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Lockheed Martin Panera Bread

• Defence Contractor • Panera Bread is bakery café

• 2009 sales of $45.2 billion, a chain
backlog of $78 billion, and • BusinessWeek’s 2010 list of
cash flow from operations top 25 “Customer Service
of $3.2 billion Champs
• Vision: To be the world’s • Mission: A loaf of bread in
best advanced technology every arm
systems integrator
Organizational Demands
Lockheed Martin Panera Bread
• Strategy • Strategy
– Innovation – Customer Focus (BusinessWeek’s
– Technical training 2010 list of top 25 “Customer
• Company Characteristics Service Champs”)
– 1,40,000 employees • Company Characteristics
• Organizational Cultures – 4,746 employees
– Work life balance • Organizational Cultures
– Fostering leadership – Differences respected and valued
– Respect for others – Panera warmth
• Employee Concerns • Employee Concerns
– Management, HR, Ethics, – Incentive Programs
Security, Internal Audit – Industry-leading compensation
– Significant project : national and benefit programs
Environmental Factors
Lockheed Martin Panera Bread
• Technology: High end • Labor force trends: High
applications in Aeronautics, customer visibility and diversity in
Electronic systems, ITES & Space labor force geographically needs
systems. Hence high requirement to be managed to maintain
on training & development, homogeneity in product quality
management of virtual work
force • Ethics: The active social
upliftment programs and work
• Ethics: In order to provide a force empowerment have played
healthy work place environment a great role in creating an
the company’s vision is doing organization of high professional
right thing, respecting others, and standards.
performance with excellence.
Environmental Factors
Lockheed Martin Panera Bread
• Globalization: Presence • CSR: Emphasis on
across 75 nations. Concept community service
of diversity training founded initiatives: Community
on principles of inclusion breadbox, fundraising etc.
and respect

• CSR: Emphasis on
environmental initiatives:
Green IT, Green Fleet
initiative, pledge to reduce
emissions etc.
HR activities
Lockheed Martin Panera Bread
• Workflow • Workflow
– Emphasis on team work – More autonomy
– Technology oriented – Pressure of performance
– Innovation
– Customer interaction
• Employee Competencies
• Employee Competencies
– Training in technology and
cross cultural aspects – Training focused on customer
• Employee Attitude and
Behaviour • Employee Attitude and
– Focus on employee Behaviour
satisfaction – Incentives
– Promotions – Above average compensation
– Work Life balance
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