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WHAT IS Pasión de las Pasiones?

Simply turning on a telenovela for a moment shows the beginning:

desperate, emotional cries; cruel laughs and haughty smiles; lovers
coming together with tears on their faces. In those first moments,
telenovelas can seem like simple, silly diversions.
It takes sitting a bit longer to see through the window dressing to the true
drama, the complicated lies and plots, the human need to be loved or safe
or powerful. It will only take an episode or two before you’ll be screaming
at the TV not to give up what the heart needs.
Then, after watching these stories, you begin to create your own wants
and dreams for the characters. You anticipate the twists, call out the traps,
see the path towards happiness thrown aside.
Pasión de las Pasiones aims to capture these feelings of need and loss by
putting you in control from the beginning. It is a game where you will
take on the desires of a dashing gentleman, a powerful heiress, a cruel
leader, a kind soul who simply wants love. Lies will be exposed, plots will
be shattered, hearts will be broken. This is a game that lets you tell the
romantic, tragic, uplifting stories of the novelas.
When you play Pasión de las Pasiones, you’ll be telling the story of
your very own telenovela, episode by episode. You’ll take on the roles
of the stars of the show with your own motivations and goals, often in
direct conflict with each other. Your shared goal is to tell the story like a
conversation, saying what your characters do, what happens, and how the
camera shows these things. You’ll be guiding the main characters shown
in the show’s introduction, but you’ll also be surprised too as other players
go after their goals.
Speaking of surprises, Pasión de las Pasiones has rules to keep plots
changing, moving, and surprising. When you cut the brake lines of your
lover’s husband’s car and it goes careening off a cliff, you don’t get to just
say that he has died. Instead, the dice and rules will fill in what happens
and guide the story, so you can feel the audience’s delight of him climbing
wet and angry out of the sea… or perhaps waking up with no knowledge
of who he is. ¡Qué horrible!

QUICKSTART Pasión de las Pasiones Quickstart u 1

Assumptions About Your Game
In Pasión de las Pasiones, you play the leading
characters of a popular telenovela. The show has been
Powered by the Apocalypse Dice
Pasión de las Pasiones is a hack of the revolutionary You need at least two six-sided dice, the normal ones
going on for some time, to give you some things to
2010 roleplaying game Apocalypse World by D. Vincent that come in board games. You can play with just one
flash back to, but you’ll be playing it from a moment
Baker. That means it takes the rules framework, some pair because you’ll never be rolling more than two dice
in the middle of the plots and schemes to the end of
terminology, and many ideas about how to play a at a time, but with all of the betrayal going on you may
the series, when everything wraps up. Your characters
story with dynamic characters reacting to constantly be better off with each PC having their own pair.
have a mess of relationships, a host of problems and
weaknesses, and hearts full of desire; they are driven changing and shifting relationships and parts of the
by their want of a future better than the present they world around them. Playbooks
are in. Some of the players may be playing people Pasión de las Pasiones uses playbooks to help players
For the sake of this quickstart, we aren’t able to get make characters and keep track of special moves and
with pure hearts and desires, others may be playing into nearly as much detail about the specifics of the
antagonistic characters who can be terribly cruel; all extras. There are six playbooks in this quickstart, with
game as we’d like—so some familiarity with other some options already filled out to speed up play. Print
of you have wants and motivations that make you Powered by the Apocalypse games will definitely help
human. all six out and let players peruse them! You’ll also want
out. You won’t need any of that for the final game. a copy of the basic moves for each player.
What you aren’t playing in Pasión de las Pasiones
is the actors. While there’s certainly some level of What you Need Playset
drama behind the curtains of most telenovelas, you’re You’ll always need a playset to play Pasión de las
To play Pasión de las Pasiones you’ll need to get
focused on what happens on screen. Don’t let yourself Pasiones. In the full game, you’ll have tools to create
some friends to agree to play at least one 2 to 4 hour
be distracted from the story being told. Additionally, your own, but for this quickstart, there’s a playset
session. That’ll give you plenty of time to get deep
while you’re telling the story, you don’t need to worry already included—La Rosa Querida. Look it over, and
into betrayal, passion, and love. In the full game, we'll
about the production side. It’s alright to call out a see more about how to use the playset on page 6.
include more support for playing a whole season.
camera angle or an exceptional prop, but don’t get
The default season length for Pasión de las Pasiones
bogged down with how the script writer or director
is 6 sessions with the last being a finale to try to tie Pencils and Papers
connect to your character. All of that’s behind the
together loose ends and bring everything together! During the game, you’ll need pencils to track your
curtain. Leave it to TVyNovelas.
conditions and experience, note down changes to your
Pasión de las Pasiones needs one player to be the GM.
There’s one other role you will be picking up though. moves, and write people’s names with hearts all around
Rather than playing one character on your show, the GM
When you aren’t directly involved with a scene, you them. Pencil is much better than pen! You may also
has other responsibilities that work a little differently.
will take on the role of audience members. There’s want to bring index cards to use as name tents and
You’ll need an additional 3 to 5 players to play the main
millions of people to choose from who are watching, maybe some extra scrap paper for jotting down notes.
characters of the show, the Player Characters or PCs.
but picture the audience as a familia sitting down to
watch their favorite novela. When you aren’t involved You’ll also need some additional supplies. Often the Additional Materials
in a scene, don’t sit back and tune out; lean forward GM brings a lot of these resources, but it doesn’t You may also want to bring
and watch because the rules might point to you. Also, really matter who brings them as long as someone
you don’t want to be the only person looking at their does. If you have this quickstart at the table, you could
ͪ Some photos to represent your stars or less
phone when Teresa and Ramon finally kiss. use it as a reference as well! important characters
ͪ A copy of the GM materials beyond the playset

