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SHANE: The program will start any minute from now. All the students, parents

and guests are requested to come inside the gym and take your seats.

ARTHENE: Again, The program will start any minute from now. All the

students, parents and guests are requested to come inside the gym and take

your seats. Thank You.

SHANE: A very good morning to all of you. On behalf of the Bon Jasper Angels

Academy, we are pleased to welcome all of you. This is the least we can do

within the short period of time and we hope you will enjoy our little

presentation. Everyone we are here to celebrate the _________________________

2019. This year we have chosen the theme _____________ Just look around

everyone! I feel so enamoured just looking at all these beautiful

ARTHENE: Before we begin, let me remind to be courteous by refraining from shouting

and talking aloud. During the other parts of the program, I encourage you to express

your pleasure by applauding or clapping. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank


SHANE: May I request all of you to stand for invocation and national anthem. We would

like to start this program through a prayer and followed by the National anthem.

SHANE: And to invoke the spirit of God in us today, here is the Grade 7-__________.

This will be followed by the singing of the Philippine National anthem with Ms. Michelle
Mateo of Grade- 10 Samael conducting. and recital of BJA Mission and Vision by Cyrille

Anne Cerbito and Jhon Dave Semillano of Grade 3 and Grade 8. May we invite

everybody to stand. Thank You.

ARTHENE: You may take your seats.


ARTHENE: Thank you Grade 7, Michelle, Jhon Dave and Cyrille, and to formally

welcome us in today may we call on Msgr. Ricardo Aliwalas_our School Spiritual

Director let us all welcome him/her with a big hand.

SHANE: Thank You Sir for those kind words.


SHANE : This program is indeed one of the most awaited and most glamorous isn’t it


ARTHENE: I definitely agree, but I also believe that this event will never be complete

without, us, hearing the messages of the people behind all of these.

SHANE: I would definitely agree! So let us hear her respective message

to us.

ARTHENE: Yes, so let us hear Mrs./Maam Vilma C. Enriquez_our School President as

she give her message to us. Let us give her a round of applause.
ARTHENE: Thank you maam for such encouraging and inspiring messages to us...

SHANE: Pupils, Parents, Guests and Friends!

SHANE & ARTHENE: A pleasant morning to all of us!

SHANE & ARTHENE: I’m Arthene and I’m Shane Lyca, once again will be your emcee

for today and

SHANE: Welcome to Bon Jasper Angels Academy’s

SHANE & ARTHENE : PASKUHAN 2019___________________________( tentative )

ARTHENE: With a theme:_________________________________________________


SHANE: Are you all excited to witness several presentations today? What do you think


ARTHENE: I think they are all excited Shane to witness our dances, songs and a lot

more, but for sure the parents are more excited to see as their daughters and sons will

be performing today.

SHANE: Exactly Arthene!

ARTHENE: So without further ado, let’s all witness the the NKP students as they show

their talents to all of us.

ARTHENE: Thank you so much kids for that amazing performance. I do believe that

your families are so proud of You.


SHANE: : Wow! That was so great! Thank you so much kids for that fabulous

performance We had just proven that they are really talented kids indeed. And now,

before we proceed to the next presentation . . May we call on our Honorable Brgy.

Captain of Libis Mr/Mrs. Sandy Santos for his/her warm message to us.

SHANE: Thank you maam/sir, for the words of wisdom.


SHANE: . We are in that special season once again, a season of joy, of peace, of

great tidings.It is the time to celebrate love, sharing, giving and forgiving. As we

celebrate Christmas today in our school today it is also the moment that we have to

honor our savior, our lord, our lord Jesus Christ.

Did you know The first time the birth of Jesus Christ was attributed to the date

December 25 was in the 4th century, according to early Roman history. Early
celebrations of Christmas are thought to have derived from Roman and other European

festivals that marked the end of the harvest, and the winter solstice.

Some customs from those celebrations that have endured include decorating homes

with greenery, giving gifts, singing songs, and eating special foods.

The word Christmas comes from the Old English Cristes maesse, which means Christ's


Also the story of Jesus Christ's birth is told in New Testament's gospel of Saint Luke

and Saint Matthew.

VII. CHRISTMAS PRESENTATION ( Grade 1, 2 ,7, 3, 4 )

ARTHENE : And now, just sit back and relax as our talented students will showcase

their talents to all of us.

