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Mata pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Kelas : X MIPA/IPS
Hari/ tanggal : 28 November 2019
Waktu : 120 Menit


1. Sebelum mengerjakan soal, tulislah terlebih dahulu Nama, Nomor PAS, dan Kelas pada lembar
jawaban yang tersedia.
2. Kerjakan soal-soal dengan pulpen/bolpoint dan tidak boleh mengerjakan soal dengan
3. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda menjawab.
4. Jumlah soal : 40 soal pilihan ganda dan 5 soal essai semua harus dikerjakan.
5. Laporkan kepada pengawas PAS kalau terdapat tulisan yang kurang jelas atau ada yang rusak.
6. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang Anda anggap mudah.
7. Kerjakan pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan dengan cara memberikan tanda silang (X) pada
jawaban yang Anda anggap paling benar.
8. Apabila ada jawaban yang Anda anggap salah, dan Anda ingin memperbaikinya, tidak
diperbolehkan memakai tipp ex atau penghapus, melainkan dengan cara seperti di bawah ini :
Semula : a b c d e
Dibetulkan : a b c d e
9. Untuk menjawab soal essai (uraian) perbaikan dengan cara mencoret jawaban yang salah dengan
dua garis dan menuliskan di atas jawaban yang diperbaiki.
10. Selamat mengerjakan

Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang tepat dengan memberikan tanda silang (X) pada salah satu huruf
jawaban A, B, C, D atau E pada lembar jawaban.

1. Anita : Hello, everyone, My name is Anita Pramesti. You can call me Anita. I come from
Surabaya, but now I live in Semarang. A year ago, my family and I moved here
because of my father’s job. I have a brother. He is twenty years old. My age gap is
six years. Nice to see you, Guys. Hopefully, we can be friends forever.
Amar : Welcome to our class, Anita. Nice to see you too.
We can imply from the above dialogue that...
A. Amar ever met Anita before.
B. Anita’s brother lives in Surabaya now.
C. Amar doesn’t want to know more about Anita.
D. Anita moved to Semarang because of her father’s occupation.
E. Anita wants to introduce herself because she only wants to be Amar’s friend.

2. Woman : How do you do? I am Lonita. I am from Semarang. May I know your name?
Man :…
Woman : What do you usually do in your spare time?
Man : I like playing football. What about you?
Woman : Usually, I spend my time to read novels.
What is the most appropriate response to complete the dialogue?
A. Hi, nice to meet you.
B. I am fine. I am Beno.
C. How do you do? I am Beno.
D. I am fine. It is nice to meet you.
E. How do you do? I am a new student.

This text is for no. 3-5

Hello, my name is Patrice Moon. You can call me Moon. I am 18 years old, living in San
Francisco. I am attending a full-time school, and I am working part-time in a health grocery store
while finishing my studies.
I like Harry Potter. I am keen on watching TV: Grey’s Anatomy, Hard Evidence/48 Hours and
movies (comedy, romance, action, historic, documentaries), reading (Holly Black, J.K Rowling, and
much more), writing (letters, poems, stories, essays), music (almost everything except jazz).
I dislike scary movies, cockroaches, lizards, the dark, being lonely, means people, people who
judge me, and ignorant people.
Why should you follow me? I believe that everyone needs someone, and I try to be that
someone to everyone. I created this friendly and safe place to recreate my joys of writing and
making friendships.
I am looking for people who write, email me, and talk to me at or to
send me a fan mail or a card to PO Box 350655 Miami, FL 33135 USA.

