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Body, mind and spirit journal

The Healer

Think it over

True Charity

Nolini Kanta Gupta

Editor’s note
What is the aim of all medicine? To relieve suffering? All the drugs, surgeries, medical case and
medical research is ultimately geared to that end. Yet surprisingly no one asks — why do we
suffer? How does one really cure it? Is there another way? This article explores these questions

Charity is commonly understood to consist in rendering material help to your fellow

men, giving alms to the poor, medicine to the sick, money or material to those who need
them and physical service also where that is required. All this is well and good. The
world is ridden with diseases and privations and calamities. And if something is done
to alleviate them, it is as it should be, activities in that direction deserve full
encouragement. But this does not go far enough, does not touch the root of the matter.
It is the human way of dealing with things and must naturally be very limited in its
scope and efficacy. There is a higher, a diviner way — the way of the Spirit — for the
cure of earthly ills, cure and not mere alleviation. That was the secret inspiration behind
the message of the Christ and the Buddha.

It is not true that when one’s wants are met, one always becomes or remains happy; all
paupers are not unhappy, nor are the affluent invariably happy. Happiness is a quality
that depends upon something else and comes from elsewhere: it is not directly
proportional to material well-being. Unhappiness too is a psychological entity and
consists in a special vibration of mind and vitality — and consequently of the physical
being — due to a warp in the consciousness itself, in the core of the inner personality.
The material conditions serve only to manifest it, maintain or aggravate it, but do not
create it — truly they are created by it. That is why the spiritual healers always refer to
the bliss of the Spirit as the sole remedy for physical ills even, for disease, misery and
death. And the unhappy mortals are always called to turn to the Divine alone in their
distress — bhajasva mDm.

True charity consists in laying the healing balm upon the sore that lies hidden behind all
external miseries which derive from that source and sustainer. And it is in the sole
possession of him alone who has found the bliss of the Spirit and dwells in it always.
Such a person does not require external accessories for his work of healing and
comforting. He need do nothing apparently; he may even appear to be aloof and
indifferent. But his presence itself is a healing power: the patient feels it and wonders at
the ease and happiness that come into him as if from nowhere. Many physicians have
this kind of healing power; indeed without that, a mere medical man, with his

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The Healer

pharmacopoeia, is no physician. It may not be well known and recognised, but it is a

fact that a good part of the efficacy of medicines lies in the subtle influence, the vital
health, that the doctor puts into his medicine or even directly into the body of his
patient. And in the case of a spiritual Bhishak, the power can be raised to the nth
degree. The healer need not even be present at all physically near the patient; his
influence can act very well from any distance. It is quite natural and inevitable that it
should be so. For the healing power is in the spiritual consciousness, the inalienable
bliss of one’s status in the Spirit. One becomes identified with each and every object —
person or thing — in one’s own self, in the true being and substance; and the light and
happiness that one possesses there inalienably go out in a spontaneous flow to others
who are not really others but integral parts and portions of the same self.

This condition is attained, fully and sovereignly, when there is absolute egoless ness,
when there is no consciousness of a separate person, the dual consciousness of the
helper and the helped, the reformer and the reformed, the doctor and the patient.

The normal human sense of values is based upon such a division, upon ego hood, mama-
tvam. A philanthropic man helps others through a sense of sympathy giving rise to a
sense of duty and obligation. This feeling of pity, of commiseration is dangerous, for it
puts you in a frame of mind that tends to make you look down upon, take a superior air
towards your object of pity. You become self-conscious, with the consciousness of your
inferior self, that you are helping others, doing good to the world, doing something that
raises your value: this sense of personal merit is only another name for vanity. Vanity
and ambition are the motive powers that lie behind the philanthropical spirit born of
sympathy. To denote a shade of meaning different from what is usually conveyed by
the word ‘sympathy’, modern psychology has found another word — ‘empathy’.
Sympathy may be said to be the relation or contact between two egos; it is a link or
bridge between two separate and independent entities; empathy, on the other hand,
means the entering into the very being and consciousness of another, becoming that
other one; it is identification and identity. This again is what spiritual consciousness
alone can do. Sympathy leads to philanthropy, empathy is the origin of true charity, the
spiritual compassion of a Buddha or a Christ. Philanthropy is human, charity (caritas) is

[Courtesy: Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta, Vol. 3. Pondicherry; Sri Aurobindo
International Centre of Education, 1972, pp. 187-189.]

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Body, mind and spirit journal

The Healer

A true physician

Dr. Alok Pandey

The physician is not just a person who is responsible for the cure of an illness. That may
be his self-chosen or Nature -appointed work. He is also a conscious soul struggling to
liberate himself out of the narrow and limiting bounds of the surface consciousness and
outward life.

In a wider sense, the contact of a patient and physician is also the contact of two human
beings with a natural and inevitable interchange. The illness only serves as an occasion
to bring together two people in a constant evolutionary movement that Nature pursues
in the group and individual. The patient brings to a physician not only his illness, but
also his hopes and fears, attitudes and beliefs, the unique and peculiar turns of his
thought-patterns, even his aims, motives and self-identification. Above all, he carries his
own unique claim to live and enjoy a healthy life. To understand these inner intricacies
is necessary if we want to know the hidden elements of the psychology that supports
illness. And to understand these, one has to understand the whole person, not merely
through cold intellectual analysis, but by a process of empathy, universal goodwill,
compassion and identification with the problem itself.

All this means that the physician who helps the cure has to equally confront his whole
personality with its peculiarities that are brought forward in the process of this
interchange. That means a double labour. The physician has to consciously work not
only upon the patient, but also himself. He/she is not a flawless being. He/she is
human like anyone else. The only difference perhaps would be that he/she is expected
to be much more conscious and sincere in understanding and handling the hidden side
of human nature than the patient. Truly, the extent to which one can successfully
manipulate the energies of Nature in another person is the degree to which one can
manipulate them in himself. In the integral view of life and health, one has to be able to
see and live the conscious experience of the fact that all Nature is essentially one and
universal. The sharp distinctions the ego raises between ‘my’ nature and another’s are
only a contrivance or convenient device created for certain practical purposes.
Whatever part of anyone is thrown up frontally and projected onto the surface is
supported by a whole universal rhythm, like two separate waves being supported by the
one ocean force. The difference lies only in the time-space dimension of the manifested
universe and our Self-experience. In other words, if a physician can widen himself (by
identification with the inner depth where the false sense of separation evaporates), he
can begin to work out the ‘integral cure‘ without always necessarily coming into regular
close contact. The outer contact serves only as an immediate pretext to enter into the
inner being. The same can be achieved through a photograph or mental image and
perhaps even a thought that has liberated itself from the narrow limits of surface and
phenomenal life.

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The Healer

To arrive at this state of true identification, one has to, as a first preliminary step, detach
oneself from the phenomenal surface appearance which is like a crust that blinds our
total vision to hidden areas of our nature. A calm equality, an unperturbed wideness, a
constant goodwill for the best to happen in all, a genuine aspiration for the elimination
of suffering in all forms, and a psychic self-identification which gives an unerring
discrimination and intuitive understanding, these are some of the main conditions for
this liberation and universalisation. Only in the measure that he can harmonise ‘his
integral personality’, can he be useful for the integral healing of another’s nature.

