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KMRC participated in
Pagasa (Asa) Aguda the California State- Looking for practical gift items? Trying to
wide Medical Health get children involved in giving to others?
Functional Exercise Don’t forget to give emergency prepared-
on November 18 in ness items! They are both inexpensive
two ways. We tested and useful! Flashlights, extra batteries,
our Disaster Health- first aid kits, and more all make great gifts
care Volunteers of and fit nicely into stockings. Involve the
California (DHV) notification system (thanks
children in selecting items and help them
to everyone who responded!) and we called
learn about disaster preparedness at the
in RNs and Physicians to a “Staging” area
same time. Two great sites for lists of
and “deployed” them to KMC and San Joa-
quin Hospitals.
appropriate items are and
All Bakersfield Don’t forget that the
hospitals, some 99 Cents Store is full of useful items.
outlying hospitals,
clinics, managed
care and skilled San Joaquin Business College, Bakersfield
nursing facilities Adult School and Mexican American Oppor-
participated lo- tunity Foundation have offered to staff the
cally and part- Dec. 2 Bolthouse Farms Flu Clinic and that
nered with Ba- means KMRC members are “on call” as

kersfield Fire; backups. If they need assistance from
eet Pagasa (Asa) Bakersfield City KMRC, we will send out a call.
Aguda. She has KMRC member Wendy Police; Kern
Wayne signs-in for the
been a nurse for 42 County Fire; Kern KMRC TRAINING
exercise. County Sheriff’s
years. Asa gradu- Dec. 4 Training – Explosives and Blasts!
Office; Haz Mat
ated in the Philippines and prac- units from the city, county and Environ-
ticed nursing in Missouri and Cali- We’ll meet at the Kern County Bomb Squad
mental Health; and Bomb Squads from both
facility on Saturday morning, December 4 to
fornia. She has worked in Medical- find out all about what the Kern County
Surgical units, Recovery room, Hos- Bomb Squad does and doesn’t do related to
pital supervisor, Labor and Delivery bomb threats and explosives. The training
and now works in Corrections. Asa starts at 8:30 a.m.
and concludes at
is certified in OB and is a BLS in-
11:00 a.m.
structor certified by AHA. Asa cur-
rently lives in Delano. Don’t miss this
chance to see the
Why did you join KMRC? Bomb Squad’s tools,
devices and disposal techniques in action.
I joined KMRC to be able to help We will also talk about mental health issues
our community as an RN and I and injuries related to blasts and explosions.
wanted to expand my skills beyond Shirley Cody and Louanne Bengten pose
paid work. for posterity during the exercise behind While in the event of a local explosion KMRC
them is a Decon and Triage area. members may be called upon to help the

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(Disaster...Continued from page 1) What is the highlight of being a
the city and KMRC member?
the county I think being a KMRC member is a
plus many tool to help others, meet people and
others on learn new things and an opportunity
this joint
to go to places. It's also a fun and
exciting experience.
The Exercise
Laverne Wally and Asa around a
Aguda relax after the drill. series of
telephone California Volunteers sent emergency sup-
bomb threats to area hospitals and clinics plies to every Medical Reserve Corps unit in
setting off a unified response system. California this week. A semi-truck pulled up
and unloaded two pop-up tents, a triage bag
The purpose of any joint Exercise is to prac- full of supplies, two trauma bags of essential
tice a coordinated response and identify disaster medical supplies, disaster hand-
Memorial in honor of Patrick Bowyer areas for improvement. We learned that we books and a limited number of emergency
have more work to do in helping members bags for KMRC members who have medical
Our dear KMRC member Pat Bowyer died respond to the DHV system. In the event of licenses. Thank you California Volunteers!
a real emergency, it is the way you will be California Volunteers is the state office that
last year and his wife, Lark (also a KMRC
notified and deployed. manages programs and initiatives aimed at
member), established a memorial in his
increasing the number of Californians en-
memory. Funds were used to purchase a
NOVEMBER 8 MEETING gaged in service and volunteering.
Rapid Response Kit for training and disas-
ter response. The Kit includes 4 – 15x20
colored treatment tarps (START compli-
ant), a durable carry bag, clipboards,
treatment area forms and 13 position kits
with vests and job action sheets. This is a
gift that will stand the test of time and be
used regularly for KMRC START Triage
training. Special thanks to the Bowyer
Family for this fitting tribute.

(Explosives...Continued from page 1)

victims, but this is our chance to see what
role the Bomb Squad will play. Thanks to our speaker, John Hard-
isty, for leading KMRC members
Training will be held at the Kern County through the steps necessary to be
Sheriff’s Facility, 1350 Norris Road, Bakers-
field. Pull up to the gate and you will be ready to respond to a disas-
directed where to park. Training will be in ter. Over 60 KMRC members en-
Building F on the west side of the complex. joyed his presentation and the
No RSVPs are needed! Two (2) CEUs will be
offered to RNs and EMT/Paramedics.
CALENDAR OF EVENTS Kern Medical Reserve Corps (KMRC)
1800 Mt. Vernon Ave.,
DECEMBER Bakersfield, CA 93306
4 8:30 am—11:00 am Learn How the Kern County Bomb Squad Works!
Visit and click on
Kern Medical Reserve Corps.
10:00 am—11:00 am KMRC Orientation (Public Health Services Bldg.,
9 Layout : Alvin Tanicala
1800 Mt. Vernon, Ave. )