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A SWOT Appraisal Armidale Dumaresq Council

- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Threats 3. Leadership

We would like to thank Armidale Dumaresq Council for their wiilingness to
provide us with their SWOT Analysis. We have developed a conversation map below based on competing priorities
their SWOT analysis, as an input in the 'whole of community planning process for a sustainable
faillure to loss & stalling
NESAC - New England Region'. following &
agree on shared of vision Strengths
vision / futures communicating
The systems map set out below is only an interpretation of a lengthy ADC SWOT analysis unified
and only relevant aspects to the whole of community planning process have been
more transparency Long Term
highlighted here . We apologize for any misinterpretations. The ADC SWOT analysis Developing more Plan
in communications Strategic Alliance
concerned 4 key focus areas only 3 of which are addressed here. The 4th focus area transparency in
strategies NESAC
was considered mainly of internal organisational interest and was not mapped here for Council
that reason. decision-makimg
an export regional
1. Stewardship
attrracting providing feedback economy strong
Protect and Enhance our unique
'tree changers' Opportunities on impacts of service base
environment, assets and to region Council decisions EvoCities
our diverse cultural life initiatives

developing supporting community

Strengths promotions of develop better business actively enagaged
directory groups in grant applications
environmental, cultural links & shared service community
regional to become more effective
Plans in place, events arrangements /
co-ordination skill base
indicators opportunities
asset management re calendaers enabling lodging of
developed developing better links to
systems developed developing forums, community
Sydney Brisbane open dialogues to submissions
achieve better understanding on divisive issues
Downturn in UNE & co-operation
Regional reliance on UNE
Weaknesses fractures between
2. Interaction
ensuring adequate dependence small
finacial assets - revenue streams Threats cultural groups
Micheal O'Loughlin local community groups
for developing sustainability Challenges
Evolveris September 2008 on council funding
water usage