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List of Companies in logistics and Supply Chain

S.No Company Name

1 TNT Express
4 Blue Dart Aviation
5 Gati
6 Safe Express Pvt. Ltd.
7 Swift Global Shipping & Logistics
8 Agarwal Packers & Movers (P) Ltd.
10 First flight Couriers Ltd.
11 ABC India Ltd
12 Four-Soft
13 Essar
14 Pro Logix
15 Welgrow Line India Pvt. Ltd.
16 Agil Freight Logistics Pvt. Ltd
17 Flyjac Logistics Pvt.Ltd.
18 TCI
19 J. M. Baxi & Co.
20 Thakur Shipping Agency
21 A.V.freight & Logistics
22 BlazeFlash Couriers Ltd.
23 Caravan Roadways Ltd.
24 Shreyas Shipping & Logistics
25 P.M. Packers and Movers
26 HTL Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.
27 Agility (Global Integrated Logistics)
28 Aqua Logistic
29 Sun Logistics
30 SkyPark
31 Greenwich Meridian Logistics (India) Pvt.Ltd
32 Skywing Packers Movers
33 Almighty International Logistics
34 Safe Packers and Movers
36 Mega Air & Sea Cargo
37 Air Cargo Customs
38 Merchant Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
39 Samsara Shipping
40 SMG Spacers Pvt. Ltd.
41 Karam Freight Movers
42 Interworldcargo
43 Volvo Logistics Global
44 Uniworld Logistics Pvt.
45 Aspinwall
46 Logiwiz Logistics India Pvt.Ltd.
47 Interline Global Logistics Pvt. LTD
48 Arora Logistix
49 Seamax Logistics Limited
50 Om Logistics Ltd
Company Details

1) Name: TNT Express

Estd: 1996 (1946 in Australia as Thomas Nationwide Transport and 1752 in the Netherlands as Staten
Braches: Europe
Services: Express, package and post delivery services, charter airline.
Headquarter: Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.
About: TNT ensures that your parcels, documents and freight items are delivered safely and on time
throughout the world.
TNT provides the widest range of time definite and day definite express delivery services in 200 countries.
We have built our reputation on a record of commitment to meeting the needs of our customers.
We seek to lead the industry by sharing responsibility for our world. At TNT we are reducing our CO2
emissions across the globe as part of our Planet Me program.

2) Name: AFL
Estd: 1946
Branches: All over India (1400), 292 countries.
Services: Express Courier, Logistics, International Cargo, Transportation, Cartridge World (Franchisee).
Headquarter: Mumbai.
About: In 1979, AFL Pioneered the First Express Service in India, rapidly establishing itself into a global
brand recognized for its quality service and unique multi-product offering.
In due course of time, AFL's Express Division was re-christened as AFL "WiZ Express", as it is popularly
known today.
"Wiz", a short form of "Wizard" stands for its team of skilled professionals. "Express" connotes speed,
tech-savvy and modern. Thus, having the perfect blend of skilled professionals ready to service any express
needs of its customers.
AFL's Express Division has successfully served as a global service provider for over 30 years and
continues to expand and excel, establishing strategic alliances and gaining stronger brand recognition
across the country.

3) Name: DHL
Estd: 1969
Branches: India
Services: Parcel/Document Express Delivery, Freight (Air, Ocean, Road, Rail), Supply Chain Solution,
International Solution.
Headquarter: Bonn, Germany.
About: DHL offers integrated services and tailored, customer-focused solutions for managing and
transporting letters, goods and information.
DHL comprises four divisions. These segments operate under the control of their own divisional
headquarters. The Group management functions are performed by the Corporate Center.
We have centralized the internal services which support the entire Group, including Finance Operations, IT
and Procurement. This consolidation enables us to increase the flexibility of our business, improve service
quality and leverage economies of scale and cost benefits.
4) Name: Blue Dart Aviation (Subsidiary of Blue Dart Express Limited)
Estd: 1995
Branches: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Cochin, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai.
Services: Freight services.
Headquarter: Chennai.
About: To assure safe, secure, cost-effective and superior service, to our customers through highly skilled
personnel, quality equipment, timely customer-oriented response and professional management. Achieving
projected returns on investment / productivity goals while expanding to international operations and
constantly improving our customer service quality and performance.

5) Name: Gati
Estd: 1989
Branches: Across India and Asian Countries.
Services: Surface Express (cargo), Air Express (Freight), Shipping, Logistics.
Headquarter: Secunderabad (India).
About: Be a globally preferred provider of India-centric supply chain services and solutions, and a leader
in the Asia Pacific region
Delight customers with quality service by setting new trends through innovation and technology
Be a responsible corporate citizen with unwavering commitment to environmental protection and

6) Name: Safe Express Pvt. Ltd.