Best regards,
Patricia Moon

3. What is TRUE about Patrice?

A. She is working while she is studying in college
B. She isn’t keen on reading about Harry Potter
C. Her major study is a public health
D. She enjoys being in the dark
E. She likes to be alone

4. “…the dark, being lonely, mean people, people who judge me.” (p.3). what does the
underlined word mean?
A. Unorganised
B. Ambitious
C. Miser
D. Cruel
E. Lazy

5. Where can you probably find the text?

A. On an announcement board
B. On an advertisement column
C. On an editorial column
D. On an opinion column
E. On a pen-pal column

This text is for no. 6-9
Hi... I am Helga Sintisia Putri. My friends usually call me Helga. I am seventeen years old and live
in Semarang. I’m half French and Indonesia.
I don’t know what to say about myself. But, I like to play the violin and also the trombone. I want
to move to Jakarta, possibly to pursue a career in graphic design. I know how to use photoshop, in
design and illustrator well. Send an email and get to know me. I like music, and I don’t like people
who follow the crowd.
I’d like my penfriend to just be someone whom I can talk about anything with. I love learning
about other people’s lives. You could be from anywhere in the world, a boy or a girl, preferably
between 15 and 20. I’d prefer only to email, but if we become good friends, we could exchange
some hand-written letters. You can contact me through my as-box, or you can email me:

Much love

6. What does Helga want to be?

A. A violist
B. A trombonist
C. A psychologist
D. A French teacher
E. A graphic designer

7. “.... possibly to pursue a career in graphic designs.” (p.2). What does the underlined word
A. coin
B. chase
C. learn
D. apply
E. recommend

8. What is TRUE about Helga?

A. She wants to be a musician
B. She wants to have a girl penfriend
C. She prefers a penfriend who is older
D. She prefers penfriends who love music
E. She will send a hand-written letter to a close friend

9. Alia has a lot of penpals. It causes Alia’s nephew to have penpals too. Alia introduces ... to
Hanna’s and Helga’s brother. Now .... become good friends of him. Sometimes, Alia writes
about Indonesia in Hanna and Helga.
The correct pronouns to fill the blank are ….
A. she; them, hers
B. him; they; her
C. him; them; her
D. she; them; her
E. him; them; her

10. Benny : Congratulations, Rina! I’d like to compliment you on your recent achievement.
Rina : Thank you for saying so, but it was the work of the whole team.
Benny : The project you made was excellent. I’d like to use it as a model for other students.
Rina : Thank you. I’d be so honoured.
What does Benny give his congratulation about?
A. An honourable position
B. An attractive model
C. An excellent job
D. Solid teamwork
E. A big project

11. Rudy : Maria,... You deserved it.

Alif : Thank you very much. This is because you always help me.
Rudy : I am very happy for you, Alif. Now that you are the director of the company. I
believe the company will develop even faster.
Alif : Thank you. I can’t forget your collaboration with me, and I will need your help.
What is the best response for the dialogue above?
A. I don’t like to congratulate you.
B. Do you want me to congratulate you?
C. Should I congratulate you for your condition now?
D. Congratulation for your winning. I am proud of you.
E. I am really congratulating on your victory. I am fed up your condition now.

12. Santi : Hello, How are things going on, Mirna?

Mirna : Hi, good. And you?
Santi : I’m feeling great today. How was your weekend with your family in Malang?
Mirna : Excellent. We had a lovely time there. You should have gone there with us
Santi : Really? Hey,......
Mirna : Thanks a lot. My sister bought it for me last month.
The correct expression to complete the dialogue above is ….
A. Is your dress new? I don’t like it.
B. is a lovely skirt. But I don't like it.
C. It is an ugly dress. Do you make it yourself?
D. What a beautiful skirt it is. I am keen on your style.
E. What a lovely dress it is. I am fed up with your style.

13. Desi : Hi, Andi. How are you doing?

Andi : I am fine, thanks.
Desi : It’s very nice to meet you here, Andi. You look great today! I love your new
Andi : Thank you very much, Desi. You look great, too.
Desi : Thanks, Andi. By the way, how was your test? Have you got the result?
Andi : Yes, I’ve got it. You know what? I have passed for the final test. I’m so happy right
Desi : That’s great. Congratulations! How’s the score?
Andi : Thank God. I got the highest score for the test.
Desi : Wow, that’s amazing. I know you are brilliant, Andi. Well done!
Andi : Thanks for your compliment, Desi. You are so kind.
Desi : Never mind Andi. It’s my pleasure.
Why does Desi congratulate to Andi? Because...