Pasión de las Pasiones Quickstart u 2

How to Play
The Conversation Moves
Ultimately, the play that happens at the table during Pasión comes with a set of basic moves, used by all
Pasión de las Pasiones is a conversation. It’s sitting PCs to help create further dramatic action. A move is
with friends, dice, pencils, sheets of paper, and talking a little rule morsel that you use when the table needs
together. Mostly this conversation will be about your to know how something went, what new information
characters and what is happening on camera during your the players can have, or how the story will unfold.
telenovela. You say what they do and how they react.
The basic moves are the core of the game and any PC
You also show your character’s thoughts, emotions, can trigger them from the start of play. Additionally,
and feelings to the other players and the GM. Help each character gets their own playbook moves, specific
them to feel what your character is feeling. moves that help to define how their playbook fits
within an archetype. For the most part, the basic
There will be times during play when you go from
moves cover the situations that come up frequently
describing your characters’ actions to slipping into
while playbook moves are used more sparingly.
your character’s shoes. You say what they say, gesture
what they do, and get directly into the banter with All moves are worded with a trigger and a result.
someone else. For most people, this is a natural thing “When you do this specific thing (the trigger), then this
that they slip into without trying to. It’s normal, other specific thing happens (the result).” Moves come
instinctive, natural, and often more engaging to dive into play when PCs take the actions that trigger them.
right in and feel what your character is feeling!
The move doesn’t start until you perform the trigger.
As you play your characters and interact with other You can also avoid the results of a move by avoiding
people’s, you’ll naturally be forming the conversation. the trigger. Triggers tie in to the fiction and show
It is the job of everyone at the table to keep the when the mechanics of the game kick in. They follow
conversation interesting, engaging, and most of the rule of if you do it, do it. If you want to trigger the
all moving! The moves and rules in Pasión de las basic move accuse someone of lying to their face, then
Pasiones are designed to do some of that heavy you have to do it, maybe crying out their sins and
lifting and push you in the direction of conflict and lies in front of their entire family at their wedding.
interest, but you as a player or GM are responsible for And remember, when you do the move takes over the
expressing your deep emotions and hurtling yourself fiction whether you want it to or not.
into the romance and intrigue!
Often when you trigger a move, you roll dice to see
what happens next. These are the only times you get to
roll dice. Don’t roll dice unless there’s a move to trigger.
Not all moves actually use a dice roll. They just tell
you that when the trigger occurs, something happens
immediately. You still can’t get the result without
actually enacting the trigger, but there’s no dice roll.

Pasión de las Pasiones Quickstart u 3

Rolling the Dice Hits and Misses Hits and Misses Hold, +1 Forward, and +1 Ongoing
When a move tells you to roll, pick up two six-sided Once you have your result—the total of your 2d6 and Some moves describe your character getting hold as
dice (we’ll call those 2d6 in the future) and roll them. your modifiers—you’ll look to the move to see what a result of the move, such as “hold one” or “hold 3.”
The move will tell you something to add to the roll happens next. All of the moves with rolls break apart These are temporary points you can spend according
as well, like questions or conditions. That means that the same way. A total of 7 or higher is a hit, and a to the move, often with the phrase “spend hold one-
the number from that source will be added to your total of 6 or lower is a miss. A total of ten or higher is for-one” meaning “spend one point of hold for one
combined 2d6 to make your result. a strong hit, while 7 to 9 is a weak hit. effect as the move describes.” Usually hold has to be
spent during a given conversation or scene, but moves
Any move with a roll will tell you what happens
Rolling with Questions mechanically and fictionally on a 10+ and on a
tell you how long you have before the hold expires. If
Almost all of the moves that do take a dice roll will tell there’s ambiguity, ask the GM for clarification.
7-9. Some moves may tell you what happens on a
you to ‘roll with the questions’ and have two questions 6- specifically, but if the move doesn’t say anything Other moves describe your character “taking +1
listed below the trigger. That goes across basic moves, more specific, the GM makes a move of their own, forward” or “taking +1 ongoing.” +1 forward means
playbook moves, custom moves, playset moves—pretty saying what happens next. Follow what the move your character gets +1 to the next applicable roll; +1
much all moves, wherever it’s from. says when you roll it; just like with triggers, if you ongoing means your character gets +1 to all applicable
When making one of these moves, don’t start with made the move you follow the fiction of the result! rolls moving forward as the move describes. +1
rolling the dice. First, take a look at your playbook and forward always lasts only for the very next applicable
Usually a hit means you get more or less what you
read off its question, in the box labeled “Your Question”. roll, and the move will always indicate how long the +1
want. It’s not necessarily exactly what you want or
Answer that truthfully yes or no based on the fiction; ongoing lasts.
everything you want, but it’s at least going to be some
if the truth is somewhere in the middle, decide with version of what you wanted. On a weak hit (7-9), you
the table about which answer feels more true. If you might get what you want with some major strings Basic Moves
answered yes, add a +1 to your roll, making it more likely attached or you might get a partial or distorted The basic moves of Pasión de las Pasiones are:
you’ll get a higher result (which is usually good!). If you version of what you were hoping for. On a strong hit
answered no, bad news, you don’t get to add a +1. (10+), you probably get what you wanted and may even
ͪ Act with desperation
get a stronger version of what you were aiming for.
ͪ Express your love passionately
Then do the same for the two questions listed on the ͪ Demand what you deserve
move. Occasionally a move may give you additional You almost always want to get a 10+ when you roll ͪ Mislead, distract, or trick
questions you can ask, but you can never roll more than because it will give you the most flexibility and ͪ Accuse someone of lying to their face
+4 or less than -3, no matter what else is happening. control (though watch out for face certain death ͪ Spot something out of place
which is inverted—a 10+ on that means you’re in ͪ Strike out at someone with voice or violence
The Audience some serious trouble). ͪ Process your feelings out loud
Sometimes, a move will refer to the audience, like in the
move process your feelings out loud. "The audience" is You also have a few other moves of note, including:
all the other players right now watching the scene—so ͪ Flashback to preparations
when each one is asked if they are rooting for you, they ͪ Reveal a shocking truth
answer as players, giving you a +1 or +0 as appropriate. ͪ Face certain death
If the game has 4 or 5 players and a GM, then the GM
should refrain from voting. But if there are only 3 For all of these moves, check the materials at the end
players, then the GM can vote as well. For the results of this quickstart to see their full rules.
referring to the audience, that same set of players talks
about the choices and comes to an agreement on what
to say. If they can't agree, then the player who made the
roll picks an audience member to make the final call.

Pasión de las Pasiones Quickstart u 4

Playbooks are a combination of character class,
archetype, story arc, and more. Every player (except
Your Question Moves & Features
the GM) needs a playbook for their character, and Every playbook comes with its own question, a way Finally, your playbooks all have their own moves, and
no two players should use the same playbook. The to get another +1 bonus on nearly every move by some have features. Your playbook’s moves are special
playbooks included in this quickstart are: playing to that playbook’s own archetype. You’ll ask abilities and bits of rules that you can use to better
your question alongside the specific questions tied to accomplish your ends and embody your playbook’s
ͪ La Doña that move, so that you’re almost always asking three archetype. Usually, you’ll get a set of 3 or 4 moves and
ͪ La Belleza total questions. you’ll pick 1 or 2 for your character to have.
ͪ El Caballero

Your playbook’s feature, if it has one, is a special

Conditions & Meltdown
ͪ La Empleada

ͪ El Gemelo element unique to that playbook. Other playbooks

ͪ El Jefe These two parts of your playbook go hand in hand. might be able to take moves from your playbook,
Conditions are the passions and emotional states but they cannot take your feature without special
Each playbook comes with a several different parts: dispensation from very specific rules or from actual
that your characters are driven by during play. Each
events in the story. For example, someone might
playbook has a slightly different mix of four conditions.
possibly be able to get El Jefe’s “Thugs” feature if they
When you are told to mark a condition, you mark the actually acquired a gang of thugs in the story, but
Choose a name from the list or make up your own. condition of your choice unless the move (or GM) most likely no one will have access to La Empleada’s
tell you to mark a particular condition. If you are told
“Suitors” feature (except for La Empleada herself).
to mark one that you don’t have, mark a different
condition instead. When you mark a condition, you’re Choose whatever options your moves and feature tell
Circle at least one option from each list, and more if
saying that your character is feeling that emotion— you to choose, and fill out whatever blanks they require.
they apply.
even if it isn’t perfectly visible to all other parties.