Estd: 1995
Branches: India
Services: Cargo, Draft on Delivery, Safe air, Consulting, All risk cover, Safe box, ILM.
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: We shall adopt and internalize a work culture which demonstrates a "we can we will" attitude to
reflect in our daily responsibilities so as to far exceed our objectives, consistently striving towards market
We will create historical landmarks forming a strong edifice for the future overcoming all obstacles pro-
actively as our personal responsibility and commitment to create delight for the customer with impeccable
personalized services.
To be a conscious learning organization maintaining flexibility for change so as to provide the most
customized solutions. Striving towards global market share whilst maintaining dominance in the domestic
market through good hr practice and excellent customer service
7) Name: Swift Global Shipping & Logistics
Estd: 1998
Branches: Mumbai
Services: Shipping Line Agency, Custom House Agency, Logistics Consulting & Support, Packing,
Transportation & Warehousing
Headquarter: Mumbai, India.
About: Swift Global is committed to providing customers value-added services. We strive to develop a
long-term business relationship with our customer, which is founded on our ability to help identify and
recommend the best solution for each customer's business environment. We strive for continuous
improvement in our relationships with customers and our ability to provide quality products and solutions
to our customer’s requirements without losing focus of our 'Right-on-Time' delivery system." Forgive us
for the cliché, but at Swift Global, providing quality services at the right cost to our customers is our top

8) Name: Agarwal Packers & Movers (P) Ltd.

Estd: 1987
Branches: India
Services: Home Search, Packers& Movers, Home Interior, Car Shifting, International Shifting,
Warehousing, Roofing & Infrastructure Solution.
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: Vision To be a globally recognized corporation that provides best relocation & logistics solutions,
delivered by best-in-class people.
To achieve goal through business ethics, global reach, technological expertise, building long term
relationships with all our associates, customers, partners, and employees

9) Name: DTDC
Estd: 1990
Branches: Across India
Services: Domestic Express, Domestic Air Cargo, and Domestic Ground Express to International Air
Express, International Economy Express
Headquarter: Bengaluru (Karnataka)
About: To be the most Admired and Successful Express Distribution Company in India by meeting and
exceeding our Customers' expectation of services.
To focus on Customer Loyalty and make it the goal of our Organization
To encourage our people for adoption of new technologies, processes and systems for improved, reliable
and speedy service.
DTDC is India’s Largest Domestic Delivery Network Company offering various custom made services
ranging from Domestic to International.
DTDC delivers to the remotest places in India with the help of 3700 business partners spread across the
length and breath of India.
To relentlessly monitor to reach a minimum net service level of 98% delivery.
10) Name: First flight Couriers Ltd.
Estd: 1986
Branches: Across India
Services: Courier, Surface & Air Cargo.
Headquarter: Andheri (Mumbai).
About: First Flight is in the process of setting up a large scale integrated Logistics Division to offer an
entire gamut of Warehousing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Services and Distribution Channels,
thereby providing total end-to-end solutions to customers.
First Flight continues to invest substantial effort in building a State-of-the-Art Super Information
Technology highway.

11) Name: ABC India Ltd

Estd: 1963
Branches: Kolkata, Assam, Delhi, Chennai, Nagpur, Mumbai, Chennai, Guwahati.
Services: Cargo Service (Air, Road, Rail, Sea)
Headquarter: West Bengal
About: We will continually improve ABC to provide our clients top quality logistics services will
continually improve ABC to provide our clients top quality logistics services by removing inefficiencies,
using current technology and respecting our team and environment.

12) Name: Four-Soft

Estd: 1999
Branches: India and in many countries in America, Asia, Europe.
Services: Web Centric IT Logistic Solution for Transport, Warehousing, Air& Ocean and SCM activities.
Headquarter: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
About: At Four Soft, we create innovation through intellectual property and passion. As a high-end player
specializing in software products and services, Four Soft envisions, architects and delivers strategic and
mission critical applications to support our customers in their business transformation initiatives.
Our quality of work and the impact it creates is our self-governing benchmark. Four Soft specializes in
delivering world-class products and services for the supply chain industry.

13) Name: Essar

Estd: 1969
Branches: India and Canada, USA, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and South East Asia.
Services: Steel, Energy, Power, Communications, Shipping Ports & Logistics
Headquarter: Mumbai (India)
About: We will be a respected global entrepreneur, through the power of positive action.
We are committed to innovative growth, through our personal passion, reinforced by a professional
mindset, creating value for all those we touch.
We endeavor to create enduring value for customers and stakeholders in core manufacturing and service
businesses, through world-class operating standards, state-of-the-art technology and the ‘positive attitude’
of our people.

