overview of relevant literature,
while individual articles explore the diversity of late antique religion. Rabbinic and non-
rabbinic Judaism is traced in Beth Shearim, Dura Europus and Sepphoris, and the Samaritan
community in Israel, while Christian concepts of orthodoxy and heresy are examined with a
particular focus on the ‘Arian’ Controversy. Popular piety receives close attention, through the
archaeology of pilgrimage and the stylite ‘pillar saints’, and so too does the complex relationship
between religion and magic and between sacred and secular in Late Antiquity.
Contributors are David M. Gwynn, Susanne Bangert, Jodi Magness, Zeev Weiss, Shimon Dar,
Michel-Yves Perrin, Bryan Ward-Perkins, Lukas Amadeus Schachner, Arja Karivieri, Carla
Sfameni, Claude Lepelley, Mark Humphries, Elizabeth Jeffreys, and Isabella Sandwell.
Book Series

Mnemosyne, Supplements
Monographs on Greek and Roman Language and Literature

Edited by G.J. Boter, Free University of Amsterdam, A. Chaniotis, Oxford, K.M. Coleman, Harvard,
I.J.F. de Jong, University of Amsterdam and Tobias Reinhardt, Oxford

For more information please visit ISSN 0169-8958

• May 2010 Proxima Poetis

• ISBN 978 90 04 17755 0
• Hardback
Latin Historiography and Poetry in the Early Empire
• List price EUR 93.- / US$ 138.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements Edited by John F. Miller and A.J. Woodman

This book, a sequel to Clio and the Poets (Brill 2002), takes as its point of departure Quintilian’s
statement that ‘historiography is very close to the poets’: it examines not only how verse
interfaces with historical texts but also how first-century AD Roman historians engage with
issues and patterns of thought central to contemporary poetry and with specific poetic texts.
Included are substantive discussions of a wide range of authors, including Velleius Paterculus,
classical studies

Lucan, Seneca, Statius, Pliny, Valerius Flaccus, Juvenal, Silius Italicus, and Tacitus.

• April 2010 Solon the Athenian, the Poetic Fragments

• ISBN 978 90 04 17478 8
• Hardback Maria Noussia
• List price EUR 162.- / US$ 230.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements Solon, the first poet of Athens, had a formative influence on later poetry, including tragedy.
20 Using an integrated literary, historical and philological approach, Maria Noussia-Fantuzzi
studies the poetry of Solon and offers a thorough analysis of the multifaceted art of this poet,
BRILL catalog 2010

sage and political actor and his place in the history of literature. Issues which she addresses
include the transmission of the poems, the use of strategies of persuasion in the creation of an
authoritative voice, and the author’s immediate political and social context. As well as providing
insight into Solon, her book enriches our understanding of archaic literature and the ways in
which the culture of Athens was prepared for the ‘miracle’ of the fifth century.

The Syrian Wars

John D. Grainger

This book examines the causes and courses of the series of wars in the Hellinistic period fought
between the kingdom of the Seleukids and the Ptolemies over possession of Syria. This is a
subject always mentioned by historians of the period in a glancing or abbreviated way, but
which is actually wholly central to the development of both kingdoms and of the period as a
whole. Other than relatively brief summaries no serious account has ever been produced. This
extended consideration will bring to the centre of research on the Hellinistic period this long
sequence of wars. Arguably they were the basic causes of the failure of both kingdoms in the face
• January 2010 of Roman aggression and interference.
• ISBN 978 90 04 18050 5
• Hardback (xviii, 450 pp.)
• List price EUR 135.- / US$ 200.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 320
Book Series

Emperors and Historiography

Collected Essays on the Literature of the Roman Empire
by Daniël den Hengst
Introduced and edited by D.W.P. Burgersdijk and J.A. van Waarden

In this collection of essays Roman historical and biographical texts are studied from a literary
point of view. The main interest of the author, Daniël den Hengst, professor emeritus of Latin
at the University of Amsterdam, concerns the development of Roman historiography, the ways
in which Roman historians present their work and the intertextual relations between these
• November 2009 works and other literary genres. Special attention is given to the Historia Augusta and Ammianus
• ISBN 978 90 04 17438 2 Marcellinus, but also authors from the classical period, such as Cicero, Livy and Suetonius
• Hardback and their ideas about historiography are discussed. The articles demonstrate that a detailed
• List price EUR 126.- / US$ 179.- interpretation of these texts in the original language is indispensable to understanding the aims
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 319 and methods of ancient historians and biographers.

The Regime of Demetrius of Phalerum in Athens,

317-307 BCE

classical studies
A Philosopher in Politics

Lara O’Sullivan

Erudite and urbane, a scion of the Peripatos, Demetrius of Phalerum dominated Athenian
political life for a decade (317-307 B.C.E.) with Macedonian support. Viewed by some as the
embodiment of the longed-for ‘philosopher-king’, Demetrius has been seen a test case for the
• October 2009 interplay of philosophical training and political praxis in antiquity. This book, through a close 21
• ISBN 978 90 04 17888 5 re-examination of the fragmentary and diffuse testimonia for Demetrius’ decade, argues

BRILL catalog 2010

• Hardback (288 pp.) that such a view misunderstands his legislative, constitutional and financial reforms, which
• List price EUR 108.- / US$ 154.- should rather be seen within the context of Macedonian suzerainty, Athenian self-interest, and
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 318 / contemporary social changes. Such a context also affords a better understanding of the dynamic
Mnemosyne, Supplements, relations between the Macedonian generals and the preeminent Greek city at the dawn of the
History and Archaeology of Hellenistic era.
Classical Antiquity

Tragic Props and Cognitive Function

Aspects of the Function of Images in Thinking

Colleen Chaston

By applying aspects of cognitive psychology to a study of three key tragic props, this book
examines the importance of visual imagery in ancient Greek tragedy. The shield, the urn and the
mask are props which serve as controls for investigating the connection between visual imagery
and the spectators’ intellectual experience of tragic drama. As vehicles for conceptual change
the props point to a function of imagery in problem solving. Connections between the visual
• October 2009 and the cognitive in tragedy, particularly through image shape and its potential for various
• ISBN 978 90 04 17738 3 meanings, add a new perspective to scholarship on the role of the visual in ancient performance.
• Hardback (275 pp.) These connections also add weight to the importance of imagery in contemporary problem
• List price EUR 103.- / US$ 147.- solving and creative thought.
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 317
Book Series

Repertorium der Konjekturen in den Seneca-Tragödien

Margarethe Billerbeck und Mario Somazzi

The transmission of the Seneca tragedies first became an object of critical discussion by the
Italian humanists and has continued to occupy scholars to the present day. Besides a brief
account of the critical work of Jodocus Badius (Ascensiana 1514) and of Girolamo Avanzi (Aldina
1517) the repertory lists systematically the conjectures recorded since M.A. Delrio (Second ed.,
1619) down to the year 2007 and arranges them in the context of the critical discussion of the
text. Conceived in the first instance as a work of reference for future editors, commentators and
critical readers of the tragedies, the repertory is also a mirror of the critical acumen as well as
the vagaries in the long tradition of Latin textual criticism.
• October 2009
• ISBN 978 90 04 17734 5
• Hardback (250 pp.)
• List price EUR 97.- / US$ 138.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 316