A. Andi deserved to get it.
B. they are a good friend.
C. Andi got a good score in the last test.
D. Andi was proud of Desi’s achievement.
E. Desi was proud of Andy’s achievement.

The memo is for no. 14.

Dear Antok,
Good results are achieved through hard work. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. We
are so proud that your dedication led you to accomplish great things. Congratulation on getting
your bachelor degree!


14. What happened to Antok?

A. He has just got a new job.
B. He has only a new project.
C. He has just been promoted to a new position.
D. He has just finished his bachelor study programme.
E. He has only accomplished something great at work.

This text is for no. 15-17

23 October 2019
Mr Tatsuya Honda
CEO Taka Corporation
Nagayo Japan

Dear Mr Honda,
I was delighted to read The Asia Week Magazine report entitled “The giant of Asia” and find you
named among the top executives leading the best companies in Asia’s New Economy. It is always
gratifying to follow the successful careers of University of Tokyo alumni, mainly when they are as
stellar as you have been. Your accomplishments as chairman of Taka corporation – as well as the
reputation you have earned as an innovator, visionary and role model for new generations – are quite
Congratulations on making the Asiaweek Magazine list of Asian leaders at the forefront of
change. Your impressive achievements honour the University of Tokyo and especially the school of
Business Administration.

Sincerely yours,
Graham Lambert
President University of Tokyo

15. What is the purpose of the letter?

A. To congratulate Mr Honda on a promotion.
B. To congratulate Mr Honda on his business success.
C. To congratulate Mr. Honda on a successful invention.
D. To congratulate Mr Honda on being a top executive in Asia.
E. To congratulate the corporation and the Asiaweek Magazine.

16. Why did the achievement of Mr Tatsuya Honda also honour the University of Tokyo?
A. He graduated from the University of Tokyo.
B. Taka Corporation supported the University of Tokyo.
C. He is a friend of the University of Tokyo’s President.
D. Taka Corporation had good cooperation with the University of Tokyo.
E. He is the founder of the University of Tokyo’s School of Business Administration.

17. What is TRUE about Mr Tatsuya Honda?

A. Mr Tatsuya Honda leads Asiaweek Magazine.
B. Mr Tatsuya Honda founded the University of Tokyo.
C. Mr Tatsuya Honda is a lecturer at the University of Tokyo.
D. Mr Tatsuya Honda is one of the top leaders in Asia’s New Economy.
E. Mr Tatsuya Honda tightened the corporation between Taka Corporation and Asiaweeek

18. Mike : Where should we take a vacation this year? Let’s make a decision soon.
Maria : Well, I’d like to go somewhere warm. How about the beach or we could rent a cabin
by the lake?
Mike : I think going to the lake must be better.
Maria : Ok, dear.
What have they decided?
A. To camp by the lake
B. To go a seashore
C. To fish in the lake
D. To enjoy the holiday on the beach
E. To take a vacation near the lake by plane

19. Rina : Could you buy me cotton thread and knitting tools?
Ratna : Of course. But what are you doing to do with them?
Rina : I’m planning to knit a bag.
Ratna : What for?
Rina : …….
Ratna : That’s a wonderful idea!
What is the best expression of showing the intention to complete the dialogue?
A. I want to grant it to Nina, my friend.
B. I don’t know the reason why I want it
C. I hope you don’t care about me anymore
D. It is my own business why you ask me
E. I want to go to the Supermarket to buy a knitting bag