So, each ‘illness’ serves as an occasion for the growth of both participants. It is an
occasion for the change in everything that is still dark, tortuous, unconscious and
ignorant in us towards light and awareness, strength and simplicity and harmony. It
provides a basis to straighten out the crooked and twisted elements, to open all the
knots that limit and incapacitate us. Of course this can happen not only through illness,
but through life itself. We must not forget that symptoms are only an outer
manifestation or unmasking of a deeper malady. The possibility and source of suffering
is hidden and latent in all humanity and waits for its hour. It can spring a surprise on
anyone at any time. It may even be that the illness serves as a catharsis from an
imbalance in one’s inner life. A physician who opens more and more to the inner life
becomes acutely aware of the fact that things are not what they seem, and that
appearances (even of health) can be very deceptive. It may even become difficult for the
physician at times to draw a line to clearly mentally demarcate his field of work. For as
his field of experience grows, the field of work increases too. The strict regulations
imposed by commercial motives and legal formalities become difficult to apply and hold
a bar to the expanding inner consciousness. All that enters the widening horizon has to
be illumined and made conscious. All that pours in from the sea of universal forces has
to be observed, patiently worked upon, sometimes again and again, until it is
transmuted and set right. The frontal appearances and distinctions become less
important, only necessary for the relational aspect of the play and clash of forces. But
they can no longer limit the work which indeed has to carry on round the clock.

This challenge content, the ceaseless work upon suffering matter is the sacred task
entrusted to the physician, who aspires for the elimination of suffering (which is
falsehood) in all forms. Courage and faith as a warrior of Truth, knowledge and
illumination as a disciple of Truth and service and love for the Supreme healer of all, the
Master-physician, all these comprise the inner make-up of a physician. Above all, he
needs a love and will that is unflinching and patiently persevering, happy to labour
even in the darkest hell of the human state which gives him the inner capacity to rise to
the heights of his own nature. For only he who has scaled the peaks of glory and bathed
in their splendour can enter into the abyss to release the light and delight concealed in
the dumb, dark depths of suffering and struggling earth.

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The Healer

John the healer

Lee Carroll

Author's note

“What is the key to becoming a powerful healer?” is a question asked by many. Know the science
of your craft, then balance YOURSELF! Call for your contract to be fulfilled. This balance creates
additional knowledge, better tools, and vastly increased wisdom to use in the new energy. All of
these wonderful healing gifts are yours, but they cannot be implemented until you take care of
yourself first. When you meditate alone, it is not necessary to beg for the healing of your clients.
Save that for group meditation, when you gather with others to send positive energy to those
around you and the planet as a whole. Your knowledge is the basis of your healing, and your
intent is your power. What you do in personal meditation should be for YOU. Your contract as a
healer is what creates the actual power to clear the way for curing others. The more it is fulfilled,
the stronger you will be as the healer. Co-create the total marriage to your contract, and watch
what happens!

John the healer was a spiritual man. He had a wonderful practice, and he understood his
science well. Many came to John and were healed; however, there were always a few
who were not. But John was starting to feel uncomfortable; for you see, the new energy
was upon him, and he knew the new age was here. John was uncomfortable for a
number of reasons. The chief one was the fact that his healing practice was not as
successful in his eyes as it had been. In other words, he was not at peace. He was having
fewer and fewer healings on his table, and it made John question whether he should be a
healer at all!

John would meditate often, for he was a powerful meditator. It guided his life, and he
understood prayerful communication with God and listened intently to what God said
in return. This had always worked before, and he knew it would work again. We’re
going to let you in on the conversation between John, his guides, and his higher self.
This will be enlightening for you and important for the story.

As soon as John sat down, his angel guides said, “Oh, John, hello! How are you?” (They
were very familiar and friendly guides — as all are.) John ignored the activity and began
his breathing ceremony (not hearing them).
Moments later, John was ready, so he was prepared. His head and feet were in the right
position. He was facing north. His hands were upright. “Oh, God,” John began, and his
guides interrupted, “Hello, John, we love you!”
John said, “I need help. Nothing is working,” and he named the humans who had come
to his healing table by name. He asked,

“What about this one? I have been working on his back for so long, but nothing is

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The Healer

He implored, I pray for help here. Heal this person. Make this happen… give me this…
do these things.” He hardly knew what to ask for, there were so many requests.

And his angel guides replied, “Oh, John, WE LOVE YOU DEARLY! All of the power
that you need is here, and we stand ready for you.”

Then they gave him such an incredible wash of love that he knew he was in the presence
of God.

John felt he had answers, and he believed that things were going to change. But the next
time he saw the human with the back trouble, he realized that it had gotten worse. John
did everything that he knew how to do, yet there was not healing. Back he went into his
meditation with the same results. He would sit for a long time until he felt he was in the
right position, and God would be there, and he would feel the love of his angel guides
and of his higher self. They would say,

“Oh, John, indeed we love you. You are so powerful.”

And John would beg God, “Oh, please, show me what to do in my healing room.” And
so life went on for John in this way.

Now, John had a sister. It was almost adding insult to injury that his sister was also
troubled with ill health and that he seemed unable to do anything about it. So he sat
with her and he prayed, and he sent her energy.
He used his science, the things that he knew worked, but his sister did not get better.
She seemed so troubled all of the time.

Finally, after a great amount of time, John had reached his limit. In anger, he stormed
into his meditation area, sat down on the couch, and exclaimed, “I’ve had it! Where are

“Hi, John, how are you?” His angels immediately answered him. John was so shocked
that he almost fell off his meditation pillow.

“How can you be here so quickly? I’m not ready!”

“We’ve always been here, John,” his guides replied. “We’re with you even in the healing

“You told me I was powerful,” John said, “You gave me incredible answers. I felt them
in the love that you sent. Yet nothing is happening! I’m at my wit’s end. What can I do?”

John’s guides faced him and said,

“Oh, John, we’re so glad you came. Listen — it doesn’t matter how good the stove is; the
food will never be cooked until the burners are hot.”

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The Healer

Now, John was not a fool, and he asked them, “The burners — they’re me?”
“Yes,” replied the loving angel guides.

“What can I do?” John asked.

“What is it that you choose to do?”

“I want to be in my contract!” stated John loudly.

Oh, the fluttering that went on when he said that! For that’s all they had to hear. This
time John didn’t specify whose back was to be healed. He didn’t specify what he
specifically needed or where the power should come from or on which day he should
feel better. John finally said,

“I want healing for myself. I want to be in my contract. I want my passion to be fulfilled.

I want to do what I came here for.”

Through his angels, God said to him, “John, it took so long for you to ask that. You shall
have it! It is yours, even as you ask.”

When John arose that night from his meditation, he realized that things had changed, for
he had a new peace. Even before he went back to the healing room, he knew things
would be different. God had told him that all he had to do was to take care of himself,
and everything else would be added. When John walked into the healing room, amazing
things started to happen, for he was given further knowledge. “I’m going to lay my
hands here today,” he would say to himself.