Relationships Each condition, while marked, grants a -2 penalty to

certain moves, and a +1 bonus to others.
Save this section until after you know who all
the other PCs are. You’ll fill in the names of other When you need to mark a condition and can’t because
characters, preferably PCs but NPCs if needed, to all are already marked, you go into Meltdown. Each
define your own character’s relationships to others. playbook has a description of their Meltdown. When you
go into Meltdown, read the Meltdown text aloud and
Last Time On then act following the requirements of the text.

At the beginning of each session (including the first!) If you are required to mark a condition while in
you’ll pick one option from the list and cross it off. Meltdown, you do not. If you could choose to mark a
That’s the preview scene of your character shown condition while in Meltdown, you cannot choose to
before the opening credits for the show—think of it do so. All the conditions that you marked continue to
as adding more events to the fiction, to build tension affect your rolls while you are in Meltdown.
and drama. Feel free to flesh out the option you chose At the end of the scene where you completed the
when you share it. action of your Meltdown, clear all conditions. The GM
decides if you completed the action of your Meltdown.

Pasión de las Pasiones Quickstart u 5

Starting the Game
Before you play Pasión de las Pasiones, there are a few Playset Introductions
things you need to prepare and a few things you need
Read aloud (or have a player read aloud) the
to think about.
introduction to the playset and the show. The first
paragraph explains what is going on in the show and
Preparing to Play establishes some broad character hooks; if someone
You need someplace to play. If you’re playing in was describing what the show is about, this is what
person, you want a table big enough for everybody they’d likely say. It provides information that the
to sit around, spread out a bit, put their character characters in the show would know, the pressing
sheets down, and roll dice. You’ll also ideally have dramas that are on their minds. While there may
some space in the middle to throw index cards be some secrets in there that not every character is
with important NPCs and enough room that a firm aware of, there is less meta-fictional data about the
dismissing gesture won’t send someone’s materials show the audience sees!
flying. Make sure you’ve got printed copies of the The second paragraph is for that meta-layer, how the
basic moves, the playset, and the playbooks ready to audience of your show has interacted with it, how
go, along with a pair of dice for each player a handful long it’s been running, and a bit of a jumping off point.
of index cards or post-its, and a bunch of pencils. The PCs don’t know this information, but the players
During play, establish some boundaries so you aren’t should so that they can guide the story in directions
disturbed by people around you. Also, maybe check in that are dramatically interesting and satisfying.
to be sure you won’t be disturbing people around you!
Pasión de las Pasiones can sometimes get a little loud. Player Characters
Also, don’t feel like you need to wait for the end of the From there, begin character creation, and when you're
episode to take a break, we’re all used to commercials. finished go around the table and have the players
Take those chances to stretch, use the bathroom, or introduce their characters. Remember that the PCs
have a snack. are the most important people in your shows! They
are the stars, so make sure that nobody is making a
Playsets side character!

When you start a game of Pasión de las Pasiones, As they are being introduced, pay attention for overlap
the assumption is that you are diving into the middle between PCs and the NPCs you intend to use. If the
of a telenovela. This lets you skip a whole bunch of show has a head chef NPC in the materials, but a PC
time where plots are introduced and get right into the wants to be the head chef, that’s okay! Always err
meatiest parts of our story! To help with this, Pasión de on the side of giving the PCs the roles they want—
las Pasiones includes playsets, brief write-ups of settings, maybe the head chef can become a sommelier or you
questions, moves, and NPCs for your telenovela. These can swap to an entirely different NPC! Worst case
playsets essentially give you a jumping off point that scenario if you’re feeling unprepared to make a swap
is likely to lead you to all of the tricks, betrayal, and or substitute, just cut the NPC. Most playsets should
romance. This quickstart comes with one playset—La come with four NPCs, so if you end up playing with
Rosa Querida—for you to play with. three it will still work fine.

Pasión de las Pasiones Quickstart u 6

Additionally pay attention to the Pivotal Characters Connect Players to the Setting Using Playsets in Play
in the playset. Some playsets may require that a
From here, go directly into character relationships. From here, you have the show ready to go. Running
character exists, and those characters they will be
The core thing to remember as the GM is to be your first session is, of course, it’s own set of joys and
marked as such on the playset! Ideally, that role (or
asking a bunch of questions, encouraging players to challenges, but from there you’re off to the races!
a role similar to it) would be played by a PC, but if
play with their ideas, and binding together plotlines Follow your GM Agendas, Principles, and Moves, focus
not be sure that they exist so that the drama makes
wherever you can! on the players, and go wherever drama is thickest!
sense. If you are all gathering for Elena’s wedding
There are some few things left that your playset can be
SOMEONE better be getting married! Once you have relationships more or less worked out,
used for though, so keep it around!
look to the playset character introduction questions.
Introduce NPCs The questions will be in front of the GM, so ask them ͪ Recurring NPCs: Where possible, when you are
While your players are the primary characters of aloud for the group! What order you ask the playbook going to introduce a new NPC, see if you can
your telenovela, there are also other characters specific questions isn’t too important, but start with instead go back to an NPC that already exists. This
that can help to advance the action. Generally in a the ‘Who here’ questions—they do a great job of helps to keep the focus of play on a small group
playset, these additional characters should cover two making sure that players have similar goals that will of characters which makes it easier to tie multiple
goals: providing the skeletal framework of what the interfere with each other! Make sure that you get a PCs into a single drama! Remember, your players
locations requires and ensuring that necessary roles definitive yes or no from each player and feel free to are center. This also makes sure players are able to
the PCs aren’t interested in are still filled. Each playset clarify! This may give additional depth or question a keep taking hold of those hooks!
previously determined relationship, which is perfect. ͪ Describe with Motifs: Playsets provide a number
has four characters that can be introduced with a
quick description of what their role is, their name, of motifs through the introduction section and
Then ask the questions for each of the playbooks
their pronouns, and a couple lines about their look. locations. Go back to these. By revisiting similar
present. Go in the order that the playbooks are
They additionally have a hook and a move. Their ways to describe locations it feels more like a set
listed on the playset in general, but if there’s a
hook is an action that will give a PC “control” over the that you are back on. Don’t feel constrained by the
good reason to jump around, go for it. If a question
NPC—the NPC will take the PC’s side, help them out, list, but use it to give a firm sense of place.
doesn’t fit the situation as it has evolved, don’t be ͪ Playset Specific Moves: During play, remind
and lend the controlling PC their move. The NPC’s afraid to change it. You should be asking plenty of
move is that special bit of rules that the NPC provides players of playset specific moves when you feel
questions to understand all the twists and turns of the
to a controlling PC. they are appropriate. This may be when they enter
relationships in the show, so any alterations aren’t the
a location that’s relevant or simply reminding
Introduce the NPCs quickly without getting too end of the world!
them when they’ve triggered one. Having these
bogged down. If a player has something they want moves close by essentially lets you have custom
to add to an NPC, let them but be sure you’re not moves that are appropriate to your setting without
slowing down too much for a character that ultimately needing to make your own.
isn’t the focus of the show. If they are getting too
detailed, gently remind the players that we’re playing
to find out what happens and move along.