14) Name: Pro Logix

Estd: Unknown
Branches: Mumbai, Ahmadabad
Services: International Air & Sea Cargo, International Cargo, International Un-accompanied Baggage.
About: We are a group of professionals from the international air and sea cargo industry. We have over a
decade of experience in this arena having worked with companies of high caliber in the logistics industry.
Our skilled team is experienced in all phases of fulfillment, product warehousing, data processing,
packaging, distribution, customer service and light tech support. Whether for mass-market direct-to-
consumer order fulfillment or management of all operations for servicing all kinds of business, we provide
the expertise, systems, and facilities for seamless order processing, and complete customer satisfaction.

15) Name: Welgrow Line India Pvt. Ltd.

Estd: 1994
Branches: Across India
Services: Freight Forwarder, Sea/Air Freight, Import/Export, Courier Services, Survey Reports, Ship's
Visits, Marine Insurance.
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: We have had many years of experience in dealing with most major shipping lines. We are able to
quickly find clients a choice of lines to meet their overseas shipping requirements both import and export.
In addition we are able to attend to client pre-shipment requirements as far a Letter Of Credit requirements,
export documentation, customs formalities and carriage to port of departure or delivery to final destination
in the case of imports. It is vital to ensure that goods are properly insured on all risks basis. This important
function can be carried out on behalf of clients by giving us written instructions. We are able to quote for
most types of cargo and countries.

16) Name: Agil Freight Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Estd: 1991
Branches: Across India
Services: Ocean and Airfreight, overland Transportation, Customs Broking, multimodal Transportation,
Project Cargo Services, live Shows and Event Logistics.
Headquarter: Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.
About: Since it’s inception in 1991, AGIL Freight Pvt. Ltd. is a registered multimodal transport operator
with competitive process and cost effective solutions. With excellent experience, world class centrally
integrated system and an ample network of partners we strive to provide the best to our clientele. Our team
with sound experience to handle any type of technological issues puts their best foot forward and acts
proactively to serve the ever-changing demands of the market.
AGIL Freight Pvt. Ltd. incorporated in 1991 is a family owned but professionally managed business house.
Its promoters originally dealt with shipping agency business as early as 1951. Handling breaks bulk &
tramp vessels and Container Liner Principals till 1992 when we ventured into a new horizon of Freight
Forwarding and logistics services. Though AGIL started as a domestic transport service provider, later on
AGIL Freight Pvt. Ltd. went on to develop into a full fledged international multimodal transport operator
with offices across India and now also in the Arabian Gulf.

17) Name: Flyjac Logistics Pvt.Ltd.

Estd: 1990
Branches: Across India
Services: Freight forwarding, logistic, shipping agent, cargo agent, warehousing, air freight, sea freight,
custom clearance, freight management.
Headquarter: Andheri (Mumbai)
About: To be a partner of our customers in building a seamless value chain.
To build care and competence in networking, communication and personalized service
To create opportunities for self development and excellence
To empower and enroll towards social and spiritual development

18) Name: TCI

Estd: 1958
Branches: Across India
Services: Surface/Air Courier, Sea Cargo, Logistics, Road Transportation.
Headquarter: Gurgaon
About: TCI has the largest network of strategically located 1000 company owned branches, covering
almost all the cities and towns of the country.
TCI owns well equipped and secure godowns, offices and warehouses having an occupied space of over 3
million square feet.
TCI operates a mammoth fleet of over 3000 trucks moving 15,000 consignments daily. Using state-of-the-
art equipment to transport consignments of any size, weight and dimensions including heavy duty
equipment and provide accurate and timely information to its customers and meet shortened response time
It opened its doors to computerization 20 years ago and today all the Controlling Centers have on-line
computerized operations. Supported by well documented systems and procedures assuring consistency and
efficiency in its operations and customer care throughout the country
TCI has a satisfied client base of 150,000, which includes the top 500 Indian companies. TCI's strength lies
in its people. A dedicated team of 4000 employees ensures that the company stays ahead, meeting all
challenges, achieving the goals while being guided by the MISSION as laid down by the organization.
Meeting the company's commitment towards excellence in every sphere of its activity

19) Name: J. M. Baxi & Co.