“It’s different. No one told me to, but I know it’s going to be the right thing to do.”

Results were immediate. John knew that God was standing over his shoulder, winking
at him, saying, “Oh, yes, that’s right. Now try this.” John was beginning to have results
like he had never seen before! He told the ones who came to him to get ready to be
healed. He had ceremony with them prior to ever touching them. They thought he was
crazy — until they were healed. Then even more people started coming to him — John
the powerful healer.
And so it was that John went to see his sister. John literally danced into her room, all
aglow, knowing that her healing was next. He saw her light up! No more scowls, and
yet he hadn’t even touched her.

“John, what has happened?” she asked him. “I’ve been so worried about you!”
Everything stopped. Then John realized that his own torment had spilled over into the
very ones he was trying to treat. Time after time he had come into her room and
dragged his own anxiety with him. He had actually hindered her health by his own
worry. No wonder nothing worked!

“God told me you’re going to be healed,” John warmly announced. Then he had
ceremony with his sister, and he felt the peace of God overwhelm them both. He shed

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The Healer

tears of joy in his newfound knowledge and thanked God for such a cooperative effort
that brought such wonderful results. His sister was indeed healed because she was
ready, and because John had taken care of himself first — and his power and wisdom
had increased greatly. John’s intent had changed not only his own life, but all those he
touched from then on.

Courtesy: Lee Carroll. The Parables of Kryon. Carlsbad, CA; Hay House, Inc.,2004, pp.109-12.

Lee Carroll is a businessman in America who became a channel guide for a magnetic Master
called Kryon.

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Body, mind and spirit journal

The Healer

Nature as a healer

Dr. Alok Pandey

Imagine that you have a healer by your side day and night. Imagine that this healer is
the most experienced physician, surgeon, gynaecologist, paediatrician, psychiatrist and
counsellor, all rolled into one. Now imagine that this physician par excellence has dealt
with millions of cases of all possible varieties and combinations with a very low failure-
rate. And even the so-called failures were mere delays or perhaps shortcuts to make the
cure more perfect.

Nature is precisely such a healer.

She has been labouring day and night for billions of years, experimenting with various
life-forms whose replica she holds in her memory. Not only has she successfully
preserved them but she has evolved them too. And even now she lends her power to
those species that blindly and instinctively trust her wisdom. So much so that she can,
within weeks, undo the results of our most intensive research on other life-forms by
simply mutating them and so rendering years of work in sophisticated laboratories
powerless. True, her means are sometimes radical. Take death for instance, which she
uses as a means for complete renewal or an entire organ transplant! Her results are

Loss of power?

Let us not forget that humanity has not only successfully survived, but has in fact
continued to evolve through many calamities without the aid of modern medicine and
its remarkable advances. What was the secret? What has gone wrong over the last
couple of centuries (or perhaps decades) so that man has lost his natural strength and
has to be boosted by artificial substitutes? Even though these artificial substitutes are
largely natural derivatives refined in laboratories for the best effects, it is still difficult to
say whether they have helped or hindered. No doubt we can prolong our lives through
machines but our natural resistance has certainly gone down. We can replace limbs
through surgery and free ourselves of pain through potent pills, but we have also
multiplied new diseases and created resistant strains and new problems in their wake.

We have lost our trust in Nature, often seeing it as an enemy and threat that we must
counter. No doubt there is a side of Nature that is not just terrible but also dark. So we
may have been justified in the past but our exclusive reliance on drugs also presents
itself as an evolutionary drag that prevents our advance.

Causality of disease

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The Healer

Nature can never be totally destroyed. She has the innate sense of an inexhaustible
infinite that translates itself over an eternity of time and a vastness of space. She
produces an infinite number of combinations and re-combinations, playing with them to
create a sense of causality. This temporal causality, however, like the other two
instruments of Nature’s work, i.e. time and space, is very relative and changes as we
alter our stance and angle of vision. That is why we never really find the cause of an
illness but simply play with our mental associations through statistics. And Nature
seems to yield, but just when we seem to have overcome her grip, she triumphantly
strikes back and surprises us with a sudden fall back. For it is not by studying cause and
effect that we can truly know her workings or master her force. We also need to dive
deep into the original cause that gave birth to her, discover the very first vibration, the
first impulsion of her rhythms that have become increasingly more complex over time.

Science takes a little slice out of her vastness and declares the causality by the law of
approximation. It then launches into a search for means to alter the effect. And it
succeeds, but only for the moment. For this is an approximation. All our science is an
approximation, valid within the limits of our observational field and temporary premise,
but invalid because the field of observation extends horizontally, vertically and
circumferentially in many ways. We discover or rather uncover new causes and new
methods of dealing with them. We are surprised to find new forces hitherto hidden from
our sight and have to find new ways to alter their balance. And so the evolutionary
march goes on through millennia.

Scientific truths

The truths discovered yesterday, trusted, patented and even proved beyond all doubt
become irrelevant and meaningless, even impotent a few centuries later! What has truly
changed? Simply our angle of vision! Thereby our faith in things, in their cause and their
remedy also changes. And a whole generation or two survives on this faith till it is
overtaken by another equally valid logic of things. And Nature plays at hide and seek.
She resists revealing her central secret allowing us to play on the periphery.

Yet this need not be so. It is possible to arrive first at the central truth, the core of the
mystery and to then find the right associations between this central truth and the
peripheral ones. This is precisely what yoga does. Unlike the mental man with his
science and philosophy, the yogi goes straight to the heart of the mystery. He cuts
through the peripheral truths to arrive at That from which all else proceeds, or to know
That having known which all else is known. This central truth does not invalidate the
peripheral ones, it only complements and completes them. Even more importantly it
puts each element of this vast and complex universe in its right measure and place. But
to get at that truth, our mental language or more specifically, our mental conditioning
with which we view things, gets in the way. For our mental vision is like seeing reality
through a fragmented mirror that breaks the One image into several small bits and then
reassembles it like an analogue computer. Only, since it does not possess the original
image it combines them in a garbled way much as one would learn to play an
instrument simply by observing the fingers of a musician without grasping the rhythm
or delight of the flow.

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The Healer

To understand Nature, we have to relearn everything afresh like a newborn child. We

have to keep a fundamental humility towards knowledge and maintain a will to truly
discover the wonder and not just parcel information to and fro. We have to get rid of our
egocentric view that places us, and our interests, at the centre of the universe, as if God
and Nature were meant to serve man, the one and only creation, with the right to live.
Most of all, we have to come out of this ignorant and childish view that Nature is
mechanical and unconscious, because everything in the universe speaks of a conscious
Intelligence and Force at work.

Nature as a healer

The first principle of Nature healing from an integral or a consciousness perspective is

that Nature is conscious. For behind the mechanical process stands a vast and complex
consciousness, an Intelligent Will that directs these countless processes much as a
human being may use his hands for certain mechanical purposes.

The second principle is therefore that processes can change through an exercise of will. If
we consciously will that things should change, then sooner or later they begin to
orientate themselves in the direction of that will. Of course the deeper the habit, the
longer it may take but if one persists, one is likely to make a breakthrough. What we
term fixed laws are merely habits of Nature, certain fixed grooves along which Nature
moves so as to accomplish certain works and maintain a certain balance of life. But this
is not an ineluctable law. In fact there is no ineluctable law — only something we either
do not know how to change or we do not will to change sufficiently or long enough.