Sermo Iuris: Rechtssprache und Recht

classical studies

in der augusteischen Dichtung

Ulrich C.J. Gebhardt

Law played a key role in the workings of Roman culture, and legal discourse was important even
in non-legal Latin literature. A proper understanding of that literature requires an investigation
of the ways legal language is used. Nevertheless, legal elements have so far been widely
neglected by scholars of Latin literature, in particular Augustan poetry. After an examination
22 of legal language as a technical discourse and its role in Latin prose, the present book is devoted
• August 2009 to a detailed analysis of legal language and imagery in the work of the Augustan poets. It will,
BRILL catalog 2010

• ISBN 978 90 04 17647 8 therefore, allow for a better appreciation of these poems as well as of their significance for
• Hardback (440 pp.) Augustan culture in the broad sense.
• List price EUR 140.- / US$ 200.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 315

The Play of Texts and Fragments

Essays in Honour of Martin Cropp

Edited by J.R.C. Cousland and James R. Hume

This volume is arguably one of the most important studies of Euripides to appear in the last
decade. Not only does it offer incisive examinations of many of Euripides’ extant plays and
their influence, it also includes seminal examinations of a number of Euripides’ fragmentary
plays. This approach represents a novel and exciting development in Euripidean studies, since
it is only very recently that the fragmentary plays have begun to appear in reliable and readily
• June 2009 accessible editions. The book’s thirty-two contributors constitute an international “who’s who”
• ISBN 978 90 04 17473 3 of Euripidean studies and Athenian drama, and their contributions will certainly feature in the
• Hardback (xii, 580 pp.) forefront of scholarly discourse on Euripides and Greek drama for years to come.
• List price EUR 158.- / US$ 225.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 314
Book Series

Homer’s Winged Words

The Evolution of Early Greek Epic Diction in the Light of Oral Theory

Steve Reece

For over 2500 years many of the most learned scholars of the Greek language have concerned
themselves with the topic of etymology. The most productive source of difficult, even
inexplicable, words was Homer’s 28,000 verses of epic poetry. Steve Reece proposes an approach
to elucidating the meanings of some of these difficult words that finds its inspiration primarily
in Milman Parry’s oral-formulaic theory. He proposes that during the long period of oral
• May 2009 transmission acoustic uncertainties, especially regarding word boundaries, were continually
• ISBN 978 90 04 17441 2 occurring: a bard uttered one collocation of words, but his audience thought it heard another.
• Hardback (xii, 413 pp.) The consequent resegmentation of words and phrases is the probable cause of some of the
• List price EUR 170.- / US$ 241.- etymologically inexplicable words in our Homeric texts.
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 313

Governmental Intervention in Foreign Trade

in Archaic and Classical Greece

classical studies
Errietta M.A. Bissa

Trade was a necessity in the ancient Greek world, yet the prevalent scholarly view is that Greek
states intervened in foreign trade only rarely and sporadically. This book studies four necessary
commodities, gold, silver, ship-building timber and grain, from production through export to
import. Through the re-evaluation of known evidence and the presentation of new avenues of
research, the book shows that Greek and non-Greek governments in the archaic and classical
• June 2009 periods intervened and involved themselves greatly in foreign trade. The book offers the student 23
• ISBN 978 90 04 17504 4 of the Greek economy a fresh perspective on state intervention in trade and the ways in which

BRILL catalog 2010

• Hardback (xvi, 128 pp) intervention worked in the Greek world.
• List price EUR 97.- / US$ 138.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 312 /
Mnemosyne, Supplements,
History and Archaeology of
Classical Antiquity

A Commentary on Book 4 of Valerius Flaccus’ Argonautica

Paul Murgatroyd

This volume consists of an introduction, the text of book 4 of Valerius Flaccus’ Argonautica,
commentary, bibliography and index. However, it is not a standard philological commentary.
Although it contains textual criticism (but only where meaning and appreciation are
substantially affected) and explanation of sense and references (a vital basis for critical
analysis), above all there is literary appreciation of Valerius’ fourth book, which should help to
bring about a revaluation of this largely neglected and sadly underestimated author. The book
alerts readers to important aspects of Valerius’ highly intellectual poetry, such as wit, humor,
• June 2009 elegance, point, subtlety, narrative skill, and creative engagement with forerunners, especially
• ISBN 978 90 04 17561 7 Apollonius of Rhodes and Virgil.
• Hardback (x, 366 pp.)
• List price EUR 130.- / US$ 185.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 311
Book Series

Fiction on the Fringe

Novelistic Writing in the Post-Classical Age

Edited by Grammatiki A. Karla

This collection of essays offers a comprehensive examination of texts that traditionally have
been excluded from the main corpus of the ancient Greek novel and confined to the margins of
the genre, such as the Life of Aesop, the Life of Alexander the Great, and the Acts of the Christian
Martyrs. Through comparison and contrast, intertextual analysis and close examination, the
boundaries of the dichotomy between the “fringe” vs. the “canonical” or “erotic” novel are
• May 2009 explored, and so the generic identity of the texts in each group is more clearly outlined. The
• ISBN 978 90 04 17547 1 collective outcome brings the “fringe” from the periphery of scholarly research to the centre of
• Hardback (xxii, 194 pp.) critical attention, and provides methodological tools for the exploration of other “fringe” texts.
• List price EUR 97.- / US$ 138.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 310

Ovid in Exile
Power and Poetic Redress in the Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto
classical studies

Matthew M. McGowan

In response to being exiled to the Black Sea by the Roman emperor Augustus in 8 AD, Ovid began
to compose the Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto and to create for himself a place of intellectual
refuge. From there he was able to reflect out loud on how and why his own art had been legally
banned and left for dead on the margins of the empire. As the last of the Augustan poets,
Ovid was in a unique position to take stock of his own standing and of the place of poetry
24 • April 2009 itself in a culture deeply restructured during the lengthy rule of Rome’s first emperor. This
• ISBN 978 90 04 17076 6 study considers exile in the Tristia and Epistulae ex Ponto as a place of genuine suffering and a
BRILL catalog 2010

• Hardback (x, 262 pp.) metaphor for poetry’s marginalization from the imperial city. It analyzes, in particular, Ovid’s
• List price EUR 103.- / US$ 147.- representation of himself and the emperor Augustus against the background of Roman religion,
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 309 law, and poetry.