20. Rira : It will be a long weekend soon. Do you have any plans?
Santi : Uhm, I’m not sure. I don’t have any idea yet. I think I might stay at home.
Bayu : Stay at home? Well, you could do something more exciting!
Santi : So, what about you, Bayu? Do you have any plans?
Bayu : Definitely! I would rather……than …. at home
Santi : Fishing? It sounds boring too! Are you going to go fishing in the river near your
Bayu : No. We plan to go fishing in a lake near my uncle’s house.
The correct form of verbs to complete the above dialogue is…
A. fishing; staying
B. fishing; living
C. fish; staying
D. fishing; stay
E. fish; stay

This text is for no. 21-22

Dear Lonita,

I’m writing to tell you my exciting news. I have won a grand prize. I think my life will change a lot
now. I am meeting the competition organisers next week to get my prize – a cheque for Rp 400
As soon as I have the money, I am going to buy a new car and redecorate my house. Hopefully, I will
have finished the whole house by the end of June. Then, on the fifth of July, I am flying to Bali for a
holiday. I will have returned by the end of July, and then I am throwing a big party for all my friends.
I hope you will come. I promise I will send you a postcard from Bali.

Best wishes,
21. What is Diana NOT going to do after getting the money?
A. To go to Bali.
B. To buy a new car.
C. To buy a new house.
D. To organise a big party.
E. To redecorate her house.

22. Why does Diana write the letter to Lonita? Because she wants to…
A. tell Lonita about how to win the grand prize.
B. tell Lonita about what she intends to do.
C. tell Lonita about her condition in Bali.
D. tell Lonita about her holiday trip.
E. inform Lonita about her house.

This text is for no. 23-26.
Copacabana Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Because of its beauty, it
is also the most visited beach on earth. It is estimated that millions of people visit the beach. It
makes it the most popular summer destination.
It is situated on the east on the coast of brazil. This beach is 4 km long, from Portos Dois
(lifeguard watchtower Two) in the north to Posto Seis (lifeguard watchtower Six) in the south. At
both ends of the beach, there are historic forts. Fort Copacabana built in 1914 is by Posto Seis, and
Fort Duque de Caxias is at the northern end, built in 1779. Behind Fort Deque de Caxias, we can
see the beauty of Sugarloaf Mountain.
Taking a walk along the beach is very enjoyable. Visitors can enjoy the fantastic weather and
the beauty of its white sand. It matches with the clear blue of the sea-water. Along the beach, people
can enjoy many unique sand sculptures. Playing sports is another thing that visitors can do on the
beach. The government has placed a lot of volleyball courts, football fields, playgrounds and other
sports facilities.
People can also take a walk along the beautiful promenade, parallel to the beach. The
promenade has been used by the public since 1970. It was designed by Roberto Burle Marx.
Walking along the promenade is incredible. It is the favourite route for cyclists, roller skaters and
joggers. The Atlantica Avenue runs alongside the promenade which is lined with first-class hotels,
restaurant and cafes.
Copacabana is really like a paradise. It must be your choice to spend your holiday there.

23. From the first paragraph, we can infer that .....

A. Copacabana Beach is one of the most visited beaches on the Earth.
B. Copacabana Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the world.
C. Copacabana Beach is attractive because it is located in Brazil.
D. Copacabana Beach is visited because it is located in Brazil.
E. People can only visit Copacabana Beach in summer.

24. Where is Copacabana Beach located?

A. It is located on the east coast of Brazil.
B. It is located in the north, at Porto Seis.
C. It is located 4 km from Postos Dois.
D. It is behind Sugarcane Mountain.
E. It is located in Fort Copacabana.

25. “It matches the clear blue of the sea-water.” (Paragraph 3)

The word “It” in this sentence refers to...
A. Visitors
B. The beach
C. Its white sand
D. fantastic weather
E. Copacabana Beach

26. What is TRUE about Copacabana beach?

A. It faces the Pacific ocean.
B. Copacabana Beach was opened in 1779.
C. We only find a promenade at Copacabana Beach.
D. It is visited by more people than other beaches in the world.
E. It is situated between Sugarloaf Mountain and the lifeguard tower.