Or perhaps we do not have faith that things can change from within. We have been led
to believe through centuries of subjection to a mechanistic and physically deterministic
model that only material means can change material things and that consciousness has
no fundamental power to change anything even though it can become aware of
processes and things. But according to the perspective of an integral yoga, consciousness
is not only awareness but also power.

Conscious power

But this power as well as awareness has a whole range of possibilities. In the animal, this
intelligence and power works within narrow limits, bound fully by its own operations.
In man, this consciousness begins to become somewhat more liberated from its prison-
house of matter and therefore he can become subjectively aware of a self, independent of
his physical existence. This subjective self, which in man is usually represented by the
ego or the mental consciousness, can will to change things within certain limits proper to
the mental domain. But consciousness can rise beyond the mind, bringing new
possibilities and capacities into the play of earthly life in order to modify the operations
of Nature.

As we ascend up the scale from the animal through the human, to what one may call
superhuman heights, consciousness begins to assume a greater power of awareness, a

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The Healer

more direct and accurate knowledge and greater will. In addition, newer powers begin
to emerge which are not to be found in the mental domain just as certain powers like
those of speech and conscious thought are not possible in the vital domain of the animal

Nature healing therefore need not remain at a level fixed by our mind or remain
constricted by the present possibilities and potencies of our physical and vital nature. It
can exceed itself and climb to a supernature and heal from above, rather than limit itself
to a little arc at the same level.

Types of natural healing

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of natural healing.

The first observes, follows and utilises some of the processes and powers that have so far
been evolved by Nature in her vast upward labour. These are some of the well-known
systems that have heeded Nature’s gross or subtle processes as they stand in the present
scale of evolution. They have discovered, through painstaking research, the means to
manipulate the forces of our physical nature and to an extent, the forces of our vital and
mental nature.
The second line tries to explore powers and potentialities of a hidden, now occult and
deeper Nature that is concealed within us as an evolutionary possibility.

Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Eyurveda, YnDnn, Siddha, etc. largely rely upon tapping or
augmenting the forces of our present nature, especially those of our physical and vital
nature, or in other words, the play of physical and vital energies within us and in the
world around us. They work well within their limits and each indeed has its own
limitations. But there are other parallel healing systems which attempt a more radical
strategy by tapping into some of the latent energies and forces that are subtler in their
methods. In ancient India, they were recognised as yantra, mantra and tantra. These
methods harnessed powerful occult sources of energy for various purposes, of which
healing was one. Then there were and continue to exist the well-known systems of yoga,
which though fashionable nowadays have been grossly misunderstood as merely
physical and breathing exercises.

A detailed review of the systems of yoga and tantra, etc. is beyond the scope of the
present article. So we can turn to the principles involved in this second type of natural
(or supernatural) form of healing. This is likely to be one of the future ways of healing as
human consciousness reaches beyond the limited arc of the physical mind and enters the
inner realms of mind, life and body.

The principles of supernatural healing

The general principles involved in these higher healing processes are as follows:

1.We live trapped in a superficial part of nature that dwells and moves within us. There
is behind our outer body, outer processes of life and outer material and physical mind,

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The Healer

an inner subtle physical consciousness, an inner vital that is larger and more full of
vital energy, and an inner mental that can mediate between our present limited and
narrow existence and a much larger diviner existence. This inner mind can, not only
open to higher ranges with their attendant powers and possibilities, but also direct the
flow of prDKa or vital energy throughout the body.

2.There is not only behind but also above us a vast expanse of consciousness. Above our
mind and its physical station in the brain there is, as it were, a vast extension of Peace,
Light, Power, Bliss and all the rest. We can if we will, learn to attune ourselves, draw
from these higher ranges a rejuvenating breath of forces that can directly heal and

3.There is within us not only an inner mind, which serves as a link to our surface
mentality and the inner realms, but also a connection to the secret divinity that lies
concealed within us. This is the psychic consciousness or soul within us.

4 Through certain inner psychological and psycho-physical processes, it is possible to

link our surface life to the depths and heights within, around and above us. The more
we can do it the more we facilitate healing.

It is with this background in mind that we can turn to a more detailed understanding
and practical application of these principles with regard to healing.

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Body, mind and spirit journal

The Healer

My journey with water

Betty Kraus

Editor's note
This article speaks of a person's inner quest that led her to experience water in a totally different
way. It is an inspiration in these times of pollution and destruction, to see how a human still has
the resources to heal and once these are tapped, enormous potentials unfold....

My inner search started in early childhood and took me around the world to meet
different spiritual teachers and encounter various challenges. It reached its peak in the
year 2006.

By then, I had become a psychic healer and my training in clairvoyance was complete. I
had built up a spiritual school and, of course, I was taking care of family concerns. I was,
as one might say, successful.

But still there was this incredible longing in me, an inner wrestling. My wrestling was
meant to dissolve the feeling of separation between me and the Divine. I had the inner
knowing that this was possible but I had just no idea how.

I kept wrestling, no matter what I was doing, whether I was cooking for my family,
going for walks or taking care of business. I never let go of my wish that there should
not be any veil between the Divine and myself. I wanted to have a very clear and direct
connection. This longing was my steady companion for many years.

Then one afternoon, while sitting over paperwork on my computer it happened!


I started getting a colossal thirst. I did not think too much about it and drank more water
than usual. But my thirst did not stop. There was a pressure inside me which requested
me to drink more and more and more water. I started to get anxious and nervous and to
walk up and down, always drinking water. And not just sips of water, but by the litre.
At the same time I could not eat anything any more. Every food I tried to eat dried up in
my mouth immediately. (Water melon was o.k.). I was not able to eat any more, only
liquid was possible. My body was on strike against any food! It only wanted to drink,
preferably water. Drinking 8-10 litres of water was nothing! I drank an un-believable
amount. It felt like water was pouring out of all my pores.

It became difficult to leave the house due to this urge for water (as well as to empty my
bladder). Therefore I stayed at home, drank, kept writing my manuscripts, drank and, as
time went by, I fell more and more into a trance-like state.

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Since my husband was on a business trip and our two daughters on vacation with
friends, I had all the freedom I needed to give myself over to this process. Although one
part in me was worried, there was another part totally quiet, peaceful and to some
degree also full of joy.

So I surrendered to the inner urge without knowing where it would lead me.

‘Somebody or something’ had chosen a very good time, because, as I said before, I was
without any daily duties. Also, I had planned to explore the country on a hiking tour
with my husband in a most beautiful area of the south of Germany, where, later on, we
intended to lead groups on ‘walking meditations’. So at a time when the longing for
water was still with me, I took the train south to meet my husband and go with him on
our planned discovery hiking tour. The first stop — how could it have been otherwise —
was at a lake.

This lake is known as a kind of mystic lake. In the middle of it are two small islands. On
one island you find a monastery, on the other a famous beautiful castle.

