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Weekly Political Events Regarding the SPDC's Election


October 31 - November 6, 2010



• Civil servants who have to cast advance votes dared not vote for the party they liked because
advance voting was not secret, a government employee in Reedkhordar new settlement, Phalam
Township, said. (Khonumthung 011110)
• With the Election Day drawing near, authorities imposed Martial Law and curfew in Loikaw, Karenni
State, beginning from November 1, Loikaw residents reported. (Kantarawaddy Times 011110)
• The military regime has tightened news censorship and passed new regulations to deal with
domestic and foreign journalists regarding collection of election news. (BBC 011110)
• Municipal Director Col. Soe Lwin summoned municipal staff of Nattalin Township, Western Pegu
Division, and told them to go together by government car to vote on Election Day and vote only for
the USDP, a civil servant said in anonymity. (RFA 011110)
• Authorities have floated news about Karen National Union (KNU)'s sending of saboteurs to bomb
during the election in Moulmein, Mon State, and heightened security, a source close to the Military
Affairs Security (MAS) disclosed. (Irrawaddy 021110)
• In order to secure control in time if mass activities and bombings occurred in Karen State Kyainn-
Seikkyi Township, security has been tightened since November 2, a local close to authorities said of
what he witnessed. (Irrawaddy 021110)
• Tactical Commander Maj. Khaing Zaw of Tangyang town has ordered locals in Tangyang Township
Mongkawng and Parkyan communities to cook for all four polling stations in Mongkawng
community, a Mongkawng resident said. (SHAN 021110)
• As election came closer, more patrols fully equipped, armed and packed on cars were seen in
Naypyidaw and Pyinmana while security checks have been tightened day and night at checkpoints
for cars coming from outside, a Pyinmana resident said. (VOA 021110)
• In Northern Shan State Muse District Namkham Township, authorities have started collecting
advance votes from all civil servants including school teachers but they have to go to the polling
station on polling day to cast votes again, a local said. (Palaungwomen 021110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 1-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• Authorities were calling up civil servants in Pegu Division Zeegone town to cast advance votes. Civil
servants were frustrated for not getting freedom to vote, a local government employee reported.
(DVB 031110)
• Local authorities were forcing civil servants in Magwe Division Taungdwingyi Township to cast
advance votes at the Pre-Primary School in ward 2, Taungdwingyi Township, from November 1 to 3,
a local said. (Irrawaddy 031110)
• SPDC authorities and military have increased security deployment in Tachilek, Myawaddy and
Kawthaung on Thai-Burma border in the pre-election period, a local in Tachilek reported. (Irrawaddy
• The SPDC has issued a transfer order on November 1 for about fifty District Peace and Development
Council chairmen out of sixty-eight in the whole country so as to prepare for the new administration
after the election, a lieutenant colonel in Naypyidaw disclosed. (SHAN 031110)
• Village heads were collecting Kyat 1000 per household in Mon State's Mudon and Ye townships
allegedly to purchase construction material for polling booths, a source close to village chairman in a
village in southern part of Mudon Township reported. (IMNA 031110)
• With the election drawing closer, at least fifteen military trucks with fully equipped security
personnel wearing blue uniforms and red scarves were patrolling around Sule, Myenigone, Hledan
and Thamaing junctions and other crowded places like markets and malls in Rangoon Division, one
townsfolk said. (VOA 041110)
• Authorities collected non-secret advance votes from Chinese in Thayagone village, Namkham
Township, Muse District, Northern Shan State, at village chairman's house on November 3 at 8 pm, a
villager reported. (Palaungwomen 041110)
• Civil servants including police and teachers in Northern Shan State Kutkai Township Namphatka
have to give advance votes on November 2, also voting on behalf of their relatives on travel, one
Namphatka townsfolk said. (Palaungwomen 041110)
• Due to elections coming in a few days, all leaves have been banned for civil servants in Naypyidaw,
and those who were on emergency leave have been ordered to report back to their respective
ministries promptly. (Irrawaddy 041110)
• On the day of new-flag hoisting, Prime Minister U Thein Sein handed out gifts of Kyat 3000 each to
government employees who would vote on Election Day and who have voted in advance, an
employee in Naypidaw said. (Irrawaddy 041110)
• On the morning of November 4, Myawaddy Township Hospital Superintendent summoned hospital
staff and briefed them about the voting, one townsfolk said. (KIC 041110)
• Prison officials collected advance votes from non-convict prisoners in Insein and Pa-an jails on
November 5, also ordering them to vote for USDP to which the prisoners have to comply, one visitor
to Pa-an Jail said. (DVB 051110)
• Home Minister U Maung Oo has ordered all staff in his ministry to vote for the USDP, a police officer
disclosed. (Irrawaddy 051110)
• On October 27, Yindane village Chairman in southern part of Ye Township, Mon State, hit an
organizer from the All Mon Region Democracy Party (AMRDP) on his head with a pistol butt,
resulting in the latter's treatment at Ye Township Hospital, AMRDP Chairman Naing Ngwe Thein
said. (Irrawaddy 051110)
• Pvt. HlHJHHla Myo from LIR 517 under the command of SPDC Military Operations Command (MOC)
2 operating in Karenni State defected to Karenni Army at frontline on November 5th night because
he could not vote for the USDP in the election, Karenni Central News and Information Team
reported. (Kantarawaddy Times 051110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 2-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• All teachers and school staff in Kachin State Myitkyina casted advance votes on November 5 along
respective school groups, a family member of a teacher disclosed. (SHAN 051110)
• When Township PDC and Judge called township commission members to hold an advance-voting
ceremony at ward 3, Hsenwi Township, on October 27 at 9:30 am, Loon Hla Pe, sub-authority of
ward 3, made an affirmative mark for the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party (SNDP), prompting
Township Judge Daw Khin Soe Nyunt to tell him not to vote for the "White Tiger". (SHAN 051110)
• Reporters from Burma-based foreign news agencies and domestic media started a tour of fifteen
poll stations in Rangoon in cars arranged by the Election Commission and Information Ministry. They
have to comply by military regime's instructions. (VOA 061110)
• Soldiers and their families of various garrisons in Rangoon Division have finished casting advance
votes for the USDP, a regiment commander from Rangoon Command disclosed. (Irrawaddy
• In Kyainn-Seikkyi Township where there would be two ballot boxes only, local military troops were
making check-ups at the routes to poll stations, one Kyainn-Seikkyi townsfolk said. (KIC 061110)
• Civil servants of Karen State Pa-an city casting advance votes could not vote freely for the party of
their choice but have to vote for the USDP, civil servants in Pa-an said.
• Village PDC members have to cast votes on behalf of those who could not vote personally and to
make them in favor of the USDP, a villager from Kalay Township Segyi village said. (Khonumthung


