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Info & Mechanism Adverse Contraindicatio Nursing

Drug Side Effects

Indication of Action Effects n Management
To provide Vivid, often
analgesia for unpleasant Alcohol
dreams, Patients with Ventilatory
procedures of
confusion, Other hypertension, support
short duration.
hallucinations, sedatives ischaemic heart
Indicated for delirium, disease, CVS
the induction It depresses the Stimulants monitoring
central nervous involuntary aneurysms and
of anesthesia hyperthyroidism
system by movement
prior to the blocking the Symptomatic
administration effects of the during (due to CVS
KETAMI of other excitatory recovery stimulation). treatment
NE general glutamic acid at time.
N-methyl d- anesthetic the NMDA Patients with
aspartate agents. receptors. It is a
cardiovascular Drug
receptor stimulant, causing Rare Effects: intracranial
antagonist Indicated to an increase in B.P, Toxicity:
supplement heart rate and
tension and
low-potency cardiac output due Increase in psychotic
Routes: to sympathetic Increased
agents, such skeletal disorders.
I.V., I.M., as nitrous
stimulation. It cardiac
increases cerebral muscle tone
Continuous oxide. blood flow. stimulation,
infusion. arrhythmias
Onset of action is fasciculations.
Ketamine is 1-3 minutes. and
Shelf life: used to Duration of respiratory
2 Years manage pain analgesia is 40
minutes. Duration depression.
among horses
of anaesthesia is
and other
Storage: 15 minutes.
large animals, Duration of
Airtight though it has amnesia is 1-2
containers less effect on hours. It is
bovines. redistributed to
other tissues. It is
metabolized in the
liver and is
excreted in urine
and bile.