The following text is for questions 27-30
Petruk cave is one of the leading tourist attractions in Kebumen, Central Java. The cave is
located in the dukuh Mandayana Candirenggo Village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency. In the
Petruk cave, there is no lighting that illuminates the cave. It is still very natural cave so that petruk
cave is very dark to be entered. Petruk cave’s name is taken from the Punokawan of puppet
characters that is Petruk. The cave Named Petruk cave because the length of the cave is as long as
Petruk’s nose.
In the cave, there are 3 floors that are a basic cave, Hindu caves and Petruk cave. The basic
cave is a short cave which is just 100 meters away. The cave is used for tourist attractions. Hindu
cave is part of the cave that is usually used to put offerings to the ancestor. Inside Petruk cave there
are so many stalactites and stalagmites which are really awesome. If you want to explore this cave,
you must be led by guides who are ready to take you through the cave. After arriving at the end of
the cave, you can see the beach or waterfall located near the end of the cave

27. Why did Petruk cave named as one of character in Punokawan puppet?
A. Because the cave belongs to Petruk
B. Because Petruk is the first explorer of the cave
C. Because Petruk is buried at the cave
D. Because the cave’s length is as long as Petruk’s nose
E. Because the cave’s depth is as deep as Petruk’s hair

28. Which part of Petruk Cave which used for a place to put foods for an ancestor?
A. In the basic cave
B. In Petruk cave
C. In Hindu cave
D. In front of the cave
E. Inside the cave

29. What are stalactites means?

A. A type of formation that hangs from the ceiling of caves
B. Types of structure that lay on the floor of caves
C. Types of food given to an ancestor
D. Someone who guides the visitor in the cave
E. Kind of animals in the cave

30. must be led by guides who are ready to take you through the cave. (p.2) The
underlined word means...
A. took
B. put
C. place
D. guided
E. brought

The following text is for questions 31-34
De Arca Statue Museum us the first and the most prominent statue museum in Indonesia. The
museum was officially inaugurated on December 2014. It is situated next to De Mata Trick Eye
Museum. As the name suggests, this museum is home to a collection of statues of a famous figure,
built in 1:1 scale. Like Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the statues, created by a renowned Jogja
artist, Dunadi, were made to resemble the original statues, with similar costumes and gestures.
These statues are not made of wax, but of resin (the sap produced by certain plants) to adapt to the
climate condition in Jogja.
The museum consists of three zones: national figures, world presidents, and world figures.
Entering the museum, we arrive at the zone of national figures and are welcomed by several war
heroes. Cut Nyak Dhien, R.A. Kartini, General Soedirman, and several other heroes, seen sitting or
standing comfortably. Meanwhile, at the end of the zone of national figures, the painting maestro,
Affandi, also appeared as much at ease as the others. Wearing a red T-shirt and sarong, he sits
holding his smoking pipe. He seems as if he’s paying attention to every activity happening in the
Leaving the zone of national figures, visitors will enjoy a big Spiderman statue. The statue is
unique and different from the rest. Instead of posing, ensnaring his enemy with his spiderweb, this
Spiderman merely sits, crossing his legs on top of a globe that appears to be lumpy due to the heavy
load it holds up. Interestingly, he wears a blangkon (Javanese traditional headdress for men)
complete with batik cloth covering his legs. The statue of the Javanese version of Spiderman is the
one leading us to the zone of world presidents. In this zone, there are several well-known Head of
State, such as Megawati, B.J. Habibie, Queen Elizabeth II, and even Obama, seen standing
After taking photographs with the presidents, the zone of world figures has been waiting
behind Mas Javanese Spiderman. In the area, there are several statues of famous film characters,
such as Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and several other notable figures who have always been
talked about around the world, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Jackie Chan, Michael Jackson, Hitler,
and even Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. This zone looks different from the previous ones. In
addition to the wider room, the fountain in the centre and the decorative white maple leaves are
what made this zone more comfortable.
Visiting De Arca is really enjoyable. The statues are not alive, but they can at least help people,
especially children, to know a bit closer to the significant figures behind past extraordinary events.
This museum also allows many people to meet their idols.