• List of eligible voters published by the election commission of Kawthmoo Township, Rangoon
Division, contained names of the dead, under-aged and doubles, a local who has read the list said.
(BBC 011110)
• When the Election Commission called residents of wards 1, 3 and 4 in Hsenwi Township, Northern
Shan State, for a meeting and made them cast advance votes, it ordered TPDC clerk Nan Htwe Htwe
Lwin to cast the votes on behalf of them, a local resident said. (SHAN 021110)
• The eligible voters list of Northern Shan State Muse Township Kawnwein village tract issued by the
Union Election Commission has superfluous people, a source close to the SNDP said. (SHAN 021110)
• District sub-commissions have relayed the instruction of the Union Election Commission to collect
advance votes starting from November 5 to all ward and village sub-commissions. (Eleven Media
Group 311010)
• Due to security, poll stations have to relocate in Northern Shan State Muse District Namkham
Township while everything was unclear about the SPDC election, resulting in confusion among
commission members and poll station chiefs, a local resident said. (Palaungwomen 0211110)
• Independent candidate U Ba Tint Swe said that North Oakkalapa Township commission staff has told
him candidates' representatives could come and watch casting of advance votes on November 5 and
6. (DVB 031110)
• Penal Dept. was cooperating with relevant election commissions to get voting rights for all eligible
voters among over 6000 non-convict prisoners under trial in various prisons all over the country as
part of voters who were entitled to vote in advance. (EMG 031110)
• Though the State Election Commission has stipulated October 31 as the last date for campaigning,
commission member U Maung Tha Hla revised the date to 30th, RNDP Chairman Dr. Aye Maung
said. (Mizzima 031110)
• The Union Election Commission has called off some constituencies in Kayah State's six townships
since October 13, a township commission official disclosed. (Mizzima 031110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 3-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• The Election Commission was collecting advance votes in central Shan State's Kehsi, Mongnawng
and Mongnang townships since November 3 on the pretext of security, sources close to township
election commission said. (SHAN 031110)
• In Karen State Three Pagodas Pass Township, TPDC has led an advance voting act for all poll station
chiefs, election commission members and staff on November 3 between 10 am and 2 pm. More
than 100 staff turned up to vote in advance, one of the employees said. (IMNA 031110)
• The State Election Commission has planned to get only 30 people to vote at each poll station in
Karenni State Loikaw city on Election Day, November 7, one townsfolk close to Loikaw Election
Commission disclosed. (KT 041110)
• The Union Election Commission has cancelled voting in twelve village tracts from six constituencies
in Karenni State's Loikaw, Demawso, Pruso, Bawlake, Pasaung and Shadaw townships but was still
collecting advance votes in some villages, locals from villages where voting was cancelled reported.
• Ward commission was collecting advance votes from forty civil servants in Northern Shan State
Namkham on November 2, a source close to the commission reported. (SHAN 041110)
• State commission said that local voters must take responsibility for security if they wanted to re-
create annulled constituencies in Karenni State, locals said. (KT 051110)
• The Mon State Election Commission has forbidden members of AMRDP to wear Mon traditional
costumes within five hundred yards of poll booths, AMRDP Chairman Naing Ngwe Thein said.
(Kaowao 051110)
• Allegedly in line with law forbidding campaigning too close to the poll station, ward PDC and
commission pulled down signboards put up by the National Unity Party (NUP) in Mandalay Division
Chan Aye Thazan Township ward ba, a local said. (DVB 061110)
• There were 1700 eligible voters in Northern Shan State Namkham Township Kaungwaing village but
on November 5, before the polling day, more than 100 have casted advance votes, a Kaungwaing
villager disclosed. (Palaungwomen 061110)
• In Northern Shan State Namkham Township Mankham village tract, children aged six to eight were
giving advance votes on behalf of senior citizens who could not come to the commission office while
poll station chiefs voted on behalf of illiterate seniors who turned up to give advance votes.
(Palaungwomen 061110)


