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Detailed Lesson Plan in English- Grade 8

Prepared by: Roxanne Marie A. Kuan

I. Objectives
a. Use past tense of the verb in effective communication and writing.
b. Identify the difference between regular and irregular verbs.
c. Organize your insights, values and emotion in writing an output related
to past events.

II. Subject matter:

Topic: Using past tense of the verb. EN8G-IVi-14

Reference: Essential English 8; 2015 pp. 320-343

Materials: board, power point, cartolina, photos, handouts

III. Procedures
Teacher’s activity Student’s activity

a. Preliminary activities
1. Prayer
2. Checking of attendance
a. Motivation
The teacher will divide the class into two
groups and they will arrange the scrambled
letters on the board.

s p t a
s e t n
Motive questions:
Let’s reveal the words that you form a while

1. What is the first word group 1? The first word is “past” ma’am.
2. What is the second word group 2? The second word is “tense” ma’am.

b. Presentation:

The teacher will show some photos of a

scenario in the class. The students will
identify the action verbs used in each
This is Andrei.

Yesterday, he played basketball with his

After the game, they ate snacks at

Then he relaxed and listened to the music on

his phone.

Class, after you listen to the story.

The time expression is yesterday
What is the time expression indicate in ma’am.
the story?
List down the action verbs that you find The students listed the action
in each sentence. verbs .These are played, ate,
relaxed and

c. Discussion:

The teacher will present a list of

action verbs on the board then the
students will identify the forms of
past tense.

Rules in identifying regular and irregular verbs in

past tense.

On the table, how do the verbs are form?

Base form Past tense

accept accepted
add added
admired admired
admit admitted
advise advised

Regular verbs are form by adding d or ed at

the end

Base form past tense

Buy bought
catch caught
come came
draw drew
drink drank

Irregular verbs are form by changing the
Examples of regular verbs in a sentence.
1. The man accepted the letter. The regular verbs are added by d or
2. The water level added in the dam. ed at the end.
3. She was admired for her genuine
4. The students admitted their mistakes.
5. Mr. Co advised his neighbor about the

Examples of irregular verbs in a


1. Mrs. Andres bought a car last week.

2. The boy caught a frog in the river.
3. The teacher came early to school.
4. The artist drew a masterpiece. The irregular verbs changes in
5. The old woman drank milk tea in the café. spelling.

Refer to the handouts, can you give me at

least five examples of regular and irregular

6. Assessment
Group Activity
The students will be divided into three groups
and they will encircle the verbs use in a story
entitled “The lawsuit” by Naguib Mahfouz

The lawsuit

I found myself suddenly the subject of

maintenance. Awakened from the depths of
time, the past with its memories had invaded
me. After reading the petition, I exclaimed,
“When did she go broke? Has she in her turn
been robbed?”

This woman robbed us and deprived us of our

legal rights,” I said to my lawyer.
I felt a strong desire to see her, not
through any temptation to gloat over her
but in order to see what effects time had
had upon her. Today, like me, she was in her
forties. Had her beauty withstood the passage of
time? Was it holding out against poverty? If the
lawsuit was not genuine, would she have
stretched out a demanding hand to one of her

On the other hand, if it was specious, why had

she not stretched out her hand before? What a
ravishing beauty she had been!

My father married her, “I told the lawyer, “when

he was in his middle fifties and she a girl of
twenty.” A semiliterate, old-fashioned contractor,
he did not deal a lawsuit.

My father’s widow was demanding with banks

but stored his profits away in a large cupboard in
his bedroom. We were happy about this so long
as we were a single family. The announcement
of the new marriage was like a bomb exploding
among us-my mother, my elder brother, and
myself, as well as my sister in their various
homes. The top floor was given over to my
father, the bride , and the cupboard. We were
struck dumb by her youth and beauty. My
mother said in a quavering voice choked with
weaping. “what a catastrophe! We’ll end up
without a bean.”

Individual Activity

A. Supply the correct form of the verb in the past


1. The other gods (go) ____ to Thamat to

complain about Ea.
2. Tiamat (collect) _____ an army of dragons
and monsters.

3. Marduk’s (agree) _____ to fight his father.

4. He (create) ______ herbs and plants in the


5. Rice and fish (make) ____a good diet for the


IV. Synthesis

Past tense refers to changing the present form of the verb by adding –d or –ed . If In
irregular verb, by changing it only.

V. Assignment

Compose a news feature about the latest state of the nation address given by the
President using past tense.

Write it on one whole sheet of paper.