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Daemon Primarch Lorgar 1200

Found on Colchis by the Emperor and the Primarch Magnus

the Red, Lorgar had already become the spiritual and
political leader of the planet as much through his powerful
oratory as through force of arms. He recognized the
Emperor from his prophetic visions and immediately swore
loyalty to the Imperium.

Under his command the Word Bearers Space Marine Legion

became a force throughout the galaxy, instructing all
conquered worlds in the worshipping of the Emperor
through the building of temples and tributes.

Lorgar was ordered by the Emperor to stop worshipping

him as a god, and that the Crusade was supposed to free
humanity from superstition. And as such he secretly turned
to the chaos powers, beings grateful to have such

After the traitor Horus revealed his allegiance to the dark

powers as well, the Word Bearers quickly joined the
Warmaster’s side.

The Primarch Lorgar has been transformed into a hulking

daemonic beast; a gold-skinned satyr, clad in an aura of
everlasting fire. Horns protrude from his bald head and
pointed jaw, and the only human aspects that remain in the
body of the Primarch are his piercing red eyes and his
masterful voice.

1 Lorgar and 0-4 Daemon Princes

Primarch: As a son of the Emperor Lorgar gains the following abilities: Fleet, Feel
no Pain, Acute Senses, Preferred Enemy (Imperial Models).
Monstrous Creature
N/A Titanic Might: Such is the power of the Primarchs that Lorgar can re-roll all failed
to wound rolls with close combat and shooting attacks.
Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv
Awesome Presence: Enemy units within 12” suffer -1 leadership.
9 7 8 8 7 6 6 10 1+(3+)
Daemon: As a Daemon Lorgar gains the following abilities: Daemon (See Codex
Chaos Daemons) Living Icon (Counts as a Chaos Icon except more than one unit
can use it per turn).
Illuminarum: This weapon is the height of an Astartes
Warrior with a shaft the colour of ivory bound by black iron The Urizen: Lorgar’s golden form has since been enhanced after his fall to Chaos.
and topped with an adamantium orb blackened by a Now he is writhed in a golden daemonic flame. As such any enemy model in base
forgemaster. It counts as a close combat weapon which contact looses one attack and in addition Lorgar can only be wounded by Melta,
inflicts instant death upon any Imperial Psyker, Commisar, Flame and Plasma attacks on a 6+.
Priest or Chaplain. In addition any non-chaos model wounded
by it must re-roll successful Invulnerable Saves. Dark Oratory: Lorgar’s true power lies in his voice and charisma and in his ability
to sow doubt in some while bolstering others. If Lorgar remains stationary in the
Primarch Armour: This superbly crafted suit of armour movement phase he may give a Sermon. Choose one of the following effects:
provides Lorgar with a 1+ armour save (Rolls of a 1 still fail)
and a 3+ Invulnerable save.  Faith!: All friendly Chaos units within 24” gain the Furious Charge
Special Rule in the next assault phase.
Book of Lorgar: This evil tome is carried into battle by Lorgar,
and aids him in his dark sermons. Every Chaos unit within 36”  Damnation!: Choose D3 enemy units on the board. These units must
is fearless. In addition any Imperial unit within 36” must take pass a leadership test at -2 or suffer D6 automatic wounds with no
a Leadership test to shoot Lorgar, or any unit within 6” of armour saves allowed and -2 leadership for the remainder of the game.
him. If it is passed they may proceed. If it is failed they may
 Glory!: Choose D3 friendly units. If they pass a leadership test they gain
not shoot that turn. If a double 6 is rolled for this test they
+ D3 to all the characteristics on their profile (To a maximum of 10) for
must shoot a friendly unit instead; chosen by the Chaos
D3 turns. This power cannot affect more than 8 units at any time.