Marcus Aurelius’ Rain Miracle and the Marcomannic Wars

Péter Kovács

The longest war of the Roman imperial period is the war Marcus Aurelius waged with the
northern German and Sarmatian tribes. The best-known events of these wars were the lightning
and rain miracles. Divine intervention saved the Roman troops who were surrounded by
the Germans and suffering from a water shortage, by means of a lightning and rain miracle.
Thunderbolts struck the enemy while the rain soothed the Romans’ suffering. Several pagan
and Christian versions of the miracle existed already in Antiquity. Péter Kovács examines these
events and their sources in detail. The most important source is the Column of Marcus Aurelius
• December 2008 in Rome. The scenes of the column depict the miracles as well and therefore it was studied
• ISBN 978 90 04 16639 4 separately. The author also sketches the history of the Marcomannic wars. He publishes all the
• Hardback (xviii, 301 pp.) sources of the miracles and examines the development of the legend from Antiquity to the 14th
• List price EUR 108.- / US$ 154.- century.
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 308 /
Mnemosyne, Supplements,
History and Archaeology of
Classical Antiquity
Book Series

Badness and Anti-Value in Classical Antiquity

Edited by Ineke Sluiter and Ralph M. Rosen

The fourth in a series that explores cultural and ethical values in Classical Antiquity, this
volume examines the negative foils, the anti-values, against which positive value notions are
conceptualized and calibrated in Classical Antiquity. Eighteen chapters address this theme from
different perspectives –historical, literary, legal and philosophical. What makes someone into a
prototypically ‘bad’ citizen? Or an abomination of a scholar? What is the relationship between
• November 2008 ugliness and value? How do icons of sexual perversion, monstruous emperors and detestable
• ISBN 978 90 04 16624 0 habits function in philosophical and rhetorical prose? The book illuminates the many rhetorical
• Hardback (viii, 516 pp.) manifestations of the concept of ‘badness’ in classical antiquity in a variety of domains.
• List price EUR 162.- / US$ 231.-
• Mnemosyne, Supplements, 307

Monumenta Graeca et Romana

classical studies
Editor-in-Chief: John M. Fossey, McGill University
Associate Editor: Angelo Geissen, University of Cologne

For more information please visit ISSN 0169-8850

• May 2010 From Face to Face

• ISBN 978 90 04 18271 4
• Hardback
Recarving of Roman portraits in Late Antiquity 25
• List price EUR 158.- / US$ 225.-
Marina Prusac

BRILL catalog 2010

• Monumenta Graeca et Romana

This book is based on an investigation of more than 2000 portraits of which around 500 have
proven to be recarved. It provides thorough analyses of the different recarving methods, some
of which can be attributed to geographically localised workshops, establishing classifiable
categories, and an analytical text with special regard to the cultural historical changes in
Late Antiquity. The investigation underpins a hypothesis on the late antique portraits style
as a consequence of the many recarved portraits at the time, which relied on a syncretism of
politics, religion and ideology. The conclusion gives a new understanding of how broad-scoped,
culturally and politically encoded and comprehensive the practice of recarving was.

• May 2010 The Art of the Hekatompedon Inscription and the Birth
• ISBN 978 90 04 18308 7
• Hardback of the Stoichedon Style
• List price EUR 126.- / US$ 179.-
• Monumenta Graeca Patricia A. Butz
et Romana, 16
Book Series

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of

Mediterranean Antiquities / Musée des beaux-arts de
Montréal, La collection des antiquités méditerranéennes
Vol. 2, The Terracotta Collection / Vol. 2, La collection des objets en terre cuite

John M. Fossey

• April 2010 This catalogue raisonné describes the lamps and statuettes in terracotta of the Montreal
• ISBN 978 90 04 18306 3 Museum of Fine Arts, to which are added two lamps made of bronze. The collection, small but
• Hardback (180 pp.) eclectic, has mostly been assembled in recent years and represents a wide variety of types
• Monumenta Graeca in these two categories. After an introduction discussing the techniques involved in the
et Romana, 15 production of these objects, the catalogue proper presents 44 lamps, 21 statuettes and a single
“arula” with full illustration. This catalogue makes the collection available to a wide readership:
students, curators, archaeologists, art historians, collectors and everybody with serious interest
in the material culture of the ancient world. This is the second volume of a series intended to
make public the different parts of the museum’s collection of Mediterranean antiquities.
classical studies

The Villanovan, Etruscan, and Hellenistic Collections

in the Detroit Institute of Arts
David A. Caccioli, with an introduction by William H. Peck

The Villanovan and Etruscan collections of the Detroit Institute of Arts not only represent an
important source of Classical Antiquity in the United States, but also serve as a historical model
26 of how such artifacts were acquired by large American museums from the late-nineteenth
through mid-twentieth centuries. These collections provide museum visitors, scholars, and
BRILL catalog 2010

• June 2009 students with an indepth view into one of antiquity’s most fascinating peoples, the Etruscans
• ISBN 978 90 04 17230 2 and their predecessors. The wide-ranging collections contain artifacts from every aspect of
• Hardback (viii, 243 pp.) Etruscan life such as utilitarian tools and weapons, objects for personal adornment, votive
• List price EUR 103.- / US$ 147.- statuettes, and cinerary urns to house the dead. One statuette, the Detroit Rider, is considered
• Monumenta Graeca to be among the finest surviving examples of Etruscan small sculpture. The catalogue brings
et Romana, 14 together all of these pieces for the first time with photographs and relevant bibliographic
sources on their cultural and religious functions in antiquity.
Book Series

Numen Book Series

Studies in the History of Religions

Editorial board: Steven Engler, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada, Richard King, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA,
Kocku von Stuckrad, University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and Gerard Wiegers, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

For more information please visit ISSN 0169-8834

Rethinking Ghosts in World Religions

Edited by Mu-chou Poo

The central theme of this volume is to re-examine the received concepts and images of ghosts in
various religious cultures ranging from the Ancient Near East and Egypt to the Old Testament,
the Classical Era, Early Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Early India, and Medieval China. As
a religious phenomenon, the realm of ghosts has been less studied than the realm of the divine.
Through a collaborative effort by scholars from different disciplines, this volume proposes a
multi-cultural approach to construct a wider and complicated picture of the phenomenon of
ghosts and spirits in human societies and to have a grasp of the various problems involved in

classical studies
• June 2009 understanding the phenomenon of ghost.
• ISBN 978 90 04 17152 7
• Hardback (xvi, 342 text)
• List price EUR 130.- / US$ 185.-
• Numen Book Series, 123

Philological and Historical Commentary on Ammianus Marcellinus 27

J. den Boeft, J.W. Drijvers, D. den Hengst and H.C. Teitler

BRILL catalog 2010

For more information please visit

• November 2009 Philological and Historical Commentary on Ammianus

• ISBN 978 90 04 18037 6
• Hardback Marcellinus XXVII
• List price EUR 126.- / US$ 179.-
• Philological and Historical J. den Boeft, J.W. Drijvers, D. den Hengst and H.C. Teitler
Commentary on Ammianus
Marcellinus, 8 Book 27 deals with events between 365 and 370. Military operations in the western and eastern
half of the Empire take up a large part of the available space. Apart from military matters
Ammianus deals with internal affairs. He discusses the terms of office of four Roman urban
prefects and paints a picture of Petronius Probus, the mightiest civil official of the period. The
most striking part of the book contains a portrait of the emperor Valentinian. This passage
forms the centre of the book, which therefore has the structure of a triptych: of the two outer
parts each contains military affairs in the West and the East and reports on some notable non-
military events, whilst in the central panel Valentinian takes pride of place.
Book Series

Philosophia Antiqua
A Series of Studies on Ancient Philosophy

K.A. Algra, F.A.J. de Haas, J. Mansfeld, C.J. Rowe, D.T. Runia and Ch. Wildberg

For more information please visit ISSN 0079-1687

Proclus on Nature
Philosophy of Nature and Its Methods in Proclus’ Commentary
on Plato’s Timaeus
Marije Martijn

Of Proclus’ immense philosophical system, the part concerning the natural world may well be
the most fascinating. Traditional scholarship tends to downplay that part of Neoplatonism,
in favour of idealism, but recently this attitude is changing. This study contributes to that
development by showing how Proclus’ natural philosophy relates to theology, while remaining
• December 2009 a science in its own right. Starting from his Commentary on Plato’s Timaeus, it presents a revision
classical studies

• ISBN 978 90 04 18191 5 of Proclus’ metaphysics of nature and provides new insight into his surprisingly peripatetic
• Hardback philosophy of science, the role of mathematics, and the nature of discourse in natural
• List price EUR 126.- / US$ 179.- philosophy. This book will be of interest both to students of the Platonic tradition, and to
• Philosophia Antiqua, 121 historians of natural science, metaphysics and epistemology.