I arrived at my small hotel in the evening. The lake was submerged in mystic light, the
air was warm and I was looking forward with great joy to greet the next day. In the
morning I was woken up by heavy rain. The temperature had dropped drastically, it
was shivery cold and unpleasant. Nevertheless my husband and a couple of friends took
a small ferry to the island to visit the castle. This island is a very popular place for
excursions and many people from different nations go there to visit. Also on this day, in
spite of the unfriendly weather, tourist caravans had come to see the castle. We wanted
to circumvent the rush and decided to go to the other side of the island, which is
normally not visited by people.

Remember, I still needed to drink constantly. It started to become even more weird,
having friends around me, who could not believe that I was drinking like a camel.
Anyway, we came to the other side of the island, and by the grace of God there were no
people around (it was rainy, windy and cold!) …and here I could not stop but needed to
go INTO the water. There was nothing whatsoever that could have stopped me. I pulled
off my clothes, nearly ripping them and jumped into the water. There was no other way
for me. I needed to be in touch, in communion with the water. What a joy sprang up
from inside my heart! I was submerged in pure bliss. I thought my heart would burst
through such incredible joy! I wanted to be here for the rest of my life! Here I wanted to
stay for the rest of my life. Nothing else mattered! Everything was totally good,
complete in me. If I had died at that moment, I would have achieved whatever I had
been looking for. There was nothing more to do! I was home. I had accomplished my
goal for living. Experiencing this bliss was incredible! Only with great effort did I leave
the water and come ’back to earth’.

The following days

The following days were busy with hiking. Because it was still raining, cascades of water
were coming down the mountains. It was an Eldorado for my being. Each and every

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pond, lake, waterfall, every puddle, became my home. I did not miss a single
opportunity to be in contact with water. As often as I could, I walked bare foot, so I
could almost ‘taste’ the water by stepping into it.

I still kept on drinking water in enormous amounts. It must have been around 10 litres a
day, and of course my body needed to release water all the time. I needed to taste each
and every water on my way, whether it was water from a stream, a river, a lake, a
waterfall or a puddle. My senses became more and more sensitive. My food still was
only water. I did not eat anything else. And to make sure of finding waterfalls and
springs by the wayside, people were mysteriously led to us to help find the hidden
treasures. And all these waters were ‘swallowed up’ by me. I myself turned into water, I
felt like water, I was water.

Guidance from above

One afternoon we met a woman who seemed to be bewildered. In order to help her to
find her way back, we needed to leave our original hiking route. While discussing and
looking at our map to decide which way we should go, a man appeared out of nowhere
wearing a rather strange outfit. We did not really feel like talking to him, but he insisted
on having some kind of conversation with us. Finally we gave in and, about the same
moment, he mentioned a waterfall which, as he explained, was not easy to find but was
supposed to be most beautiful with three cascades and lovely pools for swimming.
There was no path leading to it, but he gave us all the necessary instructions to find it.
Strangely enough, we had not asked for this! Since we needed to rush to our night’s
lodging, we thanked and left him, wondering what this was all about.

My waterfall

I should have known better, because this information was only another example of the
meaningful guidance I had received all the time on our hiking tour.

The next morning when I woke up, again I felt an urge, the unmistakable call to go to
the waterfall that the man had mentioned the day before. I had no idea how far I would
need to walk… but it did not matter at all. I put on my walking shoes, took my walking
sticks and off I went. After nearly an hour I came to the place which the man had
described. I climbed over a crash barrier and started searching for the hidden gem.
Suddenly I heard the rush of water and after a few metres crawling on hands and knees,
I saw it! There was the first pool. My heart started beating nervously. Why was I
brought to this place? What should I do here? Again another waterfall — what for? That
could not be the reason!


I sat down at the edge of the first pool and listened to the music of the water. Suddenly
again I heard the inevitable demand inside me! Immerse yourself in the water! And
again I took off all my clothes, following this inner urge. I was able to reach the water in
the pool only with difficulty, climbing and sliding down the rocks. Slowly, slowly,

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sliding down the slippery rocks, I immersed myself in the icy water. I needed to catch
my breath because the temperature of the water made my body instantly freeze. But I
wanted to obey that inner voice and three times I immersed myself completely in the
pool of water. This turned into my baptism.

Freezing and dripping, I sat down at the edge of the pool. My whole body was shaking
— because of the excitement, because of an incredible inner joy and because of the cold.
I was very much aware that the cascade pool had turned into a basin of baptism. I had
experienced an initiation.

I kept sitting at the pool, too stiff to move. Through this physical immobility, I
experienced an absolute peace and stillness in mind and body. There was no thought in
me. I was like a still lake, endless freedom, pure bliss and the brilliance of a lila-golden
light streaming through me unceasingly. I do not know for how long I sat there. Time
had lost all meaning. Then, suddenly, I heard a soft voice:

“This, what you have experienced was a transformation, something that was called in
former times the Praise of God. You have been changed into a God-Being, with the
possibility to always have this streaming light floating through you, to master it and to
work with it. This streaming is something which will give itself in the water. That means
for you, when you give yourself to the people, and in the people, then it will be such that
these people will take from you their own message. They can take from that divine flow,
they can take something and they can release something.

The cleansing in the pool was for you a direct re-conditioning into your self. It is a re-
conditioning into divine thankfulness. It is the crown chakra, which in most cases is
detached from the high vibration of spirit, which now has opened. These rituals were
the last step to resolve the separation. From now on you are the messenger of the water.
You will take the message of the water out into the whole world. It is the message of
God to the people. His thanks on you. Because through the water,people feel the
thankfulness of God for our courage and willingness to be on this earth.

Guide the people to the waters, because there they will find healing. When the people
regain their ability to thank creation, then it is possible that their own ‘body juices’, their
own organs, their own processes, their own healing powers can be put back in their
hands. Thankfulness is the acceptance of life. And by this acceptance, the people will
teach themselves to embrace their self-healing powers. Through water, man will re-
discover his gratefulness to life.”

Back home

That was the culmination point of my process — at least, that’s what I thought. Our
hiking days were over and my husband and I drove back home.

Meanwhile my body and spirit had reached a point where I felt that with one tiny step
more, I could go on living by light and water alone. On the other hand by now my
gustatory nerves were so sensitive that I really enjoyed tasting food which I did not like

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before. The process of the past weeks had sapped a lot of strength from my body and I
found myself greatly in need of rest. I am sorry to say that I did not listen to the wise
advice of my body but tried to do my daily routine as usual. But again and again, I had
to realise that my consciousness was not back to normal. I felt as if I was packed inside
cotton balls. A cocoon of energy was all around me. I did the things that needed to be
done, but in a trance-like state. On meeting people I reacted outwardly as always, but at
the same time I was my own observer who noticed my own actions and behaviour as
something strange and automatic without any inner connection. I myself seemed not to
be involved in the outer doing or with people around me.

I am not sure whether the people I met found me strange. For myself, every time I met
someone it was a tremendous effort. So I preferred and needed to draw back from
people and also from my family. Sometimes I sat for hours at a spot without thinking
about anything in particular or having a focus on something special. Inside me was
absolute peace. Thoughts did not exist. I only felt the continuous flow of that golden-Lila
light as soon as I closed my eyes. I can imagine how difficult it must have been for my
family to experience me in this strange state of being. But to my great delight and
thankfulness, my husband and two daughters had total trust in me and offered me their
unconditional love.