31. Where is De Arca Statue Museum located?

A. next to Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum
B. besides De Mata Trick Eye
C. behind De Mata Trick Eye
D. near Dunadi’s house
E. in the National Museum

32. From the passage, we can infer that …..

A. The museum consists of three zones: national figures, a comfort zone, and a private zone.
B. We can find national figures, world presidents, and world figures.
C. The statues are not made of the sap that is produced by plants.
D. The statues shown in the museum are mannequins.
E. The statues are of Indonesian art figures.

33. De Arca Statue Museum is the first and the most prominent statue museum in Indonesia. The
museum was officially inaugurated on December 2014. (paragraph 1)
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ….
A. Collaborated
B. incorporated
C. launched
D. opened
E. closed

34. Which statement is correct based on the above text?

A. Spiderman is posed, ensnaring his enemy with spider web.
B. Spiderman was between Megawati and B.J. Habibie.
C. Spiderman leads us to the zone of national figures.
D. Spiderman wears Javanese costumes.
E. Spiderman is in the spider’s web.

35. Last week, my mother and I went to DP mall. My mother bought me a bag. Its colour is black.
The cost is a little bit expensive. I like it so much because it is made of leather. It is very
From the above sentences, we can also say that my mother bought me ... last week.
A. a beautiful black leather expensive bag
B. a black beautiful expensive leather bag
C. a beautiful expensive black leather bag
D. a beautiful leather expensive black bag
E. a beautiful expensive leather black bag

The following text is for questions 36-37

Notice to members of the English Literary and Debating Society.
Be informed that the meeting scheduled for 24 May is postponed to 3 June as Mr Jonas, our teacher
advisor, will be away at a seminar.


36. The purpose of the announcement is to...

A. inform the members of English Literary and Debating Society of the new date for
their next meeting
B. encourage the members of the society to stay away
C. announce that their teacher is attending a seminar
D. ask the pupils to participate in the society meeting
E. promote a debating seminar

37. What is TRUE about the announcement?

A. The society members will meet on 3 June.
B. All members should join the seminar.
C. The announcement is for Mr Jonas.
D. The seminar will be on 3 June.
E. Ahmadi will be at a seminar.

The following text is for questions 38-39
To: All Tenth Grade Students
Remedial classes in English and Mathematics will be held from Monday, September 24, 2019 at
school for students as follow:
Monday: 13.00 p.m – 13.45 p.m for classes X MIPA 1-X MIPA4 (room 103)
Wednesday: 13.00 p.m – 13.45 p.m for classes X IPS1-X IPS4 (room 103)
Tuesday: 13.00 p.m – 13.45 p.m for classes X MIPA 1-X MIPA4 (room 103)
Thursday: 13.00 p.m – 13.45 p.m for classes X IPS1-X IPS4 (room 103)
For your academic advancement, prepare yourself to participate in these classes. If you are not sure
whether your score belongs to remedy class or not, contact your teachers!

Mr Adi

38. It can be inferred from the text that

A. This announcement is for all the students at the school
B. The first mathematics remedial class is held on September 24, 2019
C. Class X MIPA5 can participate in English remedial class in room 103
D. The English and Mathematics remedial classes are held on September 24, 2019
E. The classes are for the students whose scores are bad in English and mathematics

39. For your academic advancement, prepare yourself to participate in these classes.
The underlined word means...
A. Growth
B. enrichment
C. Preference
D. improvement
E. Reversion

40. Why did Mr Adi give an announcement to the students?

A. To announce all tenth-grade students that there is an important activity related to their
nonacademic achievement
B. To inform all tenth-grade students whose bad score to join English and
mathematic remedial classes
C. To notify the students that there is an additional lesson after September 24, 2019
D. To inform all students at the school to join remedial classes for all the subject
E. To announce all students that there is a remedial class.