Particulars in Greek Philosophy

28 The seventh S.V. Keeling Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy

Edited by Robert W. Sharples

BRILL catalog 2010

Ancient Greek philosophy has been criticised, for example by the late Bernard Williams, for
emphasising the universal at the expense of the particular. Six leading scholars consider what
the Greeks themselves, from Plato to the period of the Roman Empire, had to say on this issue
in the contexts of ethics, psychology, metaphysics and cosmology. Ancient views are compared
with modern ones, and the influence of the former on the latter is considered.
• October 2009
• ISBN 978 90 04 18126 7
• Hardback (xvi, 192 pp.)
• List price EUR 89.- / US$ 132.-
• Philosophia Antiqua, 120
Book Series

Theophrastus On First Principles

(transmitted as his Metaphysics)
Greek Text and Medieval Arabic Translation, edited and translated with
introduction, commentaries and glossaries, as well as the medieval Latin
translation, and with an Excursus on Graeco-Arabic Editorial Technique

Dimitri Gutas

• December 2009 The short aporetic essay On First Principles by Theophrastus, thought to have been transmitted
• ISBN 978 90 04 17903 5 as his Metaphysics, is critically edited for the first time on the basis of all the available evidence—
• Hardback the Greek manuscripts and the medieval Arabic and Latin translations—together with an
• List price EUR 119.- / US$ 169.- introduction, English translation, extensive commentary, and a diplomatic edition of the
• Philosophia Antiqua, 119 medieval Latin translation. This book equally contributes to Graeco-Arabic studies as ancilla of
classical studies, and includes the first critical edition of the Arabic translation with an English
translation and commentary, a detailed excursus on the editorial technique for Greek texts
which medieval Arabic translations are extant as well as for the Arabic translations themselves,
and a complete Greek and Arabic glossary as a blueprint for future lexica.

classical studies
The Method and Intellectual Context of a Doxographer,
Volume III, Studies in the Doxographical Traditions of Ancient Philosophy
J. Mansfeld and D.T. Runia

Ancient doxography, particularly as distilled in the work on problems of physics by Aëtius, 29

is a vital source for our knowledge of early Greek philosophy up to the first century BCE.

BRILL catalog 2010

But its purpose and method, and also its wider intellectual context, are by no means easy
to understand. The present volume contains 19 essays written between 1989 and 2009 in
• October 2009 which the authors grapple with various aspects of the doxographical tradition and its main
• ISBN 978 90 04 18041 3 representatives. The essays examine the origins of the doxographical method in the work of
• Hardback Aristotle and Theophrastus and also provide valuable insights into the works of other authors
• List price EUR 180.- / US$ 256.- such as Epicurus, Chrysippus, Lucretius, Cicero, Philo of Alexandria and Seneca. The collection
• Philosophia Antiqua, 118 can be read as a companion collection to the two earlier volumes of Aëtiana published by the
two authors in this series (1997, 2009).

New Perspectives on Aristotle’s De caelo

Edited by Alan C. Bowen and Christian Wildberg

This volume is the first collection of scholarly articles in any modern language devoted to
Aristotle’s De caelo. It grew out of series of workshops held at Princeton, Cambridge, and Paris
in the late 1990’s. Since Aristotle’s De caelo had a major influence on cosmological thinking
until the time of Galileo and Kepler and helped to shape the way in which Western civilization
imagined its natural environment and place at the center of the universe, familiarity with the
main doctrines of the De caelo is a prerequisite for an understanding of much of the thought and
culture of antiquity and the Middle Ages.
• November 2009
• ISBN 978 90 04 17376 7
• Hardback
• List price EUR 103.- / US$ 147.-
• Philosophia Antiqua, 117
Book Series

Physics and Philosphy of Nature in Greek Neoplatonism

Proceedings of the European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop
(Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli, June 22–24, 2006)
Edited by Riccardo Chiaradonna and Franco Trabattoni

Traditional scholarship has generally neglected the philosophy of nature in Greek Neoplatonism.
In the last few decades, however, this attitude has changed radically. Natural philosophy has
increasingly been regarded as a crucial aspect of late antique thought. Furthermore, several
studies have outlined the impressive historical legacy of Neoplatonic physics. Building on this
• March 2009 new interest, the ten papers published here concentrate on Neoplatonic philosophy of nature
• ISBN 978 90 04 17380 4 from Plotinus to Simplicius, and on its main conceptual features and its relation to the previous
• Hardback (vi, 322 pp.) philosophical and scientific traditions. The papers were presented at a conference sponsored
• List price EUR 119.- / US$ 169.- by the European Science Foundation in Castelvecchio Pascoli in June 2006. This volume makes
• Philosophia Antiqua, 115 an important contribution to the understanding of Greek Neoplatonism and its historical

Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy

classical studies

Edited by John J. Cleary and Gary M. Gurtler, S.J.

For more information please visit ISSN 1059-986X

Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium

30 in Ancient Philosophy
Volume XXIV (2008)
BRILL catalog 2010

Edited by John J. Cleary and Gary M. Gurtler, S.J.

This volume contains papers and commentaries presented to the Boston Area Colloquium
in Ancient Philosophy during the academic year 2007-8. The papers discuss a wide range of
topics related to Plato and Aristotle. On Plato, topics include false pleasures in the Philebus,
the tripartite soul in the Republic, and rhetoric in the Phaedrus, and on Aristotle, the relation of
• May 2009 the physical and psychological in De Anima, of virtue and happiness in the Ethics, of body and
• ISBN 978 90 04 17741 3 nature in the Physics, and the role of pros hen in the Metaphysics. One other paper argues for the
• Paperback (x, 310 pp.) Aristotelian origin of Stoic determinism.
• List price EUR 87.- / US$ 124.-
• Proceedings of the Boston Contributors include: David Charles, Álvaro Vallejo, Daniel Russell, Rachana Kamtekar, Priscilla
Area Colloquium in Ancient Sakezles, Helen Lang, Harvey Yunis, Heike Sefrin-Weis, Victor Caston, Rachel Singpurwalla,Tim
Philosophy, 24 Roche, Martha Nussbaum, Joel Martinez, Silvia Carli, Adam Beresford, and Daniel Devereux

• May 2009
• ISBN 978 90 04 17742 0
• Hardback (x, 320 pp.)
• List price EUR 108.- / US$ 154.-
• Proceedings of the Boston
Area Colloquium in Ancient
Philosophy, 24
Book Series

Religions in the Graeco-Roman World

Series Editors: H.S. Versnel, Leiden University, D. Frankfurter, University of New Hampshire, J. Hahn, Universität Münster

For more information please visit ISSN 0927-7633

Divine Images and Human Imaginations

in Ancient Greece and Rome
Edited by Joannis Mylonopoulos, Columbia University, NY, USA

The polytheistic religious systems of ancient Greece and Rome reveal an imaginative attitude
towards the construction of the divine. One of the most important instruments in this process
was certainly the visualisation. Images of the gods transformed the divine world into a visually
experienceable entity, comprehensible even without a theoretical or theological superstructure.
For the illiterates, images were together with oral traditions and rituals the only possibility to
approach the idea of the divine; for the intellectuals, images of the gods could be allegorically
• October 2009 transcended symbols to reflect upon. Based on the art historical and textual evidence, this
• ISBN 978 90 04 17930 1 volume offers a fresh view on the historical, literary, and artistic significance of divine images as

classical studies
• Hardback (456 pp.) powerful visual media of religious and intellectual communication.
• List price EUR 140.- / US$ 200.-
• Religions in the Graeco-Roman Contributors include: Fritz Blakolmer, Alessandra Bravi, Gunnel Ekroth, Sylvia Estienne, Milette
World, 170 Gaifman, Fernande Hölscher, Catherine M. Keesling, Katja Moede, Joannis Mylonopoulos, Ivana
Petrovic, Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge, Tanja Scheer and Dirk Steuernagel.