My hospital experience

Then something, at first sight, frightening happened.

For some days I had experienced intense pain in my shoulder and my strength was
dropping to zero. Strenuously I dragged myself through our apartment. The pain in my
shoulder increased steadily and soon I was not able to move my head. Since I had been
in nature quite a lot and there was a warning out to take care of infections from ticks, I
did not want to take a risk and called our family doctor for a check. But she was on
vacation and since it was a weekend, the only other possibility was to go in the
ambulance to the University clinic. I called my husband who was at a business meeting
and asked him to drive me to the ambulance.

I explained to the young doctor my discomfort and pain. He then did a cardiogram.
When he saw the results he looked rather perplexed at the papers in his hands, then
looked at me, again at the papers and decided (without talking to me) to do a second
check. I was concerned about his behaviour, since he seemed to be a bit shocked. After
the second check, he called a colleague, showed him the results of my cardiogram. They
decided on a third check. Obviously the result must have been the same because now
both doctors jumped up, instructing me in a strict voice to lie down on the sick bed and
not move. Panic crawled up in me! What was happening? Now only within seconds, a
nurse arrived with my husband, pushing a wheelchair!

I was not able to connect the wheelchair to me! What did all this mean? And then I
overheard words spoken to my husband: you have to leave your wife with us, we think
she has had a heart attack. A sledgehammer hit me. Panic filled my heart. I had had a
heart attack? I did not and could not believe it. My husband Peter kept himself steady to

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give me security and strength. I did not know what to think and what to feel. Within
seconds I was brought to the emergency room and connected to a drip. Every ten
minutes or so, someone came to check something, I do not remember all the different
steps, but I was being watched carefully. Finally night came — my husband had
returned home — and I had time to think. What had happened? Were all the
experiences I had felt with water only a dream, some imaginary stupidity and had I
carelessly treated my body and challenged it too much? Self-accusations crept into my

My choice

I was moved into a room with an old lady. She seemed to have some experience with
being ill. She was familiar with all the different possible treatments, which, according to
her, did not really bring any improvement, since she had spent many months in
hospital. To me she seemed to be a bit fatalistic but because I am so used to always
questioning any situation in order to find out the bigger picture behind, I listened to her
with all the patience I could muster.

My urge for water had decreased only a tiny bit, or rather I forced myself to drink as
little as possible, which was in the eyes of the nurse evidently still much too much. Due
to asking for water, for large amounts of water, the checking of the readings and taking
care of my bladder needs we did not become good friends that night.

And I had all the time for thinking. It was just a moment ago when I had experienced
absolute bliss, when I had been tumbling out with sheer joy, when my heart was
exalting in the intimacy of feeling one with the Divine Force and now here I was lying in
bed next to an old lady, who was experienced at being ill, in a hospital emergency room,
hanging on a drip, looking into the alarmed faces of doctors and nurses. I simply could
not grasp it! Between checking my readings and my ‘water problem’, I slipped into a
trance-like sleep. I was overwhelmed by a flood of pictures. Pictures from my childhood,
of people I had met during my life which all seemed to be connected to a certain
‘calling’, and, again and again, pictures where I was somehow involved with the
element of water.

One dream stood out.

I saw myself living close to a lake. I had a special relationship with that lake, I felt like I
was the lake. There was a special intimacy: I knew the soul of this water. And I was
prepared for something important to do: the knowledge about the Soul of the Waters
should be spread all over the globe. Explicitly, India was mentioned. Everything was
prepared and I was prepared over many lifetimes. I had a most wonderful bottle with a
golden design. Water was contained in this bottle which carried the consciousness of
‘oneness with the Divine’. I was prepared and ready to carry this bottle across the
oceans, to wherever the consciousness of the Divine intended it to go. Everything was
prepared! But something happened!

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Humans, people did not want to receive this consciousness! The bottle was too
beautiful! They refused to receive it. The Divine was not wanted!

Full of shock, grief and deep, deep frustration, I poured the water back into the lake. I
spent many, many weeks on the lake trying to overcome my shock. But I was not able to
overcome it totally. To date a sting is stuck in my heart.

My heart was beating like crazy while I was remembering this inner knowledge. A deep
sadness came up. Tears of a long hidden pain were running down my cheeks like

The tears reminded me of the hundreds and hundreds of nights when I had woken up
crying without really knowing the reason, but experiencing a deep sadness and feeling
of loss.

The vision shown to me now, hanging on a drip supposedly suffering from a heart
attack, explained to me that this pain was the experience of a feeling of separation from
the oneness of Divine Love and the unwillingness to reunite with it. This realisation was
so deep that all of a sudden I understood why I was in the hospital hanging on a drip
which was supposed to be saving my life.

All of my sadness, all my longing to be somehow in a different world ‘out there’, in the
past actually focused on the one and only issue: do I want to stay on this earth or do I
want to leave?! I had to make a choice!

Crystal clear I saw that here and now I had to make a decision.. Do I want to stay in my
body or do I want to leave…in other words die. I KNEW, in that very moment on the
sick bed I could make a conscious choice. Both possibilities were in my hands. The
longing to go back and to return into the energy of oneness, into the energy of the
Almighty, overwhelmed me. Sleeping moments mingled with clear consciousness. I
knew I had to make that choice: to live my life fully here on earth or to let it go.

I wondered what it would mean to my two daughters and husband. Was my love for
them strong enough not to leave them behind? My heart turned soft and wide. If only
for my family…it would be enough of a reason to stay.

And there was still the water! This indescribable feeling of oneness and bliss which I had
experienced in and by and through the water! Here on earth! I did not need to leave to
another world to experience that unconditional love. That was what the water had
wanted to show me. In the water I had found my answer.

When the nurse came to check out my reading I told her that I wanted to go home the
next morning. She looked at me and said, “If your readings are like what, I see here
there is no way that you can leave.”

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But I knew better because I knew that I had chosen to be alive! And to the astonishment
of the doctors and nurses within the next hours, the readings on my ‘navigation
machine’ changed. When the morning came, all my readings were o.k.

When the doctor came for the general visit, I asked him if I could go home. He looked at
me with a somewhat surprised expression and told me that I should have some more
investigations just to be sure. After talking to my husband, I agreed and had more
check-ups which were all negative.

Around noon, all the check-ups were completed and I asked the doctor for his diagnosis.
He explained to me that the checkups had given him no explanation for my life-
threatening state the day before. He suggested that it might be a virus and I should
double-check with my family doctor. For sure, I had had no heart attack. With these
words I left the hospital. My family doctor too was satisfied with the condition of my
body. The pain in my shoulder stayed for some time and then vanished.


