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Gopinath 248-939-3401

Experience Summary

Extensive experience of 9+ years as a SAP Basis/Net weaver consultant with Big IT consulting
(IBM, CSC)providers for Global Fortune clients on executing SAP full life cycle implementation

Proven accomplishments in technical lead, project management, and subject matter expert roles
with hands-on technical and configuration skills.

Excellent skills as Basis consultant in SAP NETWEAVER, SAP SOLUTION COMPONENTS

&MYSAP Business suite with the goal of providing high system reliability, performance,

Extensive experience on SAP full version upgrade, SAP System refresh, OS/DB migration
includes homogeneous and heterogeneous migration

Installation and configuration of R/3 4.6c, 4.7EE, ECC5.0/6.0,with IS solutions, BW3.5/7.0,

CRM 5.0/7.0 ,SRM4.0/6.0, SCM 5.0, SRM 7.0,SLD 6.40,CUA 6.40,Live cache ,SRM MDM,EP
6.0/7.0,XI 3.0,PI 7.0/CE 7.1,BO 3.1,GRC 5.2SM 3.2/4.0(7.0) ,

Leadership, development and management of SAP infrastructure and technical strategy: SAP
system architecture and sizing, SAP environments/landscape, SAP change management
procedures, SAP upgrade strategy, Archiving, database management, high availability, and
disaster recovery set up

Various system maintenance activities like SAP Kernel upgrade, ABAP Support pack upgrade,
Java support pack upgrade, latest enhancement packs 4for ABAP and SDM/JSPM for J2EE etc

Various SAP system version upgrades from R/3, NW2004 to NW2004s on various OS and DB
platforms like windows/Unix/Linux and oracle/SAPDB/MS SQL server/DB2

Quarterly and Annual system refreshes and system copies in homogeneous environments with the
preparation and post processing steps

Worked on full life cycle implementation of SAP, system landscape design, optimization,
performance tuning and load balancing. Administration of both ABAP& J2EE

Production Support for SAP environment on a 24/7 on-call rotation basis.

Setup Solution Manager Operation tools, Root cause analysis, service desk, Diagnostics and
Change Request Management (ChaRM) for various SAP customers

Performed Database Upgrades from Oracle 8/9i to 10g and Apply interim patches

Masters of computer science in Information system


SAP Consultant Certification

Technology Consultant SAP Net Weaver ‘04 – SAP Web Application Server for ORACLE

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) in Oracle10g DBA

 Oracle 10g Administration I

 Oracle 10g Administration II
Certified Six sigma Green Belt Professional
In service management IT Infrastructure Library

Technical Summary

Certifications: SAP Netweaver 04 Technical consultant, Oracle DBA-OCA, OCP, OCE

SAP Systems: ECC (ERP), CRM, XI, PI, SLD, CUA, SCM, SM, BW, BI, EP, BO and EPM
Databases: Oracle 8i,Oracle 9i,Oracle 10g, 10g RAC, Microsoft SQL server 2000/2005, DB2,
Backup & Recovery Tools: Veritas Backup, TSM, Tivoli, and RMAN, Double Take
Hardware & Operating Systems: Sun, AIX, and HP-UX, Windows, NT, Linux, RHEL,Z/OS
Methodologies: Information Technology Infrastructure Library Methodology

Professional Experience

IBM Global Technology Services May 08 – Present

SAP senior consultant/Team Lead
Schneider Electric North America, Detroit, MI
Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, offers integrated solutions to
make energy safe, reliable, efficient and productive for the Energy & Infrastructure, Industry,
Data Centers & Networks, Buildings and Residential markets. Schneider Electric’s 120,000
employees in 102 countries generated revenue of €17.3 billion in 2007, helping individuals and
organizations make the most of their energy

