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AUTHORS : PRISON’S SMI RIX 1D Tt SECC AM mets ren ’ \ ay v 3 ISBN 0-87947-424-6 © wr s DESERT, PUBLICATIONS BOON TST TISMARRELL ST. ELDORADO, AR TITSLA7S1 ‘Sovaet 2077 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction . Knife History... Commonly Taught Nonsense... Jenks On The Finer Points Blade To Blade Stance & Style Moves With The Ice Pick Grip. ‘Unarmed Defenses... ‘Three-On-One Knife Fight Kaife Throwing Choices Bages . Creeping & Sticking Physical Conditioning... INTRODUCTION T'm not aware of any schools of Inife fighting in this country, but'T graduated from the best, unoccredited, inti futon of survival operating at that time. Tt was the National Training School in Washington, DC; the federal reform School T walked in the door when T was 14 years old and before I walked out again 19 months, 21 days, 9 hours and Bi minutes later Thad firet dscovered and then developed basic moves and techniques with the blade that are stl fecond nature {0 me, Over the yeas T've leamed slot more, Feburally, but t's where I was educated in the basis. ‘Security at the teining rchool was such that we never had any stoot knives, nor eharpened serewdivers or anything ihe that. Even if we had, we wouldn't have used them because our fighting wasn'ta matter of life or deat, twas f aport, Our “blade” was about 1% inches long and % inch wide. Square people would have thought it was only the Tingeral file atached tothe back of «fingernal lipper, but it'was our “blade” and we learned to use it well ison Hall held about 60 Kids. We were frequently locked up in a day room 60 feet by 20 feet for 8,10 or even {2 hours a day. ‘The only things in there were two long fables, one pingipong table and our lockers. Sixty naturally ‘belious kids are not about to st still 10 hour a day in a oom with nothing to do. We either fought with our hands, body punching for hours at a time, or we fought with our Blades! We weren't a bunch of murderous, blood thinty, savage children, We were just normal, healthy, bored, com etatios Kid ‘Because we dida’t want to hurt éach other, and because the fingemail fe would bend if you held it by the clipper fend, we fought with only the sharpened point held tightly between the thumb and fist finger of the knifo hand. ‘Vietory wain’t determined by death or unconciousess but {ater by who had the lest numberof sraich wounds when ‘you quit, Our only rule was that you couldn't go forthe face ‘and this was strictly adhered to. ‘We had some good fights, make no mistake about that, 1