Estd: 1916
Branches: Across India
Services: Shipping Support Services(Container Transport Management, Project Logistics Division,
Equipment & Training Division, Barge & Lighter age Operations, Manpower Recruitment & Ship
Management, Support Services for Dredging Operations, International Freight Forwarding, Stevedoring &
Bulk Cargo Operations, Agency Services for Cruise & Visiting Naval Ships, Chartering Brokers, Support
Services for the Oil & Gas Industry, Tanker Operations, Port Development & Terminal Management.
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: The Company has a strong presence in most of its business lines and leadership in several of the
shipping support services.
The future plans are focused on consolidating the existing activities and developing other shipping related
areas as well.
A professionally managed Company offering expert services to Ship-owners, Exporters and Importers.
Quality of services and total commitment towards our clients and principals
Experienced professionals and specialists in every business activity

20) Name: Thakur Shipping Agency

Estd: 2001
Branches: Mumbai, Kanpur
Services: International freight forwarding, air and sea freight forwarding, cargo consolidation services,
customs marine insurance, distribution and other value added global logistics services.
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: Our policy is to provide our clients with a one stop service for all their shipping and forwarding
needs. We believe in dealing with both customers and staff as individuals and not merely as statistics.
Thakur shipping has grown very rapidly and continues to grow, believing that no job is too big or too small.
With a reputation based on trust and integrity, we offer you flexible and dependable solutions, leaving you
to concentrate on your core business.

21) Name: A.V.freight & Logistics

Estd: 1921
Branches: Across India
Services: Air\ Sea Freight, Custom Clearance, Warehousing, Transport, Cargo.
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: It is our goal to be the preferred freight forwarder, shipping and logistics service provider to our
customers by providing an excellent service that satisfies all their needs. We will achieve this through
adherence to constantly evolving quality objectives and a team of highly skilled team members.
Our success will be measured in the generation of long term business relationships and returning
Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service possible so that they can service their
customers efficiently and so grow and develop their business accordingly
We currently serve a wide range of customers from many diverse industries, to name a few of our valued

22) Name: BlazeFlash Couriers Ltd.

Estd: 1986
Branches: Across India
Services: Courier (Domestic, International).
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: Providing Courier Services at approx. 3535 Destinations.
In-house Training & Motivation Institute having capacity of 100 odd people
Performance Incentive, Profit Sharing, E.S.I., P.F., Bonus, Medical, special Winter/ Night Allowance and
conveyance facilities are being provided to keep our all staff members dedicated motivated which is the
need for a Service Oriented Company.
Conferences, Cultural programs, Debates, Competitions carried out throughout the year amongst Staff
Franchisees for better interaction & homely atmosphere.
Apart from 45 important Countries where we are having our self arrangements, we are also having
wholesale Agencies of all world fame Courier Companies like DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and having direct
source code to get all sort of world class service.

23) Name: Caravan Roadways Ltd.

Estd: 1971
Branches: Across India
Services: Project Transportation, ODC Movement, SCM, Custom Clearance, Ware Housing, Trucking,
Packing Distribution.
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: To reach out to the remotest corners of the country and provide our customers with global standard,
low cost, highly reliable Logistic Services.
To be India's Premier Logistics Organization and to extend and expand our services in order to exceed our
customer expectations
Our values are driven by our commitment to excel in our services through Effective Quality Management
Efficient and highly responsible employees Safety from start to finish On-time delivery.

24) Name: Shreyas Shipping & Logistics

Estd: 1994
Branches: Across India
Services: Ship Owing, Feeder Services, Post Agency Services, Domestic Services, Logistic Services,
Regional Services.
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: To be a premier organization that offers total shipping solutions, by providing high quality
innovative services to its customers and stakeholders and to be the market leader and trend-setter in the
Indian sub-continent, Arabian Gulf and South East Asia region.
To provide quality and reliable services to our customers at all times
To remain committed to excellence
To explore and discover new business horizon
To provide our people with adequate growth opportunities
To achieve each “end” tempered by “quality” means
To make a constructive contribution to the society at large

25) Name: P.M. Packers and Movers

Estd: 1986
Branches: Across India
Services: Household, Pet & Vehicle Transportation
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: We believe in ourselves and saying is doing
We know you need our greatest concern at all times
Quality is everything what we execute. Right first time, on time, every time
Our people are skillfully trained and great emphasis is on attitude and workmanship.
Provide comfort and tension free move, whether large or small every client is important.
26) Name: HTL Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.
Estd: 1979
Branches: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China.
Services: Flexible international air options from standard to expedited service, Door-to-door and Airport-
to-airport, Global custom air charters, Transshipments, Consolidations Customs, Clearance / Brokerage
Headquarter: Bengaluru (Karnataka)
About: To be a profitable provider of logistics solutions and services that provide strategic value to our
customers and create a company that can attract, recruit and retain smart and talented employees.
To be the inspired solution For Logistic
Our aim is to become the first choice of customers in global commerce & industry for devising &
expediting reliable and satisfactory integrated transportation services.

