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4 / 5 / 6 / April / 2011

Platinum 1

Platinum 2

Gold 1

Gold 2

Type of Investment:
Printed material
Internal 2 Arcs with advertising at the entrance
Logo on the banner at the registration area
Logo on the informacion signs

Banner in the parking lot
3 Banners on Campus
Staff t-shirts and overalls (40 people )
Post event printed material
Final report

Laces for the badges

Promotion bags
External Presence on the Periférico Billboard (Perisur Zone )
Type of investment:
Electronic Media
Internal Logo with hyper-link to the homepageof the event´s website
Logo with hyper-link to the sponsor´s website
Logo on the sponsor´s website
100 words on the CD with the final report
Mention in the participant´s directory
Mailing to 17,000 Tec students in the metropolitan area
Mailing to 2,400 attendees to the Expo 2010 ( previous edition )
Mailing to 168000 Tec graduates (the full Tec system )
Promotional article on the event´s website
30 seconds video on the event´s website
Presence on the digital creens at Campus

External Link from the Tecnológico de Monterrey´s website to the Expo´s

Google ADWORDS for the Expo

Type of investment:

Internal Video coverage in the event´s documentary video
Radio spots in Tec´s “Concepto Radial” station 25 25 10 10

External Radio spots: MIX FM, Grupo Acir, Red FM, Radio Red and
Ibero 90.0
Press insertions in : Reforma, Universal, Publimetro,
El Economista, El Financiero, El Sol de México y Excelsior.
Magazine insertions: Newsweek, Vértigo, La jornada,
Entorno Político, Teorema Ambiental y Líderes mexicanos.
Television: Canal 11 y TVC
Social Networks: Facebook and Twitter
Tye of investment:
Presence in Events
Opening and Keynote Address
VIP Luncheon 1st day 13:30
VIP Keynote Adress 1st day 16:00
Keynote Address 2nd day 10:00
VIP Luncheon 2nd day 13:30
Keynote Address 2nd day 17:30
Keynote Address 3rd day 10:00
VIP Luncheon 3rd day 13:30
Closing Ceremony and Keynote Address
Oportunity for an Insertion in the Expo program 2 2 1 1
10 y 5 K Race
Presence in workshops 1 1

Preferential seats in Keynote Address and VIP Luncheons

(per event)
10 daily

10 daily

5 daily

5 daily

2 daily

1 daily
Tye of investment:
Exhibitors Area
Point of sales (POS)
Audio mentions
2 x expo

1 x expo
4 daily

4 daily

2 daily

2 daily

Oportunity to offer promotions on the stage w/audio 15”

2 x expo

1 x expo
4 daily

4 daily

2 daily

2 daily
Exhibitors Area

Gold 1 Gold 2

Platinum 1 Platinum 2


Business Area