• While the Election Commission was collecting advance votes, the USDP also collected them door-to-
door in some townships of Rangoon Division but a local resident of Insein Township said, "They were
disappointed and turned back as no one from our home gave advance votes." (Mizzima 011110)
• The USDP and the NUP would compete in Karen State Papon Township Constituency, Saw Loon
Shein, Karen State Election Commission member, said. (KIC 011110)
• Some town elders and seniors as well as middle-aged townsfolk in Northern Shan State's Lashio,
Namtu and Hsipaw townships would not vote for the USDP, a university student from Lashio said.
(SHAN 011110)
• USDP members rudely swore at and drove out two reporters from AP and Japanese TBS news
agencies for taking photos of Tamwe Township USDP candidate Daw Lei Lei Win Swe's campaign
trips, an AP news agency official confirmed. (VOA/DVB 011110)
• Construction firms in Rangoon have to erect campaign billboards of USDP candidates. Shine
Construction Co. has to take care of nearly seventy USDP billboards in Mingalartaungnyunt,
Pazuntaung and Botataung townships, a company employee said. (DVB 011110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 4-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• Out of fifty-four single-candidate constituencies in whole Burma, the USDP has fifty-two candidates,
party General-Secretary U Htay Oo confirmed on October 27 when meeting with the media. (Eleven
Media Group 011110)
• In Henzada Township, USDP member cum ward authorities were collecting advance votes for the
USDP by tricking the people into doing a test-voting, and fining Kyat 2000 each to those who refused
to cast test ballots, townsfolk said. (Irrawaddy 0211110)
• USDP People's Assembly candidate for Mingalartaungnyunt Township constituency Labor Minister U
Aung Kyi was gathering votes for his party from Muslims at Bengali Community Mosque and
Calarbastee Mosque in that township, a Muslim resident of Mingalartaungnyunt said. (Irrawaddy
• The USDP was campaigning by misinforming the people in Bassein Township Ngwesaung Sub-
Township's villages by saying that the NDF was a subordinate of the USDP, NDF candidates in
Bassein Township said. (Irrawaddy 021110)
• The USDP in Mandalay Township would hire traditional dance troupes at the rate of Kyat 720,000
per troupe for campaigning in the remaining days of pre-election period, a source close to dance
artistes said. (Irrawaddy 021110)
• Mayor U Aung Thein Lin, USDP candidate for Rangoon Division South Oakkalapa Township, has
designated a building owned by a Muslim as a mosque in order to get votes from Muslims.
(Irrawaddy 021110)
• Township Peace and Development Council Chairman called civil servants and ethnic literature and
culture organizations in Muse Township by phone and told them to vote for the USDP, one civil
servant who has attended the meeting reported. (SHAN 021110)
• USDP candidate for Chin State Htantalang Township Dr Mu Htang campaigned by saying that
impoverished Chin people from resource-scarce Chin Hills would have their livelihood improved only
by voting for the USDP, but he was unable to answer questions asked by the people, a local said.
(Khonumthung 021110)
• USDP candidate Maj. Gen. Ohn Myint who was contesting from Mon State Mudon Township
Constituency 1 for State Assembly has instructed his men to collect the list of people aged 18+
voting for the USDP, one party member said. (IMNA 021110)
• USDP candidate Dr. Min Kyaw Swa Tun campaigning in Hangan village, southern part of Ye
Township, Mon State, claimed that the USDP would win the coming election unrivalled, a local said.
(Kaowao 021110)
• Soldiers from Thazi-based LIR 419 of Central Command have a brawl with Thazi Township USDP
members on October 30 during a campaign, resulting in at least eight soldiers and nine USDP
members injured, a private said. (BBC 021110)
• As top government leaders including current Prime Minister U Thein Sein from USDP were
campaigning in Naypyidaw using the might of money, manpower and office posts, rival parties were
facing difficulties, the NUP said. (BBC 021110)
• The Election Commission has rejected Deputy Minister for Railways U Pe Than as candidate for USDP
from Paung Township, Mon State, because he was not cleared of the FRC law or the law on guest
citizenship. U Pe Than was disappointed but would not appeal, a Railways official said. (VOA 031110)
• At the poll education sessions and advance-vote gathering sessions, election commissions at various
levels were urging and persuading the voters by all means to vote for the USDP, a local who has to
cast advance vote not in secret but openly in Banmauk, Sagaing Division, reported. (VOA 031110)
• When meeting with reporters on October 27, USDP General Secretary U Htay Oo told them that
sanctions upon Burma did not hurt the government but only the people and that the USDP would
work to overcome it. (EMG 031110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 5-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• On the last day of election campaign, October 30, the USDP handed out consumer goods to the
people in Lashio District Tangyang Township as well as threatened them, a government employee
said. (SHAN 031110)
• On November 2, Principal of Teachers' Training College in Bassein, Irrawaddy Division, led more than
700 trainees in his school to give advance votes openly for the USDP, a source close to the Bassein
TTC said. (RFA 041110)
• Due to Election Commission's increasing bias for the USDP as election came closer, the RNDP said
that it might boycott the election results if they failed to realize true wishes of the people. (VOA
• As there was virtually no campaigning by parties other than the USDP in Pegu Division, the people
were unsure of which party they would reliably vote for, a voter from Pegu Division said. (DVB
• The USDP has given loans worth Kyat 25 million to villages along Pee stream in the northern part of
Kyauktaw, Arakan State, as a canvassing ploy, the RNDP said. (DVB 041110)
• In Tenasserim Division, where only two parties, the USDP and the NUP, were contesting mainly, the
election commission has summoned and warned the party and persons who have collected advance
votes in some places of Mergui in violation of regulations, a resident of Mergui said. (DVB 041110)
• USDP candidate U Kyaw Myint alias U Aye Maung in Shan State Namkham Township bought an
apartment in Rangoon for his rival USDP man U Tun Aung in addition to giving him a lot of money to
make him withdraw. He was also campaigning by giving incentives to the people. (Palaungwomen
• On November 3, military regime Prime Minister U Thein Sein visited areas in Arakan State hit by
Cyclone Giri but mainly talked about casting ballots correctly for the USDP, i.e. not writing on the
lion logo but inside the box beside it, a resident of Kyaukpru who was present at the meeting told
Irrawaddy. (Irrawaddy 041110)
• Because local authorities wanted to erase the original name of new Karoppi bridge in Thanbyuzayat
Township, Mon State, and erect a new signboard displaying the name of USDP, local residents were
annoyed, a 75-year old Karoppi villager said. (IMNA 041110)
• At a campaign rally in Bhamo, USDP candidate U Loon Maung slandered SNDP candidate U Ohn
Maung as an uneducated drunkard, a meeting attendee said. (SHAN 041110)
• In Naypyidaw, the USDP was stepping up its campaigning while the police and the USDP notified
construction workers in Dakkhinathiri Township's hotel zone not to go out at night, a worker
reported. (BBC 051110)
• Absence of campaigning and advance-vote collection in five Naypidaw townships where ex-Generals
of top brass including Thura Shwe Mann were contesting implied they were confident of winning,
political observers in Rangoon said. (DVB 051110)
• The USDP was threatening villagers in Kachin State Inndawgyi region with prison sentences if they
did not vote for them but for the SNDP (White Tiger), SNDP candidate for Monghnyin Township U
Than Lwin reported. (DVB 051110)
• USDP candidate for Northern Shan State Muse District Kutkai Township U T Khun Myat obstructed
Ta-ang (Palaung) National Party (TNP) candidate U Aik San's campaigning in Ho-naung village tract
Panlaw village by various means including threatening with arms and forced return. (Palaungwomen
• TPDC members in Northern Shan State Namkham Township were urging locals to vote in the
election and to vote for the USDP, one of the organizers for USDP disclosed. (Palaungwomen

