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1. The answers must be submitted by 11:59pm on October 3rd, 2019. Any answers submitted
after the deadline shall not be accepted.

2. The answers must be sent in either a PDF or Word document and promptly emailed to

3. The answers must NOT exceed 5 pages including citations and references, Article of the
relevant law(where deemed necessary) (typed, single line spacing, Times New Roman font, size

4. The footnotes and endnotes used must be in either the Chicago format.

5. The final document containing your answers must NOT mention any indication regarding your
team such as the names of the participants. You must ONLY mention the team code that you
have been assigned.

6. The foot notes should be in Times New Roman font style with a font size of 10 points and
single line spacing.

7. A penalty of 1 mark per hour shall be deducted in case of delay in submission of preliminary

The answers will be marked out of a total of 50 marks (10 marks for each question). Answers
shall be marked based upon the following:

• Application of relevant law which includes the identification of the relevant Articles of that

• Reliance on case law where necessary.

• Explanation of the answers provided.

• Teams are expected to answer these questions in clear, coherent &legal English

• Teams are expected to research and provide references


1. Explain the principle of reasonable classification under Article 25 of the Constitution of

Pakistan, 1973.
2. Differentiate between sources of International Law provided in the ICJ statute and the
sources of Customary International Law?
3. Was denying consular access to Mr. Kulbhushan Jadav by Pakistan, a violation of Intl.
Law? If so, briefly explain the relevant law or treaty.
4. Briefly explain the stance of ICJ in its judgments regarding a state’s obligation of not
allowing knowingly its territory to be used for acts contrary to the rights of other States.
5. Critically analyze the efforts of UN in making peace in Palestine.

Results of Preliminary Round

1. Top 12 teams from this preliminary round will qualify for Oral rounds of the
2. The results of Preliminary round will be announced on October 5th, 2019 and the
selected teams will then be required to pay the registration fee by October 7th, 2019.
3. Teams failing to submit the registration fee by the deadline will automatically
disqualify and the other high scoring team other than the top 12 will be considered for
the selection.
4. The final 12 teams will get the Moot problem by October 8th, 2019 along with all the
rules of drafting and submitting the memorials.