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Microsoft Excel®


IFS’s Excel programming Training provides

Programming concepts right from basics to
complex Excel objects constituting the excel
application and by using custom-designed macros,
functions, user forms to develop solutions needed
to solve specific situations and efficiently do day to
day back office jobs .

Excel Capability is used by users in two forms

Spreadsheet (Excel VBA:

workbook): A programming Interface used for
A Graphical user solving specific situations and
Interface (GUI) used automating day to day work using
by most of Users macros.

Excel Objects are the most appropriate tool for developing applications for storing
& retrieving data, Numerical Analysis, Statistical analysis where data component
of application is supplied from an external source such as internet or Data Base
servers. The Advantage of excel programming is to leverage on inbuilt
functionalities available in excel and VBA library to develop analytical capabilities.
Microsoft Excel®
Detail Course Content
• Introduction to VBA • Creating Interactive Macros
• Getting Acquainted with the • Making Macros Globally
VB editor Available
• Excel Events • Debugging Macros
• Basic Programming Concepts • Arrays
• Using Types • Introduction to one
• Variables and Variable Types Dimensional Arrays
• Boolean and Comparison • Multidimensional Arrays
operators • Dynamic Arrays
• If statements • ReDim Preserve Statement
• Select Case statements • Array Assignment
• Loops • Variants Containing a Array
• User Defined Functions • Arrays as parameter to
• Building user defined functions
Functions • Excel Objects
• Comment lines • Introduction to Objects
• Handling Error values • Worksheet Objects
• Fixing mistakes • The Range Object
• Using Excel functions in VBA • The With Statement :
• Using user-defined functions Formatting Cells
in user defined functions • Collections
• Macros • For Each statement
• Recording Macros - Relative • Names
Vs. Absolute Referencing • Using the Object Browser
• Macro Security • Microsoft Object Hierarchy
• Editing a Macro • User forms, Form controls
• Creating Macros in VB and Events
• Input/output Message Box • Interfacing with Web and External
Functions Databases
• Understanding Macro • Project
Microsoft Excel®
Job Prospects

Requirement Analysis :
 Companies needing to analyze Understanding the requirement,

Developing Excel Applications

interacting with end users to define
data stored in backend servers the need and scope of application
such as SAP or Oracle
 Merchant Banking Firms requiring Application Development:
tools to evaluate companies, Creating GUI, writing code, macros,
M&A, Valuations, Financial
 Research Agencies Embedding Security Procedures into
 Consumer Finance Companies Application
requiring sophisticated pricing
tools Packaging and documentation:
Creating a installation package which
 Financial Institutions and stock can be distributed to end users.
broking companies
 Non-Banking Financial Institutions
 Companies requiring statistical Providing hands on training to end
analysis on large population of users
 Economic Think Tanks requiring sophisticated econometric and financial
models as basis for policy measures

Fees : Rs. 10,000 Duration: 50 Hours


C – 19 Lotus Villah Lalkothi, Adj to Brain and Spine hospital, Jaipur
W: www. M: +919829393505 E: