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Instructions for the Preparation of Project Report

All BBA(Gen) & BBA (B&I) Vth Semester students are required to submit a Project Report on summer
training under taken by them as part of fulfillment of this course. The aim of the Project is to allow the
student to demonstrate their ability, to apply multi disciplinary concepts, tools and techniques to solve
organizational problems, to specific situation using their commonsense.

 Students are required to follow the below mentioned pattern in preparing the project:


 The project may be from any of the following types but only from their area of specialization or
something related to management:
 Comprehensive case study (covering single organization/multifunctional area problem,
formulation, analysis and recommendations).
 Inter-organizational study aimed at inter-organizational comparison/validation of theory/survey
of management practices.
 Field study (empirical study).


The format that the students should follow while submitting the project report is as follows:
 Title Page.
 Supervisor/Guide certificate. (on the letter head of the company where summer training was
carried out)
 Acknowledgment
 Index of contents with page numbers


Chapter 1. Introduction.
 Objective of the study.
 Scope of the study.

Chapter 2. Literature Review

Chapter 3. Research Methodology.

 Research Design
 Data collection methods/sources
 Sampling plan which should include sampling unit, sampling size and sampling methods viz
questionnaire method, interview methods, observation etc.

Chapter 4. Data Analysis and Interpretations (using various charts and graphs).

Chapter 5. Findings and Conclusions

Chapter 6. Bibliography

 Copies of questionnaire.
 Copies of form(s) if any from the company

i) Project should be in black Colored-Hard-Bound

ii) The total Number of pages of the entire project may wary between 50-75.
Font style – Times New Roman
Font Size for running matter – 12
Font size for Heading – 16
Font Size for Sub-heading – 14
Line Spacing – 1.5

iii) Students are guided to report to their respective supervisor at regular intervals.
iv) The total Marks (including Viva-Voce) for the Project will be 100.
Internal Assessment: 50
External Assessment: 50
v) Separate sheet should be used in between the Chapters containing Title and Chapter no.

Date of Submission of Final Project Report: 30 th October 2009
No. of Reports to be Submitted: Two. (Duly signed and black-colored-hard-bound)

Basic Appearance
Computer/Printer: Students are expected to use computer word processing software to prepare the
thesis/project. Laser printers are preferred. Students are encouraged to submit a sample of their printer
quality to their respective supervisors for final approval.

Bibliography writing; The projects should include a bibliography or list of literature cited, consisting of
references to original literature relevant to the area of study.

“Eg. G.C Beri (2008) Marketing Research, Tata McGraw Hills Publication. Delhi”
In case you are using internet based information, complete URL, of the website is to be incorporated
Preliminary Pages of the Project Report (in order of appearance):
Guard Sheets: A blank page must be placed at the beginning and end of each thesis copy.

I - Title Page: This page includes the following:

Summer training Project Report on

Tile of the project

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration of Guru Govind
Singh Inderprastha University Delhi.

Under the guidance of

Name of the Supervisor/ s

Submitted by:
Name of the students
Enrolment no
BBA/ BBA(B&) Semester – V
Ansal Institute of Technology

II. Evaluation Certificate

This is to certify that the project tilted “…………………………………….” Submitted by ( Name of the
student, ) a student of BBA/ BBA (B&I) of Ansal Institute of Technology affiliated to GGSIP
University , Delhi has been examined by the following examiners.

Internal Examiner External Examiner

III Supervisor’s Certificate

This is to certify that the project tilted “…………………………………….” Submitted by ( Name of the
student, ) a student of BBA/ BBA (B&I) of Ansal Institute of Technology affiliated to GGSIP
University , Delhi is original and authentic and has been carried out under my supervision and guidance.

Signature, name & designation of the Supervisor.