27) Name: Agility (Global Integrated Logistics)

Estd: 1979
Branches: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Baroda, Cochin, Hyderabad, Indore, Kanpur, Kolkata, Nasik,
Pune, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam and All over the world
Services: Air/Sea/Road Freight, Logistics Solution
Headquarter: Basel (Switzerland)
About: Agility is a leading global provider of integrated logistics, bringing efficiency to
business and government supply chains in some of the world's most challenging
environments. With more than 32,000 employees in 550 offices and 120 countries, we
offer a global footprint and customized capabilities to provide unmatched personal
service in developed and emerging markets.
Our mission is to facilitate trade through innovative supply chain solutions
Our vision is to be a new type of logistics leader meeting the challenges of global trade

28) Name: Aqua Logistics

Estd: 1999
Branches: Across India
Services: Packaging & Value-added Services, Warehousing, Transportation & Distribution, Project &
Heavy-lift Logistics, Global\ Contract Logistics.
Headquarter: Andheri (Mumbai)
About: Our mission is to be the most outstanding Global Logistics and
Supply Chain Partner offering integrated services through constant innovation
and the relentless pursuit of excellence.
We aim to enhance our clients' businesses by offering superior solutions
while creating value that far exceeds stakeholder expectations.

29) Name: Sun Logistics

Estd: 2000
Branches: Across India
Services: Freight Management, Custom Clearance, Warehousing, Transportation, ISO Tank Container,
Flexi tank Supply, Haz Logistics
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: Sun Logistics is the ‘Brand’ created by ‘Sundersons Group Of Companies’ (as a corporate entity)
to deal with Foreign Principals’ Agency Responsibilities, Joint Ventures and Foreign Entity Partnership
Functions. The parent company is now in its 25th year, which started its work in the shipping industry in
India as an international ocean freight broking company. In due course of time and as a steady run up into
its career graph, it diversified into related fields such as Freight Consulting, Fleet Owning, and Customs’
Clearing & Forwarding. In each of its field, the Company is headed by stalwarts who have had years of
enriched experience and have specialized in delivering a product optimal in its totality and qualitative in its
approach, and who make continuous and concentrated efforts to continue doing so with unfailing

30) Name: SkyPark

Estd: 1982
Branches: Across India
Services: Courier
Headquarter: Andheri (Mumbai)
About: Thanks to its vision, drive and investments, the Indian courier industry has played a vital role in the
giant strides of the Indian Industry.
Today, Skypak's network of over 300 far- flung offices and business associates reach out to over 1 billion
people in almost every nook and corner of the country. In addition, Skypak's strategic partnership with
Skycom Express LLC, provides an international presence like no other domestic company.
The world today is increasingly recognizing the potential of India, as indeed, India opens its doors to the

31) Name: Greenwich Meridian Logistics (India) Pvt.Ltd

Estd: 2002
Branches: Across India
Services: Sea consolidations - out bound / in bound, Hazardous & Refrigerated cargo, packing & removals
- personal effects, Break bulk - Ro Ro services, Inland transportations.
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: One of the first consolidators in India to provide trans shipment details on cell phone , any
customer, shipper or consignee can access the details of their shipment by just sending an SMS of their B/L
No. to our system No. I.E +91 98205 12999 & in less than a minute the sender gets the location of the
GML believes in come up with continual improvement in IT Infrastructure and uplifting of the Quality
standard of the Organization.
GML now an on live trading system, which cargo can be tracked from our website, In addition to our
trading system on SMS
On 9th of December 2002 were awarded ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate by Det Norske VERITAS.
As a part of company policy, we believe in enhancing our direct services into major ports, we started with
serving LCL services into 5 destinations directly and covering more than 400 destinations using these 5
destinations as Trans shipment hubs, today. We serve 44 ports directly and more than 1000 destinations via
these 28 Hubs. Hence cutting down the transit time for the shipments drastically

32) Name: Skywing Packers Movers

Estd: Unknown
Branches: Across India
Services: Packing and Relocation Services
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: Skywing Packers and Movers are one of the leading organizations in India that provide reliable and
timely services in the field of packing and moving. Over the years we have built up a reputation that has
inspired our customers to come back to us time and again. We have new customers almost every day and
we make all efforts to ensure that more and more people know about us.
Being a famous packers and movers, our services in packing and moving goods is outstanding. We adhere
to international standards while packing and relocating your goods- both in India and abroad. Our clients
include not just individuals but also numerous corporate. We, at Skywings also provide hassle-free
transport of your car without causing any damage. We, in fact specialize in car caring.
Customers are our primary concern and their contentment with our services means a lot to us. We
understand that we exist because our customers have faith in us. Therefore we constantly endeavor to
maintain their trust in us.
We have and will always welcome and serve customers in best possible way.