Pasión de las Pasiones Quickstart u 7

Running the Game
Much of what you’ve read so far is aimed towards
everybody at the table, everyone who is interacting
Principles Moves
with Pasión de las Pasiones. This section is a little We have our agendas, our goals, what we want our Finally, the GM has moves they can make! GM moves
different and while it doesn’t hurt for anyone to read, game to be. But you’re not going to just get there by are moment to moment things they can say or do in
it’s specifically for the GM (or Gamemaster) to learn hoping. The principles are the way to do it. Principles the fiction to keep things moving and thematic, to
how to run the game. are the direct things you must adhere todo to make pursue their principles and agendas.
the best telenovela that you can. They are not just
While everyone else is busy playing one character and ͪ Inflict a Condition
goals or ideas, they are rules that you have to follow to
delving deep into their own personal drama, making ͪ Make a Moment Romantic
get your best results. Be true and honest to them and ͪ Bring rivals face to face
them lively and needy, desperate and passionate, they will guide you well! ͪ Reveal a devastating secret
you have a different job. It’s not one where you don’t
have the same goals, desperate love, passionate need, ͪ Shoot the scene like a telenovela ͪ Show the audience an overlooked complication

betrayal and lies and drama. You’ll just be doing that ͪ Make social status matter ͪ Put someone in a spot

ͪ Address yourself to the characters, not the players ͪ Offer them an easy way out for a price
for everyone else in the show.
ͪ Make your move, but misdirect ͪ Turn their move back on them
It’s your role to challenge the players with plots and ͪ Reward cruelty now, reward kindness later ͪ Foreshadow future loss
entanglements, to mix them up and hide the way to ͪ Be a fan of the players’ characters ͪ Demand they play their part
their dreams. It falls upon you to make sure that love ͪ Push them off balance when they get comfortable ͪ Make a playbook or playset move
is always a grasp away if they could simply reach far ͪ Keep truth liquid, Keep history moving ͪ After every move, ask “what do you do?”
enough and yet… It’s your job to bring the next big ͪ Draw love with tangles, not lines

Make the Passion Grow

twist that rocks everybody back on their heels and to ͪ Intertwine public and private lives
ask the players, “Now, what do you do?” ͪ Dangle temptation of all flavors

ͪ Sometimes, declaim decision making And there you have it! This quickstart should give
Agendas you plenty of information to get playing Pasión de las
Pasiones for a few sessions! The full book will include
Agendas are the reason that you are playing this plenty of more support for games of Pasión, like new
game specifically. Keeping your focus on these goals playsets, rules for advancements and changes, and
will make your game feel like a telenovela instead of more, so make sure to check out the Kickstarter!
something else!
If you have any questions or issues, drop by the
ͪ Make the telenovela feel heightened and romantic Magpie Games Forums, too, at https://www.
ͪ Keep the characters’ lives volatile and unstable!
ͪ Play to find out what happens

Brandon Leon Gambetta - Writer and Designer
Brendan Conway - Project Lead and Editor
Miguel Angel Espinoza - Graphic Designer and Layout Artist
Marissa Kelly - Art Director Pasión de las Pasiones Quickstart u 8
La Doña
Secretive and canny, you pull the
Choose two projects on which you’ve been working. Tell everyone the schemes
you’ve chosen. You may not have more than two schemes at a time, but you may
halt a scheme and begin a new one at the beginning of any session.
■ Keep Them Apart: Choose two characters. Through your machinations, you
are keeping them apart. When they make plans to meet, you learn of them.
■ Bring Them Together: Choose two characters. You have convinced society
strings that move the world. that they not only belong together, but they are together. When they are
intimate with another person, you learn of it.
■ Seize Property: Choose a known property. You have secretly secured legal
Choose a Name: control of this property. When you move in to take it, the law will back you.
■ Protection: Choose a character or thing you protect. It is safe from death and
serious harm as long as it is under your protection.
Altagracia, Anjelica, Camila, Carimina, Graciela
Bernardo, Isidro, Octavio, Santiago, Valencio Your Question: ■ Revenge: Choose someone who has—in your opinion—wronged you. When you
Are you keeping your hands clean? choose to spring your trap on them, the GM will set a scene in which you can find
Look: them alone and exposed, no matter their holdings or allies.
Choose at least one from each list
ͪ man, woman, ambiguous, transgressing

ͪ controlled hair, dyed hair, silvering hair, luxurious hair


ͪ measuring eyes, skeptical eyes, thoughtful eyes, welcoming eyes CONDITIONS: ■Was Beautiful Once
ͪ formal clothes, professional clothes, tailored clothes, When you remind someone of a time the two of you mixed business with
■Zealous pleasure, roll with the questions
youthful clothes +1 to Demand What You Deserve & -2 to Act Desperately
ͪ Are things strained between you now?

Relationships: ■Obsessed ͪ Do they have evidence of your advances?

+1 to Accuse Someone of Lying & -2 Face Certain Death
_________________ is someone you’ve sparred with for a very long time. On a hit, your target gave themself to you or revealed something important to you;
_________________ is like a broken little bird you take care of. ■Introspective ask them any 1 question and they must answer honestly. On a 10+, you have proof
+1 to Process Feelings & -2 to Strike Out of this as well. On a miss, you revealed more than you thought. They can ask you 1
Last Time On:
At the beginning of each episode, choose one from the list below
■Preoccupied question about what they learned from you that night; you must answer honestly.
+1 to Spot Something & -2 to Act Desperately
and cross it off. Once all are gone, it’s time for the series finale. ■Tell Me Everything
ͪ You manipulated your name onto a lease, contract, or deed When you offer to take the burden of someone’s guilt, advise them on how to
redeem themselves. If they do as you advise, they clear a condition. If they reject
ͪ You comforted someone in their time of need and meant it
ͪ You handed someone a weapon with whispers of encouragement your advice, they mark a condition.
The ungrateful whelps take and take. You cut off the worms
ͪ You shouted someone down and left them distraught
leeching off of you. You put them in line and show them how ■Tell Epifanio…
ͪ You helped somebody to escape a bad situation
grateful they should be. Maybe you throw them out onto When you ask for someone to meet you over the phone or through an
ͪ You called in a favor but nobody came to your aid
the street and let them work for a change. Maybe you make intermediary, roll with the questions
ͪ You showed your deep, hidden feelings to someone you ͪ Do you know about their past?
public changes to your estate and show where your favor
shouldn't have lies. Tomorrow you’ll find yourself alone but tonight you’ll be ͪ Have you been intimate before?

