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OFIS architecture: all seasons tent tower

slovenian-based firm OFIS architecture has proposed 'all seasons tent tower' as
part of
the mercedes benz hotel tower competition for the city of yerevan, armenia. the
of the project joins two terraced cylindrical towers connected in the ground flo
embraced with a green tent-shape layer. the higher tower will be used as a resta
pool, spa, fitness centre and bar. it will also house a hotel and apartments alo
ng with
a business centre, shops and a garage. the lower structure which extends outward
s from
the main tower will serve as housing and exhibition hall as well as garage.
as the city of yerevan is situated in a region prone to earthquakes, the main dr
iver when
deciding on a suitable structural system for the building was safety during eart
the vertical structure, which resists gravity load and forces resulting from ear
thquake action,
was rationalized to reinforce the tower's concrete cores and composite columns.
the two cores
on the inner perimeter of the taller tower are required to ensure structural sta
bility, one core
in the case of the lower tower. at the base, the outer walls of the cores are 16
0 cm thick.
due to the terraced shape of the building, the columns on the outermost perimete
r are inclined
towards the centre of the building. those on the innermost perimeter are incline
d in 3D space
to form a mesh. the core wall thickness and column dimensions are reduced with t
he height
of the building.

the tower against the city skyline

main entrance facing mt. ararat

the volumes of the two towers are positioned and designed in a way that creates
dominant view from the city.

tent tower's interchanging skin - winter

the facade skin covers the terraces of the towers, creating openings and full-st
elements. it is made from a metal mesh that represent elements of the landscape.
it also
corresponds to the different seasons. in summer the mesh is covered by greenery
is planted at the fence of the tower's terraces. in the winter time, it is white
, partially
covered with snow.
special care has been taken to optimize environmental conditions and minimize th
e energy
demands of the tower. the external facades will feature a high performance skin
with an
adaptable external shading device to reduce solar gains in the summer. a concret
e slab
embedded pipe system provides cooling without draft problems and in winter comfo
heating. in the summer, the cooling of internal spaces is achieved primarily thr
ough the use
of the slab system. during winter, the fresh air will be heated inside the units
and distributed
into the rooms using the displacement ventilation principle.