Greek Religious Terminology – Telete & Orgia

A Revised and Expanded English Edition
of the Studies by Zijderveld and Van der Burg

BRILL catalog 2010

Feyo L. Schuddeboom

A proper understanding of the words τελετή and ὄργια and the context in which they occur is
fundamental to the study of Greek religion. This volume seeks to make a significant portion of
the source material available to present-day students of religions in the Graeco-Roman world.
The ancient texts are accompanied by English translations. Revised chapters from the seminal
• October 2009 works by Zijderveld (1934) and Van der Burg (1939) show a whole range of different contexts
• ISBN 978 90 04 17813 7 in ancient literature, thus arguing against an automatic equation of τελετή and ὄργια with
• Hardback (228) mystery rites. New chapters give an overview of the loanword orgia in Latin poetry, and of
• List price EUR 97.- / US$ 138.- τελετή and ὄργια in the epigraphical evidence.
• Religions in the Graeco-Roman
World, 169
Book Series

Magical Practice in the Latin West

Papers from the International Conference held at the University of Zaragoza,
30 Sept. – 1st Oct. 2005
Edited by Richard L. Gordon and Francisco Marco Simón

How different was the practice of magic in the Latin West from that of the eastern
Mediterranean basin? Was it just derivative from Greek practice, or did it have its own
originality? The recent discovery of important new curse-tablets in Mainz and in the Fountain
of Anna Perenna at Rome has made the question newly topical. This volume contains the first
commented editions in English of most of these new texts as well as major surveys of new
• September 2009 prayers for justice. Other sections are devoted to the discourse of magic in the West, to the
• ISBN 978 90 04 17904 2 linguistics and aims of cursing, and to the major field of protective and eudaemonic magic up to
• Hardback (706) and including the Visigothic slates and the Celtic loricae. The essays are by well-known scholars
• List price EUR 196.- / US$ 278.- in the field as well as by established and younger Spanish scholars.
• Religions in the Graeco-Roman
World, 168 Full table of contents of contents available at

Contributors include: Henk Versnel, Chris Faraone, Matthew Dickie, James Rives, Roger
Tomlin, Jürgen Blänsdorf, Marina Piranomonte, Maria Victoria Escribano, and Francisco Javier
classical studies

Fernández Nieto.

Roman Gods
A Conceptual Approach

Michael Lipka
The book is concerned with the question of how the concept of &#34god&#34 in urban Rome
BRILL catalog 2010

can be analyzed along the lines of six constituent concepts, i.e. space, time, personnel, function,
iconography and ritual. While older publications tended to focus on the conceptual nature of
Roman gods only in those (comparatively rare) instances in which different concepts patently
overlapped (as in the case of the deified emperor or hero-worship), this book develops general
• April 2009 criteria for an analysis of pagan, Jewish and Christian concepts of gods in ancient Rome (and by
• ISBN 978 90 04 17503 7 extension elsewhere). While the argument of the book is exclusively based on the evidence from
• Hardback (x, 219 pp.) the capital up to the age of Constantine, in the concluding section the results are compared to
• List price EUR 93.- / US$ 132.- other religious belief systems, thus demonstrating the general applicability of this conceptual
• Religions in the Graeco-Roman approach.
World, 167

Greek Sacred Law

(2nd Edition with a Postscript) A Collection of New Documents (NGSL)

Eran Lupu

This work contains two parts. Part I constitutes a guide to the corpus of Greek sacred law and its
contents. A discussion of the history of the corpus and the principles governing its composition
is followed by a detailed review of its contents, in which the evidence is classified according to
subject matter. Part II contains inscriptions published since the late 1960s from all around the
Greek world excluding Cos and Asia Minor (checklists for these are appended). The text of each
inscription is presented alongside restorations, epigraphical commentary, translation, and
• June 2009 a comprehensive running commentary. Most of the inscriptions are illustrated. The volume
• ISBN 978 90 04 17317 0 should prove useful to scholars of Greek religion, historians, and epigraphists.
• Hardback (xx, 548 pp.)
• List price EUR 162.- / US$ 231.-
• Religions in the Graeco-Roman
World, 152
Book Series

Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters

Managing Editor: Andreas Speer
Editors: Tzotcho Boiadjiev, Kent Emery, Jr., Wouter Goris

For more information please visit ISSN 0169-8028

• February 2010 Rethinking the History of Skepticism

• ISBN 978 90 04 17061 2
• Hardback (240 pp.)
The Missing Medieval Background
• List price EUR 97.- / US$ 138.-
• Studien und Texte zur Edited by Henrik Lagerlund
Geistesgeschichte des
Mittelalters, 103 The history of skepticism usually ignores the Middle Ages. It is customary in most historical
overviews to say that epistemological skepticism and external-world skepticism did not find
its way into the Western philosophical tradition until Sextus Empiricus was rediscovered and
retranslated into Latin in the Sixteenth century. It is the aim of this book to show that this is not
true and that the history of skepticism must be rewritten. It is only once the rich discussions
of both epistemological and external-world skepticism in the Middle Ages are included that
the whole history of skepticism can be written, and only then can the development of modern

classical studies
thought be understood. This book begins this rewriting of the history of skepticism by tracing
discussions of skepticism from Al-Ghazali to sixteenth century Paris.

Medieval Greek Commentaries on the Nicomachean Ethics

Edited by Charles Barber and David Jenkins

Given the enduring importance of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, it is remarkable to find 33

that there is no extensive surviving commentary on this text from the period between the

BRILL catalog 2010

second century and the twelfth century. This volume is focused on the first of the medieval
commentaries, that produced in the early twelfth century by Eustratios of Nicaea, Michael of
Ephesus, and an anonymous author in Constantinople. This endeavor was to have a significant
impact on the reception of the Nicomachean Ethics in Latin and Catholic Europe. For, in the mid-
thirteenth century, Robert Grosseteste translated into Latin a manuscript that contained these
Byzantine commentators. Both Albertus Magnus and Bonaventure then used this translation as
• February 2009 a basis for their discussions of Aristotle’s book.
• ISBN 978 90 04 17393 4
• Hardback (xvi, 228 pp.) Contributors are George Arabatzis, Charles Barber, Linos Benakis, Elizabeth Fisher, Peter
• List price EUR 97.- / US$ 138.- Frankopan, Katerina Ierodiakonou, David Jenkins, Anthony Kaldellis and Michele Trizio.
• Studien und Texte zur
Geistesgeschichte des
Mittelalters, 101
Book Series