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 6-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• The USDP's forced collection of advance votes in Sagaing Division Banmauk Township through
election commission members was not in line with the law, the SNDP complained. (Irrawaddy
• Health Minister Dr Kyaw Myint and Science and Technology Minister U Thaung led some USDP
members in campaigning inside teashops in Mandalay and Kyaukse respectively, a source close to
political parties reported what he witnessed. (Irrawaddy 051110)
• Manager of Paleik Textile and Garment Factory in Mandalay Division told workers that they have
been members of the USDA before, and that though the USDA has been transformed into a party
they must regard themselves as party members and vote for the USDP, an employee said.
(Irrawaddy 051110)
• In Cyclone Giri-struck villages of Arakan State Pauktaw Township, officials were forcibly collecting
advance votes since November 1 for the USDP. The ballots have no signature of poll station chief but
authorities were forcing the people to scratch affirmative mark for the USDP and not to seal off the
envelopes after marking, locals reported. (Irrawaddy 051110)
• In villages thirty or forty miles from Mindat, Chin State, village PDCs under the sway of USDP were
threatening to kill, imprison or fine Kyat 100,000 to those who did not vote for the USDP, and also
putting the names of the dead on ballot lists in some villages, thereby canvassing votes for the
USDP, locals reported. (Irrawaddy 051110)
• Chief construction engineer has said that advance votes for the USDP have been obtained from
construction workers and families in west ward of Mindat Township, Chin State, since end of
October so that they need not to go to the poll station to vote, construction workers of Mindat
reported. (Irrawaddy 051110)
• USDP candidate for Kachin State Bhamo Township Auditor-General U Loon Maung forced thousands
of voters in Bhamo to attend his campaign rally, locals reported. (KNG 051110)
• The USDP was campaigning by exploiting 7th and 8th grader students from Moulmein Township
Kyauktan village, a local youth reported in writing. (Kaowao 051110)
• After the people travelling abroad have given advance votes, ballot envelopes were opened up and
departures of those who did not vote for the USDP were cancelled, a Rangoon University lecturer
close to a prey disclosed. (IMNA 051110)
• Though disgruntled voters have reported to the election commission about forced collection of
advance votes from senior citizens and forced voting for the USDP under order of TPDC Chairman's,
authorities have threatened them with death if further complaints were lodged, a villager from Pan
Nilar village said. (Narinjara 051110)
• Armed personnel such as military, police and border control forces, as well as civil servants from
some departments were casting advance votes in Northern Arakan State's Buthidaung and
Maungtaw townships since November 4, and have been ordered to vote only for the USDP, a civil
servant disclosed. (Narinjara 051110)
• In many townships of Shan State, Election Commissions, MASs and TPDCs have joined hands to
collect advance votes for the USDP, an SNDP candidate said. (SHAN 051110)
• USDP candidate U Loon Maung was forcibly collecting advance votes from village sub-authorities
while on his visit to Sintkin village, Bhamo Township on November 5, a villager reported. (SHAN
• The USDP has bought votes from the Nursing School in Kachin State Myitkyina at the rate of Kyat
10,000 per head and also lured people of Zatar Kunt-htee-win ward by granting Kyat 3 million to the
Christian church there, a resident of Myitkyina reported.

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 7-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• In Tenasserim Division Kawthaung Township, ward authorities and USDP members were urging
voters to vote for the USDP while handing out advance ballots, adding that non-voting people were
like perpetuating the military rule, a local reported. (DVB 061110)
• In Pegu Division Thanatpin Township, the USDP has collected advance votes on its own,
unaccompanied by officials from the Election Commission, townsfolk reported. (DVB 061110)
• In Rangoon Division Twantay Township Kunchan ward, USDP Organizer U Saw Mya Thaung
physically assaulted private tuition teacher U Aung Pe and prohibited his distribution of boycott
flyers, U Aung Pe said. (DVB 061110)
• In Northern Shan State Muse District Namkham Township People's Assembly Constituency 2, USDP
candidate cum Pansay militia leader U Kyaw Myint and team were buying votes from Chinese and
Palaung villagers in Pankha village tract Lishaw (Chinese) village on November 5, a local reported.
(Palaungland 061110)
• The USDP gave each Election Commission members Kyat 5000 for poll station chief Kai Tai's voting
on behalf of voters who were away from home in Northern Shan State Muse District Kutkai
Township Namt Phatkar village tract, a villager reported. (Palaungwomen 061110)
• In Northern Shan State Muse District Namkham Township Kaungtub village, USDP members were
campaigning by giving out party badges and party caps in addition to Kyat 8000, a villager reported.
(Palaungwomen 061110)
• In Northern Shan State Muse Township, Loilwam village Chairman U Sandam was threatening
villagers on November 5 to vote without fail for the USDP or else be subject to three years in jail, a
local reported. (Palaungwomen 061110)
• In Northern Shan State Muse District Namkham Township Namt Sree village, the USDP was buying
advance votes at Kyat 2000 each. It was also taking advance votes even from the dead and those
who were away from home on travel, a villager reported. (Palaungwomen 061110)
• USDP member U Sein Win, pawnshop owner in Northern Shan State Namkhan Township, called two
villagers in Pankhar village and gave them Kyat 6000 each to persuade other villagers to vote for the
USDP, a local said. (Palaulngwomen 061110)
• Election observers speculated that the SPDC has finished its plans to hold on to state power by
various means that included acquiring advance votes for the USDP sponsored by the military regime.
(Irrawaddy 061110)
• Labor Minister U Aung Kyi denied U Thu Wai's allegation on him about pressuring a businessman to
cast advance ballot for the USDP. (Mizzima 061110)
• When eight young people in Northern Chin State Falam Township Tal village cast advance votes on
November 1, polling station officials gave them three ballot sheets each and threatened them to
vote only for the USDP, an anonymous villager reported. (Khonumthung 061110)
• USDP State Assembly candidate for Ramree Township Lt. Col. Kyaw Khin (Retd.) has been earmarked
for the chairman post of Arakan State and therefore was canvassing poll station chiefs for votes by
granting them Kyat 10,000 each, an anonymous source said. (Narinjara 061110)



• Anti-election campaigners dared not go outside due to presence of riot police, Ko Thein Aung Myint
from Myanmar Development Committee located in North Oakkala ward 2 said. (Mizzima 011110)
• A team led by NLD Central Executive Committee member U Ohn Kyaing and Committee
Representing People's Parliament (CRPP) Secretary U Aye Tha Aung met with NLD members and

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 8-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