SHANE: The order of presentations are: Dance Presentation by Grade 1,to be follow by

Dance Presentation of Grade 2, followed by Grade 7 and then the Grade 3 students and

last but not the least of The Grade 4.

SHANE: At this juncture, we will be entertained with our very cute kids, our Grade 1

pupils in their dance number, let’s all give them around of applause

SHANE: . Wow, that was a very lovely and cheerful performance. Let us give them

another round of applause.

ARTHENE: At this moment another set of performers will entertain us. Let us all

welcome the Grade 2 students in their dance number.

ARTHENE: Thank you so much “mga chikiting” for that very cute performance like you


ARTHENE: The next presentor is from high school .

___________________________________ ______________________________

________________. Friends, Parents lets all welcome the Grade 7 _________ -

around of applause please!

SHANE: Wow! That was so great! Thank you so much Grade 7_________for that

fabulous performance. The next performance is from our very own Grade 3 students.

Let’s give them around of applause.

SHANE: At this point let us all enjoy another number to be rendered by our very own

Grade 3 Students. Let’s give them a round of applause.


children for that wonderful presentation!!!

ARTHENE: The following performance next is from the Grade 4__________Lets cheer

them up with an applause!

ARTHENE: Thank You Grade 4 for that wonderful performance.


ARTHENE: From a dance presentations, now, let us all be inspired by a message

with us today, with his presence, our very own beloved and admirable town mayor. Let

us welcome Hon. Engr. Cesar M. Ynares Around of applause for him!

IX. CHRISTMAS PRESENTATION ( Grade 8, 5, 9, 6 , 10 )

ARTHENE: Thank you so much Sir for that message, it’s indeed

___________________________ I know many parents are still waiting to see their

children come up on center. So at this moment another set of talented performers will

entertain us. Let’s all welcome the Grade 8 students in their dance number. Let’s all

give them a round of applause.

ARTHENE: Thank you for that very cool performance, Grade 8 students!

SHANE: Moving on, we shall witness the performance of beautiful and adorable

students of Grade 5. To dance to the beat of ___________ may I call on the grade 5


SHANE: Good job, grade 5! That was an awesome move!

SHANE: Next, I would like to call upon the Grade 9 for their presentation. Lets put our

hands together for the Grade 9________________.

SHANE: That was a beautiful performance by Grade 9. Again, Let’s give them a

thunderous applause.

SHANE: Wow Arthene! Did you see that! That was electrifying performance.

ARTHENE: Absolutely. Am I seeing our fellow school mates? I thought they are indeed

a real artist.

SHANE: Let us put our hands together for the Grade 9 _____________! Why don’t we

give them a big big applause!

SHANE: At this juncture, we will witness another scenic performance from the Grade 6.

Let’s put our hands together for the Grade 6 _________.

SHANE: That’s what you call talent. Thank you dear Students. Let me just inform you

Arthene that this students are under the care of Ms April Mae Julian their adviser.

ARTHENE: Now I have the idea where they got their talents. Let us once again give

them a round of applause for that wonderful and entertaining Intermission number.

SHANE: .I can’t wait Arthene Please help me welcome our next performers the first

up, let me call the section coming from the great and motivating teachers of high school

the Grade 10. Here they are. Let’s give them a thunderous applause.

ARTHENE: Wow Shane! Did you see that! That was an electrifying performance.

SHANE: Now, this is the moment for those who strive hard in doing their best for this

event. May I call on all the teachers to come forward for a special number.



SHANE: Are you excited guys to see our hardworking, patient beautiful and handsome

teachers to steal the lime light. To give us a special presentation let’s welcome the Bon

Jasper Angels Academy ( BJA Teachers ) in their dance number. Lets us give all of

them a resounding.


SHANE: Thank you teachers for showcasing your various talents. Thank you for

leading us to the threshold of wisdom and thank you for your lifetime of service and

commitment for the betterment of humanity. Now, we are almost at the end of our

program and to give the closing remarks, may I call on Ms. April Mae Aaran Divina our

School OIC.

SHANE: Thank you so much Maam. In behalf of the Faculty and Staff of Bon Jasper

Angels Academy , we would like to thank you for coming to witness our simple

Christmas Presentation and Send- off program. Resumption of classes will be on

January 6, 2020. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year everyone.

SHANE & ARTHENE: Thank you everyone for being with us today! This is Shane and

this Arthene, saying good day and God speed! 

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