In my seminars I consistently talk about ‘conscious choice’ and the significance of a

fundamental choice as a cornerstone for any genuine change. During the night in
hospital, I was able to experience in great clarity in a new dimension the immense power
of such choice, which, here, was the choice of life or death. Possibly it may not have been
a physical death, perhaps it was just meant to bring me to the point of ‘choosing life
fully’, and to let go of emotional death or even death on the level of the soul. Although I
experienced it as a choice for or against physical life, it is not altogether so significant.
More important and essential was my inner examination and experience in my
consciousness that it is possible to say YES to life, fully, totally and completely, with all
your heart. This is what lead me to a renewal and gave me a complete new quality of


Slowly I returned to my normal life, consulting and giving healing sessions. But I have
discovered something very new. When people come to me regularly for consulting
sessions, I come to the point during the session when I am asked to let go of all words
and ‘smart answers’ and to turn to the working of a specific energy, which I call the Lila
golden-light Energy’. If I hear that voice, which offers itself in an intensive force and
embraces me like a warm coat, I feel a vibration in all of my cells which is exactly the same as
what I experienced at the waterfall.
Being in that beautiful enchanting energy, I am able to work in the energy body of the
person, in the invisible body shell which surrounds people. What I mainly do is
straighten out the energy lines, which might be crooked due to difficult life-situations or
stress impacts which have affected the balance. One might say I am working as an
‘energy osteopath’. The treatment has the effect of reconnecting the person with himself
and he returns to the divine joy which is a part of his being. Out of all this, the person
leaves balanced and clear. He feels well again and his daily duties are easier to fulfil. The

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energy which is flowing through me seems to skim off the emotional pain as well as the
hurts on soul level.

But it also happens that people come to me with no special request for consulting. At
first these people greatly disturbed me as I thought that they were disorientated. But
soon I learned something astonishing. An elderly lady came and after I had asked her
what I could do for her, she said that she only wanted to sit next to me:

“I do not have a special request, I only want to be allowed to sit with you. That always
feels so good and after a while I am full of trust in myself and very happy.”

Of course, the element of water is often part of an energy session. Sometimes I am asked
to put a bowl of water under the massage table as a basin to release all the ‘old stuff’.
Sometimes I am asked to put one of my hands into a bowl of water while the other one
works on the light body. At other times, I am asked to put some water on the crown
chakra or some other energy centres of the body or I am asked to produce some Lila-
golden-light water bottles to use as homoeopathic ‘medicine’. All these different
procedures are leading to amazing results in my clients. Meanwhile I have a collection of
waters from different regions of the world. I energise them according to the needs of my
clients. I also offer water tastings to sharpen their consciousness about water. I also offer
‘water hiking tours’.

The most significant aspect of my work, no matter which form I am using, is to remove
emotional pain as well as to cleanse the light body. The effects are manifold. I can say
without any hesitation that these clients have a new direction in life. They feel well and
centred and experience a connection to life or the Divine Presence. It is energy work
where water is used to bring something into flow and the ‘juices of the body’ especially
are cleansed so that any emotional ‘dirt’ can leave the body. Sometimes the water is used
as a tool and I am used as a messenger of the water.

Messages of the water

I am very happy about the fact that the knowledge of the water’s capability is
increasingly spreading over the world. If someone is thirsty and asks for water to still
his thirst, I am very happy if he defines water as a delicacy.

It is painful to me if water is wasted and used without care or becomes polluted. One
reason is due to ecology and our need for water, but the other reason for me lies in the
experience I had: finding the love of God in the water. This experience will always be
with me and wherever and whenever I can, I will use the mystical knowledge I received
in my initiation to support people to remember their own divinity and to return into the
arms of the Divine.

Some information

Water as a primary bearer carries light. Light nourishes man with warmth, strength and

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The divine principle created through water a picture of itself.

The significance of water is the capacity to carry information.

Water carries God in itself.

Release of pain and letting go is done by water and tears.

Water has the quality of devotion.

Informed and programmed water is helpful during emotional processes.

In water we find the thankfulness that God has for us.

Mrs. Betty Kraus lives in the Black Forest area of Germany (Freiburg). For nearly 30, years she has practised
emotional healing in USA and Europe.She is a co-founder of the Map Makers Academy
( and a member of the Sri Aurobindo Society.

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Flower essences from SAIIIHR (V)

Dr. Vandana and Nancy Whitlow

Editor's note:
This is the fifth talk in a series of conversations with Nancy on the flower essences from SAIIIHR.
This talk focuses on the occult action of the flower, 'Will to conquer Vital Enemies'.

V Do you feel that anything is unclear on what we have spoken concerning the flowers?

N Hmm.

V Today something else has emerged. I have gone so far to the other end of the
spectrum from physical to inner worlds that today when someone asked me, “Do you
have any flower for my neck pain?” I was totally at a loss (laughter).

N It seems like an unusual question (laughter). You know, I don’t know what to ask
because the whole thing seems so mysterious to me anyway that I take it more on faith.
You know the vibrations of the flowers come into our being, but it is not a thing that can
be explained a lot. But maybe you can, I don’t know. So I just believe in them because I
can see what they can do for me. It is the same way actually for everything. When I press
the switch, the electric light goes on. But I can’t explain how it happens. I just know that
it does. I learnt it once at school, but I don’t remember any more (laughter). So….
One question that I have is: you gave me many remedies while I was in the States and I
just took what felt right at the moment. You had told me not to mix more than 3 or 4

V This is according to Bach who says that more than 5 remedies should not be mixed
1 2
together. For example you can’t mix Peace in the Cells with Life Energy . You might land
up with a huge problem. One is pushing you while the other is trying to hold you down.
So there are some flowers that don’t go well together. But there are some flowers like
Will to Conquer the Vital Enemies3 and Integral Protection which go very well together.
There is another flower, Conquest over Vital Enemies . Somehow I have never made that
into a remedy after Will to conquer the Vital Enemies was made because Will to Conquer the
Vital Enemies had a very good effect along with Integral Protection. I remember my first
case. It was a 70 year-old woman. She was very weak but she would come daily to my
office to meet me. She always felt that she was being attacked by occult forces. She
would wake up in the night in great fear of being attacked. It could have been real or a

Ixora thwaitesii
Verbena (violet )
Bougainvillea (white )
Verbena (white )

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delusion, I don’t know. I gave her Will to Conquer Vital Enemies with Integral Protection.
After this her memory improved, her strength improved and her sleep improved. It
worked really well.

Healing process

V I think we also need to talk about the healing process. The healing process greatly
depends on the inner state of the therapist also. So depending upon the state that I am
in, that is, the state of consciousness in which I live and breathe and function; this is
what calls a certain type of person towards me.

When one is a doctor, people speak only of their physical problems. If you are a homoeopath, the
range of complaints will increase. If you are a psychiatrist, the people come to you with
psychiatric problems. If you are a healer, people will present to you the problems that
need healing. So people, in a way, classify therapists into various categories. So the way
people approach the therapist depends on the way in which they see the set-up.

Flowers can be used by all types of people. It is not necessary that only a healer should
work with flower remedies or only a homoeopath can use flower remedies. Everyone
can use flower remedies. In fact in psychiatry these flower remedies are working
marvellously well.