ethnic representatives during its Eastern Shan State organizing trip and achieved agreements on
election boycott and convening of second Panglong Conference, U Ohn Kyaing said. (RFA 011110)
(RFA 031110) (RFA 041110)
• Yenangyaung townsfolk wearing T-shirts with words "There is legal right to refrain from voting"
walked around the town's marketplaces, teashops, bus stops and other crowded places in the
morning of November 2, a Yenangyaung youth reported. (Irrawaddy 021110)
• As NLD's election boycott campaigns publicizing the right to refrain from voting sped up, authorities
were closely watching it since November 1, NLD member Ko Than Myint Aung who led the campaign
in Rangoon North Oakkalapa said. (VOA 021110)
• NLD members carried out prayer rituals and anti-election activities in Rangoon and Yenangyaung on
November 2, NLD member cum Tuesday Prayer Team member Daw Nyein Tin who conducted a
prayer ritual at her home in Shwe Pyitha Township said. (RFA 021110)
• NLD Youths and other youths handed out 5000 copies of anti-election flyers in North Oakkalapa
Township and 1000 copies in Shwe Pyitha Township but some youths distributing flyers in front of
North Oakkalapa Township za-myin-zwe market were apprehended by authorities. The detainees'
identities could not be confirmed yet, NLD member Ko Weilu said. (RFA 021110)
• When NLD Youths handed out anti-election flyers in Rangoon Division, authorities blocked and
questioned them at ward 71, South Dagon Township, and confiscated cameras, NLD Youth Ko Aye
Thwin who was dragged off from No. 39 bus line reported. (BBC 031110)
• NLD CEC U Ohn Kyaing and CRPP Secretary U Aye Thar Aung who were on an organizing trip to Shan
State granted aid items to Min Ko Naing and six political prisoners in Kengtung Prison but were
refused by jail authorities, U Ohn Kyaing disclosed. (RFA 031110)
• Youths from Burma Democratic Activists Front conducted an anti-election campaign handing out
flyers on November 3 in Rangoon's Tamwe, Thinganggyun, Myenigone, Prome Road, Insein, Yankin,
Sanchaung and Bahan townships, activists who initiated the movement said. (DVB 031110)
• NLD conducted a public opinion survey in Irrawaddy Division's Bassein and Ngapudaw townships
and found that the people were disinterested in the election and did not wish to vote, a survey
collector reported. (Irrawaddy 031110)
• NLD Vice-Chariman U Tin Oo published an essay on November 4 about his experience of roles of
army, saying that army's domination of the Parliament instead of vice versa in post-election period
could not induce a good example for the future. (RFA 041110)
• Clandestine groups inside Burma such as '88 Generation Students group, ABFSU and All Burma
Monks Alliance issued a statement on November 4 urging voters to display opposition to the military
dictatorship and the USDP by not going to polling stations to vote. (RFA 041110)
• NLD members in Mandalay Division's twenty townships like Meikhtila, Wundwin, Thazi, Yamethin
and Kyaukbadaung wore identical T-shirts bearing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and U Tin Oo's pictures and
handed out anti-election flyers. Townspeople eagerly asked for the flyers while Township Police
Superintendent, Crime Suppression Squad and USDP members harassed them, Meikhtila NLD
member Daw Myint Myint Aye said. (RFA 051110)
• At the regular monthly meeting on November 5, the CRPP resolved to support the call for second
Panglong Conference, its Secretary U Aye Tha Aung said. (DVB 051110)
• Due to police and intelligence agents' harassment of NLD Youths' anti-voting campaigns, activists
have now split up and turned to guerilla tactics, an NLD member said. (DVB 051110)
• NLD members in Mandalay and Magwe divisions were campaigning in twenty-two townships
handing out flyers about right of no voting in election and also clarifying about NDF's bamboo hat
logo that gave rise to misconceptions of NLD's contesting in the elections, Meikhtila NLD Secretary
Daw Myint Myint Aye said. (Irrawaddy 051110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 9-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• When NLD members distributed 20,000 anti-election flyers in Kyaukbadaung on November 6, police
and MAS made no obstructions but only took photos of them, an NLD member reported. (RFA
• NLD members handed out educational leaflets in Mandalay Division Maddaya Township on
November 5 on the right to not vote, NLD Township Chairman U Khin Maung Than said. (DVB


• Thailand-based Network for Democracy and Development (NDD) published a report on November 2
about the transformation into a political party of the USDA initially formed as military regime's social
association in 1995. (RFA 021110)
• At the 22nd anniversary of the All Burma Students' Democratic Front (ABSDF) founding day on
November 1, Chairman Ko Than Khe asserted that the role of armed struggle would remain crucial in
Burma's political context until military dictatorship is overthrown. (DVB 021110)
• Although military regime-sponsored elections were drawing closer, political prisoners were not
freed yet but their numbers kept rising, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners claimed in
its Election Special Report on November 3. (RFA 031110)


• The Federal Union Forming Committee comprising six armed ethnic groups such as Karen KNU,
Karenni KNPP, Kachin KIO, Northern Shan SSA-N, Mon NMSP and Chin CNF met at a certain place in
Thailand on November 2 and set up a military and political alliances committee for the post-election
period on November 4. (RFA 021110)
• Two battles broke out between Shan State Army-South (SSA-S) and SPDC junta troops in Eastern
Shan State Mongyawng region, resulting in seven dead and nine wounded from SPDC side, SSA-S
spokesperson Maj. Sai Laosai said. (Irrawaddy 041110)
• Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade 6 Battalion 16 has demanded one million Thai Baht in ransom
from the Border Committee in Three Pagodas Pass on November 6 so as to refrain from obstructing
the election, a source close to the committee disclosed. (IMNA 061110)


• Representatives from fourteen groups in Britain such as the National League for Democracy
(Liberated Area) (NLD-LA), political groups and ethnic groups called on the British Prime Minister on
October 1 and gave him an anti-election paper with over 600 signatures. (DVB 021110)
• On November 3, pro-democracy Burmese forces and Indian organizations held a demonstration in
Jantar Mantarr, New Delhi, India, and sent a collectively signed statement demanding Indian Prime
Minister Mammohan Singh to reject SPDC's sham election and to stand by the side of pro-
democracy forces. (DVB 031110)
• Burmese pro-democracy forces staged a demonstration against 2010 elections in front of the SPDC
Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, on November 3, Ko Aung Naing Win of Burma Action Israel who led the
protest said. (DVB 031110)
• During a demonstration in front of Burmese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on November 4, Burmese
pro-democracy forces in Malaysia urged voters not to cast ballots but boycott the elections on
November 7. (DVB 041110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 10-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• Members of Burmese pro-democracy movement in Japan visited Japanese Foreign Ministry on

November 5 to meet with the Deputy Foreign Minister and urged non-acknowledgement of election
results. (RFA 051110)
• Exiled-Burmese pro-democracy forces staged demonstrations in front of Burmese military regime
embassies in Belgium, Thailand and Bangladesh on November 5. (RFA 051110)
• Burmese ethnic forces and pro-democracy forces in Australia held a demonstration in front of
Burmese military regime Embassy in Canberra on November 5 in the afternoon against the coming
election called by the regime on November 7, U Maung Maung Aye, Patron of JACDB leading the
protest, said. (KIC 051110)
• On November 6, elected MPs of 1990 election and representatives from armed ethnic groups both
in ceasefire and in war set up a federal parliament at Thai-Burma border on November 6, and
elected Khoo Rimond Htoo from Karenni National Progressive Party and U Thein Oo, NLD MP,
respectively as Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the parliament. (BBC 061110)
• Prime Minister of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) refused to
support for the federal parliament set up on Thai-Burma border by elected MPs of 1990 election and
representatives from armed ethnic groups both in ceasefire and in war. (RFA 061110)
• Over 200 pro-democracy Burmese and Japanese held a demonstration in front of Burmese Embassy
in Tokyo on November 6 in the afternoon against military regime-sponsored election. (DVB 061110)
• Bangladeshi-based Rakhine Women's Union held a demonstration in front of Burmese Embassy in
Dacca, Bangladesh, on November 7 in the afternoon against SPDC-sponsored election, its
Chairwoman Daw Saw Mra Razar Lin said. (Narinjara 061110)