33) Name: Almighty International Logistics

Estd: 2003
Branches: Across India
Services: Domestic & International Logistics, Cargo,
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: The only sustainable source of competitive advantage is the organization's ability to learn faster
than its competition. We at Almighty International Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd. allow our employees to
expand and develop their knowledge base while bridging gaps within their current skill, so as to be
competitive in the market. This helps us in satisfying our customer and increases our face value in the
Total Logistics, Worldwide Agency Network Arrangements, Optimizing Performance, Minimizing Costs,
Maximizing Returns, Professional Approach, Combining Innovation with Best Practice, To Produce
Results That Endure, Guarantee of quality service, Peace of mind

34) Name: Safe Packers and Movers

Estd: 2000
Branches: India
Services: Packing, Transportation, Warehousing, Relocation, Insurance.
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: To meet and surpass customer’s expectations step by step are Safe packers and movers first motive.
So before moving to other location be assured that you are moving through safe packers and movers. Since
2000 we are choice of Indian people because we take every step very carefully that is why your stuff cannot
be harm. With 7 years of experience, over hundred of satisfied customers we are well equipped with
experienced mover’s team, machinery, vehicles and infrastructure to maintain our high standards of
customer service and satisfaction.
We own a fleet of trailers, containers, car-carrier trucks and canters to ensure timely, safe delivery of your
valuable household goods, office equipment and also your vehicles including cars. Apart from packing and
moving services, we also provide containers, storage and insurance of your goods, while in transit.

35) Name: AP LOGISTICS Pvt. Ltd.

Estd: 2005
Branches: India, Europe.
Services: Air\Sea, Freight Forwarding, Custom Clearance, Cargo, Door to Door.
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: We try in this profile to highlight the major aspect of our company’s activities with the view of
intimating you our single goal which is only utmost satisfaction of customer’s genuine demands by
delivering superior and innovative logistics solutions that create advantage across your supply/demand
chain and your network or customers.
APLPL operates under a team of professional energetic, aggressive, self-motivated and the most important
of all, well-experienced employees in this industry to serve our customers. All of your needs are our
concerns & missions to meet.
For the rest of worlds not touched by APLPL, we are coordinating with a nos. of well-repudiated & reliable
agents throughout the South & North China, Far East areas, North Europe, United Kingdom, Scandinavian,
West & East Mediterranean, Ukraine, Russia, South & East Africa, Australia, New Zealand & North
America. We cannot touch all over the world but we have been touching as many as our customers needed

36) Name: Mega Air & Sea Cargo

Estd: 1998
Branches: Across India
Services: Air & Sea Freight Forwarding, Consolidation Air & Sea, Door to Door Delivery,
Documentation & Custom Clearing, Transportation, Domestic Air Freight, Warehousing Facility,
Insurance Cover, Synthetic, Rayon & Cotton Textiles Export Promotion, VISA formalities for US
Shipments, AEPC Quota
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: We know how to handle the goods with great care, because it is same important to us, as it is
important to our customers and to their buyers. Since the establishment, we provide best full support from
purchase order to final delivery. Our expert and responsible staff enable us to serve our valued clients in a
modern style, and set us the leader in Indian-Cargo Industry.
The company, all along, gives special important to aspect of training and carrier of its staff members.
Towards this main objective, several training "A self development process" in order to accelerate
organization growth and further improvement the Prime's level of expertise and efficiency

37) Name: Air Cargo Customs

Estd: 1878
Branches: Across India
Services: Cargo
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: Our Mission is to achieve excellence in the formulation and implementation of Customs initiatives.

38) Name: Merchant Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.

Estd: 1996
Branches: Across India
Services: Liner Shipping Services, Port Agency Services, Project Cargo Services
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: The Company has, over the short span of time, dynamically grown to staff strength of over 450
personnel managing 53 owned offices across 43 locations in India. Equipped with the latest technology, our
extensive branch network of owned offices enables us render professional Broking and Agency services to
our valued Principals, across the major and minor ports, ICD's & cities in India.
We offer Shipping Agent Services and have expertise to handle most size vessels - Aframax, Suezmax,
Mini Bulkers, Handy Size, Handymax, Panamax and Cape Sizes. Our associate group companies, being
BIMCO members keep us updated with the Global Maritime fraterni.
Merchant Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. Services Pvt. Ltd. is on the panel of approved shipbrokers of Tran
chart, which is the chartering arm of Government of India for all national imports and exports. Our Broking
Team as of now fixes on average six to eight ships per month and our annual chartering volume is about a
modest one million tons

