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Suggestions for activities

and events
Where’s Waldo? games
Where’s Waldo?
Everyone loves musical chairs,
duck, duck, goose, and pin the
tail on the donkey — so why not Create a Where’s Waldo, Wenda, Woof, Wizard
give these traditional party games Waldo? masterpiece Whitebeard . . . Waldo’s world is
a Where’s Waldo? twist? Play built around the letter W. Using
a game of Pin the Glasses on Where’s Waldo? The Great Picture Hunt! is a timer or stopwatch, give each
Waldo by drawing an outline of set in an art gallery, so why not make works competitor a set time limit (thirty
Waldo on a large piece of paper, of art using the coloring and activity sheets or sixty seconds will do). The
minus his glasses, and putting provided? Make it a competition and see aim is to think of as many differ-
it on a wall. Then on a separate who can come up with the best picture of ent words beginning with W as
piece of paper, draw Waldo’s Waldo or the most amazing Waldo scene. possible in the given time— the
glasses, and cut them out (children winner is the person who comes
will need adult supervision). up with the most!
With a blindfold, and a little spin,
the game can begin! Who can get
the glasses the closest to where
they belong?

Go on a Where’s
Waldo? hunt Where’s
Trying to find Waldo is great fun! Waldo? race
Hide a picture of Waldo in a room Using a scene from one
A visit from Waldo and, after a count of three, let the of the Where’s Waldo?
search begin. The first person to find books, get two or more
What better way to finish off an exciting
Waldo’s hiding place is the winner. challengers ready — and
Waldo event than a visit from the eye-
Or you could organize a game of after the count of three,
boggling star himself? The Where’s Waldo?
hide-and-seek — one of Waldo’s let the race begin! The
costume—including hat, glasses, and striped
favorite games! winner is the person
sweater — can be reserved free of charge by
e-mailing who spots Waldo first.

Illustrations copyright © 2006 by Martin Handford

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