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How Plants Grow Elementary Science Lesson Plan

Elementary teachers can use this elementary science lesson plan to teach students how
plants grow by growing seeds in the classroom under different conditions.


Primary school students will record plant growth observations in their science journals.
Primary school students will identify the four factors needed for plants to grow.

The students review the list with the teacher and discuss the things that the students
think plants need to grow. The teacher will guide the students to refer to any plant
themed classroom books to get more information if needed.

After the primary students have finalized the list of what they think plants need to grow
the teacher will point to water on the list and ask the class if they that plants would
grow if they got milk or juice instead of water. The class will discuss their thoughts and
consider other similar substitutions such as sand instead of soil.


Primary students can test their plant growth predictions by conducting a science class
seed experiment. Students can plant one type of seed in small cups under different

 The control seed cup is planted in soil and receives sunlight, water and air.
 One seed cup is planted in soil and receives sunlight and water, but is placed in a
box with no new air.
 One seed cup is planted in soil and receives sunlight and air, but instead of water
it receives milk or juice.
 One seed cup is planted in soil and receives air and water, but is placed in the dark
and receives no sunlight.
 One seed cup receives sunlight, water and air, but is planted in sand instead of soil.

The students work in cooperative groups to plant one of the seed cups and label its
conditions. Then each elementary student draws each of the plants on a different page in
his science journal and describes the planting conditions. The students then make a
prediction about how each plant will grow.

During science class, the students record daily observations for each plant detailing its
height, color, and position. The students make a drawing of the plants and describe how
the plants are growing and if they think any of their predictions need to be changed.

Conclusion and Assessment

After the plants have grown for two weeks the class will use their observation journals to
discuss the results of the experiment. The teacher will help the elementary students
analyze their results. To demonstrate understanding of the lesson each student will then
create a how plants grow pamphlet using the information they learned from the

Students learn that plants need soil, sunlight, air and water to grow during an elementary
science lesson plan. They plant seeds under a variety of conditions and record their
observations in their science journals. After the lesson has concluded they use the results
of the lesson to create how plants grow