39) Name: Samsara Shipping

Estd: 1996
Branches: Across India
Services: Container Liner Services, Bulk and Tramp Services, Break-Bulk Services, Feeder Services, Ship
Broking Services, Ro-Ro Shipping, Project Cargo Handling, Canvassing & Marketing, Value Added
Contracted Services.
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: Samsara shipping today is one of the most reputed, leading and reliable Shipping agencies in India.
Samsara got off to its humble beginning in India in November 1996. Managed by an experienced team of
qualified, dedicated shipping professionals and equipped with the latest Information Technology, the
company has over the span of these few years, dynamically grown to a staff strength of over 450 personnel
managing 53 owned offices across 43 locations which enables rendering professional Shipping Agency
services of the highest standards to our Principals and customers across major & minor ports, ICD's &
cities in India.
Our Management Team comprises of qualified & experienced professionals from the fields of Ship Owning
/ Ship Management / Port Operations / Agency / Chartering & Broking thus blending expertise from
various allied & related disciplines.

40) Name: SMG Spacers Pvt. Ltd.

Estd: 1996
Branches: Across India
Services: Warehousing
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: Our agency (brokerage) charge for recommending, developing, introducing, organizing, arranging
and finalizing the transaction, are very reasonable, nominal and competitive

41) Name: Karam Freight Movers

Estd: 1985
Branches: Across India
Services: Air Freight, Sea Freight, Transportation, Bonded Trucking, Custom Clearance, Cargo
Warehousing, Multi-Model Transport, Domestic & Door to Door Delivery.
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: Karam Freight Movers is a well established organization having over 18 years of experience in
cargo handling and customs clearance. It has expanded its activities of handling containerized cargo from
various ICDs & Container Freight Stations located in hinterland of India.
Karam Freight Movers and Group Companies are being managed efficiently by a team of well experienced
and professionally qualified personnel in their respective fields of activity. The company's management
comprises of Directors and Managers who are having vast experience in shipping and allied activities,
cargo operations and general business management.

42) Name: Interworldcargo

Estd: 1994
Branches: Across India
Services: Air\ Sea Services, Ware housing, Transportation, Custom Clearance.
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: Over the years, with their determination, hard work and perseverance, Inter World has built a
reputation for itself as a trustworthy and committed organization that provides complete forwarding and
logistical solutions- international air & sea cargo forwarding, custom clearance, cargo consolidation (both
air & sea), freight forwarding and warehousing. Today Interworld is also recognized by International air
transport association (IATA).
A registered MTO- (Multi Modal operator), we are backed in our activities by offices that are modern, well
equipped and fully computerized with cordial and responsive staff members. Our teams of staff members
are highly professional & dedicated and are supervised by experienced heads who are specialists in their
field of activity.
Our customers have been our biggest support system. Gracious enough to repose their faith in us, they have
provided us with an opportunity to serve them and prove our credibility time and again. We extend our
heartfelt thanks to them.

43) Name: Volvo Logistics Global

Estd: 1927
Branches: Tavarekere (Karnataka)
Services: Aviation Logistics, Packing, Custom Services, Yard management, Pre-delivery services,
Headquarter: Sweden
About: Volvo Logistics´ mission is to develop and deliver complete supply chain solutions that add value
to our customers worldwide. This mission is our business philosophy and the basis of our everyday work.
We work in collaboration with our customers and act with superior competence, commitment and speed in
the total supply chain, both locally and globally.

44) Name: Uniworld Logistics Pvt.

Estd: 1998
Branches: Indian (Asian Countries)
Services: Total Logistics Solution, Warehousing Management, Value Added
Logistics, 3PL& 4PL Solutions
Headquarter: Koramangla (Karnataka)
About: Uniworld “a partner that values goodwill, where service and dependability is the absolute goal”
To provide excellent professional services in facilitating the total logistics solutions , by finding efficient
reliable and customized solutions according to the ever changing needs and demands of our customer

45) Name: Aspinwall

Estd: 1867
Branches: Cochin, Mangalore, New Delhi, Tuticorin, Hyderabad, Chennai, Vizag, Pune
Services: Shipping Services
Headquarter: Cochin
About: Aspinwall, with a colorful and chequered history spanning over 142 years is today a highly broad-
based corporate business house .The activities comprise Shipping Services, Rubber Plantations, Coffee
Process and Trading, Environmental Engineering, Natural Fibre Products and Tours And Travels.

46) Name: Logiwiz Logistics India Pvt.Ltd.