II. Essay

41. Read the text carefully, then decide whether the statements are True (T) or False (F)!
Losari beach is a beautiful beach and located on the edge city of Makassar. It is located only
about 3 km from the centre of Makassar (Karebosi Park). The beach used to be the longest café in
Asia because many cafes stand in along the beach, but now the cafes are collected in a special place,
so it does not spread along the coast. The charm of the beach is mainly seen in the evening when the
sunset stands out. This is a major attraction to people’s coming to the Losari beach.
Every evening hundreds of people come to witness the panorama of red as the sun will disappear
into the ocean, so do not miss the sunset at the Losari beach. If the sky is sunny, the scenery is
absolutely perfect. Because of its location in a bay, the water of Losari is even often quiet as usual
pool water.
Losari is its waterfront of Makassar. The length of the beach is approximately one kilometre, and
it is a public space that can be accessed by anyone. On this beach there is a park called the Pelataran
Bahari (Marine Park), with semicircular area of nearly one hectare. This place is a plaza with a
clean floor for children to play and running around, while parents and teens sit on concrete benches
to enjoy the sea breeze. From this place, you are also free to view out to the sea and watch the
sunset slowly turns reddish in the line of the horizon. The reflected light also creates a sheen on the
surface of seawater.
The Pelataran Bahari also serves as the stadium of open water to watch the coastal waters in
front of Losari beach. This coastal water is often used as a racecourse jet ski, boat races and
traditional boat Jolloro katinting, or become a transit point of relying on Sandeq traditional sailboats
and yachts.
a. Losari beach is so beautiful because it is near to the centre of Makasar. (T /F )
b. The beauty of Losari beach can be seen only in the evening. (T /F )
c. This length of this beach is not more than one kilometre. (T /F)
d. Many people like visiting Losari beach because of its excellent facilities and costly ticket
(T/ F)

42. Create an announcement based on the following information!

 All students of X grades of Pertiwi SHS Semarang
 Outdoor English Class at Kampung Pare
 On December 14th- 20th, 2019
 Fee Rp. 500,000 for each person
 Contact person Mrs Annisa (081328637245)

43. Fill the following paragraph with suitable pronouns!

(1).....names are Maria and Kartika. (2)....... are my close friends. Every day (3)...... study
together to solve our problem in any subject. Not only Maria and Kartika, Maria’s mother
often supports (4).....if I have a difficult problem. I thank (5)......because of their kindness.

44. Fill the following dialogue with “will, is/are/am going to, would rather or would like ”
Riri : It (a)..... be a long weekend soon. Do you have any plans?
Santi : Uhm, I’m not sure. I don’t have any idea yet. I think I might stay at home.
Bayu : Stay at home? Well, you could do something more exciting!
Santi : So, what about you, Bayu? Do you have any plans?
Bayu : Definitely! My dad and I (b)......go fishing.
Santi : Fishing? It sounds boring too! Are you going to go fishing in the river near your
Bayu : No. We plan to go fishing in a lake near my uncle’s house. (c)...... to come with us?
Santi: Fishing? I don’t really like fishing. I (d)..... stay at home than go fishing.
Bayu : What about you, Riri? What will you do for the long weekend?
Riri : My mother and I have made a plan for this long weekend. We (e)....... practice baking
Santi : That sounds like a perfect plan!
Riri : Oh, (f) join me to learn baking cookies, Bayu? You can come to my house.
Bayu : Oh, no, thanks. By the way, have a beautiful day. Hopefully, our plan will be done
Sari : Ok. Hopefully.

45. Create a dialogue by using the expression of complimenting and congratulating based on the
situation below!
You congratulate your friend, Maria, because she became the first winner in the speech contest.
Give a compliment to her because of her fluency and proper pronunciation. The dialogue
should be a minimum of 8 utterances.