Since we started with the occult there is another very interesting case. This is about a
psychiatric patient, admitted into hospital, who got hold of a knife and wanted to kill
himself. He had managed to escape from the attendants and nurses. They somehow
restrained him and managed to give him the required medicines to knock him out. But it
had no effect. He continued to be violent. He was possessed by a force that had
enormous power. It was unbelievable. He was violent and shouting. The psychiatrist in
charge suddenly remembered the flower remedies. He thought of trying them, since
nothing else was working. He mixed together a few flowers and made the boy drink
them. He says that within a few minutes the boy calmed down, completely relaxed and
apologised to everyone. In a few days or weeks he could be released.

N Were these your flower remedies or Bach’s?

V These were the flowers with Mother’s significance, not mine. You see in India, Tantric
practices are still followed. Especially in Bengal. This psychiatrist often uses these
flowers in his practice, especially with children because he does not like to give them
heavy medication and he has a huge practice. So possession states are very well-known.
Once he had a patient who was also seeing a Tantric. The patient showed the Tantric
what the doctor had given him. The Tantric told him “You should never stop taking this
bottle of water. This is the one that will help you.” So vibrationally also, these remedies
have an effect.

(To be continued)


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Dr. Vandana has been working with the flowers to whom the Mother gave significances, for the
last 18 years.

Nancy used to work as a teacher at the International Centre of Education, Pondicherry. She is a
part of the Free Progress and started the Resource Centre.

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Notes on counselling

The healer’s hand

Dr. Soumitra Basu

Editor's note
Modern medicine seems to have forgotten the importance of touch. One of the first things a tiny
baby or a dying man in coma respond to is touch. When all words fail, a touch can heal. In these
notes, a psychiatrist discusses the importance of touch for counselling.

One of the most sensitive areas in counselling is the healing touch. If we could only but
remember the cool comfort, the warmth of security felt when, as children, our mothers
would stroke and caress our foreheads when we were down with fever. That was the
magic touch! The counsellor, the healer, the doctor, the surgeon, the nurse, the
physiotherapist, the reiki healer, the prDKic therapist and even the care-giver have to
learn to recreate that magic touch in his or her unique way.

After all, it is the hand that acts or executes the healing. The surgeon has to use his instruments, but his
success really lies in the dexterity, suppleness and perfection with which his hands handle
them. The responsibility of the healer increases when he has to directly place his hands
over the patient’s body, whether for diagnosis, therapy or for just conveying a sense of
security. In whatever way, this touch must be a healing touch.

How to make this touch a healing touch? Each touch must be a ‘conscious’ touch. In
other words, the healer must learn to infuse ‘consciousness’ into every touch. There is a
universal energy around us in the cosmic consciousness. The healing hand has to be
sensitized in such a way that it can link that universal rejuvenating energy with the
patient’s body. The hand must be able to focus that energy to the affected part of the
body in concrete, physical terms.

There are several steps to sensitize the hand for healing. The first requisite is that there
should be absolutely no feeling of repulsion in touching a body affected by any disease,
disfigured by any trauma, distorted by the vagaries of age, disgraced by intoxicants or
even defiled by something as grievous as AIDS. The healer should be able to create the
compassionate touch to any skin — wrinkled, furrowed, infected, discoloured,
ulcerated. The body of the client, irrespective of caste, colour, race, religion; independent
of age and disease and regardless of finesse or rusticity. This calls for a mind-set that is
detached and non-judgmental. The development of this state is not easy; it comes
through long years of self-preparation coupled with a technical expertise in one’s field. It
is not enough to develop a psychological attitude of detachment. There should also be a
sound technical expertise in one’s field, perfected through experience. It is this
combination of non-judgmental detachment and a thorough technical expertise that

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The Healer

actually sensitizes the healer’s hand. In other words, the synthesis of ‘matter’ and ‘Spirit’
gets reflected at the level of the healing touch.

The next requisite is the infusion of ‘joy ’into the healing touch. Practising non-aversive
detachment does not mean that the healer has to be indifferent, passive and impersonal.
If there were not the poise of ‘Bliss’ or Ananda in the experiential realisation of the
Absolute, existence would have no value. It is because of this ‘joy’ in creation that
human beings still cling to life despite the load of suffering. However, this ‘joy’ in
creation is different from our usual notions of happiness which is the opposite of
unhappiness. The ‘joy’ or ‘bliss’ of Satchidananda is self-existent, motiveless, desireless
and exists just for the sake of existence. Such a bliss can justifiably be transmitted only
by a realised soul, a yogi. It is not expected that an ordinary healer can convey this
unalloyed bliss. But if he or she can be sincere in their work and not bring an element of
consumerism or commercialisation during the healing process, a beginning will be made. There
is something else. If the healer can combine detachment, technical expertise and joy in
the healing armatorium, a fourth element enters to enrich the healing touch. That
element is the poise of confidence. It instils faith in the healing process. And it is faith
that cures.

There is another step which can be pursued by a very small proportion of healers. If
pursued, the process of healing gives an opportunity for the healer to progress
spiritually. By exceeding the ego-based poise, he or she can shift to a beyond-ego
principle (Psychic Being) as the fulcrum of one’s being. This allows the flowering of the
subtle, inner dormant powers of the being which accelerate the healing process. These
inner powers range from accessing a more developed intuition to harnessing a dynamic
vital energy and executing material action through subtlised senses.

The beyond-ego principle or Psychic Being is the repository of unalloyed love, the
source of our most intense and sweetest emotions, and treasure-house of our deepest
feelings. It is this love that springs forth from the depths of our being and gives to the
healing touch a certain poignancy, a subtlety, a finesse that effectively transmits the
unexpressed element in healing. The healing touch exceeds its therapeutic value to
become a touch of love and compassion in its purest mode. The healing touch then
becomes an effective channel for transmitting Divine Grace.

It is too much to expect that a vast majority of healers can delve into such depths. But it
is also fair enough to expect that every healer must use his or her healing hand with
dignity, sobriety, detachment and reverence. In fact, the healing touch acts as a channel
between the superconscient forces and the physical body. Knowingly or unknowingly,
the healer acts as a priest at the altar of Life, helping the client to establish the lost
harmony at a new level of equilibrium, but also getting a chance for one’s own progress
and growth along the hierarchies of consciousness.

The importance of the healing touch can be inferred from two of the commonest
problems that the clinician faces. Elderly people suffering from dementia respond to the
healing touch in a dramatic way. They often suffer from bouts of irritability, anger and
frustration, which can often get worse by sedatives and psychotropic drugs. They respond

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The Healer

positively to the healing touch and care-givers are instructed to stroke the whole body.
How beautifully it works! The other example is children suffering from Down’s
syndrome (Mongolism). How they love to be physically stroked and caressed! No
amount of counselling can give them that spontaneous joy. We have nothing much else to
bring happiness to these hapless children than the healing touch!

Perhaps the finest compliment gained by a healer is when the patient requests to be
touched with the healing hand. If the healer has been able to execute his or her healing
touch with perfection, the hand will carry the memory, so that one’s guardian angel can
invoke the “beauty and the thrill of a remembered clasp…”*

* Sri Aurobindo. Savitri. Pondicherry; Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, 1970, p.419.

Dr. Soumitra Basu, a practising psychiatrist, is the Director of a new school of Psychology, the
Mira Vision Trust. He is also one of the editors of NAMAH.

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