• The SPDC has expanded its troop strength of LIR 355, IB 275 and IB 24 in Karen State Myawaddy,
leading to military tensions with the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) and military
preparedness on latter's side, Maj. Kyaw Thet of DKBA Battalion 902 said. (DVB 021110)
• Announcement of eligible voters list in Kachin State Myitkyina Township Sitapu village where Kachin
Independence Organization's families mostly reside was flawed since many eligible voters have been
left out while names of dead turned up on the list, Sagie, local member of Kachin Social
Development Network, reported.
• The United Wa State Army (UWSA) issued a four-point statement on November 5, Wa sources
reported. (DVB 061110)



• As polling stations are positioned inside the compounds of 15 jade-mining companies which have
influence upon their employee-voters, the Shan National Democratic Party (SNDP) submitted a
protest letter to the respective election commission on the 31st of October, said one party official.
(VOA 011110).
• There were complaints that the name of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and logos of the
National League for Democracy were still being used by the National Democratic Force in their
campaigning in Rangoon, said U Tin Oo, Vice-Chairman of NLD. (RFA 011110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 11-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• There are 114 candidates of SNDP out of 176 contesters for Shan State, said Sai Po Aung, a
candidate. (DVB 011110)
• The contesters for constituencies in Tangyang, Northern Shan State, and Rakine State have been
allowed to canvass only until the 30th instead of 31st of October by respective election
commissions, said the contesters of respective constituencies. (DVB 011110)
• Although there were 300 voters for each polling station in the past, now there were 4000 voters for
each station in Mon State resulting in problems of polling time and disproportionate number of
polling stations to voters, said Naing Ngwe Thein, Chairman of All Mon Region Democracy Party.
(DVB 011110)
• A ceremony for introducing U Kyaw Min Hlaing, an NDF candidate for Kamayut Township, to the
people and opening of the new office was held on the 28th of October, said U Khin Maung Swe,
leader of NDF. (Eleven Media Group 011110)
• As volunteer observers for polling stations have been threatened in many ways by the election
commission and restrictions imposed such as forbidding to go to other wards and only two
volunteers allowed for one polling station, the political parties were having difficulties, said party
leaders.(Irrawaddy 021110).
• As U Cho, the Democratic Party (Myanmar) candidate for Zeegone (East) Regional Parliament has
support of the parents of local students and was highly likely to be elected, about 30 USDP members
surrounded him threatening to assault on the 1st of November, said Daw Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein, a
member of the party. (Irrawaddy 021110)
• As authorities have issued a verbal order to AMRDP not to use microphones or sound-boxes
mounted on motor vehicles during canvassing in Moulmein it was facing difficulty, said Naing Ngwe
Thein, Chairman of the AMRDP. (Kaowao 021110)
• In Myeik, Tenasserim Division, fishermen who were about to go fishing have their advance ballots
unfairly collected by being forced to vote only for the USDP out of two parties, prompting objection
by the NUP and eventually resulting in cessation of the practice of advance voting, said an NUP
official. (Eleven Media Group 011010)
• Although some complained about the continued usage of the name of democracy leader Aung San
Suu Kyi and logo of the NLD by National Democratic Force in their canvassing for votes in townships,
there was no hard evidence, said U Khin Maung Swe, leader of the NDF. (RFA 021110)
• There were altogether 44 candidates for Tenasserim Division and among them most of them were
from the USDP while the military would obtain seven seats in the Regional Parliament, said U Toe
Po, candidate of the NDF contesting in 4 constituencies. (DVB 021110)
• As volunteer-observers for polling stations have to post their photos on the noticeboards of polling
stations, candidates of political parties were having difficulty to get helpers. In Amarapura Township,
Mandalay Division, Democratic Party (Myanmar) could get only 7 observers for 138 polling stations,
said Daw Than Than Nu, candidate for Mandalay division. (BBC 031110)
• Expecting to defeat USDP and NUP and win 80 percent of seats, other political parties have stepped
up their canvassing, said U Thein Tin Aung of UDP who was canvassing in Bahan Township. (RFA
• About 300 voters attended her campaign rally in Yonebin village, Gyotbinkauk Township
constituency, said Daw Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein, Secretary-General of the Democratic Party (Myanmar).
(DVB 031110)
• In Magwe Division, where 5 parties were contesting the election, it was difficult to get observers for
the polling stations. There was only one observer for 70 out of 113 villages in Gantgaw Township,
said Dr. Kyaw Nyein, candidate for Gantgaw Township. (DVB 031110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 12-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• In Banmauk Township of Sagaing Division and Kehsee Township of middle Shan State, the USDP was
unfairly collecting advance votes through holding of polling demonstrations, said SNDP Central
Executive member U Saw Than Myint. (DVB 031110)
• As forcing voters to vote in advance for a certain party by misuse of authority was not consistent
with the election law, concerned voters should inform rival parties of such actions in concrete
evidence so that the parties could complain to relevant election commissions to take action against
the violating party, said U Thein Tin Aung, General Secretary of the UDP. (EMG 031110)
• SNDP Central Executive Committee member Sai Tun Aye, General Secretary of Peace and Diversity
Party U Nay Myo Wai and Independent candidate Dr.Saw Naing would watch election irregularities
and if found, would report to the relevant commission. (EMG 031110)
• In response to of USDP Chairman U Thein Sein's speech hinting that the USDP would lead the
formation of a new government that might be joined by other parties after the election, NDF said
that it would stand as an opposition party. (Mizzima 031110)
• NDF candidate U Mar Kar of Kachin State Myitkyina said that he was being watched by authorities
when campaigning. (KNG 031110)
• Although USDP's violation of campaign deadline specified by Arakan State Election Commission has
been complained to the commission, complaints were ignored, said Dr.Aye Maung, Chairman of
Rakhine Nationalities Development Party.
• USDP organizers were confiscating sample ballot papers issued by the Ta-ang (Palaung) National
Party for its election campaign and telling voters to vote only for the USDP, said a TNP member.
(Palaungland 041110)
• Should the election be held freely and fairly on the 7th of November, democratic parties are likely to
win in respective constituencies, said the Democratic Party (Myanmar). (Irrawaddy 041110)
• When a demo voting was held in Karmine of Pakant Township, over 30 out of 40 people voted for
the NDF, prompting the USDP to make threats calls to the NDF on telephone, said an organizer of
NDF for Karmine Township. (KNG 041110)
• Getting accurate information about USDP's plan to collect 20000 advance ballots out of 40000
voters on the voting list for People's Parliament in Dawe Township, Tenasserim Division, the NDF
complained about it to the Election Commission, said U Toe Po, a candidate of NDF. (DVB 051110)
• The NDF and the DP (Myanmar) criticized the USDP for its threatening canvassing and collection of
advance votes, and have filed a complaint to the Election Commission in Naypyidaw, said U Thu Wai,
Chairman of the DP (Myanma), to AFP. (DVB 051110)
• According to the 2008 Constitution, there was no need to open polling stations for the
constituencies of Namhsan and Manton townships in Ta-ang (Palaung) self-administered region,
making TNP candidates U Tun Kyaw of Namhsan and U Aik Mone of Manton automatically win the
election, said a member of NTP in anonymity.
• If 2010 elections to be held by the SPDC regime on the 7th of November were fair, his party would
win in the constituencies of Karen State, said U Khin Maung Myint, Chairman of the Phalon-Sawaw
Democratic Party (PSDP) in Pa-an. (Irrawaddy 051110)
• When counting of advance ballots in East Dagon Myothit Township was made, the USDP won but 20
ballots out of 30 and those ballots were ticked in an exactly similar way, said NDF candidate U Kyi
Myint. (BBC 061110)
• In Taungdwingyi Township, the USDP has been collecting advance ballots in many ways by
cooperating with ward election commissions and ward chairmen, said NUP candidate Dr. Kyaw Swe,
adding that his party and other parties would sue the USDP. (RFA 061110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 13-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• NDF leader U Khin Maung Swe said that he was preparing to complain to the Election Commission
about USDP’s plan in cooperation with ward and village election commissions in many towns of the
whole country to steal votes including advance ballots, and election irregularities. (VOA 061110)
• In Pyinmana Township constituency near Naypyidaw, the USDP has interfered with the work of
election commission and collected advance ballots for their party. It has been protested by National
Political Alliances League candidate U Thein Lwin who has personally witnessed the deed. (DVB
• In the townships of Arakan State hit by Cyclone Giri, authorities have collected advance ballots.
Although it was complained to the respective commission, no action was taken, said U Hla Thein
Maung, candidate of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party for Rathedaung Township. (DVB
• In Ye, Moulmein and Kyaikmaraw townships, Muslims wearing Mon national dress were distributing
hand-outs calling to vote for the All Mon Region Democracy Party, said one women of Aung
Mingalar ward, Ye Township, who has witnessed the activity. (IMNA 061110)
• The NUP has complained to the township commission about the USDP's collecting advance ballots in
dishonest ways in Myitkyina, Kachin State, said NUP People's Assembly candidate U Lanan Bout.
(KNG 061110)