Studies in Ancient Medicine

John Scarborough, Philip J. van der Eijk, Ann Ellis Hanson, Joseph Ziegler

For more information please visit ISSN 0925-1421

Medieval Pharmacotherapy - Continuity and Change

Case studies from Ibn Sīnā and some of his late medieval commentators

Helena M. Paavilainen

The development of medical drug therapy in medieval times can be seen as an interplay between
tradition and innovation. This book follows the changes in the therapy from the Arabic medicine
of Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna) to Latin medical scholasticism, aiming to trace both the continuity and
the development in the theory and practice of medieval drug therapy. In this delicate balance
between change and continuity a crucial role was played by the scientific community through
• September 2009 critical rejection or acceptance of new ideas. The drug choices were in most cases rational
• ISBN 978 90 04 17119 0 also from the point of view of contemporary medical theory. The method used in the book for
• Hardback (xx, 770 pp.) studying these choices could promote the development of a novel methodology for historical
classical studies

• List price EUR 206.- / US$ 293.- ethnopharmacology.

• Studies in Ancient Medicine, 38

John the Physician’s Therapeutics

A Medical Handbook in Vernacular Greek

34 Barbara Zipser
BRILL catalog 2010

The Therapeutics of John the Physician is a medical handbook from the thirteenth century,
holding important new evidence on medicine as craft. Of particular interest is a vernacular
version of the text, which also contains a commentary. Here, an unknown reviser vividly
describes cases and medical procedures, a type of knowledge rarely encountered in scholarly
texts. In the present volume, the Therapeutics is published for the first time, along with a
• June 2009 translation and an introduction to the topic. Apart from insights into medical history, the
• ISBN 978 90 04 17723 9 text also yields a large quantity of new material on the medical terminology used in everyday
• Hardback (x, 377 pp.) language and brings to life the development from ancient to modern Greek. The editorial
• List price EUR 130.- / US$ 185.- technique may be of interest to those working on digital humanities.
• Studies in Ancient Medicine, 37

The Hippocratic Treatise On Glands

Edited and Translated with Introduction and Commentary

Elizabeth M. Craik

This is a new edition, with translation, introduction and commentary, of the Hippocratic
treatise On Glands. Through a close analysis of both content and expression, the text is
interpreted and situated in the wider context of ancient medical writing.

• April 2009
• ISBN 978 90 04 17563 1
• Hardback (viii, 172 pp.)
• List price EUR 86.- / US$ 123.-
• Studies in Ancient Medicine, 36
Book Series

• February 2010 Hippocrates and Medical Education

• ISBN 978 90 04 17248 7
• Hardback (420 pp.)
Selected Papers Read at the XIIth International Hippocrates Colloquium,
• List price EUR 140.- / US$ 200.- Universiteit Leiden, 24-26 August 2005
• Studies in Ancient Medicine, 35
Edited by H.F.J. Horstmanshoff

The collection of writings known as the Corpus Hippocraticum played a decisive role in medical
education for more than twenty four centuries. This is the first full-length volume on medical
education in Graeco-Roman antiquity since Kudlien’s seminal article from 1970. The articles
in this volume were originally presented as papers at the XIIth International Colloquium
Hippocraticum in Leiden in 2005.

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Book Series

Technology and Change in History

For more information please visit ISSN 1385-920x

Ancient Building Technology

Volume 3: Construction

G.R.H. Wright

Building construction is the subject of this third part of the Ancient Building Technology set
(TCH 4 and TCH 7 dealing with the history of building and building materials). Beginning with
the formulation of a project (drawings, specifications and estimates of quantities) it goes on
to discuss preliminary site surveying and setting out, followed by building site development
and its attendant installations, and then examines the disposition of the various building
materials (wood, stone, brick, and concrete) in building construction from pre-history to the
end of antiquity. The work is intended as a ready reference compendium of information which
• November 2009 otherwise would require extended research to come by. It should be of service to all students of
• ISBN 978 90 04 17745 1 antiquity, and a particular convenience to have on hand during archaeological field work. This
• Hardback (Vol.I: 368 pp., volume is published in two parts, the first containing the discussion and the second more than
classical studies

Vol.II: 288 pp.) 400 illustrations, completing the discussion.

• List price EUR 191.- / US$ 272.-
• Technology and Change
in History, 12

The Nature and Function of Water, Baths, Bathing and

36 Hygiene from Antiquity through the Renaissance
Edited by Cynthia Kosso and Anne Scott
BRILL catalog 2010

These essays offer scholars, teachers, and students a new basis for discussing attitudes toward,
and technological expertise concerning, water in antiquity through the early Modern period,
and they examine historical water use and ideology both diachronically and cross regionally.
Topics include gender roles and water usage; attitudes, practices, and innovations in baths and
bathing; water and the formation of identity and policy; ancient and medieval water sources and
• March 2009 resources; and religious and literary water imagery. The authors describe how ideas about the
• ISBN 978 90 04 17357 6 nature and function of water created and shaped social relationships, and how religion, politics,
• Hardback (viii, 540 pp.) and science transformed, and were themselves transformed by, the manipulation of, uses of, and
• List price EUR 170.- / US$ 241.- disputes over water in daily life, ceremonies, and literature.
• Technology and Change
in History, 11 Contributors are Rabun Taylor, Sandra Lucore, Robert F. Sutton, Jr., Cynthia K Kosso, Kevin
Lawton, Evy Johanne Håland, Hélène Cazes, Alexandra Cuffel, Mark Munn, Brenda Longfellow,
Gretchen Meyers, Sara Saba, Scott John McDonough, Etienne Dunant, E. J. Owens , Mehmet
Taşlıalan, Deborah Chatr Aryamontri, John Stephenson, Lin A. Ferrand, Paul Trio, Anne Scott,
Misty Rae Urban, Ruth Stevenson, Charles Connell, Alyce Jordan, Ronald Cooley, and Irene
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Ancient Civilizations from Scythia International Journal of the Platonic

to Siberia Tradition
Edited by G. Bongard-Levin, Moscow, G. Gnoli, Rome, Edited by John F. Finamore, University of Iowa
and A. Ivantchik, Bordeaux/Moscow
• 2010: Volume 4 (in 2 issues)
• 2010: Volume 16 (in 2 issues) • ISSN 1872-5082 / E-ISSN 1872-5473
classical studies

• ISSN 0929-077X / E-ISSN 1570-0577 • Institutional subscription rates

• Institutional subscription rates Electronic only: EUR 152.- / US$ 207.-
Electronic only: EUR 263.- / US$ 358.- Print only: EUR 167.- / US$ 228.-
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Electronic + Print: EUR 316.- / US$ 429.- • Individual subscription rates
• Individual subscription rates Print only: EUR 55.- / US$ 75.-
Print only: EUR 95.- / US$ 129.-
This journal is published under the auspices of the International
38 Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia is an international Society for Neoplatonic Studies. The international editorial
journal covering such topics as history, archaeology, board is headed by Professor John Finamore of the University of
BRILL catalog 2010

numismatics, epigraphy, papyrology and the history of Iowa. This exciting new journal covers all facets of the Platonic
material culture. It discusses art and the history of science and tradition (from Thales through Thomas Taylor, and beyond) from
technology, as applied to the Ancient World and relating to the all perspectives (including philosophical, historical, religious,
territory of the former Soviet Union, to research undertaken etc.) and all corners of the world (Pagan, Christian, Jewish,
by scholars of the former Soviet Union abroad and to materials Islamic, etc.). The journal is published in 2 issues per year.
in collections in the former Soviet Union. Particular emphasis
is given to the Black Sea area, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, Siberia For more information see
and Central Asia, and the littoral of the Indian Ocean. Ancient
Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia has already established itself
as an invaluable resource for the subject both in the private
collections of professors and scholars as well as in the major
research libraries of the world. Ancient Civilizations from Scythia
to Siberia offers you an easy way to stay on top of your discipline.
Each volume contains, besides a selection of high-quality
original papers, an abundance of figures for clarification of

