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 Ineffective Asthma: After 8 hours of

   airway sometimes called holistic nursing care,

  clearance: chronic reactive the client will be able
  difficulty airway disease, to:
  in asthma is a disease of the To know The pt.
  breathing chronic 1.| ÷efine asthma respiratory system, what are the ddefinrs
  ! r/t inflammatory in her own level sometimes caused complication asthma in her
  obstructio disorder of by allergies, with s that is own level
Exhaustio n of characterized by understanding symptoms needed to understandin
n narrowed episodic including prevent g
Low lumen and exacerbations of coughing, sudden asthma
blood thick reversible difficulty in
pressure mucus at inflammation and breathing, and a
Cyanosis the lungs constriction of tight feeling in the
Poor bronchial smooth chest
respirator muscle,
y effort hypersecretion of
mucus, and
factors include
allergens (e.g.,     To promote The pt.
foods, animals,
  awereness of enumerated
latex, plants,   the client the signs &
molds), emotional symptoms of
upheaval, air 2.| Enumerate the asthma
pollution, cold signs and  
weather, exercise, symptoms of   !
chemicals, asthma  
medications, and Exhaustion
viral infections. Low blood
(Nursing Care
Plans: Guidelines
for Poor
Individualizing respiratory
client Care Across effort
the Life Span
Marilynn E.
÷oenges     To help them The pt. stated
Mary Frances | familiarize the different
| the possible causes of the
Alice C. Murr) 3.| State causes of causes of asthma
| asthma
|  |





provide calm, quite To provide

environment and proper
4.| Promote limits client µs airway
nonpharmacolo activity breathing The pt.
gical ways to demonstrated
improve teach client proper the proper
breathing breathing breathing
techniques To have a exercises
5.| ÷emonstrate pregnancy The pt. knew
proper to prevent
breathing asthma