surrounded by begging sycophants. On a hit, they agree to meet you to discuss things in good faith. On a 7-9 you can
each set a stipulation of the meeting. On a 10+, you can set both stipulations. On
a miss, they refused; mark a condition.
La Belleza Moves
■Big Entrance

When you enter a room ready to make a scene, roll +1 for each person in the
room you’ve been intimate with. On a hit, anyone you’ve been intimate with is
surprised, frightened, or confused. On a 10+, you’ve seized control of the room;
Graceful and unattainable, you set take +1 ongoing as long as you keep acting and don’t let anyone stand in your
way. On a miss, they don’t give you the reaction you wanted; mark a condition.
hearts ablaze with need.
■Ice Queen
When you reject someone immediately after expressing your love
Choose a Name: passionately, clear a condition or inflict a condition on them
___________________________ ■Up, Boy
Constanza, Marcela, Soraya, Regina, Veronica When you rile someone up while remaining aloof, add the question ‘Are you
Armando, Guillermo, Rafael, Rolando, Vicente Your Question: physically touching them?’ to express your love passionately.
Are you the center of attention?
Look: ■Hard to Pin Down
Choose at least one from each list When someone tries to express their love to you, accuses you of lying, or tries
ͪ man, woman, ambiguous, transgressing
to spot something out of place, you can interfere by remaining aloof or coy.
ͪ luxurious hair, smooth hair, voluminous hair, messy hair
Before they roll for their move, you roll with the questions.
ͪ Are they being cruel?
ͪ cunning eyes, flirtatious eyes, wide eyes, wild eyes CONDITIONS:
ͪ Are you in public?
ͪ designer clothes, risque clothes, high fashion clothes,
■Obsessed On a hit, they take a -2 on their roll. On a 10+, they also reveal their true feelings
professional clothes +1 to Accuse Someone of Lying & -2 Face Certain Death
to you. On a miss, they get a 10+ instead of rolling.
Relationships: ■Zealous
+1 to Demand What You Deserve & -2 to Act Desperately
_________________ has been a source of entertainment and flirtation,
kept at arm’s length. ■Lustful
_________________ is the person you go to when you’re truly ready +1 to Express Your Love & -2 to Process Your Feelings
to cut loose. ■Raging
+1 to Strike Out & -2 to Spot Something
Last Time On:
At the beginning of each episode, choose one from the list below
and cross it off. Once all are gone, it’s time for the series finale. Meltdown
ͪ You spotted a true prize while on the arm of another character
They think they can spurn you, treat you like trash? Not
ͪ You signed a contract with a flourishing stroke
anymore. You throw yourself at the object of your greatest
ͪ Your slammed your beautiful, shiny car into something
affection. You confess how long you’ve needed them and how
ͪ You befriended someone dangerous and passionate
desperately. Maybe you show them how good they could have
ͪ You threw wine in someone’s face in a fit of rage
it. Maybe you destroy something beautiful so they can only
ͪ You fell into the arms of a lover of a lower station
see you. Tomorrow you’ll look them in eyes that know your
ͪ You slipped something into somebody's possession
fragility but tonight you’ll be without walls.
without them knowing
El Caballero Moves
■Take A Stand

When you step in to defend someone, roll with the questions

ͪ Are you trying to impress them?

ͪ Is the law being broken?

Steadfast and principled, you right the On a 7-9, hold 1. On a 10+, hold 3. While you stand in their defense, spend hold 1
for 1 to:
wrongs of your past. ͪ Protect them from an attack; take the hit instead of them.

ͪ Keep someone from leaving a room unless they go through you.

ͪ Take +1 on striking out with violence against someone who threatens harm.

Choose a Name: On a miss, you show your hand too soon; you’re at their mercy, and the aggressor
___________________________ can inflict a condition on you or the target.
Dolores, Guadalupe, Lourdes, Malena, Raquel Your Question: ■Grand Gesture
Alvaro, Domingo, Jose, Lorenzo, Mariano Are you handling things without When you express your love passionately add the question “Are you making this
guile and head on? absurdly elaborate and excessive?”
Choose at least one from each list ■For Your Protection
ͪ man, woman, ambiguous, transgressing
When you offer your protection to someone and they accept, hold 1. Spend that
ͪ smoothed hair, ragged hair, shaved hair, cascading hair
hold to appear in a scene with them at any time.
ͪ sharp eyes, angry eyes, tired eyes, searching eyes CONDITIONS:
ͪ casual clothes, professional clothes, uniform clothes,
■Size Up
■Obsessed When you try to spot something out of place, ask one of these questions, even
protective clothes +1 to Accuse Someone of Lying & -2 Face Certain Death
on a miss.
Relationships: ■Cornered ͪ Where is the nearest weapon?

+1 to Act Desperately & -2 to Demand What You Deserve ͪ What are they trying to hide?
________________ is the person you go to when you’re stuck and has
seen your soft side. ■Vicious ͪ What’s their way out?

________________ knew you when you used to get in trouble and has +1 to Strike Out & -2 to Process Feelings
seen your hard side. ■Driven
+1 to Spot Something & -2 to Express Love
Last Time On:
At the beginning of each episode, choose one from the list below
and cross it off. Once all are gone, it’s time for the series finale. Meltdown
ͪ You got into a scrap that you barely got out of alive
There’s a line between justice and vengeance. Sometimes.
ͪ You uncovered a letter that ties you deeply to someone
That’s done now. You go directly to the object of your enmity
ͪ You touched a weapon with your bare hands that has
and bring them that justice. You throw their sins in their face
since gone missing and met out punishment. Maybe you lock them up in a jail or
ͪ You agreed to work with the authorities to trick someone
a cellar. Maybe you finish things once and for all. Tomorrow
ͪ You spilled a piece of your sordid past tears in your eyes
they’ll know you’ve always been a brute but tonight they’ll
ͪ You spotted two people embracing through a window
face you and know truth.
ͪ You put in some hard work to get something fixed
La Empleada FEATURE: Your Suitors
Choose 2 people (ideally player characters) to be your Suitors; they are actively
courting you, even if you’re already in a relationship. At the beginning of play,
choose 1 to be your Love.
________________________________ ■ u ________________________________ ■ u
Searching and inquisitive, you find your Take +1 ongoing with your Love when you are acting to strengthen the
path in the brambles. relationship.
When you share intimacy or feelings with the other, swap who is your Love. If you
triggered the intimacy, clear a condition. If they triggered the intimacy, they clear
a condition.
Choose a Name: At any time that you leave a Suitor, you can break the ties with them and choose
___________________________ someone else to take their place.
Aurora, Betty, Jane, Maria, Reina
Gabriel, Juan, Luis, Rubin, Sergio