• U Ohn of the Forest Resource Environment Development Association (FREDA) comprising 17 NGOs
said that Mingalar Myanmar Social Association's leading members Dr. Phone Win and Daw Uzar
Maw Tun have been dismissed from FREDA with other members' consent, for participating in
politics as Independent candidates. (VOA 011110)
• A ceremony to open an election winning office of Independent candidates U Kaung Myat Tut and Dr.
Saw Naing was held on the 29th of October in South Oakkalapa Township, attended by over 100
people. (Eleven Media Group 011110)
• USDP's press release about ward PDC and local police's detention of Independent candidates U
Kaung Myat Tut and Dr. Saw Naing for contesting with the USDP was not true, said U Kaung Myat
Tut. (DVB 021110)
• As USDP organizer U Than Aung has threatened U Ye Tun Naing, Independent candidate for People's
Assembly, while the latter was campaigning in Kan village, Ma-hlaing township, Mandalay Division,
U Ye Tun Naing has reported to the township police station and Election Commission. (Irrawaddy
• Dr. Tin Aung Shwe, an Independent candidate for Pabedan Township, Rangoon Division, urged the
people on the 25th of October to study carefully qualifications of the contesting party leaders.
(Popular News 031110)
• Since civilian candidates were not allowed to get advance votes and those ballots would not be
opened at the polling stations but only at the township election commission offices, there was no
hope for the civilian candidates, said U Ba Tint Swe, an Independent candidate. (DVB 041110)
• Dr.Phone Win, an Independent candidate, criticized the Mangrove and Environment Rehabilitation
Network (MERN) formed by 17 NGOs, for dismissing him and his social association on account of
involvement in politics. (DVB 051110)
• In Chokekyi village of Sharphyukyin village tract, Irrawaddy Division, some absentee persons were
on the voting list and other people have been asked to vote on behalf of them. When asked about it,
the district election commission made no reply, implying voting fraud, said Ko Zaw Min Thein, an
Independent candidate for Laymyethna Township, Irrawaddy Division.(VOA 051110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 14-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• Because USDP members have influence over of the election commission staff in collecting advance
ballots, results of the election are likely to be disputable, said U Thu Wai of the Democratic Party
(Myanmar) and Independent candidates U Kaung Myat Tut, U Ba Tint Swe and U Yan Naing. (DVB


• There was an anti-election demonstration in Kalottote village of Lamine Sub-township, Ye township,