For more information see


Journal of the Philosophy of History Journal of Greek Linguistics

Editor-in-chief: Frank R. Ankersmit, University of Groningen E. Anagnostopoulou, University of Crete, Greece
Editors: Mark Bevir, UC Berkeley, Paul Roth, UC Santa Cruz, A. Arvaniti, University of California San Diego, USA
Aviezer Tucker, Queen’s University, Belfast, and Alison Wylie, A. Giannakidou, University of Chicago, USA
University of Washington A. Georgakopoulou, King’s College London, UK
G. Horrocks, University of Cambridge, UK
• 2010: Volume 4 (in 4 issues) A. Malikouti-Drachman, University of Salzburg, Austria

classical studies
• ISSN 1872-261X / E-ISSN 1872-2636 P. Pappas, Simon Fraser University, Canada
• Institutional subscription rates A. Ralli, University of Patras, Greece
Electronic only: EUR 108.- / US$ 147.- A. Revithiadou, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Print only: EUR 119.- / US$ 162.- M. Sifianou, University of Athens, Greece
Electronic + Print: EUR 130.- / US$ 176.- P. Trudgill, University of Adger, Norway
• Individual subscription rates I. Tsimpli, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Print only: EUR 39.- / US$ 53.-
• 2010: Volume 10 (in 2 issues)
Philosophy of history is a rapidly expanding area. There is • ISSN 1566-5844 / E-ISSN 1569-9846 39
growing interest today in: what constitutes knowledge of the • Institutional subscription rates

BRILL catalog 2010

past, the ontology of past events, the relationship of language Electronic only: EUR 160.- / US$ 218.-
to the past, and the nature of representations of the past. Print only: EUR 176.- / US$ 240.-
These interests are distinct from – although connected with – Electronic + Print: EUR 192.- / US$ 268.-
contemporary epistemology, philosophy of science, metaphysics, • Individual subscription rates
philosophy of language, and aesthetics. Hence we need a distinct Print only: EUR 58.- / US$ 79.-
venue in which philosophers can explore these issues. Journal of
the Philosophy of History provides such a venue. Ever since neo- The Journal of Greek Linguistics (JGL) is an established peer-
Kantianism, philosophy of history has been central to all of reviewed international journal dedicated to the descriptive
philosophy, whether or not particular philosophers recognized and theoretical study of the Greek language from its roots
its potential significance. No philosophic account of knowledge in Ancient Greek down to present-day dialects and varieties,
and truth can be considered worthwhile unless it addresses including those spoken in Asia Minor, Cyprus, Tsakonia, and the
the issue of how we relate to our past. Journal of the Philosophy Greek diaspora. It aims to offer a focused outlet for publication
of History assumes that epistemology, philosophy of language, of first-class research in Greek Linguistics, broadly construed.
and philosophy of science are incomplete if they ignore history. JGL’s goal is not only to reach linguists interested in the Greek
Once we historicize the relationship of language and the world, language but also to engage the linguistics community and
however, we raise a number of philosophical problems that call Hellenists more generally. The input to JGL will thus comprise
for deeper analysis and that are of the greatest significance any topic relevant to Greek linguistics, in the broadest sense, but
for an adequate understanding of how language and science with some preference given to material with wider relevance
are possible. Journal of the Philosophy of History is a philosophical to specific subfields within linguistics proper. The intention is
journal. It welcomes contributions from all the branches of therefore on the one hand to encourage discussions and research
philosophy that use history and historiography fruitfully, that illuminate different aspects - theoretical, historical, and
including epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, descriptive - of general linguistics using Greek data, and on the
philosophy of science, aesthetics, and value theory. It also other hand to offer innovative solutions to problems and issues
welcomes the writing of history in so far as it elucidates and specific to the description and analysis of the Greek language.
possibly solves philosophical problems. Greek has played a central role in linguistics and the study of
language for centuries. JGL will bring the language into a key
For more information see position in current debate within Linguistics and related fields.

For more information see


Mnemosyne Numen
Edited by G.J. Boter, Free University of Amsterdam, Executive Editors: Olav Hammer, University of Odense,
A. Chaniotis, Oxford University, and Gustavo Benavides, Villanova University
K.M. Coleman, Harvard University,
I.J.F. de Jong, University of Amsterdam, • 2010: Volume 57 (in 5 issues)
and P.H. Schrijvers, University of Leiden • ISSN 0029-5973 / E-ISSN 1568-5276
• Institutional subscription rates
classical studies

• 2010: Volume 63 (in 4 issues) Electronic only: EUR 285.- / US$ 388.-
• ISSN 0026-7074 / E-ISSN 1568-525X Print only: EUR 314.- / US$ 427.-
• Institutional subscription rates Electronic + Print: EUR 342.- / US$ 466.-
Electronic only: EUR 361.- / US$ 491.- • Individual subscription rates
Print only: EUR 397.- / US$ 540.- Print only: EUR 104.- / US$ 142.-
Electronic + Print: EUR 433.- / US$ 589.-
• Individual subscription rates Numen publishes papers representing the most recent
Print only: EUR 126.- / US$ 171.- scholarship in all areas of the history of religions. It covers a
40 diversity of geographical regions and religions of the past as
Since its first appearance as a journal of textual criticism well as of the present. The approach of the journal to the study
BRILL catalog 2010

in 1852, Mnemosyne has secured a position as one of the of religion is strictly non-confessional. While the emphasis
leading journals in its field worldwide. Its reputation is built lies on empirical, source-based research, typical contributions
on the Dutch academic tradition, famous for its rigour and also address issues that have a wider historical or comparative
thoroughness. It attracts contributions from all over the world, significance for the advancement of the discipline. Numen also
with the result that Mnemosyne is distinctive for a combination publishes papers that discuss important theoretical innovations
of scholarly approaches from both sides of the Atlantic and the in the study of religion and reflective studies on the history of
Equator. Its presence in libraries around the globe is a sign of its the discipline. The journal also publishes review articles and
continued reputation as an invaluable resource for scholarship book reviews to keep professionals in the discipline updated
in Classical studies. Mnemosyne welcomes contributions on any about recent developments. Occasionally, Numen announces
subject related to Greco-Roman Antiquity, including ancient news about the activities of the International Assocation for the
history, philosophy and archaeology, provided that they have History of Religions (IAHR) and its member associations.
a clearly recognizable textual foundation. Its famous section
of ‘Miscellanea’, comprising short articles on specific details, For more information see
contributes to its distinctive character. The Book Review section,
covering a wide range of topics, is multidisciplinary in its
approach. While Mnemosyne primarily features contributions
written in English, submissions in French, German and Latin are
also welcome.