Your Question:
Are you in over your head? Moves [CHOOSE TWO]

Choose at least one from each list

■Keys to the Castle
ͪ man, woman, ambiguous, transgressing
When you reveal that you’ve been secretly listening to a whole conversation,
ͪ messy hair, pulled back hair, unassuming hair, braided hair
roll with the questions
ͪ Do you work here?
ͪ beautiful eyes, demure eyes, intelligent eyes, wide eyes CONDITIONS:
ͪ Are you dressed to blend in?
ͪ casual clothes, concealing clothes, professional clothes, work
■Lovelorn On a 7-9, you get away, but someone saw you; pick who. On a 10+, you got away
clothes +1 to Express Your Love & -2 to Act Desperately
without being spotted or ask the conspirators a followup question, your choice.
Relationships: ■Introspective On a miss, you stumble, knock something over, or otherwise reveal yourself.
+1 to Process Feelings & -2 to Strike Out You’re in the thick of it.
________________ holds control over your wellbeing as your employer.
________________ was the first person who was nice to you despite ■Cornered ■Confesión
your humble beginnings. +1 to Act Desperately & -2 to Demand What You Deserve
When you tell someone of your wrongdoings, roll with the questions
Last Time On: ■Hopeless ͪ Do you view the other as pure of heart?

+1 to Spot Something & -2 to Accuse Someone ͪ Do you invoke religion or family?

At the beginning of each episode, choose one from the list below
On a hit, you feel your soul lightened and clear a condition. On a 7-9, they also
and cross it off. Once all are gone, it’s time for the series finale.
gain direct evidence of your wrongdoings or clear a condition themself, their
ͪ You came so very, very, very close to kissing
Meltdown choice. On a miss, the worst person possible overhears you.
someone you shouldn’t All of this deception and plotting is simply too much for
ͪ You got the most beautiful, elegant outfit you’ve ever seen
your pure heart. You seek solace in the arms of the closest ■You Brute!
ͪ You pushed someone in a fit of anger and hurt them
sympathetic person. You spill your guts to them about all When you strike out at your lover or accuse your lover of lying, you may mark a
more than you wanted your feelings. Maybe you fall into the arms of an old love. condition to ignore the effects of Introspective or Hopeless.
ͪ You intercepted a letter meant for someone else
Maybe you go back to someone who’s burned you before.
ͪ You witnessed something horrible but don’t know who did it
Tomorrow you’ll have to face the consequences but tonight
ͪ You hid something where it will hopefully be safe
you’ll take comfort where you can find it.
ͪ You told a dear friend a secret that should have stayed silent
El Gemelo Moves
■Almost The Same

When you express your love passionately to someone that your twin loves,
treat 6-s as a 7-9 and 7-9 as 10+.
■Story Spinner
Duplicitous and hidden, you find When you coyly attempt to learn about someone while you are pretending to
scraps of another’s glory. be your twin, roll with the questions
ͪ Do they love your twin?

ͪ Is there an ample distraction?

Before you start, ask the other players if they are willing to be your On a 7-9, hold 1. On a 10+, hold 3. Spend hold one-for-one to ask any of these
twin. Choose from among those who agree or work with the MC to questions:
ͪ When did you and my twin sleep together?
pick an important NPC!
Your Question: ͪ How do you feel about my twin?

Choose a Name Like Your Twin’s: Are you taking advantage of ͪ What do you owe my twin?

___________________________ your twin’s reputation? ͪ How could I make you angry at my twin?

On a miss you show your hand; they realize that you aren’t who you claim to be.
Choose at least one from each list ■That Wasn’t Me
ͪ man, woman, ambiguous, transgressing When someone sets a scene with you or your twin, mark a condition to switch
ͪ bouncier hair, darker hair, longer hair, slicker hair who it really is.
ͪ angrier eyes, colder eyes, darker eyes, sexier eyes ■Defensive ■Twin Tied
ͪ expensive clothes, risque clothes, fashionable clothes, dark clothes +1 to Face Certain Death & -2 to Strike Out
When pretending to be your twin, you may mark a condition to use one of their
■Driven moves as if it was yours.
Relationships: +1 to Spot Something & -2 to Express Love
________________ is your twin, the person who you most often have
been compared with.
________________ met you before they met your twin and can usually
tell it’s you.
+1 to Demand Deserve & -2 to Process Feelings
Your Twin
+1 to Act Desperately & -2 to Accuse Someone Their Name:
Last Time On:
At the beginning of each episode, choose one from the list below Their Playbook:
and cross it off. Once all are gone, it’s time for the series finale. Meltdown Their Look:
ͪ You got into your twin’s home and left something behind For too long you’ve measured success by your twin. No
more. You claim the thing that they most treasure. Maybe Other Notes:
ͪ You fought with your twin and one of you nearly died

ͪ You received a large sum of money from a mysterious benefactor you enjoy the riches, power, or delights you stole. Maybe
ͪ You acquired proof of your parentage you light it up and watch it burn. Tomorrow you’ll surely
ͪ You were approached by someone who threatened to spill your secret have to face your twin but tonight you’ll show that you can
ͪ You stood watching your twin unaware someone was watching you take their life if you wish it.
ͪ You showed up at an event with your twin
El Jefe FEATURE: Thugs
You have a small crew ready to enforce your plans, about 4-6 people. Give them
names. When you send them to extract pain or money, roll with the questions
ͪ Is it an easy job?

ͪ Is the crew in good health?

On a hit, they show up to rough up your target. On a 7-9, your target chooses 1.
Dangerous and controlling, you hold On a 10+, your target chooses 2.
together your power. ͪ Your target gives your crew what you’re looking for

ͪ The crew beats up your target; your target marks a condition

ͪ The crew reminds your target where their loyalty lies; your target gives up

Choose a Name: something of value to appease them

On a miss, your target avoids the crew and finds proof that they’re yours. Tell us
what the proof is.
Eladio, Ernesto, Federico, Octavio, Roberto Your Question:
Catalina, Dulcina, Evangelina, Marcia, Soraya

Are you taking control
of this situation? Moves [CHOOSE TWO]

Choose at least one from each list ■Plata o Plomo

ͪ man, woman, ambiguous, transgressing When you demand what you deserve and you have the physical upper hand,
ͪ business-like hair, gelled hair, jet hair, styled hair they mark an extra condition if they don’t concede to your will.
ͪ angry eyes, paranoid eyes, searching eyes, sultry eyes
■Bitter Rage
ͪ formal clothes, uniform clothes, expensive clothes,
■Raging While you have Rageful marked, take an extra +1 to the bonus to Strike Out.
understated clothes +1 to Strike Out & -2 to Spot Something
■Dangerous Passion
Relationships: ■Lustful When you angrily express your love, make the roll to express your love
+1 to Express Your Love & -2 to Process Your Feelings passionately, but use all the questions for strike out at someone with voice or
________________ has been a thorn in your side and a constant irritation.
________________ is an object of beauty you have sworn intention ■Righteous violence and express your love passionately; you can have at most a +2 from
to possess. +1 to Demand Deserve & -2 to Process Feelings those questions.