Estd: Unknown
Branches: Bangalore
Services: Warehouse management, Inventory management, Transport & Distribution management,
Production Line Logistics, Contract warehouse management, Reverse logistics (Returns Management),
Logistics & Supply Chain Management consultancy, Project cargo management, Bonded Facilities, Freight
Management, Regional Presence
Headquarter: Sri Lanka
About: By focusing on People, Processes and Technology we have defined the concept of “intelligent
logistics” which targets quantum improvements in your supply chain execution.
Logiwiz not only provides the traditional logistics services of inventory, order, warehousing & distribution
management but we also provide a range of value added services.
Our state-of the art Distribution Centre (DC) strategically located at Kelaniya has enabled us to manage our
customers inventory in the most effective and efficient manner.
The ability to completely outsource your entire logistics and supply chain execution services to us; would
free up valuable management time to focus on your core competencies and enhance your supply chain
execution by improving the supply chain delivery reliability, responsiveness and flexibility.

47) Name: Interline Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Estd: 2006
Branches: Mumbai, Chennai, Bikaner, Jodhpur
Services: Logistics, Transportation, Inland Container Depots, Custom Clearance, Chartering
Headquarter: New Delhi
About: The gist of the endeavor: Time and Tide management are the influential events that control the
shipping industry. The global perspective of the industry transpires the continents and countries across the
boundaries. The Longitudinal lines, The Latitudinal lines, The Equatorial line, the line of Cancer, The line
of Capricorn encompass the global network. The group's vision is to render logistics services across these
lines through Interline Global Logistics Private Limited.

48) Name: Arora Logistix

Estd: Unknown
Branches: Bangalore
Services: Transport Management, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Custom Clearance
Headquarter: Bangalore
About: To set a benchmark globally as a Supply Chain Solutions Provider and grow to become the most
admired organization in this segment through uncompromising quality and unyielding integrity.
Our mission goes beyond being the best logistics solutions provider, to being the absolute best that can

49) Name: Seamax Logistics Limited

Estd: 2002
Branches: Delhi, Moradabad, Bhadohi, Jaipur, Kota, Gandhidham, Chennai, Tuticorin
Services: Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Design, Contract Logistics, Lead Logistics Provider,
Consolidation & Vendor Services, Warehousing & Distribution, Global Freight Management, Customs
Clearance, Trucking / Transportation, Ocean/Air Freight Forwarding
Headquarter: Mumbai
About: SEAMAX LOGISTICS LIMITED was established at Mumbai in the year 2002. The company
received the Multi-Modal Transport License, issued by the Government of India, in the year 2005. The
company has own office at most of the Sea Ports, Inland Ports and Airports to provide both Logistics and
Reverse Logistics services on land, Sea and Air. The company takes pride in following Fair Trade practices
with both Domestic and Overseas Partners. The company has reliable agent partners in more than 70
Countries to provide End- to- End Seamless solutions.

50) Name: Om Logistics Ltd

Estd: 1999
Branches: Across India and Srilanka
Services: Just in Time Supplies (JIT), Direct On line Deliveries (DOL), DI System. System and
Management of Spare-Parts, Distribution Centers (SPDC), Bin Charging, Bin Renting, Kitting and
Consolidation, Milk Run Application, Carting of Loads & Distribution through “Hub & Spokes” System,
Distribution through Merry Go-Rounds Introduction of Recyclable Packaging Material, Warehouse
Management, Total Supply Chain Management ( SCM ), Cloak Room Facility (Instant Warehousing), MIS
(Management Information System), Order processing, Space for Segregation, Pre-Delivery Inspection
(PDI) ,Space for Testing Equipment, Total Inventory Management Movement with Mobile
Communication, Bar Coding / KANBAN, Logistics related Manpower Support, Dedicated Vehicles/
Designed Vehicles, Export Service, Tracking and Tracing through SWIPE Technology, Super Market and
Water Spider Concept Transport Packaging for all kinds of Freight elletizing and Securing of Load Units
Instruments of Measuring Transport Stress with Straps, Bands, Ropes and Chains, Storage Facility with
Rack and Shelving Systems, Process Control for Storage, Material Handling Equipment Distribution
System, Conveyer Systems, Process Control for Conveyer Systems, Encoding, Labeling, Addressing,
Reading, GSM based vehicle tracking
Headquarter: Ring Road, New Delhi
About: The flagship company of Om Group has been instrumental in providing innovative and value added
solutions for Indian Corporate and Multinationals. It’s the only leading multi-modal logistics company with
single window integrated logistics services for all the elements of the supply chain management in India. It
has been dealing with corporate, multinational automobile industry and has been pioneer in transportation,
warehousing and logistics support to the sector.
Om Logistics is committed to offer Logistics Solutions and Services to the Indian Industry designed to
customers' satisfaction in order to help, support and grow together in a win - win situation.
To redefine customer satisfaction, herald a rationalized approach of time & cost and eventually bridge the
gap between Indian requirements and global standards.