• Established landscape ,installation of SAP Systems R/3 4.6, 4.7 EE,ERP 5.0, CRM 4.0,
SRM 7.0, SCM/APO 5.0, SM 4.0(7.0), EP6.0, CUA 6.40, SCM 5.0,SRM MDM 7.0,BO
3.1,SLD 6.40, BW 3.5/BI 7.0, XI3.0,PI 7.1
• Performed solution manager 4.0 configuration and implemented monitoring scenarios
• Installation of solution manager 4.0
• Improving the security specifications with the coordination of auditors
• SAP System security align with security compliance requirements
• Assisting,reporting the security process to the external auditors like KPMG ,Deloitte
• Customizing the security solutions suited to the production requirements
• Applying enhancement pack 4
• Installation, configuration of BI/BW,Portal system with source system
• Applying the Security guidelines across the landscape
• Implementing SAP security solutions from external auditors KPMG,Deloitte
• Identify and resolve the database corruption to avoid data loss
• Planning ,Installing and documenting the SAP installation
• DB2 Administration
• Refresh cache, configuring the proxy servers with integration server.
• Experience with external backup tools like Net backup,TSM
• Enterprise portal configuration, implementation and security
• Set up the hardware infrastructure for SAP solutions
• SAP DB/MAXDB administration
• SAP Archiving
• Applying SP stacks, Plug ins,SAP notes,SPAM,SAINT ,kernel upgrades of SAP system
• CRM,BW,ECC system refresh of Multi-terabyte database
• Assign the security roles , user creation
• Integrating XI with SAP Systems
• Technical upgrades through SAP kernel,Add-ons,Support packs,DB upgrade
• Implementing Solution manger for monitoring the landscape
• Set up the SAP system on AIX HACMP
• Importing, Exporting, SLD content
• Business objects integration
• Transport IR and ID objects
• Creation of iviews,users ,exporting and importing roles, transports in portal
• Troubleshoot ,Administration of NWDI,JAVA ,ABAP systems
• Set up, configuration of the ESS/MSS systems
• As a Subject Matter Expert help the team to resolve the issues.
• CRM installation with mobile sales
• OS/DB Migration for SAP systems
• Configuring ,maintaining, and troubleshooting oracle indexes ,oracle statistics
• Heterogeneous system copy Migration of SAP systems
• Applying the business packages in portal
• MAXDB/SAP DB administration for live cache
• SMSY landscape configuration &Root cause Analysis set up
• Implementation & Integration of ECC,Enterprise portal ,PI
• Configuration of Change Request Management(ChaRM)
• Configure housekeeping infrastructure
• VMware set up.
• Applying Opatches,CPU patches on oracle database
• Monitoring & Administration the SAP ,Oracle database ,operating system
• Configuring the backup and recovery
• Resolving the critical production issues to avoid down time
• Prioritizing the tasks and lead the team members for execution
• Troubleshoot the SAP, Database problems
• Client Maintenance: Local client copy, Client Export, Client Import, Remote client copy
• Set up the Disaster Recovery servers(DR) on secondary site
• Monitoring & Administration the SAP systems to resolve production issues
• Applying Enhancement packages & Support packs along with plug-ins
• Performance Tuning
• Installed Control-M for SAP ERP
• Improve performance and reduce response time
Up gradation of Net weaver 2004s
Planning the strategy through pre-upgrade downtime, schedule, Downtime Vs resource
Preparation on technical upgrade through PAM, Media, Support packs, Upgrade directory,
RDBMS upgrade, Unicode conversion, Down time minimization
Post processing TMS, SGEN, upgrade the kernel, parameter changes, and language

Client: Daimler Chrysler, Detroit, MI May 08 – Nov 08

Daimler Chrysler with its businesses Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Daimler Financial
Services, Mercedes-Benz Vans and Daimler Buses, is a globally leading producer of premium
passenger cars and the largest manufacturer of heavy- and medium-duty trucks in the world. The
Financial Services division has a broad offering of financial services, including vehicle
financing, leasing, insurance and fleet management


• Recommended and designed upgrade strategy

• Deployed XI 3.0 involving installation and configuration of Exchange Infrastructure (XI)
3.0 SR1, to implement high volume of data exchange among ECC6, 4.7 and non-SAP
web apps
• Installed ECC 6.0, SCM 7.0,SM 4.0,BW 3.5CRM 5.0, MDM 3.0, BI 3.5 and EP 6.0
Installed SCM 4.0 and its Live Catch build 08.
• Executed System Refresh of ERP, and CRM
• Configuration of SMSY
• Deployment of central system monitoring in solution manager
• Installation and set up the solution manager diagnosis agent
• Configuration of Root cause Analysis (RCA)
• Deployment of Change Request Management(ChaRM)
• Configuration of the Solution manager for the solution landscape
• Transported Integration Repository and Integration Directory objects
• Installed SLD and configured Technical and Business landscapes
• Applied Java SP using JSPM and SDM
• Installation of the Solution manager 7.0 along with Backup and Recovery plan
• Performed SAP basis administration on Z/OS
• Second biggest SCM implementation in the world certified by SAP Japan
• Setting up operation modes.
• Applying Japanese language packs
• Local Client copy, Remote Client copy.
• Installation of MAXDB for SCM
• Applying oracle Patches
• SAP system on Z/OS
• Upgraded Oracle from 9.2 to 10.2
• Knowledge Transiting to other team members for new issues
• Manage the Team by asking them to attend the Incidents timely based on the priority so
that they are resolving within the proposed SLA.
• Performed performance analysis and tuning, problem determination and resolution

Computer Science corp., Detroit, MI

Senior consultant
Client: Johnson Matthey Oct 05 – May 08
SAP: Mysap ERP 2004 & 2005
Includes SAP installation & Upgrade, Oracle Database Installation & Upgrade, Installation
Central & dialog instance and administration, User & Authorization, Spool administration,
database administration, CCMS, TMS Configuration & problem solving, Client administration,
Performance tuning, simulating the problems faced by the end users.