Last Time On: ■Dogged

+1 to Face Death & -2 to Accuse Someone
At the beginning of each episode, choose one from the list below
and cross it off. Once all are gone, it’s time for the series finale.
ͪ You showed someone a moment of tender weakness
ͪ You swore to take revenge against someone important
They think they can manipulate you, displace you. They don’t
ͪ You took over a business or political seat as an interim leader
understand: you own them. You storm to the worst offender
ͪ You revealed that you know a secret truth hidden from someone
and hurt them. You show them that you don’t need money
ͪ You lost something truly valuable that you must recover
or backup. Maybe you destroy things they love. Maybe you
ͪ You lost your temper and hurt one of your associates
cut some throats. Tomorrow you’ll have to wash your hands
ͪ You tightened your hand around something until it snapped
and play nice but tonight the blood on your knuckles will
match the rage in your heart.
Basic Moves
Demand What You Deserve Strike Out At Someone Spot Something Out of Place
When you demand what you deserve, roll with the When you strike out at someone with voice or violence, When you try to spot something out of place in a
questions roll with the questions social interaction or someone’s personal space, roll
ͪ Are you offering something of value in return? ͪ Have you caught them off guard? with questions
ͪ Do they love you in this moment? ͪ Have they just wronged you? ͪ Have you been intimate with this person recently?

On a hit, the target of your demand chooses one On a hit, your strike lands and you each mark a ͪ Are you free of other distractions?

(if targeting an NPC, the GM chooses). On a 10+, condition. On a 10+, you may also take something On a hit, ask two questions. On a 7-9, they ask you
remove one of their options and they choose one from them or avoid marking a condition. one question, too.
from the remaining: ͪ How does your character feel about ______?

ͪ They concede to you; they can clear a condition ͪ What are you planning?

ͪ They refuse and escalate; they mark a condition Accuse Someone of Lying ͪ How could I get your character to ______?

ͪ They run away; you take something from them. ͪ What do you have of value or use?
When you accuse someone of lying to their face, roll ͪ What’s your character hoping to get from
with the questions _____?
Express Your Love Passionately
ͪ Do you have an audience?

ͪ Do you have evidence?

When you express your love passionately, roll with On a 7-9, choose 1. On a 10+, choose 2:
ͪ You are right despite what the audience has
Process Your Feelings Out Loud
the questions
ͪ Are you dressed to impress? already seen. When you process your feelings out loud, ask each
ͪ Do they believe that you are single? ͪ They admit their falsehood or mark a condition
member of the audience if they are rooting for you,
On a hit, your target gives themself to you or reveals (their choice). each one giving you a +1 or +0 (max +3), and roll.
ͪ They’re surprised, scared, or flustered; they must
a secret they probably shouldn't. On a 10+, they also On a hit, choose 1. Take +1 ongoing while following
tell you whether they love you or not, and who else act with desperation before they can act against up on this information.
they love. you. ͪ The audience reveals a crucial event going on

outside of view.
ͪ The audience tells you how you might find love

Manipulate a Superior Act With Desperation with a partner of their choosing.

ͪ The audience tells you how to get _____ to
When you manipulate a social superior, tell them When you act with desperation, tell the MC what _______.
what you want them to do and roll with the situation you want to avoid, and roll with the On a 10+, set the scene where you follow that
questions questions information immediately.
ͪ Have you caught them in a good mood? ͪ Are you doing this for love?

ͪ Does your well being directly affect theirs? ͪ Are you doing this for vengeance?

On a hit, they give into your wiles and agree to do On a 10+, you manage to hold it together. On a 7-9,
it. On a 7-9, they need a bit more convincing. You the MC will give you a worse outcome or an ugly
choose: choice.
ͪ Abase yourself, mark a condition

ͪ Give them something they want first

Flashback Moves Face Certain Death
Flash Back to Preparations Reveal a Shocking Truth This isn’t a dungeon crawler, so don’t expect to be
wading through your slain enemies. However, when
When you flash back to a time you made When you flash back to reveal a shocking truth passions burn, things can go horribly wrong. Wheth-
preparations, roll with the questions about another PC, mark a condition and roll with
er it’s a shot in a dark garden or a coffee cup filled
ͪ Did you have plenty of time to do it?
with cyanide, telenovela characters face horrible cer-
conditions marked. On a hit, the news is staggering;
tain death all the time. This doesn’t mean that you’re
ͪ Did you have someone looking out for trouble? before acting against you, they must act with
rolling to face certain death every time things get
On a hit, choose one. On a 7-9, mark a condition desperation. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a 10+, choose 2: dangerous, just when there’s no way that somebody
or the GM will give you a worse outcome or hard ͪ You have unequivocal evidence this is true.
could get out of this.
bargain. ͪ The shocking truth gives you rightful claim to

ͪ You have fabricated a piece of evidence; tell us something they value.

what it is ͪ You introduce a shocking new character who has When you face certain death, roll + conditions
ͪ You arranged for somebody to be in the right your back. marked. On a miss, your death was less certain than
place at the right time. On a miss, it blows up in your face--hard. The GM we thought; tell us about your daring escape. On
ͪ You stowed away something hidden. will tell you how. a 7-9, you choose one from the list. On a 10+, the
On a miss, choose one, but the GM says who was audience chooses 1 from the list. When an option is
lurking in the background. They tell us what they chosen, it is crossed off and nobody may choose it
did to interfere before the flashback ends. again.
ͪ Someone (you choose) saves you just in time

ͪ Take a distinctive, but sexy scar.

Conditions & Meltdowns

ͪ Conditions are the passions and emotional states that your characters are driven by during play. When you
ͪ Gain a permanent debility (a limp, an

eyepatch, etc.)
ͪ Become a twisted, evil version of yourself.

have a condition marked, your character is experiencing that emotion. ͪ Suffer amnesia.
ͪ Each playbook has four conditions, each of which grant +1 to one basic move and -2 to another. Remember ͪ Return with a new face.

that the highest bonus you can roll with a move is +4. ͪ Wind up in a (possibly) long term coma.
ͪ When you are told to mark a condition by a move or the GM, you may choose which one you would like unless

explicitly told which to mark. If you are told to mark a condition that you do not have, let the GM know and
mark a different one.
ͪ When you must mark a condition but all of your conditions are already marked, you go into Meltdown. Each

playbook has a description of their Meltdown. When you go into Meltdown, read the Meltdown outloud and
then act following the requirements of the text.
ͪ If you are required to mark a condition while in Meltdown, you do not. If you could choose to mark a

condition while in Meltdown, you cannot choose to do so.