Mon State, on the 30th of October to reject the good-for-nothing 2010 election based on 2008
Constitution and election. Over 500 people including education and health employees attended,
said Saw Thurein, a leader of the demonstration. (VOA 011110)
• As local people of Chauk Township didn't want to vote for any candidate, they were inquiring
knowledgeable people about means to make their ballots invalid, said an observer of the election.
(Irrawaddy 021110)
• Because the 2010 election to be held by the junta was not free and fair, most of the voters from
Three Pagodas Pass, a border town on Mon and Karen states, were planning to make their ballots
invalid while some planned to boycott, said a voter from Three Pagodas Pass town. (KIC 021110)
• Over 100 villagers from Tadar Oo, Kyoe-waing, Payarlay Seik and Wamakee aka Nat Chaungpya
villages south-east of Karen State Kyainn Seikkyi Township where elections have been cancelled
demonstrated on November 2 for an hour by marching from Tadar Oo village and holding placards
with words like ‘No to election!’ and ‘Universal Suffrage’, said a villager. (KIC 021110)
• Although political parties have been canvassing for votes in Kachin State, there still were many
people who didn't know how to vote and who were not interested in which party they vote for, said
an NGO giving election education courses to Kachin people, on the 2nd of November. (KNG 021110)
• A local villager who helped AMRDP’s election campaign in southern Ye Township was beaten by the
Chairman of VPDC and was admitted to Ye Hospital as an in-patient, said a relative of the victim.
(IMNA 031110)
• Local people in Pantanaw Township of Irrawaddy Division would vote for the NUP among the two
parties, NUP and USDP, said a local. (KIC 041110)
• In some wards of Myitkyina, Kachin State, names of some residents living in the ward are not listed
while names of some people currently abroad were listed, said locals. (KNG 041110)
• Distribution of anti-USDP posters with colorful cartoons occurred in crowded places of Kachin State
Myitkyina, said a local Kachin youth. (DVB 051110)
• In Namhsang township and Manton townships specified as Ta-ang (Palaung) self-administered zone,
no polling stations were found so that local people didn't get right to vote while other ethnic
nationals were to go and vote at their respective polling stations, said a citizen of Namhsang.
(Palaungwomen 051110)
• Villagers from Northern Shan State Muse District Namkham Township Manaung village which has
1300 eligible voters have to go to some houses that were not polling stations and give advance
votes early in an unsecure condition on the 3rd and 4th of November, said a local citizen.
(Palaungwomen 051110)
• When anti-election activists distributed anti-election leaflets in villages of Namkham Township,
Muse District, authorities puffed up the security with police, army and intelligence, said a local
citizen. (Palaungwomen 051110)
• USDP would win the most percentage of MP seats in the junta-sponsored election but has to accept
dialogue after forming a new government, with the role of NLD and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi becoming
more prominent in Burma's politics, said U Htwe Myint, a veteran politician. (RFA 061110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 15-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department


• As the election draw near, Internet connection speed was getting slower and interrupted, prompting
internet cafes to close in Rangoon, and also hurting Internet connections of hotels, airlines, private
dorms and media, reported Weekly Eleven News journal. (VOA 011110)
• With the election approaching, a lot of information and emails flowed into Burma's Internet system,
slowing down the connections, said US-based Arbor Networks, an IT company. (VOA 051110)


• Buddhist Community of America's West Coast sent an open letter requesting President Barack
Obama not to recognize the results of the election soon to be held unfairly without the participation
of NLD led by Daw Aung Suu Kyi. (RFA 031110)



• In response to Burmese Foreign Minister U Nyan Win's talk about holding a free and fair election,
ASEAN Secretary-General Dr.Surin Pitsuwan commented, "Only if it is transparent and inclusive for
all stakeholders would the election be legitimate for Burmese people and a government that could
be responsible in international relations emerge." (BBC 011110)
• UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki Moon who was visiting China has asked China to help Burma attain
progressive changes after the election because it has influence over Burmese military regime. (RFA
• Indian opposition parties BJP (Bharatia Janata Party) and JTU (Janata Dal - United) have joined up
with 700 Burmese refugees who demonstrated against Burmese military regime's election, and have
asked the Indian government not to recognize the result of the election. (Mizzima 031110)
• Military junta's offer to let Rangoon-based foreign diplomats to observe elections under its
supervision was turned down by the US and the EU. (VOA 051110)


• It was impossible to monitor the situation of more than 30,000 polling stations throughout the
country by Rangoon-based foreign diplomats and domestic reporters, and it was also difficult to
evaluate the election by watching only on the Election Day, said observers. (VOA 031110)
• As the junta could not manage its election to meet international criteria, Burma's election would not
be fair, said British Ambassador to Burma Mr. Andrew Heyn at the Foreign Correspondents Club in
Bangkok, Thailand, in the evening of the 5th of November. (Mizzima 051110)
• Since political prisoners still existed in Burma and the elections to be held by the junta were not
inclusive, the British government would not recognize it, said Mr. Jeremy Browne, Junior Minister of
British Foreign Office on November 2. (RFA 041110)
• Chinese government believed that stability of Burma was a fundamental necessity not only for the
people but also for the region and hoped for military regime's election to be smooth, said the
spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry. (DVB 041110)
• Canada was highly worried with the upcoming election of Burmese junta over its restrictions, non-
inclusiveness, lack of ethnic rights and oppressive atmosphere under which the elections was held,
said Mr. Lawrence Cannon, Foreign Minister of Canada on the 5th of November. (VOA 051110)

October - 2010 Weekly Political Events pages - 16-

NDD-Documentation and Research Department

• Germany would not support the idea of forming a UN Commission of Inquiry on human rights
violations and war crimes committed by the Burmese junta, said the German Foreign Ministry.
(Mizzima 051110)
• British government would continue pressuring Burma until it becomes a free democratic country,
said the personal aide of British Prime Minister to the pro-democracy Burmese demonstrators in
London. (RFA 061110)
• Burmese democratic forces in New Zealand held a demonstration against the coming election
sponsored by the military junta at the city square of Oakland where a formal message of a New
Zealand opposition party's chairman was read out by a parliamentarian, said Ko Tin Zaw Moe, a
member of Burma Campaign New Zealand. (RFA 061110)


• Since it was already obvious that Burma's election was unfair and unclean, there was no need to
monitor whether the election of Burma is fair or not, said Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ms. Jody
Williams at a discussion on Burma's democracy at Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand in
Bangkok. (RFA 011110
• Former British Prime Minister Mr. Gordon Brown denounced the forthcoming election by the
military junta as a sham and lashed out that none of the world leaders has paid attention to
sufferings and feelings of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. (RFA 021110)
• Britain-based Burma Campaign UK, which has been calling for boycott of tourism to military-ruled
Burma, would now focus on tour groups visiting Burma only for pleasure and business, said Mark
Farmaner, director of the organization. (RFA 051110)
• The Amnesty International and pro-democracy Burmese activists held a campaign for the release of
political prisoners by releasing lamp-lit floats and performing a prayer service on the 5th of
November in front of Manchester Bridge River Hall where an audience of over 2000 would turn up
for an entertainment show by Britain’s top violinist Nigel Kennedy. (DVB 051110)

End of report/ Saturday, November 06, 2010

Distributed by Network for Democracy and Development; Documentation and Research Department (NDD)

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