Switch over the production server to DR server and revert back the DR to PRD and give
solutions in stipulated time frame. Apply Support Packages, Kernel Patch in the SAP systems
SAP Implementation & Support for Johnson Matthey

• Set up TMS and CTS

• Configured Logon group
• Performed Authorization and User Maintenance
• Performed client maintenance: client copy, client export and import and client delete.
• Performed client copies using local and remote copy methods for Development, Quality
assurance and Production systems.
• Root cause analysis (RCA) set up
• Configuration of Maintenance optimizer
• Performed Oracle tablespace management and reorganization
• Deployment of system monitoring in solution manager
• DB2 Administration
• Applying the language packs Russian,Japanese,Spanish
• Configuration of SMSY system landscape
• Performed scheduling and managing background jobs and variants
• Installation of SAP ECC 5.0, EP, XI 3.0,BW 3.5
• Configuring SAP landscape (Development, QA and Production)
• Configuration of Transport Management System
• Preparation for GOLIVE
• Support Package Application
• End to End (E2E) deployment analysis
• Recommendations of hardware for SAP systems
• Installation of DR server with standby database
• Configuration, Implementation, Administration of Recovery Manager
• Configuring SLD in Solution manager
• Installing the Maintenance optimizer in solution manager
• Installation of solution manager 4.0
Upgradation of ERP from Mysap 2004 to Mysap 2005
Upgradation of Mysap 2004 to Mysap 2005 for Johnson matthey Russia
Upgrade Oracle from 9.2.0 to 10.2.0and apply Oracle patches
Upgrade the SAP System ECC 5.0 to ECC6.0
Upgradation of Solution manager from 3.2 to 4.0
Upgrade Oracle from 9.2.0 to 10.2.0and apply Oracle patches
Upgrade the SAP System SM 3.2 to SM 4.0

Neyveli Lignite Corporation: Feb06 - May08

Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) is the biggest lignite mining and it stands at first position
in Asia continent, second position in world. The company operates thermal power plants,
three large mines, a fertilizer factory manufacturing urea, and a briquette and carbonizing
plant. A large percentage of the thermal electricity generated comes from the power plants in

Roles & Responsibilities

• Installation and configuration of SAP Systems on Windows and HP -UX servers

• Implemented technical upgrade plan for ERP upgrade 5.0 to 6.0
• Performed SAP system copies
• Performed Authorization and User Maintenance
• Performed client maintenance: client copy, client export and import and client delete.
• Performed client copies using local and remote copy methods for Development, Quality
assurance and Production systems.
• Solution manager set up
• Performed Oracle tablespace management and reorganization
• Oracle Real Application cluster
• Configured go-live check
• Create users and assign the authorization.
• Creation of the database with standby mode.
Upgradation of ERP from Mysap 2004 to Mysap 2005
Upgradation Activities include:
Upgrade Oracle from 9.2.0 to 10.2.0and apply Oracle patches
Upgrade the SAP System ECC 5.0 to ECC6.0

Ohio Module Manufacturing Corp, Toledo, OH Jun 07 – Dec 07

Project Description:
Ohio Module Manufacturing Company, LLC (OMMC), located in Toledo. OMMC will be
one of three suppliers to be located adjacent to the Daimler Chrysler supplier park and will build
and operate a new chassis facility at the site. OMMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of MOBIS
Parts Detroit, LLC headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan and a subsidiary of the Hyundai
MOBIS Group, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea

• Installation and configuration of SAP ECC 5.0 with oracle HP-UX
• Transporting user requests from development to quality and quality to production
• Managed user administration
• Installation of solution manger 4.0
• SMSY landscape set up
• Managed spool administration
• Scheduled and monitored background processing
• Maintained R/3 clients
• Maintained the R/3 Transport system
• Troubleshooting system problems
• Implementation of Backup strategies

Mobis India Ltd (Hyundai Group) Apr 00 – sep 05

Project Description:
Hyundai Mobis was established in 1977 as Hyundai Precision & Ind. Co. It is an auto Parts
Company with headquarters based in Seoul, South Korea Company. The company forms the
'parts and service' arm for Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors, both of which are Korean

Upgraded from SAP 4.6C to Mysap 2004

Upgraded Oracle 8.1.7 to 9.2.0,
Upgraded SAP 4.6C to Mysap 2004
• Installation and configuration of SAP ECC 6.0 on Development, Quality and Production
• Installation and configuration of SAP router
• Setting up operation modes.
• Create users and assign the authorization.
• Managed health of the system using CCMS tools, alerts provided by SAP.
• Performed Performance analysis, monitoring, tuning at SAP, OS and at DB level.
• Spool administration for user’s local and network printer setup using SAPR/3’s
transaction SPAD.
• Performed scheduling of all cleanup jobs
• Performed Kernel upgrades
• Performed Memory Management configuration and tuning
• Performed Daily monitoring of system logs, system trace, developer trace, and SQL
• Performed SAPDBA tool’s functions and administration
• Short dump and system logs analysis.
• Applied kernel up-gradation.
Professional Training

SAP TechEd 2007 – Las Vegas, NV

ADM315 - Workload Analysis,
ADM505 - Database Administration - Oracle,
ADM100 - mySAP Technology Administration
Trained on AIX System Administration
Trained on Oracle Enterprise DBA Architecture and Administration, Real Application Cluster
Attended professional training on Presentation Dynamics
Attended PMI training for PMP Methodology