ͪ At the end of the scene where you completed the action of your Meltdown, clear all conditions.
La Rosa Querida
With a celebrity returned home How to Use This Playset Playset Questions
and threats dangling above the 1. Read the description on the left textbox and The Show out loud.
2. Introduce brief summaries of the NPCs and Locations
La Belleza: The will of the owner mentions you specifically and offers
a considerable amount of the missing money. What stipulation does
ceremony, this will be a wedding 3. Run through character creation, all the way through connections the will have before you can inherit?
nobody will soon forget. SPECIAL NOTE: A player may play Elena, but it is not required. El Caballero: You were brought in to the hotel by someone prior to
4. Ask each playbook the appropriate question from the playset the disappearance of the owner. Who’s paying for your room and why
5. Give each player one of the “Previous Episodes” prompts did they tell you?
6. Ask the table the “Bottom Line” questions
7. Read the triggers for the playset’s special moves La Doña: You were the last person to speak with the previous owner
8. Conduct the introduction, describing the opening credits of the of the hotel. What did you discuss and why does it draw eyes to you?
show including music and individual images. Have the players La Empleada: You stumbled upon a dark secret of somebody
interject with the individual images their characters participate in associated with the hotel as you were going about your work there.
during the introduction. What was it and why have you lost the proof you had?
La Rosa, as it is most often called, is a
El Jefe: You stepped into control of the hotel in the immediate
The Show
posh upper class hotel nestled in the cliffs
above a crystal clear bay. The hotel is aftermath of the owner’s death. What potential scandal or crime did
Now 70 episodes into its run, La Rosa Querida has been beloved for this partially unveil?
lavish with white marble, beautifully tiled
bringing a new passion to an often formulaic setting. It began strong,
mosaics, and seafoam green backsplashes. El Gemelo: Somebody mistook you for your twin the night the owner
the introductions of betrayals and mistrusts leaving watchers gasping.
Enormous twisting pools circle the hotel disappeared. What mischief were you up to and what did they quickly
An early important character, Elena Teresita Galindo, has triumphantly
with bars dotted along the patio. The hand you?
returned after 30 episodes off-screen, having claimed incredible
elite come to La Rosa not simply to sleep celebrity. She returns to the wedding of La Rosa's heir, her best friend
and dine in the finest accommodations, who has asked her to witness the wedding of the century! But not
Previous Episodes
ͪ Tell us a character who used to be on the show, but was cut.
but to rub elbows, make deals, and further everyone has well-wishes for the ceremony; last episode we saw a ͪ Tell us a romantic scene that had people gasping.
enrich themselves. hand gloved in white silk hiding a weapon in the glove compartment of ͪ Tell us about something hidden in one of the rooms that only the
the limousine while holding a picture of our dear Elena!
It is among this finery that our story viewers have seen.
ͪ Tell us about the tragic accident that apparently befell the
unfolds, the fine crystal and shimmering
chandeliers offering myriad reflections of
Just a real quick thing... previous owner.
Just before going through relationships, let the table know that once
the sins that most make us feel alive. you’re done with that it’ll be time to do the introduction, a quick set of Bottom Lines
images and ideas overlayed over music. This can feel kind of stressful, For these questions, ask everyone at the table. More than one
but having the time to get some ideas in their minds should help! Just person can volunteer information on these.
give the idea that it’s their character having a quick moment in the ͪ Who has a claim on the hotel?

introduction, perhaps smiling coyly, perhaps looking dastardly. ͪ Who participates in the day to day business of the hotel?
Introduction: Extra Moves NPCs
For La Rosa Querida I would aim for songs that feel bright and classy,
but with a hint of some danger in the background. If you’re going for When you check the security tapes to find who was at Alma Lacasa
an instrumental, Spanish guitar is a must. a location at a certain time roll with the questions The maitre de of the hotel, she knows everything that happens in
ͪ Are you viewing the footage with more than just
the public facing side of the hotel. She had a close relationship
Instrumental: the security guards? with the previous owner and is used to completing requests at
Lorca by NovaMenco ͪ Do you also have something to hide on the tapes?
their behest.
On a hit, you get video evidence suggesting who was ͪ Hook: A PC who shows Alma their name on the hotel deed
Vocal Tracks: there and what they did. On a 7-9, choose 1. On a has control over her.
Suena El Dembow by Joey Montana, Sebastian Yatra 10+, choose 2. ͪ Move: When you ask Alma to keep on eye on someone, she
Reggaeton Lento (Bailemos) by CNCO, though the cover by Xandra ͪ The sound is good enough to hear what people
will tell you when they go into a room that isn’t theirs.
Garsem y Juacko is also real good… are saying
ͪ The video is good enough to definitively ID people. Santino Pinto:
Details for Introduction ͪ You discover a secret that you weren’t looking One of La Rosa’s in house security force, Santino is used to
Begin with a shot of the hotel from in front, all marble and seafoam, for; the GM will tell you what. following instructions. During this upsetting time, he is looking
people walking in and out of it but mostly waiters in white uniforms for some stability.
bringing sparkling drinks around ͪ Hook: A player who shows Santino emotional vulnerability
ͪ A shot shows a window out over the sea and flies out towards the
When someone attempts to strike out at you or has control over him.
sunset ͪ Move: When you ask Santino to kick someone out of the
ͪ A shot of glasses clinking together, champagne fizzing and a ring
demand what you deserve while by the pool, you may
immediately mark a condition to throw them into hotel, he will escort them out of the hotel.
sparkling in a glass
the pool and escape their wrath. If you do this, they
ͪ A shot of the kitchen inside, chaos and steam, then the crisp clarity
may immediately mark a condition to drag you in Efraín Sánchez:
of the dining area Efraín has been staying at La Rosa Querida for long enough that
ͪ A shot of a crisp tied stack of bills being handed beneath a table by
with them.
they have essentially become part of the building. Their shrewd
a white gloved hand ears are drawn to gossip and information.
ͪ A shot of a band softly playing as guests dance and laugh ͪ Hook: A player who tells Efraín some hot gossip has control
ͪ A shot of a knife being hurriedly stuffed beneath a mattress
over them.
ͪ Move: When you ask Efraín who someone was last seen with,

LOCATIONS they will tell you who layered with hints and innuendos.

The Hotel Proper The Pool House: The Bar Near The Hotel Elena Teresita Galindo
(A player can play Elena, but she can also be an NPC.)
Colors: Turquoise, marble Colors: Aqua, silver Colors: Dark brown, dingy yellow
She used to work in the kitchen, but ran away to try to claim
Scents: Fresh flowers, the sea Scents: Chlorine, fruity drinks Scents: Smoke, fresh beer
something new. In a few months she has gained national
Motifs: Reflections, chandeliers Motifs: Waves, condensation, sweat Motifs: Pictures of patrons, hazy glasses
celebrity with a loving following.
ͪ Hook: A player who reminds Elena of past good times has

control over her.

ͪ Move: When you ask Elena to make a scene in a crowded

place, she wields her status to cause a commotion that offers

you the opportunity to slip out.