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JTF Associates, Inc.

Training for AuthorIT Administrators and Users

Section 1 Course Introduction
Audience and Prerequisites
Course Objectives
Course Structure
Course Materials
About the Author
Typographical Conventions
Section 2 Creating a Library
Section Overview
Understanding Libraries
Understanding Object-oriented Development
Starting AuthorIT V4 Administrator
Creating a JET Library
Exercise: Create a Library
Section Summary
Section 3 Using the Administrator Module
Section Overview
Introduction to the AuthorIT V4 Administrator Module
Working with User and Group Accounts
Working with Folders
Defining Release States
Adding Variables
Setting the History Options
Maintaining the Library
Exercise: Use the Administrator Module
Section Summary
Section 4 Opening a Library
Section Overview
Starting AuthorIT
Logging into AuthorIT
Exercise: Open a Library
Section Summary
Section 5 Understanding the Authoring Environment
Section Overview
Using the Library Explorer
Moving Objects between Folders
Using Multiple Windows
Exercise: Understand the Authoring Environment
Section Summary
Section 6 Setting the User and Library Options
Section Overview
Setting the User and Library Options
Copying and Customizing the Styles Toolbar
Exercise: Set the User Options
Section Summary
JTF Associates, Inc.

Section 7 Viewing the List of Objects

Section Overview
Working with the Preview Toolbar
Viewing the Object Details
Previewing Objects
Viewing the Object History
Exercise: View Objects
Section Summary
Section 8 Learning about Templates
Section Overview
Understanding the Different Template Objects
Modifying Templates
Adding New Templates
Exercise: Learn About Templates
Section Summary
Section 9 Creating a Company Style Guide
Section Overview
Understanding Styles
Using Conditional Content
Duplicating a Style
Modifying the Default Style Guide
Exercise: Create a Company Style Guide
Section Summary
Section 10 Using the AuthorIT Publisher
Section Overview
Understanding How AuthorIT Publishes Books
Using the Publisher
Section 11 Creating and Modifying the Media Objects
Customizing the Word Output
Customizing the WinHelp Output
Customizing the HTML Outputs
Exercise: Using the Publisher
Section Summary
Section 12 Creating Books
Section Overview
Using Books in AuthorIT
Using Book Templates
Using the Table of Contents Template
Creating a Book
Working with the Book Editor
Using the Title Page Template
Exercise: Create a Book
Section Summary
JTF Associates, Inc.

Section 13 Adding Topic Objects

Section Overview
Using Topic Objects in AuthorIT
Using Topic Templates
Creating a Topic
Using the Book's Hierarchy (Outliner)
Using the Topic Editor
Adding Content to Topics
Creating Conditional Content
Using Variables
Exercise: Add Topics
Section Summary
Section 14 Finding Objects in the Library
Section Overview
Searching the Library
Searching for Variables by Value
Using Find and Replace
Comparing Objects (Show History)
Showing Object Relationships
Locating Topics
Exercise: Find Objects in the Library
Section Summary
Section 15 Importing Files
Section Overview
Overview of the AuthorIT Importer
Preparing Documents for Import
Using Rules to Control the Import
Working with Profiles
Importing Files
Exercise: Import Files
Section Summary
Section 16 Working with Topics
Section Overview
Using Styles in AuthorIT
Applying Styles
Using Tables in Topic Objects
Working with Lists
Removing and Deleting Objects
Assigning Release States
Exercise: Work with Topics
Section Summary
Section 17 Reusing Content
Section Overview
Understanding Content Reuse
Embedding Topics
Copying Content to Other Topic Objects
Creating Different Books
Exercise: Reuse Content
Section Summary
JTF Associates, Inc.

Section 18 Creating Hyperlinks

Section Overview
Working with Hyperlinks
Using Hyperlink Templates
Inserting a Hyperlink
Editing Hyperlinks
Exercise: Create Hyperlinks
Section Summary
Section 19 Using Graphics
Section Overview
Using Graphics in AuthorIT
Choosing Embedded or Linked Graphics
Using File Object (Graphic) Templates
Adding Graphics
Reusing Graphics
Previewing Graphics
Adding Captions and Alt Attributes
Using Graphics inside Lists
Updating Graphics
Exercise: Add Graphics
Section Summary
Section 20 Creating an Index
Section Overview
Indexing Your Projects
Adding the Index Object to a Book
Using the Index Template and Index Entry Template
Adding Index Entries
Creating a Multi-level Index
Creating a See Index Entry
Exercise: Create an Index
Section Summary
Section 21 Adding a Glossary
Section Overview
Using the Glossary Templates
Adding the Glossary Object to a Book
Adding Glossary Terms
Sorting the Glossary
Exercise: Add a Glossary
Section Summary
Section 22 Using Version Control
Section Overview
Understanding Version Control
Making a New Version of an Object
Activating the New Version
Exercise: Use Version Control
Section Summary
Section 23 Independent Review
Section Overview
Exercise: Independent Review
Section Summary