For more information see


Phronesis Religion and Theology

Edited by Verity Harte, Yale University, Executive Editor: Gerhard A. van den Heever,
and Christof Rapp, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Department of New Testament, University of South Africa

• 2010: Volume 55 (in 4 issues) • 2010: Volume 17 (in 2 double issues)

• ISSN 0031-8868 / E-ISSN 1568-5284 • ISSN 1023-0807 / E-ISSN 1574-3012
• Institutional subscription rates • Institutional subscription rates

classical studies
Electronic only: EUR 249.- / US$ 339.- Electronic only: EUR 179.- / US$ 244.-
Print only: EUR 274.- / US$ 373.- Print only: EUR 197.- / US$ 268.-
Electronic + Print: EUR 299.- / US$ 407.- Electronic + Print: EUR 215.- / US$ 293.-
• Individual subscription rates • Individual subscription rates
Print only: EUR 90.- / US$ 122.- Print only: EUR 65.- / US$ 88.-

Founded in 1955, Phronesis has become the most authoritative Religion & Theology publishes scholarly articles of high quality
scholarly journal for the study of ancient Greek and Roman on religion, theology, and related fields. The journal pursues
thought (ancient philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, new ways of conceptualising religion, theology and academic 41
epistemology and the philosophy of science and medicine) religious discourse, as well as reflecting on new meaning-giving

BRILL catalog 2010

from its origins down to the end of the sixth century A.D. praxis. The journal functions as an international forum for
Phronesis offers the reader specialist articles and book notes contemporary religious discourse with an emphasis on new
from top scholars in Europe and North America. The language ways of understanding our multifaceted religious heritage and
of publication is in practice English, although papers in Latin, ourselves as ‘religious’ beings in this time of major change in
French, German and Italian are also published. world history. Religion & Theology encourages dialogue between
divergent theoretical, conceptual and disciplinary languages,
For more information see with a view to reconceptualising theology (in theory and praxis)
in the light of contemporary theory of religion, especially
more recent social and rhetorical theories of religion. All
contributions are peer-reviewed. The journal also publishes
review articles and book reviews.

For more information see


Brill Open
Brill offers its journal authors the option to make
their articles freely available online in Open Access
upon publication. The Brill Open publishing option
enables authors to comply with new funding body and
institutional requirements (for example those in place
from the Wellcome Trust and the NIH, and announced for
several other funding bodies and universities).
The Brill Open option will be available for all journals
published under the imprints Brill, Martinus Nijhoff and
VSP. More details can be found on
Vigiliae Christianae
Executive Editors: J.C.M. van Winden, Leiden,
J. den Boeft, Free University of Amsterdam,
J. van Oort, Utrecht/Nijmegen

• 2010: Volume 64 (in 5 issues)

• ISSN 0042-6032 / E-ISSN 1570-0720
classical studies

• Institutional subscription rates

Electronic only: EUR 285.- / US$ 388.-
Print only: EUR 314.- / US$ 427.-
Electronic + Print: EUR 342.- / US$ 466.-
• Individual subscription rates
Print only: EUR 104.- / US$ 142.-

Vigiliae Christianae contains articles and short notes of an

42 historical, cultural, linguistic or philological nature on early
Christian literature written after the New Testament, as well as
BRILL catalog 2010

on Christian epigraphy and archaeology. Church and dogmatic

history are dealt with as they relate to social history; Byzantine
and medieval literature are treated as far as they exhibit
continuity with the early Christian period.

- Leading journal in its field.

- Extensive book review section giving a critical analysis
of other titles related to the field.

For more information see

Authors Index

10 Acosta-Hughes, B., Lehnus, L. and Stephens, S. (eds), 8 Elkaisy-Friemuth, M. and Dillon, J. (eds), The Afterlife
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Mesopotamian Medicine from Hammurabi to Hippocrates, 16 Fleming, D.E. and Milstein, S., The Buried Foundation of
Proceedings of the International Conference “Oeil malade et mauvais the Gilgamesh Epic, The Akkadian Huwawa Narrative
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classical studies
Aristotle’s De caelo as his Metaphysics), Greek Text and Medieval Arabic Translation,
21 Burgersdijk, D.W.P. and Waarden, J. A. van (eds), edited and translated with introduction, commentaries and
Emperors and Historiography, Collected Essays on the Literature glossaries, as well as the medieval Latin translation, and with an
of the Roman Empire by Daniël den Hengst Excursus on Graeco-Arabic Editorial Technique
25 Butz, P.A., The Art of the Hekatompedon Inscription and 19 Gwynn, D. and Bangert, S., Religious Diversity in Late
the Birth of the Stoichedon Style Antiquity
26 Caccioli, D., The Villanovan, Etruscan, and Hellenistic 13 Harris, W.V. and Holmes, B. (eds), Aelius Aristides
Collections in the Detroit Institute of Arts between Greece, Rome, and the Gods
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Antiquity, Volume 14 (Sym-Tub) Ritual Dynamics and Religious Change in the Roman Empire,
2 Cancik, H. and Schneider, H. (eds), Brill’s New Pauly,

BRILL catalog 2010

Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop of the International Network
Antiquity, Volume 15 (Tuc-Zyt) Impact of Empire Heidelberg, July, 2007
4 Chaniotis, A.; Corsten, T.; Stroud, R.S. and Tybout, 17 Hjort Lange, C., Res Publica Constituta, Actium, Apollo and
R.A. (eds), Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum, the Accomplishment of the Triumviral Assignment
Volume LV (2005) 35 Horstmanshoff, H.F.J. (ed.), Hippocrates and Medical
21 Chaston, C., Tragic Props and Cognitive Function, Education, Selected Papers Read at the XIIth International
Aspects of the Function of Images in Thinking Hippocrates Colloquium, Universiteit Leiden, August 2005
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Philosophy of Nature in Greek Neoplatonism, Proceedings the Post-Classical Age
of the European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop, 36 Kosso, C. and Scott, A. (eds), The Nature and Function of
Castelvecchio Pascoli, June 2006 Water, Baths, Bathing and Hygiene from Antiquity through
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Translated with Introduction and Commentary 33 Lagerlund, H. (ed.), Rethinking the History of Skepticism,
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classical studies

Brill’s Companion to Hesiod 36 Wright, G.R.H., Ancient Building Technology, Volume 3:

23 Murgatroyd, P., A Commentary on Book 4 of Valerius Construction
Flaccus’ Argonautica 34 Zipser, B., John the Physician’s Therapeutics,
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in Ancient Greece and Rome
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Athens, 317-307 BCE, A Philosopher in Politics
44 34 Paavilainen, H.M., Medieval Pharmacotherapy -
Continuity and Change, Case studies from Ibn Sīnā and some
BRILL catalog 2010

of his late medieval commentators

18 Pernot, L. (ed.), New Chapters in the History of Rhetoric
18 Plett, H.F., Literary Rhetoric, Concepts - Structures - Analyses
27 Poo, M.-c. (ed.), Rethinking Ghosts in World Religions
25 Prusac, M., From Face to Face, Recarving of Roman portraits in
Late Antiquity
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Epic Diction in the Light of Oral Theory
4 Rupprecht, H.-A. and Worp, K.A. (eds),
Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden aus
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• African Studies • Language & Linguistics

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